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Power After Hours Episode 615 Recap – “Exactly How We Planned”

All good things must come to an end... Jeff and Krissy close the chapter on Power (Book 1) after 5 years of podding. We give our take on the finale, the season, and our thoughts on the legacy of this show. We deconstruct everything from the characters, writers, and everything in between. We try to answer your burning questions: Did they need 5 episodes to end the story? Are we watching the spin-offs? What does a post Power After Hours world look like? The fans showed our too with your tweets...


Power After Hours Episode 614 Recap – “Reversal of Fortune”

Jeff and Krissy are back to review the penultimate episode of Power! We get the Tate-Centric episode, which meant to show the motives he had to kill Ghost, but this turned into a referendum on the commonly agreed upon uselessness of the Paz episode, clumsy sequencing of the episodes, and whether fans actually care about who shot Ghost anymore. We did get a reminder that Larenz Tate be AC-TING though. Before this episode, we take a moment to remember Kobe and Gigi Bryant, along with the 7...


Power After Hours Episode 613 Recap – “It’s All Your Fault”

Jeff and Krissy recap the most highly anticipated episode: The TOMMY episode! We follow Tommy’s life from the moment he kills Benny to dodging the mob, avenging Keisha’s death and more. Did we get more answers or questions? And how does the events of episode 613 affect the rest of the series and potential spin-offs? We answer these questions and yours on this episode of Power: After Hours!


Power After Hours Episode 612 Recap – “He Always Wins”

Jeff and Krissy Link up to talk all things Paz... even though they aren't hyped about it. No shade to Elizabeth Rodriguez, who killed the role, but they did her no favors by keeping her in the background for most of the season...so the resulting backlash from fans makes sense. They discuss how the story moves forward, transition episodes during a finale season, Angela's gun as the murder weapon, Power Book II to air 8 episodes (??), and what we expect for the last few episodes. #PowerTV


Power After Hours Episode 611 Recap – “Still Dre”

Jeff and Krissy are back for the final 5 episodes of Power! First, they get into the pitfalls of cybersecurity and why two-factor authentication should be a mantra for all social media users. Then they get into the show. The Power writers have crafted an excellent episode that evolves Dre into his final snitch form. We get the background and motivation for the current Dre we know and loathe. The construction of the episode as the events of Episodes 10 from the perspective of Dre filled many...


Power After Hours Episode 610 Recap – “No One Can Stop Me”

We have reached the "mid-season" finale... and needless to say we are FED UP! While this episode has its moments, there's too many plot holes and inconsistencies to ignore. We explore every suspects motive in the #WhoShotGhost mystery, while deconstructing how some of these choices make NO sense, while others are justified. Not to mention...a contrived copycat cliffhanger! The fans were VOCAL in their disapproval, and it showed in some commentary from you in POWER TALK. Our deeper...


Power After Hours Episode 609 Recap – “Scorched Earth”

In the penultimate episode before the mid-season finale... EVERYONE SNITCHIN! We get into the destruction of all trust and bonds of family between Tommy, Ghost, Tasha and Tariq along with some more notables deaths and where we go from here. Tariq vs Ghost and Fatherhood, Tate's failed campaign, dropped storylines, and everything in between. Plus YOUR commentary too!


Power After Hours Episode 608 Recap – “Deal With The Devil”

What a way to end an episode! In the latest edition of #PowerAfterHours, we discuss the shocking death this episode (and how one of my favorite power memes came true), Saxe's white privilege Starman finally running out, Tate's campaign looking funny, The two-week gap between Power episodes and what the midseason finale #reallymeans, Tasha teaching narcotics 1o1 to Tariq, and how this all is leading to a bloody conclusion. Listener social commentary was on FIRE this week too, as you asked us...


Power After Hours Episode 607 Recap – “Like Father, Like Son”

Tariq finally gets put in his place by multiple folks and the Internet rejoices! This week, we discuss the multiple ways the parent figures in Tariq's bad ass life give him a dose of reality. Living in a fantasy world (Ghost), vs. Reality (Tasha, Tommy, Everyone else but Ghost), Saxe's white privilege power finally running out on him, Tate writing checks his d*ck has to cash, and Tasha's motherly decision that inspires debate among everyone. Plus your thoughts too!


Power After Hours Episode 606 Recap – “Inside Man”

If you had 24 hours to scam just think... This is the question Ghost and Tommy ponder as they try to raise $2 Milly in 24 hours to free Tariq. Inside Man confirms that this is Tariq's scheme, and everything as expected, goes to hell. Tariq is slowly rising in the "greatest hated characters ever" list, Tate gets some good character development via his ever expanding origin story, Cousin Benny is the MVP, and we ask "what's next" after the Tommy-Ghost unholy alliance.


