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Power After Hours: Episode 510 Recap – “When This Is Over”

We’re at the end of the road for #PowerAfterHours with the Season 5 finale! Jameer (@ItsJameer), Taj (@Tajrani) and Cedric (@CedricShine) join me to talk everything about this season! Including: Has Power really evolved into a new show or is it more of the same? Is Angela a hero? Who’s the most trash on this […]


Power After Hours: Episode 509 Recap – “There’s a Snitch Among Us”

This week Jeff J. is riding SOLO to provide you with his thoughts on the penultimate episode of Power season 5! He discusses the rise and fall of Tony Teresi, Angela’s idiocy, Tariq morphing into an elite gangster and why #TariqMustLive, Raina’s resurrection, and a major Social Media Spoiler Alert warning for those who like […]


Power After Hours: Episode 508 Recap – “A Friend of the Family”

Bruh… Did they just did that?! [SPOILERS BELOW!!!] This week I’m joined by DJ Ben Ha Meen (@DJBenhameen) as we talk about one of the most shocking episodes of POWER ever! Kanan Stark is dead…wow I can’t even believe I typed that. We discuss the fallout from the death of Ghost and Tommy’s frenemy, his […]


Power After Hours: Episode 507 Recap – “The Devil Inside”

This week Jameer (@ItsJameer) and Midtown Mo from THEE Power Groupchat join me to discuss the latest episode of Power. This was a fun podcast, where conspiracy theories reign supreme. We figure out the true purpose of the Queens Child Project, Talk Overwatch level weaponry from Double-O Dre, Tasha and Ghost conducting their own hypocrisy […]


Power After Hours Season Episode 506 Recap: ” A Changed Man?”

Jeff is joined by Jameer Pond (@ItsJameer) to discuss the Ghost St. Patrick Apology World tour. Ghost goes full Usher Raymond as he navigates his life of ruin to repent to his loved ones for his wrongdoings, with mixed results. The guys also discuss Kanan x Tariq becoming the 2018 Gatman and Robbin, Proctor and […]


Power After Hours: Season 5 Episode 5 Recap – “Happy Birthday”

Laces is the gift that keeps on giving. This week Taj [@TAJRani] joins us in the Truth offices to discuss Kendrick Lamar’s classic appearance on POWER! The critical acclaim is all worth it as we need more Laces on our TV screen. Other topics include: Tariq sonning Ghost as her collects enormous L’s Tommy confronting […]


“Power After Hours: Episode 504 Recap – “Second Chances”

This week, Jeff is joined by the ubiquitous socialite Jameer Pond to kee kee over this week's episode "Second Chances". The guys discuss: Ghost and Angela hitting rock bottom Terry Silver being the French Montana of Power The whereabouts of Yazmine (the third St. Patrick Child) Tommy as your friend who specializes in bad decisions Councilman O-Dog continuing to son Ghost Kanan's master plan to screw Tommy Plus we answer YOUR questions about the writing this season, Kanan as Tariq's dad,...


Power After Hours: Episode 503 Recap – Are We On The Same Team?

This week, Jeff J. flies solo to talk about his favorite episode of the season so far, and answer your questions! We discuss Blanca getting closer to discovering Angela's true motives, Teresi's heel turn, Dre getting the big brother warning from Diego, Kanan's master plan to flip Tommy's business, Ghost's vigilante movements and his Fancy rendezvous, and Councilman O-Dog getting shadier by the minute! Jeff also adds an ESQ next to his name to break down the sentence commutation process. This...


Power After Hours Episode 502 Recap: Damage Control

Welcome back for another edition of #PowerAfterHours! This week, Jeff and Shawn discuss the standoff between Tommy and Miritic, retribution for the Italians, Ghost becoming The Punisher, Kanan doing Kanan things, Tasha’s inability to grieve fully, Angela vs. the AUSA office, the secret origin of Joe Proctor and the dirty dealings of Councilman Tate! Plus […]


Power After Hours Episode 501 Recap: Everyone Is Implicated

Welcome back to another season of POWER AFTER HOURS! This season we link up with FanBros Show to simulcast the show across all time and space! Jeff J. is back and he brought along Shawn Hardie from SevenEighteen and Cousin Zane the man of a million burner accounts to discuss the premiere of the new chapter in Power. We discuss the abundance of stones hurled at glass houses between Tasha and Angela, Tariq in serious need of the fade from somebody, gratuitous body shots, The curious case of...


