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CT - One Nation Under a Groove

By June of 1788, ten States have ratified the proposed Constitution. while the technicalities of Article IX, most people understand that the reality is that for the Union to survive, it must be unanimous. Or at least everybody except Rhode Island, which we will deal with separately. New York is next up on the clock, and already the sniping between the Federalists, led by Alexander Hamilton, and the longtime Governor of the State, George Clinton (a Revolutionary War General and close friend...



Do you know why I don’t worry about Global warming or volcanoes or recycling? Because we are all going to die. Evolution is as certain as a sunrise (for the next few billion years, anyway). Nobody gets out alive and humanity will come to an end someday, regardless of how many taxes we raise or plastic water bottles we bury. NASA reminded us of this fact this week. with a 107 kiloton calling card from nature… I am continually amazed at people who tell me that they believe in the Constitution...


Odious Thoughts

A passion for Free Speech is a hazard of the job, I suppose. from my high School daze in Utah right down to today, freedom of speech and religion are two things about which I am both passionate and obsessive. In all likelihood, we could do a show every day about the benefits and the dangers to Free Speech. On Friday we talked about President Franklin Pierce and his willingness to allow people in Kansas to be executed for speaking out against slavery. Every bit as disturbing as Franklin...


P+C - Doughface

This is The President & The Constitution,” a Friday feature segment of The Dave Bowman Show Today we turn the pages of history to 1852 when one of the most forgotten men in American History won election to the highest office in the land. How he got there isn’t as important as what he did. Franklin Pierce hated the 1st Amendment and its protection of Free Speech. And for the first time in our history, the Federal Government threatened to execute people who disagreed with its president...


CT - Leno's Lament

At long last, the Virginia Delegates to the States Ratification Convention arrive in Richmond. Unlike other States, the Virginia Convention will be open to the public. It will be raucous and passionate and it will feature some of the biggest names in American history. The Federalists initially outnumber the Anti-federalists by a slim margin with at least four delegates undecided. Everybody already knows what everybody’s position is on the matter of Ratification. But the debates must go on,...


$ailing Into College

A mere twenty-four hours ago I had no clue – none – as to the question: “Who are Felicity Huffman or Lori Laughlin? I still don’t know anything about them, other than they are actresses (people who pretend to be other people) and both in big trouble for cheating to get their kids into “elite” colleges. And why did they do this? Can we drop the b.s. about giving their kids the best chance in life? It’s all about themselves and the perception that they want you to have of them. Period.


The Infusion of Myth

Nancy Pelosi informed us that she will not be impeaching President Trump. There are a great many of people who have bought into the myth that the Mueller report was going to instantly indict and execute President Trump, but Pelosi’s popping of that bubble has them wondering why they believed the myth in the first place. That’s the problem with myths. we believe them more than we believe the truth. Like daylight savings Time, which many, many people on my Social Media hate, there is the myth...


1850 or 2019?

My pattern bias is hard at work again. I was doing my Show Prep for Thursday and Friday, and I came across a post by a friend who wants to break up California because it is “too liberal” for his tastes. The problem is, of course, that solution will not result in one “Liberal California and one “Conservative” California, but in two Blue California’s. The dynamics should be apparent, but in case they are not, it a matter of relativity. What is “conservative” in the Central Valley of California...


P+C - The Worst

James Buchanan holds the generally accepted position as the worst President in the history of the United States. At least until historians start writing news lists in a few years. No doubt then he will move up a position. Of course, it’s possible that he will move up much further, but that will depend upon what can be proven about his personal life, other than the wild drinking, that is. Far worse than his subservience to the slaveholding Southern States, was something he did while he was...


CT - The 1st Pillar of Liberty

In Maryland, a high school Student objects to an assignment on the basic tenants of Islam. Her father claims that the School is violating the 1st Amendment, specifically in that it is forcing his daughter to profess Islam by learning about the Shahada, the 1st Pillar of the Islamic faith. The Father tells his daughter to refuse to do the assignment and he files suit against the school. Once upon a time (1997), I went to Israel and the Temple Mount where I had the opportunity to visit the...


