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Salon2 051 - "Psychedelic Studies"

Dr. Kim Hewitt talks about her research into the history of psychedelics and their current manifestations. Her most recent academic paper is on psychedelic feminism.


Podcast 583 - "Psychedelics in the Age of AI"

Today's podcast features a talk that Lorenzo gave at the recent Imagine Orcas Island Music and Arts festival. The title of this talk is "Psychedelics in the Age of AI", and it is followed by a question and answer session. At the end of the podcast Lorenzo plays a song from the newly emerging psychedelic/country/rock band The Burned. Lorenzo also talks about the festival as well as the Imagine Convergence that will take place on Orcas Island in March of 2019.


Podcast 582 - "Graham Hancock - Glastonbury 2016"

Today's podcast features the talk that Graham Hancock gave at the 2016 Glastonbury Festival. He begins by talking about how he first became involved in psychedelics and how, after a 30 year hiatus, he became reconnected with the psychedelic community and is now a leading proponent of ending the War on Drugs. As he says, "Our governments are so determined to impose these insane [War on Drugs] policies upon us that the whole credit worthiness of government in every way becomes suspect, if it...


Podcast 581 - "Glastonbury 2016 - Dr. David Nutt"

At the 2016 Glastonbury Festival, Dr. David Nutt, formerly the Chairman of the UK's Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs, gave a presentation in which he illustrated the safety of psychedelic drugs, particularly when compared with alcohol. He also points out that religion has led directly to today's alcohol businesses and says, "The drinks industry is keen to keep its monopoly over drugs. And it fought battles over the last 150 years to make sure that no other drug got into the market....


Podcast 580 - "Psychedelic Feminism"

Today's podcast features a conversation between Zoe Helene and Lorenzo. After successful careers in the arts as well as in the corporate world, Zoe has transitioned herself into an advocate for the use of psychedelics, ayahuasca in particular, to help us all accept women as equals in our currently male-dominated societies.


Salon2 050 - "Lancaster Stories"

In this last episode of stories from the Blue Dot tour, you get to hear stories from the barn at Lex Pelger's parents' place in Lancaster, PA. Tales from Tipper and friends as well as a contest to see if you can find Lex's story in the back catalog.


Podcast 579 - "Meditation and Psychedelics"

Today's podcast features a talk that Myron Stolaroff gave at the 1997 Mind States Conference. It features his thoughts about ways in which psychedelics can become an aid in the practice of Buddhist meditation. The formal title of this talk is "The Trained User: Deepening Meditation Practice and Forestalling Aging", but I've abbreviated it a bit for this podcast.


Salon2 049 - "The Mushroom Cure"

Adam Strauss is a stand up comedian and the writer and performer of 'The Mushroom Cure' (www dot themushroomcure dot com), the true story of how he tried to cure his severe OCD with psychedelics, currently running in NYC through September 7th.


Podcast 578 - "1) Enemies of Freedom AND 2) Life After Death"

Today's podcast features two recordings of Aldous Huxley. The first is an interview conducted by Mike Wallace, and the second part of today's program features a lecture of Huxley's that speculates about the possibilities of some sort of existence after the death of our bodies.


Salon2 048 - "Mystical Systems and Psychedelics"

Daniel Greig studies cognitive science and philosophy. His lectures on psychedelics incorporate magic and mysticism. He uses the language of psychology and neuroscience. It makes for a fascinating mix. In this episode we will be hearing about his unique views on how these drugs are illuminated by the mystical systems of the past.


Podcast 577 - "Countdown Into Complexity" - Part 5

Today we conclude the Terence McKenna workshop that was held in March of 1996. Among other little tidbits, Terence had what I thought was a new twist on why the DMT experience is ineffable. A couple of my favorite quotes from this program include: "I'll tell you straight out, I'm an anarchist. I am an absolute anarchist. I believe in people more than in abstractions of institutions. I will always rely on people." AND "You cannot be a public figure and a practicing alchemist." AND "The basic...


Salon2 047 - "Philadelphia and Baltimore Storytelling"

Thank you to the Philadelphia Psychedelic Society and to Psychedelic Seminars in Baltimore for two beautiful locations to hear these stories. As two of my favorite stops on the Blue-Dot tour, I'm glad to be sharing these stories about the power of psychedelics. -Lex Pelger


Podcast 576 - "Countdown Into Complexity" - Part 4

This podcast features Terence McKenna in a March 1996 workshop where he goes into great detail about his Timewave idea. Although I haven't been including his Timewave talks in recent podcasts, since this series hasn't been posted elsewhere on the Net I've decided to keep the entire weekend's workshop intact. Baring any unexpected new recordings to pop up, this will be the last time that I include a Timewave lecture in the salon. However, this is one of his more comprehensive explanations of...


Salon2 046 - "The Psychedologist"

Leia Friedman hosts "The Psychedologist" podcast, she co-founded the Boston Entheogenic Network, and is a writer and community organizer. She tells Lex about her work and her psychedelic journey.


Podcast 575 - "Countdown Into Complexity" - Part 3

One of his more interesting observations in this talk was when he was wondering if the cool stuff that we see during a smoked NN-DMT experience is nothing more than something like those plastic mobiles we hang over a baby's crib. He ends this particular rap making a DMT trip sound like an alien abduction but then goes on to say that he has no patience with stories of alien abductions. But he doesn't miss a little political musing either when he says, "A meme has gotten loose on this planet...


Salon2 045 - "Rick Doblin and the Psychedelic Storytellers"

This week we go back to the very beginning of the Blue Dot Tour where Rick Doblin kicked off our event in Boston. Thanks to Northeastern's Student's for Sensible Drug Policy for making the event happen and to all the storytellers who came out to share.


Podcast 574 - "Countdown Into Complexity" - Part 2

One of the topics that he touches on is that he sees artificiality as a passing phase as we begin to learn more deep secrets from nature. He also tells the harrowing tale of a monumentally bad trip when he combined mushrooms and ayahuasca. He also answers the question about how much government harassment has he received, and that Prozac makes him feel that it's always summer time. And this quote about worry is also something worth thinking about: "I think what nature teaches, and what life...


Salon2 044 - "The Big Three"

Dr. Casey Paleos is one of the few psychiatrists to have worked with the Big Three: MDMA, ketamine and the psilocybin of magic mushrooms. In this interview, a day after his MDMA experience in Boulder, he shares what he's learned from his years of psychedelic research.


Podcast 573 - "Countdown Into Complexity" - Part 1

Today's podcast features the first of a series of unedited participant tapes from a March 1996 Terence McKenna workshop at Esalen. As is usual, while the topic was ostensibly about the increase of complexity, he also touched on shamanism, time, being attracted to weirdness. One of my favorite quotes from this program is: "Radical human freedom is what you were born for, and culture is a kind of placenta, which if you develop normally by around age twenty you have no need of it, and in fact...


Salon2 043 - "Psychedelic Charleston"

From the May 23, 2017 stop on the Blue-Dot tour, a storytelling session in Charleston, South Carolina that served as the launch event for our friends at the Society for the Exploration of Altered States.