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ULTIMATE Guide To Bacukp For Photographers

Jeff refreshes information from his 2015 article, the ULTIMATE Backup Workflow for Photographers, with information from 2018 including the two "storage walls" photographers slam into in their photographic journey and how to recover from hitting both of them. Photoshop Feedback forum post on the Wacom tablet drive problem: The ULTIMATE Backup Workflow for Photographers...


Lightroom 7.3 Profiles Explained!

Jeff walks through changes made to the profile feature of Lightroom and Camera Raw with the release of Lightroom Classic CC 7.3 and Camera Raw 10.3.


Embedded Preview Workflow

Jeff Harmon walks through how to significantly speed up you culling process in Lightroom by using the Embedded Preview workflow: Disable background processes (pause syncing to Lr CC, pause addresses lookup, pause face detection) Set critical preferences (Camera Raw Cache at least 50GB, enable "Use Smart Previews instead of Originals for Image Editing", enabled Generate Previews in Parallel if you have a quad core CPU) Import using Build Previews of "Embedded & Sidecar". Do NOT check the...


SAU and Memory Card Hygiene

Jeff Harmon provides go/no go on the State of Adobe Updates for Lightroom Classic CC and Photoshop CC 2018. The he outlines 8 steps of good hygiene for memory cards: 1) Turn off Camera 2) Wait for 5 seconds 3) Carefully remove card and put it in a card reader 4) Use a GOOD card reader 5) Copy the photos to the computer using Finder on Mac or Explorer on Windows, not Lightroom 6) Copy the photos to another place besides the hard drive you just did 7) Eject the memory card using Finder or...


Lr Classic CC With The Lightroom Queen

Jeff is joined by Victoria Bampton, a.k.a. The Lightroom Queen, to talk about Lightroom Classic CC 7.1. They talk about her new Lightroom Classic CC The Missing FAQ book and go over 6 questions (including tips on faster culling in Lightroom, the magic alt/option key, Range Masks, and why you should use Quick Adjustments in Library): What is the future of Lightroom Classic CC? Many are very concerned that the Lightroom they have used for years is going away, is there hope that it will stick...


DPI With Don Komarechka

Jeff Harmon and Don Komarechka geek out over one of the most misunderstood concepts of DPI or dots per inch. They talk about how file size, pixel dimensions, and DPI don’t really have anything to do with each other, how Adobe isn’t doing photographers any favors with how DPI is so prominently displayed in Photoshop and Lightroom, and how even the best of pros don’t really seem to understand the concepts. Two listener questions that represent hundreds of requests to help with DPI: 1) I did...


Lr Classic CC Update And Composite Portraits

Jeff’s Post-Retreat Workshop: Jeff updated his Lightroom Classic CC status with version. 7.1 from “WAIT!” to “cautiously proceed”. He recommends backing up your catalog prior to updating and then checking out the new version at a point where you don’t have a huge client Jon to process and see how it works. He also found Classic to be about 25% faster with import and moving from Photo to Photo in the develop module! Jeff also goes over his process for...


Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Jeff Harmon goes over gift ideas for the 2018 holiday season in budget categories from $20 to $2,000. Don't forget about the Improve Photography Retreat 2018 and Jeff's post-Retreat workshop "Be a Ninja With Your Camera" that you can sign up for at Links to gift ideas: Canon T5i ($550): Nikon D3400 ($400):...


Flash For Hobbyist Photographers

Jeff Harmon answers listener a question about hobbyist photographers getting into flash photography from listener Jose Lopez: "I've primarily been taking photos of landscapes, events, and other natural light subjects, but recently wanted to do more photography where a flash would be beneficial. I've watched the Improve Photography tutorials and spent hours looking online at YouTube and I find that it's a bit overwhelming. I've purchased a two YN560 flashes (after reviewing the Recommended...


Online Backup

Jeff Harmon is joined by guest Jim Goldstein from cloud backup provider Backblaze to talk about 7 important questions photographers should have about backing up their photos and Lightroom catalog to the cloud: 1) How can a cloud backup provider help with the "1" of the "3-2-1" backup strategy? 2) Does adding an external hard drive change how cloud backup providers can be used? 3) What about when a photography moves to a RAID system for their storage, does that change how cloud backup...


