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PP 105: How to Grind Outside the Day Job & Fight Comparison with Nick Slater

If you’re a creative like me, you deal with imposter syndrome, burnout, finding time to make personal work, and trying to make something meaningful. We appreciate knowing that the people we admire struggle with the same things we do—at least I do. It levels the playing field and empowers us to take it up a notch because if they can do it, we can too. Queue today’s guest, Nick Slater, illustrator and design Goliath slanging jaw-dropping work out of the Bay Area. He’s worked with big brands...


PP 104: Don't Die a Creative Copycat—Be a Different Breed & Make Your Own Waves

“Imitation is about copying. Emulation is when imitation goes one step further, breaking through into your own thing.” - Austin Kleon, Steal Like an Artist Today, we're going to talk about riding waves, stealing waves, and making waves of your own. The goal is to help you take inspiration and make it your own to stand out. Don't die a copycat, be a different breed. Let me know what you think. Take a screenshot of the podcast episode you’re listening to and tag me on IG @PerspectivePodcast or...


PP 103: Mental Health, Social Media & the Secret World of Pricing with Ari Woeste

Opening up about your struggles opens you up to being put under a microscope. However, I feel when we do open up about our story, it makes us more human and gives others permission to embrace their imperfect story. Queue today’s guest: Ari Woeste, an independent lettering artist and art director out of Minneapolis, MN, who’s especially a force with tactile and food lettering. Ari has an incredible story filled with humility, and she’s not afraid to open up about the ups and downs of her...


PP 102: Tips for Building an Audience & Passive Income with Stefan Kunz

Today's guest, Stefan Kunz, has built a creative empire with lettering and digital products. At such a young age, you’d think his amassing of an Instagram audience of over 300K+ loyal followers happened overnight, but I can assure you it didn’t. Today we pulled back the curtain on audience building, showing up every day, building digital products and setting big targets. Let me know what you think. Take a screenshot of the podcast episode you’re listening to and tag me on IG...


PP 101: Born for Greatness | 4 Main Takeaways from Summit of Greatness 2018

Do you struggle with clarity and focus on your vision? This was me recently until a recent life-changing experience. Today I'm breaking down the biggest takeaways from the biggest names in the world who spoke at the Summit of Greatness in October. This one is going to rock you like it rocked me. Let me know what you think. Take a screenshot of the podcast episode you’re listening to and tag me on Instagram @perspectivepodcast or Twitter—and let’s connect.


PP 100: Top 10 Tips from Industry Juggernauts to Elevate Your Creative Hustle

EPISODE 100 BABY! You're in for a treat. I've listened to hours of previous guest episodes and strategically plucked out some of the best golden nuggets. These people's words made a significant impact on my daily mindset and approach and I feel it will hit home with you too. The following, in no particular order, are the Top 10 Tips from Industry Juggernauts to Elevate Your Creative Hustle. So sit back, open your mind, and let this heavy dose of knowledge vibrate through your body and...


PP 099: Owning Your Story & Style with Kyle Letendre of @HeyKyle

Today’s guest is Kyle Letendre aka @HeyKyle. He's a groovy magician who casts spellbinding expressive lettering and illustrations for some of the biggest kids on the block like Instagram, Jack White, and McDonald's. His winding road and story to embracing his identity, discovering his style and chasing what he loves is inspiring to say the least. Let me know what you think. Take a screenshot of the podcast episode you’re listening to and tag me on IG @perspectivepodcast or Twitter and let’s...


PP 098: Finding Your Style & Building an Audience with Michael Fugoso of Fugstrator

Today we chop it up with Michael Fugoso aka FUGS aka @Fugstrator on the Grams. He's an insane illustrator and designer out of San Diego. He has an incredible story of showing up late to the party but becoming the center of attention with his unique style, obsession and personality. Let me know what you think. Take a screenshot of the podcast episode you’re listening to and tag me on IG @perspectivepodcast or Twitter and let’s connect.