Power After Hours: Episode 410 Recap – “You Can’t Fix This”

Better late than never, fam! We review the season 4 finale of Power! We discuss the culmination of the Ray Ray saga, and how all the characters form like Voltron to go after him. Tariq loses his innocence, and Dre ascends to peak criminal levels. We also give our critiques and accolades for an inconsistent, […]


Power After Hours: Episode 409 Recap – “That Aint Me”

The penultimate episode in season 4 didn’t disappoint. We got the shocking moments, revelations and set-up to an explosive season finale! We discuss Tommy’s quest to find his true family and his actions to reclaim his organization, Dre enacting his master plan for better or worse, Tariq getting another reality check, Raina’s fateful encounter with […]


Power After Hours: Episode 408 Recap – “It’s Done”

Things might be “done” on this week’s Power, but they aint finished! Jeff & Krissy discuss the rise and fall of Mike Sandoval, whether he was a true villain, and Angela finally turning heel. Tariq was scared straight, but is it too little, too late? Tommy and Teresi share more family moments while Tommy seeks […]


Power After Hours: Episode 407 Recap – “You Lied To My Face”

This episode brings key details that the fans have known all season to light. Jeff and Krissy discuss it’s impact all over Power Episode 407. Topics include: 50 Cent lashing out at Starz for an apparent lack of support and whether Starz is at fault for the rushed nature of some episodes. The Tasha/Silver relationship: […]


Power After Hours Episode 406 Recap: “New Man”

This episode should’ve been titled “double-cross”, because we get PLENTY of that and more! This week, we discuss the complicated relationship between Kanan and Ghost and whether their interactions make sense for the characters. We bid farewell to a fan favorite (and a few more people), talk about Dre’s scheming ways, Tommy’s wild trip to […]


Power After Hours Episode 405 Recap: “Don’t Thank Me”

We’re at the midpoint of season 4 and this episode did NOT disappoint! This week, we start the show lambasting idiot fans sending death threats to Lela Loren base on FICTIONAL CHARACTERS! Then we dive into the good stuff. We discuss Angela’s quest for justice and how it defines her character, Tommy’s confession to Tasha, […]


Power After Hours: Episode 404 Recap – “We’re In This Together”

Impulsive Killer Tommy BYKE! This week on Power After Hours, we discuss the gift and the curse of Joe Proctor. He eviscerates the prosecution at the expense of himself. We also talk about Tommy doing Tommy things, those Truth cameras, Dre playing Game of Thrones with Julio, Tariq becoming a legit crook, Ghost vs. Teresi […]


Power After Hours: Episode 403 Recap – “The Kind Of Man You Are”

John Proctor got loyalty inside his DNA. Enough to combat this evidence against Ghost in episode 403! We discuss this, along with Bailey Markham looking to exonerate Greg Knox, Ghost vs James, Terry Silver and Keisha speaking for the fans, and Kanan “mentoring” Tariq, and fan critiques about the (many?) plot holes in the show. […]


Power After Hours: Episode 402 Recap – “Things Are Going To Get Worse”

We’re back for another episode of Power: After Hours! This week, we discuss how Ghost’s life continues on a downward spiral with a pending indictment, Tommy and Keisha’s “Blizzard Talk”, The Mak-Proctor narrative that highlights how stupid Ghost and Angela have been this entire series, the surprise return of the third St. Patrick kid (We […]


Power After Hours: Episode 401 Recap – “When I Get Out”

The BEST Power Podcast is back for Season 4! Jeff and Krissy discuss the wildest moments from this episode including Ghost’s struggling behind bars, Tommy leading the new drug organization, Tariq’s lies, Kanaan’s true motives, that search warrant scene between Angela and Tasha, John Mak vs. Proctor, and more. The crew also explains why marketing […]