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Ep 25. – The State of Black Women in America - proof of my existence

Brandi Collins-Calhoun, Jasmine Gerouw-Moore and Christina M. Yongue join me talk about the State of Black Women in America. Forgive my brain fart on confusing the Williams sisters. Brandi Collins-Calhoun is the Director of Reproductive and Maternal Health at the... Continue Reading → The post Ep 25. – The State of Black Women in America appeared first on proof of my existence.


24: New Year, 2005 Me - proof of my existence

This is the final episode of 2017. No resolutions, just a suggestion. A retrospective of my Top 10 News Events, and my Top 17 Important Passings. Plus, the latest in the Cord Cutting Chronicles. Here’s Tom’s Guide review of the... Continue Reading → The post 24: New Year, 2005 Me appeared first on proof of my existence.


#23: Me Too - proof of my existence

Trigger warning. This episode contains “Me Too” stories by victims of Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment. You are welcome to leave feedback in the comments. The post #23: Me Too appeared first on proof of my existence.


Seven Months Later - proof of my existence

Happy International Podcasting Day! #serendipity This episode is a bit of a recap between what happened in the seven months between episodes. What The Health! Empty Nesting! I also discuss the impact of Irma and Maria, and talk about the... Continue Reading → The post #22: Seven Months Later appeared first on proof of my existence.


#21: I Came, I Saw, I Conned - proof of my existence

This weekend’s Greensboro Comicon was my first Comic Book themed convention. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will try to catch the Charlotte Comicon if not the Bull City One. I was able to get some time to talk to artists... Continue Reading → The post #21: I Came, I Saw, I Conned appeared first on proof of my existence.


#20: The Sunday Breakfast Five - proof of my existence

In the most spontaneous episode ever (sparked by runny eggs), Noelle and I come up with a list of Five Things We’ve Grown to Love Over Time. Enjoy. The post #20: The Sunday Breakfast Five appeared first on proof of my existence.


#19: Self Love in the New Year - proof of my existence

Ayisha Evans, Sharita Mathis-Lawson and Zithobile Nxumalo join me on the first episode of 2017. We catch up since our last conversation, and talk about self love and rituals in the new year, as well the new administration. The post #19: Self Love in the New Year appeared first on proof of my existence.


#18: Sour Sixteen - proof of my existence

My final podcast episode. of 2016. After a brief hiatus, one final rant of the year. We’ve seen enough recaps, it’s been a hell of a year. In this episode I talk about Trump, The Alt Right, Racism at Steinmart,... Continue Reading → The post #18: Sour Sixteen appeared first on proof of my existence.


Contests and Protests - proof of my existence

After Summer Hiatus I'm back! I'm talking about Donald Trump's "Outreach" to Black Voters and the reaction. and Colin Kaepernick's protest of the Star Spangled Banner and its history. I'm also discussing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Letter from Birmingham Jail. I've cut the cord fully and see how I'm faring with Sling! The post #17. Contests and Protests appeared first on proof of my existence.


#16: The Music Episode - proof of my existence

It took 16 episodes, but I'm finally joined by my partner in crime (& life) Noelle Charles! We talk music, specifically about the 25 (+1) most influential albums in our lives. Enjoy! The post #16: The Music Episode appeared first on proof of my existence.


Ep #15: Beats, Rhymes & Phife - proof of my existence

Sit back and strap in for a ride, once again w/ Sean Coon. We cover the legacy of the 5 foot assassin Malike "Phife Dawg" Taylor, North Carolina's HB2 "bathroom bill", Bernie's bird moment, Coach K double apology, Lebron's antics, Superman v Batman (and his iterations), Daredevil and House of Cards (and more!) #spoilers Bonus: Find out the influence of Luke Cage over one Nicolas Coppola. As discussed in the Podcast, Scott Van Pelt's touching tribute to Phife: The post Ep #15: Beats, Rhymes...


#14: Whose Week Was Worst? - proof of my existence

My friend Sean Coon and I talk about people who've had bad weeks last week. Between Kat Williams, Johnny Manziel, Hillary Clinton, Ben Carson. I could talk about my car, but that's not what we're here for. Why the Fayetteville protest touched a nerve for me, and why we feel the Bern. The post #14: Whose Week Was Worst? appeared first on proof of my existence.


