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Ad-nonsense – Christmas Special 2018

Christmas comes by but once a year and like the proverbial bad penny Ad Nonsense also makes an appearance. We bring our high-brow intellect and low-brow humour to dissect the numerous Christmas adverts from retailers and manufacturers such as #Waitrose #JohnLewis #Huawei #Burberry #Amazon #Aldi #Apple #Sainsburys who look to schill us products and beg for the […]

Popgram Podcast – Episode 43

Episode 43 – A longer podcast this week as it is our last one this year! This week we discuss the Grammys and Golden Globe nominations. Why do the Golden Globes keep nominating movies that haven’t been released?! Keeping on the awards tip, we discuss Kevin Hart recent appointment and quitting as next year’s Oscars host. Deji […]

Popgram Podcast – Episode 42

Episode 42 – This week we discuss Mariah’s glitter comeback, Taylor swift’s new record, D&G anger a whole nation and we have seen the Lion King trailer! We also seen Widows and Fantastic Beasts! Find out what we thought of them ( hint- we really liked it!) #fantasticbeasts #crimesofgrindlewald #mariahcarey #taylorswift #lionking #dolceandgabana #widowsmovie #fortheculture #popgrampodcast #naijafam #naija #ukfam #uk […]

Popgram Mini Episode 4: Nerdcast

Deji touches on the latest on the sexual harassment issues that have emerged in Google and Facebook. He also tells us about the folding screen tablets that Samsung and Royol are bring out. We also discuss why PlayStation aren’t having a conference this year and what Microsoft has in store. Diablo 3 is also out […]

Popgram Podcast – Episode 41

Episode 41 – This week we discuss the Spice Girls reunion without Posh Spice. We aren’t very excited about it anyway. Cheryl’s new single and video. Mo also shares her delight of Ariana Grande’s new single Thank you, next. We have been to the movies and seen Disney’s The Nutcracker and were blown away by Rami Malek’s […]

Popgram Podcast – Episode 40

Episode 40 – This week we discuss the upcoming Clueless remake (whhhhyyy?), Oscar hopefuls, Busy Philips new show and Disney’s reimagining of the Pirates franchise. Deji checked out Will Smith’s appearance on Red Table Talk, Honey Badger has been watching some new music videos and Mo loves the new Shaun Mendes song! It’s Harry Potter month so […]

Popgram Podcast – Episode 39

Episode 39 – This week we discuss Kanye West’s latest hijinks, Lil’s Wayne’s new album and the new #uproar challenge. We also have news on the new reboot of Charlie’s Angels and a possible Kingmans prequel. Lindsay Lohan is also trying to save supposedly kidnapped children. We also saw ‘A Simple Favour’ and we loved it! #kanyewest #LilWayne […]

Popgram Mini Episode 3: Nerdcast

Welcome to NERDCAST where Deji tells us all the happenings in tech and gaming worlds. In this episode Deji tells us about the recent Apple keynote and Nintendo Direct. Deji reviews the new Spider-Man Game (he gotten all 55 backpacks) #nerdcast #popgrammini #Applekeynote #iphonexs #iphonexr #applewatchseries4 #NintendoDirect #animalcrossingswitch #nintendoonline #luigismansionswitch #capcombeatemupbundle #finalfantasy #popgrampodcast #fortheculture #naijafam #naija #ukfam #uk Find us […]

Popgram Podcast – Episode 38

Episode 38 – This week we discuss the positive reception of the new Spiderman PS4 game. Is Henry Cavill Still Superman? Does product placement work? Yakult has seen increased sales after being featured in Netflix’s ‘To All Boys I l Loved Before’. The Academy has backtracked on the now very divisive Popular Film Oscar. We talk about Idris Elba’s […]

Popgram Mini: For The Culture Episode 2

Veeeenoom…This is our mini episode on Eminem’s new album Kamikaze. We discuss what tracks are feeling and if the album is Good 🙌🏾Bad 🤮or Meh🤷🏾‍♀️ #veeenoom #kamikaze #eminem #good #bad #meh #fortheculture #albumreview Find us at www.popgram.co.uk Email us at : popgrampodcast@gmail.com

Popgram Podcast – Episode 37

Episode 37 – Hello to all our new listeners! This week we discuss the coverage of Aretha Franklin’s funeral: the performances and the Me Too moment that happened live with Ariana Grande. Deji wasn’t here to play with Mike Colter’s comments on the issue 🤯 . We also touch on Venice Film Festival, Danny Boyle dropping […]

Popgram Mini: For The Culture Episode 1

Invasion of Privacy vs QUEEN: In this special mini episode, Popgram goes deeper for the culture as Nicki Minaj releases her fourth (not fifth!) album there has been a lot of comparisons to the debut by Cardi B. We listened to both and discuss what we liked and our feelings on the highlander (there can only […]

Popgram Podcast – Episode 36

Episode 36 – Hello to all our new listeners! This week we discuss what’s going on at Netflix, The new Watchmen Remake 🤷🏾‍♀️, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are officially engaged, Minor Royals matters home side, Graveyard Girl’s Starbucks fiasco and we can’t wait for Crazy Rich Asians! We watched Ant Man and the Wasp […]

Popgram Podcast – Episode 35

Episode 35 – Sorry for the delay folks! we’ve been helpingTheresa May fix Brexit 🚧 This week we discuss the new Cats remake with Taylor Swift, the planned remake of Buffy and James Gunn’s firing. We also watched Incredibles 2 and Artemis Hotel. In NerdFlix, Deji gives us the latest news from the gaming sphere! Find us […]

Popgram Podcast – Episode 34

Episode 34 – This week we discuss Deji’s takes on all the albums of the summer! He listened to new albums from Kanye, Nas, The Carters and Nicki Minaj. Honey Badger made us watch new videos from Iggy Azalea …. sigh and Nicki Minaj ft Arianna Grande. the current new album drop in June from Nas, Teyana […]

Popgram Podcast – Episode 33

Episode 33 – This week we discuss changes at Netflix(this is beginning to be a theme) the current new album drop in June from Nas, Teyana Taylor, Kanye and The Carters. We also delve into the controversy behind John Travolta’s new masterpiece 😅Gotti . And why Lucas Film is sawing off those Star Wars branch stories. […]

Popgram Podcast – Episode 32

Episode 32 – This week we discuss changes at Pixar, Beyoncé and Jay Z are On The Run (again..), Spotify revokes its moral policy for artists, the Game of Thrones prequel and the amazing drama occurring in the online book world #cockygate. We also saw Deadpool 2 and lots of other stuff we talk about in […]

Popgram Podcast – Episode 31

Episode 31 – This week we discuss the royal 👑 wedding, go deep on the new Kanye/Rhymefest beef and tidal’s data leak. We also tell you about what we have read/watched/clicked on this week! Deji also gives us the low down on everything okatu in nerdflix! Find us at www.popgram.co.uk Email us at : popgrampodcast@gmail.com

Popgram Podcast – Episode 30

Episode 30 – We have hit the big 3-0!! And to celebrate our good friend Afrikan Kitsch joins us to discuss all that happening in pop culture. We discuss Taraji P Henson’s upcoming movie, N-sync’s 20th anniversary, R Kelly, God Of War 3 , the video games Baftas, Beychella and we saw the Quiet Place 🤫!! […]


Popgram Podcast – Episode 29

Episode 29 – Sorry for the delay folks! [Lost some audio!] we are here now. This week we discuss the Bond 25, get into a heated debate about the most profitable British films of last year, the verdict on The Blurred Lines court case, Star Trek 4 written by Quentin Tarantino? You can find us […]