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Salon2 045 - "Rick Doblin and the Psychedelic Storytellers

This week we go back to the very beginning of the Blue Dot Tour where Rick Doblin kicked off our event in Boston. Thanks to Northeastern's Student's for Sensible Drug Policy for making the event happen and to all the storytellers who came out to share.


Podcast 574 - "Countdown Into Complexity" - Part 2

One of the topics that he touches on is that he sees artificiality as a passing phase as we begin to learn more deep secrets from nature. He also tells the harrowing tale of a monumentally bad trip when he combined mushrooms and ayahuasca. He also answers the question about how much government harassment has he received, and that Prozac makes him feel that it's always summer time. And this quote about worry is also something worth thinking about: "I think what nature teaches, and what life...


Salon2 044 - "The Big Three"

Dr. Casey Paleos is one of the few psychiatrists to have worked with the Big Three: MDMA, ketamine and the psilocybin of magic mushrooms. In this interview, a day after his MDMA experience in Boulder, he shares what he's learned from his years of psychedelic research.


Podcast 573 - "Countdown Into Complexity" - Part 1

Today's podcast features the first of a series of unedited participant tapes from a March 1996 Terence McKenna workshop at Esalen. As is usual, while the topic was ostensibly about the increase of complexity, he also touched on shamanism, time, being attracted to weirdness. One of my favorite quotes from this program is: "Radical human freedom is what you were born for, and culture is a kind of placenta, which if you develop normally by around age twenty you have no need of it, and in fact...


Salon2 043 - "Psychedelic Charleston"

From the May 23, 2017 stop on the Blue-Dot tour, a storytelling session in Charleston, South Carolina that served as the launch event for our friends at the Society for the Exploration of Altered States.


Podcast 572 - "A Tribute to Larry Harvey"

Today's podcast features a tribute to Larry Harvey, founder of the Burning Man Festival.


Salon2 042 - "Psychedelic Law"

A lawyer specializing in psychedelic law and a New Yorker who witnessed the heyday of Yippie activism in Sin City, Noah Potter shares his thoughts on the past and the future of the movement.


Podcast 571 - "Terence #2"

Today we hear one more attempt by Terence McKenna to describe what takes place during a DMT trip. This time he says that it is a composite of about 40 such trips. He also touches on capitalism and virtual reality. A couple of my favorite quotes from this talk are: "Capitalism is as anti-human a philosophy as you can possibly conceive, because at this very moment we should be consuming less, manufacturing less, selling less, transporting less. And what's the battle cry? Free trade...


Salon2 041 - "Psychedelic Stories from Atlanta"

Today's Salon2 podcast features a few psychedelic stories from a wonderful hot night in Atlanta. Thanks to Moshe Jacobson for making the night happen.


Podcast 570- "A Psychedelic Truth"

In today's podcast we hear the final installment of a Terence McKenna course that he gave in April of 1995. This is only three years after the Web came to be, and already he sees it as the perfect environment to bring Timothy Leary's find the others idea to fruition. He also has a little rap about becoming engaged with the political struggle to legalize the use of psychedelic medicines and says, "They don't hand out rights around here. The only people who have any rights are people who...


Salon2 040- "MDMA for PTSD"

Today's Salon2 podcast features an interview with Dr. Ingmar Gorman about his work at the intersection of MDMA and PTSD.


Podcast 569 - "Searching for a Bias-less Media"

Today we pick up on the next to last installment of the 1995 course that Terence McKenna taught at CIIS in San Francisco. Here he picks up on his supposition that deep in the past there were human cultures in which psychedelics played a major role, but which vanished without leaving a very detailed record of their use. He also discusses his conversations with Sasha Shulgin regarding the differences between plant-based psychedelics and laboratory-created ones with no deep history of human...


Podcast 568 - "We Become What We Behold"

In this continuation of a 1995 course that he taught at CIIS, Terence McKenna begins with his interesting rap about the possibility that magic mushrooms have an extraterrestrial origin, which he ends by saying, "The trick is going to be to recognize the extraterrestrials." Two other interesting quotes from this lecture are: "It's very clear to me that every abduction case around, except for a vanishingly small number that we can put in the classical category of stigmata, can be explained...


Salon2 039 - "Psychedelic Columbus"

Today's podcast presents a powerful round of story telling that took place in a Columbus, Ohio bike hangar. The event was hosted by the wonderful community of Mind Manifest West.


Podcast 567 - "Psychedelicize Yourself"

When we pick up on the April 1993 course that Terence McKenna taught at CIIS a question leads him into a detailed scientific account of what his brother, Dennis, was investigating during their famous days in the jungle near La Chorrera, Colombia. It is also interesting to listen to some of the questions from those in attendance regarding their apocalyptic views of what they thought was to come in 2012. Also we remember Dale Pendell.


Podcast 566 - "A Tribe of Selves"

Today we pick up with the third installment of a course that Terence McKenna taught in April of 1993 at the California Institute of Integral Studies. It is a wide-ranging discussion that was shaped by questions from the attendees. Here are two of his thoughts from this session: "The crisis we're in, as a planetary society, is a culture of consciousness. There ain't enough of it. That's what happens when women are raped in Bosnia. That's a failure of consciousness. That's what happens when...


Salon2 - 037 - "The Family that Trips Together, Sticks Together"

Today we return to the Salon2 track and another podcasts-in-a-podcast, this time with Alexa and Kat Lakey. Their first program here in the salon features an interview with Scott Olsen, the organizer of one of the largest exhibits of Amazonian art to be held in the U.S. The exhibit was titled ‘The Mysteries of the Amazon’ and featured the work of Pablo Amaringo and his students from the Usko-Ayar School of Visionary Painting. Following that interview, we are treated to what may be a first...


Podcast 565 - "John Perry Barlow Tribute"

Today we pay tribute to the late John Perry Barlow, lyricist for the Grateful Dead, co-founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and an important leader in the struggle to keep the Internet free. In addition to John Perry's remarks, we will also hear John Gilmore, another of the co-founders of One of the most important essays written by Barlow is his Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace, and at the end of this podcast you will hear John Perry Barlow reading that...


Podcast 564 - "Plants and Mind (Part 2-Chimpanzee or Bonobo)"

Today's podcast feature the second installment of Terence McKenna's "Plants and Mind" course that he gave in April of 1993. It features an interesting line of questions from the participants in the class about the role of gender in the psychedelic community. Two of my favorite quotes from this talk are: "I think the modern family is, first of all a very modern invention, and basically a cauldron for the production of neurosis." AND "Ego is like a cyst which will begin to grow in you,...


Podcast 563 - "Plants and Mind (Part 1)"

Today's podcast features the beginning of a course that Terence McKenna taught in which he detailed his thoughts about the ways in which human consciousness came to be. A few interesting quotes from this talk include: "What seems to me to be one of the most centrally interesting questions to be asked of this world, and that is: What is human consciousness? Where did it come from? And why does it exist at all?" AND "It still is a very challenging thing to dissolve your ordinary state of...