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117. Bearing Unbearable Loss: A conversation About Grief with Dr. Joanne Cacciatore

At some point, each and every one of us will lose someone we love. But grief is no cakewalk. And however hard grief is, the pain gets exponentially greater when we are met with the deafening silence and discomfort of others. Join us to create space and a voice for grief with a frank conversation about death, love, and the heartbreaking journey of bearing unbearable loss. In this touching and personal conversation, Yael speaks with Joanne Cacciatore, author of Bearing the Unbearable: Love,...


116. Building a Meaningful, Values-based Life with Dr. Jenna LeJeune

Living a values-based life is different from a goals-oriented one. A values-based life encompasses more than trying to “feel good” or get to a final destination. When you direct your life toward what really matters to you, you will feel an increased sense of meaning and vitality, whatever situation you find yourself in. Values-based living has greater depth and staying power than goals and resolutions. Join Debbie and Dr. Jenna LeJeune, author of Values in Therapy: A Clinician’s Guide to...


115. Creating Meaningful Gatherings with Co-hosts Dr. Debbie Sorensen and Dr. Diana Hill

Whether you are planning a holiday dinner, a work conference, or a group therapy session, how you design your gathering has a big impact on its outcome. In this episode, Diana and Debbie use the book The Art of Gathering by Priya Parker to explore strategies to make your groups transformative. Grab a slice of pie, some people you love, and enjoy an episode all about meeting with purpose! Listen and Learn: - How to use purpose to design your next party, meeting, or friends’ weekend away -...


114. The Way of Effortless Mindfulness with Loch Kelly

Ready to take your mindfulness practice to the next level? What if you could approach life by relaxing back and down into an already awake mind and heart? Join Diana for an inspiring and illuminating discussion with Loch Kelly, seasoned meditator and author of the bestselling book The Way of Effortless Mindfulness: A Revolutionary Guide for Living an Awakened Life about awake awareness, an advanced form of mindfulness that, through little efforts and shifts of awareness, imbues living from a...


113. Self-Compassion for Parents with Dr. Susan Pollak

Parenting can be joyful, but, let’s be honest, it can also be a rough ride sometimes! We try to be good parents to our children and still discover that we feel we are falling short. Author and clinical expert, Dr. Susan Pollak, joins Yael for a discussion about how self-compassion can help you journey through parenting more effectively, confidently, and happily. Join the conversation to learn: · What self-compassion is and why it’s so useful in parenting · The core components of...


112. Nature vs. Nurture: Why Temperament Matters With Co-hosts Debbie Sorensen and Yael Schonbrun

You might sometimes wonder if it’s nature or nurture driving the differences between people. For example, why are some of us extroverts and others introverts? Why are some children risk-takers while others are more inhibited? Well, it turns out that both nature and nurture are important! The nature part of the equation is sometimes overlooked, but our biological temperament plays an important role in the kind of person we become. In this episode, Debbie and Yael discuss Childhood...


111. Brave New Medicine with Dr. Cynthia Li

In Brave New Medicine: A Doctor’s Unconventional Path to Healing Her Autoimmune Illness Dr. Cynthia Li, an internal medicine physician by training, writes about how her world came crashing down after developing an autoimmune thyroid condition and how she had to journey beyond what Western medicine has to offer to truly heal. Join Diana for a fascinating and important discussion with Dr. Li about functional medicine, a client-centered, science-based approach to looking at and treating the...


110. Parenting Multiples with Dr. Susan Wenze

Caring for a newborn has its challenges, but imagine the challenges of caring for two or more newborns at once! More feedings, diapering, laundry and gear to schlep. We are hardwired to respond to our infants so how do you handle more than one infant crying at once? And when the heck do you sleep? It’s no wonder that parents of multiples experience increased sleep deprivation and mental health issues even as they face greater logistical barriers to accessing mental health treatment and care....


109. How to Loosen Up and Be Less Overcontrolled: Radically Open DBT with Hope Arnold (part 2)

Have your friends or loved ones suggested for you to chill out or relax? If our first podcast episode with Hope Arnold, about excessive self-control, leaves you wondering how to help with this biologically-based personality trait, then keep listening! Join Debbie for another engaging discussion with Hope Arnold, senior clinician and trainer in Radically Open Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (RO DBT), for evidence-based strategies on how to work with “over controlling” biology in the service of...


108. Is Your Self-Control Out of Control? with Hope Arnold (Part 1)

Are you good at doing things right, following the rules, and controlling your emotions? Maybe a little too good? Having some degree of self-control, emotional regulation, and willpower can be useful in a lot of ways! But having too much self-control has some downsides. Many people who have an Overcontrolled style of coping look like they have it all together on the outside, but in reality, they don't feel like they do, and their suffering often goes unnoticed. Focusing too much on doing...