PP 097: A 4 Step Blueprint for Kicking Major Ass in Life & Your Creative Grind

Today's episode is a 4 Step Blueprint for Kicking Major Ass in Life & Your Creative Pursuits. Overall, I want to give you the firepower for transforming your words, thoughts, and beliefs to create the world you want for yourself and others.


PP 096: Rolling With Life's Punches as a Creative & Punching Back

It’s good to have a plan in life, especially with your creative pursuits...yet things don't always go according to plan. You've learned by now that life isn't always sunshine and rainbows. You have to deal with the darkness and tornados that will throw you off course. Today's episode is about rolling with life's punches and responding to adversity.


PP 095: Love the Crust (3 Life Lessons Learned From Loving Pizza Pt 3)

Today we dive into Part 3 of the 3 Life Lessons Learned From Pizza Series. Life Lesson #3 is all about Learning to Love the Crust. The crust is those rough patches in your life when you feel lost, depressed, and insignificant—like you have nothing to offer this world. I'm going to convince you to love the crust as it's molding you to the person you're supposed to become.


PP 094: Take Life One Slice at a Time (3 Life Lessons Learned From Loving Pizza Pt 2)

Today we dive into Part 2 of the 3 Life Lessons Learned From Pizza Series. Life Lesson #2 is a reminder to Take Life One Slice at a Time I share with you my story of hitting rock bottom on my way to overcoming adversity and starting Perspective-Collective. We then focus on failing as fast as you can, how quantity leads to quality and to remember the joy of why you started in the first place. I hope you're hungry.


PP 093: You're Not Pizza (3 Life Lessons Learned From Loving Pizza Pt 1)

Today we embark on a 3 part episodic adventure of 3 Life Lessons Learned from Loving Pizza. Starting off with Life Lesson #1 (Part 1) - Understanding You're Not Pizza. We dive deep into the makings of a people pleaser and how to break this mentality that can cripple your creativity. The focus is on NOT creating for the masses, staying in your own lane, navigating your sweet spot and fighting back against comparison.


BONUS - The Formula Podcast: Imposter Syndrome with Scotty Russell of Perspective-Collective

This week we're doing something different as I'm always looking to shake things up and bring you value. Instead of radio silence, I'm sharing an episode I was recently on for my friend Trevor Carlson's The Formula Podcast. This time around, you'll hear me interviewed on topics that are a staple in what I share with you on a weekly basis. Today, Trevor has me peel back the layers and give you the formula for: - Tackling imposter syndrome - Allocating hours to your dream - Dusting yourself off...


PP 092: Attracting Work & Finding Outlets with Andreas Pedersen of @AndyCloned

This week, we work it our with Andreas Pedersen AKA @andycloned about how to stay healthy, how to work smarter, and how to use your style to attract work.


PP 091: The Alchemist: 4 Secret Ingredients for Pursuing Your Personal Legend

Today's episode parallels The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and your creative career. Here are 4 secret ingredients for pursuing your personal legend.


PP 090: Bricks vs Sponges - Wise Words with Brian Manley of Fun with Robots

This week, we dice it up with Brian Manley of Fun with Robots over going full-time freelance, dealing with clients, and being a sponge vs. a brick. At the end of the day, you always want to be a porous sponge soaking up the rich abundant knowledge that life has to offer.


PP 089: Attack Fear & Defeat Your Boss to Unlock the Next Level

It's ironic how this world of video games parallels life and our creative pursuits. There are so many things we want to accomplish, but each dream requires facing some type of fear. You have to slay the Boss to unlock that next level. The following is meant to hype you up and prepare you to face the Bosses in every facet of your daily and creative life. Treat it like a game with unlimited lives, and use your fear to your advantage.


PP 087: Our Time Has Value: When to Say No to Free Exposure Work

Many people will perceive what you do as a hobby as they don't comprehend where you are in your creative career. It's hard for them to fully understand the value of your time and craft so they feel the're doing you a favor by offering you the chance to work for exposure. Maybe you also don't fully understand your own value? Today my goal is to make you believe that your time and skillset are valuable and to fuel your hunger to relentlessly pursue the monetization of your craft.