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National Cheeseburger Day

It's National Cheeseburger Day. Which is convenient since we have to confess our sins at sundown... The War in Syria is lost. There is nothing short of sending the 1 Marine Division backed up by the 6th Fleet and USAF that would even start to "help" our "Allies" win. So what happens when a Russian IL-20 gets accidently shot down by Syrian anti-Aircraft missiles built and supplied by Russia? Blame Israel! It appears that Apple iTunes has sort of banned The Tim Preuss Podcast. Now... it's...


Two Hundred Thirty One Years

Two Hundred and Thirty One years ago, thirty-nine men put their signature on the document which they had prepared for the people of The United states to replace the system of government which was failing the country. Today we take a few moments to look back on the adventure that has been Constitution Thursday.

The First Duty of Government

"The first duty of government is to protect its citizens." Those are not my words, and frankly, I am not sure that I even believe that, but it is pretty much a universal belief among politicians and the political class. So as we watch another hurricane slosh ashore, we are inundated with news about how people are suffering and in danger because of... ? Hurricane Florence has sloshed ashore. A day or two ago we were told that this would be the worst storm in all of human history. It's not...


CT- The Caine Mutiny

When the USS Caine, a fictional minesweeper in WWII, was in danger of foundering in a hurricane, the Executive Offer, with the encouragement of the Wardroom, relieved the CO and "saved" the ship. It was a clear cut case of mutiny, and as such a Court Martial would be required to resolve the matter. In the climatic moment, it becomes clear that though the Captain may be in trouble, the XO acted improperly and precipitously. He was not well advised and the Wardroom failed in its primary duty....


Classic Replay - Rawhide Down

No live show today. I had a prior commitment and between that and some other things going on, it just wasn't going to work out today. Tomorrow we will take a look at the 25th amendment. with all the recent interest in the idea of 25/45, it's probably time to take our first Constitution Thursday in-depth look at the amendment and what it actually means. As a prep for that, today we will replay an Original episode Constitution Thursday On May 12, 2011, as a part of the original episodes, we...



Wait a second... I thought it was the Russians who were interfering in our political system? Turns out it's Bilbo Baggins??? Wait a second... the Two Main Parties are "irritated" with the money they BOTH get from "rogue billionaire" donors. As if there are just a bunch of "rogue" billionaires running about throwing money at people? It's a problem, you see, because these billionaires expect something in return for the money. Seventeen years ago, this day dawned as a Tuesday. The night before...


I Support Free Speech In Principle, But...

Yeah, I know... "Important stuff..." The Stockton Ports season ended last night, and my good friend Zack Bayroute left us with some thoughts that I think are yet another reason why he is The Best. And now on to Monday... One of the many, many questions that I have is why is there such a fear of ideas? in recent months we have seen the ACLU decide that in the future they will defend cases not on the basis of free speech, but rather on the basis of whether or not that speech supports the...


The Lodestar Contrivance

The idea that the New York Times would be dumb enough to publish the so-called "Op-Ed" letter is just another in a long string of "Let's do exactly what the people who support Trump believe we would do" actions. But follow me here for just a run-on sentence. I am supposed to believe that a "long-time, senior" government employee in the Executive branch in the 21st century where there is absolutely no such thing as operational security is dumb enough to write a letter to the freaking New York...


CT - The 4th Branch of Government

One of the myths about the Constitution is that The Federalist Papers are a commentary, like Matthew Henry's, on the Constitution. They are not. They are simply and only a passionate written argument in favor of ratification of the Constitution. That doesn't mean that they are not without merit and not without lessons for us today. They do give us insight into the understanding of the document which the Framers - at least those in favor of ratification - held of the government plan which...


Sounds Fishy to Me

If it sounds like it's a bit dusty in here this morning, just know that this morning is the first day of 3rd Grade. While it's great to be back in the "normal" routine, it's also a bit more emotional than I ever imagined it would be. We start with an allegory that helps makes my overall point today. Hat tip to the Veterans Political Group on Facebook for the story... The greatest divide in American political history was never about race or socioeconomic status. It was - and remains today -...


