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A blogger and podcaster who writes about the collision between our professional and personal lives.

A blogger and podcaster who writes about the collision between our professional and personal lives.
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A blogger and podcaster who writes about the collision between our professional and personal lives.






Episode 122 - Bucket List Reflections

What's on your Bucket List? Do you think you will be able to achieve those goals? Is it fantasy or is there some reality in what you dream of? All these thoughts and more are explored in this week's Post of the Week. Also, don't forget that next show (ep 123) we are scheduled to have our first major live event!


Episode 121 - Batteries

Batteries are everywhere, they are in every facet of our our work and home lives. Technology advancement in power storage has progressed but nowhere near rate of the things that batteries are powering. This means we have more and more stuff that that rely on to do more and more things in our life and it's all powered by battery tech that is nearly as limited today as it was a hundred years ago. This show is about batteries, just make sure your phone or mp3 has a full charge so you can to...


Episode 120 - Career Strategy Analysis: Perception and Reality VS. Outcomes and Results

This week's show asks a couple of simple questions. The first question, "Is your organization more about perceptions or outcomes?", is about the employer. The second question, "Do you fit in there?" is about you. Turns out the answers to these questions aren't easy in a world filled with highly complex organizations. Listen on to explore this topic!


Episode 119 - Quiet Time

Quiet time is an important part of most people's day. It's a moment to reflect, and charge up for the onslaught of the collision points we have to deal with throughout our lives. This show is all about the quiet time we all need every day. Also, we have some news about the show, specifically some new equipment and events.


Episode 114 - You Are Never Safe!

In this episode, we have a quick update on the book and a great post of the week that serves as a reminder that no matter who you are, what job you are in, and how stable your organization is, there is always the possibility that you may be let go. It's also something that's true in both great economic times and bad ones.


Episode 108 - Lists

Lists are a great tool for accomplishing things. This episode explores lists and all the ways they can empower us.


Episode 107 - Could Self Driving Cars Become the Modern Equivalent of Employer Provided Health Care?

We are living in a world where AI and Automation are careening into each other and in the process, the impact is changing the very structure of humanity. It's all happening right before our eyes and employers are taking notice and as always leveraging change to drive productivity. This show attempts to answer the question: What happens when AI managed self-driving cars collides with the world of work?


Episode 106 - Professional Hygiene

Going back old school with an episode that focuses 100% on the post of the week. In this case, we have a tremendously dense exploration of the Herzberg motivators and hygiene factors theory as it relates to today's professional. What do you need to be satisfied at work and in life? What causes stress and discomfort when it's something needed at work isn't there?


Episode 105 - How iPhones Adopted the Worst Aspects of Cars!

We have a short show for you this week, with a quick intro, a Post of the Week that's really a rant on the culture change around cell phone acquisitions, and a rambling part 7 review of Red Dead Redemption 2.


Episode 104 - Starting a New Job

This week we discuss family trips, crap bags, and annoying girls on the bus in our Conversational Chaos with Aldo. We also take have a fantastic post of the weak that explores all the Do's and Don'ts of starting a new job. Plus another look in our seemingly never-ending review of Red Dead Redemption II


Episode 103 - Modern Families, You Need Three!

This show includes a great dialog about one of the biggest conflicts between work and life, and it's that there is too much time needed for both work and life for modern families where both parents work outside the home. The crazy idea for a 3rd parent isn't actually all that crazy and has in fact been a model used for generations. It's just much harder to implement today. We also have a Media Musings segment / update on Red Dead Redemption 2.


Episode 98 - Should Becoming Rich Be Your Goal?

This week we have a great discussion on the concept of what 'Being Rich' is to those that think in such terms. The Post of the week discusses concepts such as "Rich", "Wealthy", and "Comfortable" and tries to identify what each really means, and what could a professional reasonably hope to achieve as they move on in their careers and in life. We also have the first of a multi-part review of the video game event known as Red Dead Redemption II.


Episode 97 - End of Life

How do you prepare for, and deal with the end of life? How do those around you? As professionals, it is something that has to be considered and managed like everything else, or chaos will ensue! But what happens when that chaos is out of your hands? Also this week we have a rather long and spoiler-filled review of Uncharted 4: A thief's end.


Episode 95 - Ambient Computing

Today we have a short and solo show about Ambient Computing. Ambient Computing is everywhere, quite literally, but you can't have the conversation about if this is a good thing or a bad thing if you can't connect to make your ambient computing devices usable. Warning the word "Alexia" is used often in this episode. Correction: in this episode, I mistakenly reference next weeks episode as being "Big Problems Big Solutions Broadband" due to a reference from PotW. That article was actually back...


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