The Devil Is a Good Communist

Sixty-six years ago, a man died. “Big deal,” you say. Lots of people died this day sixty-six years ago. In fact, thousands of people died that day. But only one death inspired both sheer terror and great rejoicing. And it started an entire industry of undoing what he had spent his seventy-four years doing. Which was mostly killing other people. Also, a look at a practical application of why Gamble v US matters beyond the Paul Manafort is about to unfold in front of our very eyes… And...


Another Application of Dave's 3rd Law

The moral outrage over pretty much anything these days is completely phony. In fact, like most things, we don’t really even understand why it exists. Seriously, pretty much everybody knows it’s fake. We condemn it as fake and we make statements that we should just stop it. Of course, we don’t mean “we” as much as we mean “you,” as evidenced by the fact that it just continues each day anew. Which is just another manifestation of Dave’s 3rd Law: The more pious a person is, the less likely it...


CT - Double Trouble

The prohibition on double jeopardy extends back in human history at least the Roman era. It’s covered in Greek law, the Talmud and of course, English Common Law. In the United States, the concept of dual sovereignty has been the guiding rule since 1847. The general idea is that the Federal government and the State Governments are both “sovereign” and therefore the prohibition on double jeopardy doesn’t apply. If the State prosecutes a person and then the Federal Government also prosecutes...


Air Independent Propulsion

A very unprepared Dave, who has spent most of the last few hours trying to get a company to give a W-2 to his daughter, discovers that Pakistan has an AIP submarine that is capable of launching anti-ship Cruise Missiles


Atomic Chicken

As most Americans drive themselves into a tizzy over a morally bankrupt lawyer “testifying” to a group of ethically challenged attention whores, most of the rest of the world is a bit more concerned about two nuclear-armed countries shooting at each other over a disputed region and the behavior of a bunch of PLRI terrorists. I’m just saying that one is actually important, the other… meh… not so much. Especially since what you think about Cohen “testimony” says more about your political bias...


Means to an Ends

!CONTENT WARNING! This show contains a frank and detailed discussion of adult materials, situations, language and possibly humor. If you are potentially offended by such discussions DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE If you do listen and are offended, it is YOUR fault, as you have been properly and appropriately warned. It is a debate as old as human governments – do the ends justify the means? Most people will quickly say, “No!” But more often the reality is that we accept that the ends, as long...


Drafting Equality

A Federal Court has ruled that the Selective Service System is unconstitutional. Not because the Draft is an unfair, inequitable and abused system that violated the most basic of American ideals of Liberty, but because it was single-sexed. The exclusion of women from the system, declared the Federal Court system, makes it unconstitutional. Look, I am no 60’s anti-war protestor, but I agree. The Draft system is a bad idea and flies in the face of what libertarianism holds dear: personal...


CT - The Occasioning of Two Mobs

NOTE: Yes, there is an audio issue in the introduction. It goes away at the end of the intro. Sorry, Dave refused to wear headphones tonight… – Producer Henri. In a world where people still believe that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is a real thing, where SNOPES “fact checks” the Babylon Bee, where Saints fans still believe that it was all a plot against them, the whole Jussie Smollett story has been labeled as “weird” by the local news personality. It is a huge conversational buffalo,...


The Coming Week

As I mentioned on the FRIDAY Show, (the relevant part is in the audio above) I will be out all this week. It would have been last week, but SNOWMAGEDDON 2019 pretty much shut down the entire Puget Sound area, and while it’s supposed to rain a bit this week, it won’t be the foot of snow we had last week. which means kids will be in school (except for Monday) and things will be calm enough for me to get some things done. On the chance that you haven’t caught the Friday show yet, I have several...


The Greatest National Emergency Ever

The President has declared his National Emergency. The Speaker of the House has announced her intentions and things she is “considering” in response. At the end of the day, with what are we left? There are possibilities here which could be restorative to liberty, but I doubt that any of the so-called “Leaders” involved have any clue about those possibilities. And so we watch the drama play out on our televisions and wonder whether or not any of this will make any difference? After the...