HIGTS Millers Park Wedding Photo

Jeff Harmon does a detailed "How I Got The Shot" (HIGTS) for the first portrait shot he felt like he created instead of just captured. It happened to be a wedding photo taken in the summer of 2017. He talks about how he actually had a sad ending to the story because the Lexar USB drive he was using to store photos for use on his MacBook Pro failed and took the original Raw files with it. Then he talks about the factors involved in making this photo different from the others he has done...


AFMA Revisited

Jeff Harmon revisits one of the most popular Photo Taco topics ever published and talks about his experience doing Autofocus Micro Adjustment (AFMA) tuning over a 5 month period. There are things he has learned that are important for portrait photographers to understand. Resources Mentioned: Photo Taco AMFA Explained! : Other Photo Taco Resources: Vote for Jeff’s “Cull” module idea to be added to Lightroom:...


Photographic Dynamic Range

Jeff Harmon talks with Bill Claff about his Photographic Dynamic Range testing and math that can be seen on his website. Jeff goes over the following questions with Bill: 1) Who is Bill Claff and what do you do with photography? 2) What is the story or background of your excellent website? Why did you create it? 3)You have a lot of math and explanation behind your Photography Dynamic Range (PDR) number, can you explain that to someone who may not...


2017 IMac For Photogs

Jeff Harmon talks about a few changes to the show with some consolidation to a single Improve Photography podcast feed and a single Facebook group and then answers a question from listener Katie Shipley who asked: "I had just finished listening to the podcast and taking notes on what to look for when buying a new computer when Apple announced the new iMacs last week. Now I am confused on which one is best. I think the iMac Pro is out of my price range so I need to stick with an iMac. I...


When It Time To Upgrade Your Camera?

Jeff Harmon answers a question from listener Melanie Rice who on the Facebook page asked: Question about upgrading equipment: Started 10 years ago with a Canon 30D. Upgraded to Canon 60D 3 years ago when photography played a bigger role in my graphic design business. Now photography is becoming my main focus - mainly stock images, fashion and real estate. Is it time to upgrade again? If so, to what? Can you help me understand the different camera bodies and their main features that set...


Lightroom: 2 Bugs and Catalog Backup

Jeff Harmon talks about 2 Lightroom bugs that he has had a lot of questions on from listeners: 1) In 2015.10 / 6.10 when round tripping from Lightroom to Photoshop an error message saying that the Camera Raw plug-in is not version 9.10 is coming up even though Photoshop is fully updated and has the very latest version of the Camera Raw plug-in 2) Back in 2015.8 / 6.8 an error message about the catalog backup being 4GB was shown even though the catalog file and the backup were not actually...


AFMA Explained

Jeff Harmon answers year old listener question from Improve Photography writer Aaron Taylor: Here's a Photo Taco episode if there ever was one: AF Microadjust/Fine Tune. Why do it? When to do it? How important? Is it obsessive or necessary? Use a Lenscal device or just something you print yourself? Jeff talks about how autofocus micro adjustment (AFMA) is something specific to DSLR cameras, not needed and therefore not offered in mirrorless cameras. Not all DSLR cameras have the feature to...


State Of The Updates Q1 2017

Jeff Harmon provides his view on the current state of major software updates for photographers including Windows 10 Creator's Update, Apple macOS Sierra (10.12.4), Lightroom CC 2015.9/6.9, Luminar, and On1 Photo 2017. ====================== Advertisers for this episode: 1), free two week trial and only $19.99 to subscribe 2) Luminar post-processing software $69 but get $10 off using coupon code PHOTOTACO at checkout ====================== Before going through all...


Hyperfocal Distance Explained!

Jeff Harmon explains aperture, depth of field, and hyperfocal distance as well as why hyperfocal distance is a concept EVERY photographer should understand regardless of what type of photography they do. Advertisers: MacPhun Luminar Software Coupon Code: PHOTOTACO Links mentioned in the episode: Photo Pills “The Ultimate Photography Guide to Depth of Field” article: Photo Pills Online Calculators:...


Lightroom On Two Computers

Jeff Harmon offers 3 Lightroom tips based on questions that were asked at or just after the Improve Photography Retreat in March 2017. Tip #1: Lightroom Keyboard Shortcuts. It will increase the speed of your photography workflow if you will learn the Lightroom Keyboard Shortcuts. Bring up an overlay of the shortcuts available where you are at in Lightroom by using command-/ on Mac or ctrl-/ on Windows. Tip #2: Lens Recognition. Sometimes Lightroom does not correctly identify the lens...


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