Power After Hours Episode 605 Recap – “King’s Gambit”

Ced Shine (@CedricShine) joins the Power After Hours fam to chime in on this week's episode of POWER! Who's playing chess on this show and who's playing checkers? We get into a deep discussion on whether Tariq is dumb, naive, or both? A requiem for our fallen soldier Joe Proctor, Tommy's irrational emotional nature and whether it'll be his downfall, Saxe is the worst lawyer in the history of the U.S.A., and Jeff is finally fed up with the writing on the show as we debate accepting a show for...


Power After Hours Episode 604 Recap – “Why is Tommy Still Alive?”

This episode we talk all things Ghost - how he lost all control of mind, decency and power over his movements. Why won’t he let Tasha live with another boo? How does he botch another hit on Tommy? How does he get out of these situations? Plus is Kate right about Tasha not being the one for Tommy? Does Vincent and Mitic not hold all the cards against Tommy and Ghost? How many times can Dre double cross folks in this series without being killed? Proctor makes the power moves and is his...


Power After Hours: Episode 603 Recap – “Forgot About Dre”

Dre is back in the game and as always, revealing his snake-like ways! On this latest recap, we talk about Mitic playing both sides with Tommy and Ghost, that infamous court scene, Tasha going full black mama on Tariq, What's Effie's secret origin, Saxe leading the worst DA office in TV history into oblivion, and whether Keisha has the chops to be a ride or die chick. Plus the national nightmare is over... the POWER OG THEME SONG BACK! Jacquees won't have to defile any classic 50 Cent tracks...


Power After Hours: Episode 602 Recap – “Whose Side Are You On”

The Power After Hours Fam is back with an another one! POWER is getting big messy, and that Funeral scene was the cherry on top on one shady ass sundae. We get into Ghost being the only fool who doesn't know that Tommy's alive and how that affects him, Tasha GREEN and her quest to divorce the undivorceable Jamie, Tate going full Political O Dogg on staffers, Tariq with the GOAT elevator pitch for scholastic drug dealing, Jason Mitic playing both sides of the Ghost-Tommy beef to perfection,...


Power After Hours: Episode 601 Recap – “Murderers”

Welcome back to #PowerAfterHours for another year of recap from YOUR FAVORITE POWER PODCAST! Jeff and Krissy reunite for the first time in almost 2 years to discuss an explosive premiere. The diabolical due start with news on the 15-episode season, Jeff J's role in POWER Confidential, the MSG POWER premiere, and the Mary J. Blige led spinoff Power Book II: As for the show? We discuss: Ghost and his grief over Angela Who the true "Murderers" are in POWER Tasha and Paz reading Ghost like a...


Power After Hours: Episode 510 Recap – “When This Is Over”

We’re at the end of the road for #PowerAfterHours with the Season 5 finale! Jameer (@ItsJameer), Taj (@Tajrani) and Cedric (@CedricShine) join me to talk everything about this season! Including: Has Power really evolved into a new show or is it more of the same? Is Angela a hero? Who’s the most trash on this […]


Power After Hours: Episode 509 Recap – “There’s a Snitch Among Us”

This week Jeff J. is riding SOLO to provide you with his thoughts on the penultimate episode of Power season 5! He discusses the rise and fall of Tony Teresi, Angela’s idiocy, Tariq morphing into an elite gangster and why #TariqMustLive, Raina’s resurrection, and a major Social Media Spoiler Alert warning for those who like […]


Power After Hours: Episode 508 Recap – “A Friend of the Family”

Bruh… Did they just did that?! [SPOILERS BELOW!!!] This week I’m joined by DJ Ben Ha Meen (@DJBenhameen) as we talk about one of the most shocking episodes of POWER ever! Kanan Stark is dead…wow I can’t even believe I typed that. We discuss the fallout from the death of Ghost and Tommy’s frenemy, his […]


Power After Hours: Episode 507 Recap – “The Devil Inside”

This week Jameer (@ItsJameer) and Midtown Mo from THEE Power Groupchat join me to discuss the latest episode of Power. This was a fun podcast, where conspiracy theories reign supreme. We figure out the true purpose of the Queens Child Project, Talk Overwatch level weaponry from Double-O Dre, Tasha and Ghost conducting their own hypocrisy […]


Power After Hours Season Episode 506 Recap: ” A Changed Man?”

Jeff is joined by Jameer Pond (@ItsJameer) to discuss the Ghost St. Patrick Apology World tour. Ghost goes full Usher Raymond as he navigates his life of ruin to repent to his loved ones for his wrongdoings, with mixed results. The guys also discuss Kanan x Tariq becoming the 2018 Gatman and Robbin, Proctor and […]