#13: All About Love: Part 3 - proof of my existence

Rounding out the All About Love Trilogy with the Ladies of PHD. We cover Stepping out on Faith, touch on the Laws of Attraction, and Growth since our recordings at Episode 6 and Episode 9. We go deep and raw. Thank you Ayisha, Sherita and Zithobile for your honesty and strength. The post #13: All About Love: Part 3 appeared first on proof of my existence.


#12: Branding Nubian - proof of my existence

In this episode, I'll cover Current topics from a branding perspective, namely Kanye West, Uber, & Donald Trump. I'll also be sharingtips on how to share content on social mediain a way that strengthens your brand. Lifehacks will cover my favorite location based apps: Foursquare/Swarm, Foodspotting, Untappd,&Glympse and rounding the ep out: Netflix & Chilling with Cooked, The Revenant&Deadpool The post #12: Branding Nubian appeared first on proof of my existence.


#11. Black & Blue - proof of my existence

I'm baaaaack, after a January hiatus - what in the world have I been up to? Happy Black History Month, #29daysofBlackCosplay, #BlackLives Matter. Bleeding Carolina Panther Blue and nursing my wounds with Oreos and Girls Scout Cookies. Which Oreos come out on top? Cinnamon Bun or Red Velvet? Find out. Also in lifehacks, hands on with the NVidia Shield android streaming box/gaming system, and why KODI is the devil. (oh yeah, both remotes have earphone jacks for quiet viewing) The post #11....


#10: The Year End Roundup - proof of my existence

Michael Hewlett, Tiffany S. Jones and Chevella Wilson from Episode #7 return to help me stick a fork in 2015. In this 10thpodcast and last of the year, we discuss & debate ourmemorable topics of the year (Cosby, Sheen,Affluenza, R. Kelly, #BlackLivesMatter, Steve Harvey, etc.), trends that should stay in 2015 and who we'll miss. The post #10: The Year End Roundup appeared first on proof of my existence.


#9: All About Unconditional Love - proof of my existence

Due topopular demand, we're back with our guests from podcast Episode #6: All About Self Love, Sharita, Ayisha and Zithobile! Following up on lessons learned since the podcast, the definition of unconditional love, childhood experiences that affect self-acceptance,shifting perspectivesfrom having parents to parenting as we mature and more. It's emotional enriching and educational. During the podcast, we also discuss our reaction to this video: // < ![CDATA[ (function(d, s, id) { var js,...


#8: The Kwanzaa Collective - proof of my existence

Dr. Dawn Hicks Tafari, Jamillah Neeairah Nasir, and Dandara Boyd of the Greensboro Kwanzaa Collective join me this week to talk about the Seven Principles of Kwanzaa: Umoja (Unity): To strive for and to maintain unity in the family, community, nation, and race. Kujichagulia (Self-Determination): To define ourselves, name ourselves, create for ourselves, and speak for ourselves. Ujima (Collective Work and Responsibility): To build and maintain our community together and make our brothers'...


#7: The Conversation of Matter - proof of my existence

Journalist Michael Hewlett, Communications Specialist Tiffany Jones and Scholar & Author Chevella Wilson join me to discuss domestic terrorism, mentorship, Black Lives Matter, gun control, the 2016 presidential race, Patti Labelle and we offer what we're thankful for after a satisfying brunch at M'Couls Public House. M'Couls Public House hosted us this ep - mention you heard about them on the podcast and get a free bread pudding. It's my favorite thing there. Check out the new menu, with...


#6: All About Self Love - proof of my existence

Guests Zithobile Nxumalo, Ayisha Jefferson and Sharita Mathis-Lawson join me to discuss the aspect of Self Love. What is Self Love, and why is it the foundation for all other relationships. We also talk about Mo'Nique's Hall Pass and share our Self Love Playlists. Leave a comment on how you practice self love! After you've listened to this, be sure to check out the follow-up podcast!