107. Playing Big With Tara Mohr

Do you have something you want to create, a message you want to share, or a calling you keep ignoring? Tara Mohr has practical wisdom for you to unhook from praise and criticism, find your calling, and step into Playing Big. Psychologists Off The Clock started with Taking A Leap inspired by Tara Mohr’s work. Now Diana has the chance to talk with her directly about why it is so difficult for women to speak up, how motherhood re-organizes everything, and stepping out of ego into wholeness. So...


106. Therapy from "The Heart of ACT” with Dr. Robyn Walser

Dr. Robyn Walser is back on the podcast for an intimate and heartfelt conversation with Debbie about her new book The Heart of ACT: Developing a Flexible, Process-Based, and Client-Centered Practice Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. As a master therapist and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (or ACT) trainer, Robyn reflects on how the interpersonal relationship unfolding in the therapy room all too often takes a backseat to applying techniques or interventions when learning a new...


105. The Self-Care Prescription with Dr. Robyn Gobin

Self-care is a hot topic these days and many of us feel like we should be doing more of it. Yet, the last thing we we need is another “to do” on our list. In this episode, Dr. Robyn Gobin and Diana talk about why self-care is more than just pedicures and bubble baths. Dr. Gobin shares her personal experience with self-care and strategies you can put into practice today. So, practice some real self-care and take a listen! Listen and Learn: ‧ The 6 domains of self-care ‧ Why “listening in”...


104. You're Doing it Wrong with Professors Bethany Johnson and Margaret Quinlan

Join us for a journey through the fascinating history of motherhood, media, and medical expertise with professors Bethany Johnson and Margaret Quinlan. Gain insight into the causes and consequences diagnose pregnancy, medicalizing pregnancy and childbirth, and how technology and culture have long created a message that mothers are doing it wrong. Learn why we need to change that message and how we can. In this episode, we explore the following questions: · How have different forms of...


103. Healthy Habits with Dr. Dayna Lee-Baggley

If you care about your health, but aren’t the type of person who loves to jump out of bed, hit the gym, and reward your efforts with a kale smoothie, this is the podcast episode for you! We all know what healthy behaviors are, but most of us struggle with how to engage in them, especially when they feel hard and unenjoyable. Join Debbie for an engaging discussion with Dr. Dayna Lee-Baggley, author of Healthy Habits Suck: How to Get Off the Couch and Live a Healthy Life….Even if You Don’t...


102. A Liberated Mind with Dr. Steven Hayes

Steven Hayes, co-founder of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, is back on the show! This one is big. Dr. Hayes shares with Diana about his groundbreaking book, A Liberated Mind. This book has been 11 years in the making and is a comprehensive, accessible, hands-on exploration of ACT. It was a tall order to interview Hayes on such a masterpiece, and we hope we have done it justice. Let us know in a review! Listen and Learn: ‧ What Debbie and Diana love about this book ‧ Why avoiding...


101. The Complete Family Guide to Addiction with Thomas Harrison and Dr. Hilary Connery

Addiction Is Often Perceived As A Weakness, Lack Of Will Power, Or A Choice. It Isn’t. Addiction Is A Brain Disease. It Is Also A Family Disease That Requires A Holistic Family Approach To Treat. Join Yael For An Important Discussion With The Authors Of The Complete Family Guide To Addiction: Everything You Need To Know Now To Help Your Loved One And Yourself. This Discussion Explores The Nature Of Addiction And Evidence-Based Approaches To Responding To A Family Member Or Friend In Ways...


100. Celebrating 100 Episodes of Psychologists off the Clock with Debbie, Diana, and Yael!

We are proud and grateful that we’ve made it to our 100th episode! Take a listen as Debbie, Diana, and Yael share behind-the-scenes bloopers, episode clips, and how Psychologists Off The Clock has changed our lives. The podcast has been a labor of love for all of us. On the journey to our 100th episode, we co-hosts have learned a lot about the art of podcasting, and about new strategies and science within the field of psychology. We have welcomed renowned psychologists and writers, explored...


99. Make the Most of Your Time with Laura Vanderkam

Time is arguably our most valuable resource, and yet we often don’t manage, allocate, or savor it effectively. In this episode Debbie talks with Laura Vanderkam, author of several books on time management and productivity, about strategies to make time feel more abundant, memorable, and enjoyable. Listen and Learn: ‧ Tips for savoring and stretching out pleasure in the passage of time ‧ How to best optimize time by prioritizing your core competencies ‧ Why effortful fun trumps effortless...


98. Narcissism with Dr. Avigail Lev and Dr. Robyn Walser

Whether it’s your boss, your client, or a family member, interactions with a narcissist can be challenging. Narcissism can present as obvious grandiosity and self-importance but also shows up in more insidious and subtle ways. Covert forms of narcissism make interpersonal interactions confusing and difficult to understand, and can elicit self-doubt, guilt, and even a sense of “going crazy” in others. In this episode, Drs. Avigail Lev and Robyn Walser delve into a rich discussion on the...