The McCain Funeral(s)

I hate Labor Day. Not for any pseudo-political manifesto reason. For the simple reason that it represents death. The end. I know the equinox is still a couple of weeks off, but the death of summer just sucks. Spent the weekend getting Ben out of the house one last time for the Summer. all the years I lived here before and now, and I had never been to Cape Flattery. It is the most Northwest point on the CONUS that can be physically accessed by people. So we headed out with a very grumpy eight...


The Need To Know

Happy September! Labor Day, such as it is, has never really held much meaning for me beyond the weekend before school starts and the beginning of another Football Season. Every job I've ever worked - even the union one - we worked Holidays, Saturdays, Sundays, Birthdays and Nights (Get it? SSBN...) Anyway, I wasn't going to do a show for today, but I was reading on Friday afternoon about some stuff that left me a bit... well... you'll see. The problem with the "Need to know" concept is that...


In And Out And in And Out

California Democrats have called for a boycott of In-And-Out Burger. Boycotts are stupid, and you'd think that they would know that. Not only do these kinds of boycotts almost never work, all they really do is draw attention, and there is no such thing as bad publicity in business - especially the Burger business. Besides... T-Rex laughs at boycotts. Google claims that it doesn't censor searches. That is, of course, nonsense. It not only does censor searches, but it also rewards the sites...


CT - Taking A 5th of History

James Madison once wrote that "A Government is instituted to protect property of every sort...This being the end of government, that alone is a just government, which impartially secures to every man, whatever is his own." So what happens when a government, other then the national government, that is, decides that it wants what you have, even if they claim it's for a "public benefit?" In the Township of Scott, Pennsylvania, a nice old lady - she's even named Rose Mary Knick - owns a cute...


Just Wait Until You Sea Mine

I was sitting in my office watching the Mariners slowly fade into the west when there was a rather large explosion. I waited for the inevitable emergency response, but when there wasn't any, I moved on back to the game and my frustrations with what is shaping up to be yet another season of promise ending without a playoff appearance. Clearly, I was out of it, because I should have known exactly what it was! There are a whole lot of questions about it this morning. Who knows if there will...


500 Functions Of The Human Liver

"Dave," the eMail begins, "I need to know something. Why haven't you spoken about the scandal with the priests in the Catholic Church? Don't you think that this is a very important story?" At the end of the day, we all (I presume) despise evil. We all oppose evil. And while you may not like it, it is absolutely pointless and USELESS to "condemn" the evil. All that does is make you feel better without actually having to do something about it. So unless you personally are going to pick up the...


A Trip Through 3 Billion Years of History

#Vacation2018 has ended. Needless to say, it was marvelous and while it's great to be home, it shouldn't need to be said that I already miss being in Wyoming. In fact, I miss it so much that I have made a decision. A decision about my future... I said a few weeks ago that the "new normal" is the same as the old normal. It's 1917, or 1952 or 1984 all over again. If you do not toe the accepted positional lines, you will be labeled a Russian Stooge. For example, I've said this before, I am not...


Spanking The Hippo

Recently the Experts have been complaining that the American People don't believe them. Why would that be? PRODUCERS NOTE: I have no idea what the hell happened here. Dave was supposed to be talking about this whole Experts Not Being believed topic, and somehow that turned into spanking the Hippo about Gays, Jews, Trump being executed by Gay-Jewish commandos and why Dave has issues and questions with religious faith. Some days it is impossible to keep him on topic. - Producer Henri Robinson...


It's At The End Of The Hallway

So... first off a couple of housekeeping things. I will only be here for the show today and tomorrow (Tuesday). On Wednesday, Ben and I are headed out for a "Guys" day in Oregon with my Brotherin and his son. We'll be home very late that night, so probably not conducive to doing a Thursday show. On Friday we will be quite busy getting packed up for vacation. I will be gone all of the next week (20-25), on a vacation that is shaping up to be EPIC. Two full days in Yellowstone. A full day in...


Government by 8 year Olds

It was a great getaway for us. We saw pretty much the entire Puget Sound, had a ghostly experience and had some really good food. But I'm back at it for the Friday show! On the way up north, I got a call from my Doctors office, and it appears that I was being overly optimistic and sarcastic when I referred to my last medical procedure as "unnecessary." Now look, there is nothing critically wrong with me right now. Well... there is *one* thing, but that's another story only tangentially...