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Simplifying pregnancy, parenting home & family travel life.

Simplifying pregnancy, parenting home & family travel life.


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Simplifying pregnancy, parenting home & family travel life.




Life Update -- Episode 068

In July 2020 I started losing my hair and I knew that stress was the cause. I took a real look at what I was doing and today on the podcast I'm sharing some life changes I have made. In this episode I share some secrets about my life including a job update. Plus, I am doing the Covid Vaccine! It's a big episode and I hope you'll listen! Other things that might interest you Producer: Drew Erickson


Stop Throwing Up – PCP 067

Stopping the stomach flu or food poisoning is a great skill to have as a mom -- so that nausea and vomiting doesn't continue well past a day. Here is the routine you follow to stop it quick! This episode was inspired by my very popular post on the stomach flu -- THOUSANDS of moms have been helped by that post! Big thanks to our sponsor Family Routines. This is just one more routine I get into to make things easier and our family knows what to expect if they get sick. In this...


Advocating for Yourself in Labor BONUS episode with Katelyn Fagan from What's Up Fagans

Today we have a BONUS episode with my friend Katelyn. We're talking about her doctor recommended a cesarean section and she refused it, and how all of that went. Today's guest is Katelyn Fagan. She is from What's Up Fagans. This is her third time on the Pulling Curls Podcast. You can listen to her in her post on the last part of pregnancy and helping kids to clean. This episode was inspired by my post on informed consent. Learning to advocate for yourself can be difficult for pregnant...


Waiting on Delivery Day with Katelyn Fagan from What's Up Fagans -- Episode 066

Today we are talking about those final weeks and days of pregnancy. I think a lot of women just picture the love of your new baby, but as you grow a baby (or babies in Katelyn's case) it can just be MISERABLE towards the end. Today's guest is my good friend Katelyn Fagan from What's Up Fagans. She is my go-to gal for all things cleaning and was on a previous episode on getting kids to do chores. When we recorded this episode, she was just days from the delivery of her twins (who ended up...


Making the Choice to use a Christian Healthshare — Episode 065

Using a Christian Healthshare is a choice we made a few years ago. Choosing to move to a Healthshare can be a great move and I explain why we did it, and what types of options you have. This post was inspired by my two posts on choosing a healthshare. Finding a Healthshare for Mormons shares why we initially chose one. I also have a post on my Review of Zion Healthshare. Big thanks to our sponsor Family Routines. If you're looking to get your family in a routine, it's a great option to...


What a Birth Plan can Do For You — Episode 064

Today we're going to talk about how a birth plan can prepare you for birth -- by helping you make basic decisions ahead of time, and think through birth. This episode was inspired by my free birth plan printable, as well as my post on birth plans, and my post on what your nurse thinks of your birth plan. Big thanks to our sponsor The Online Prenatal Class for Couples. If you're looking into all of your options, it is the best choice you can make to take away anxiety and replace it with...


Safe Cleaning Products for Families with Dr Samantha Radford, from Evidence-Based Mommy – Episode 063

Today we are talking about cleaning products during pregnancy, breastfeeding or with young kids. What's safe? Today's guest is Dr Samantha Radford from Evidence-Based Mommy. She is a former chemist with focus in public health. She has a whole course on safe chemical useage for families. I love it, because I'm just not sure we're thinking through our cleaning products enough! Big thanks for today's sponsor The Organized Home. Make cleaning easier by having an organized...


3 Truths to Newborn Life with Valerie Trumbower from New Parents Academy – PCP 062

Today we're talking about life with a newborn. Three things that will help you give yourself grace as you get used to life with a newborn. Today's guest is Valerie Trumbower -- the creator of New Parents Academy and a postpartum doula. She has a free expecting parents workshop -- and a SUPER helpful class on newborns called Expecting 101. She also has a free workshop and a class for adoptive parents (LOVE THAT). You can also get tons of tips if you follow her on Instagram. Big thanks to...


Preparing to Vote with Political Science Professor Jeremy Pope — PCP 061

Deciding how to vote might be easy in the BIG elections, but we need to figure out how to vote in the smaller elections as they are just important. HOW do we do it, and how can we make sure that our right to vote is protected? Today's guest is my brother, Jeremy Pope. He is a political science professor at Brigham Young University. He is not on any discernible social media. What we mention How to safely mail in your ballot How to research smaller elected officials Producer:...


Preventing Birth Trauma – PCP 060

Today we're talking about birth trauma. How to prevent it, and also work through it early on. This post is inspired by my post on preventing a poor birth experience. Big thanks to our sponsor The Online Prenatal Class for Couples. If you're looking to get prepared this class can work for you in just 2-3 hours (but also tons of other information if you want to stay longer on specific topics). Get prepared today! Preventing Birth Trauma In this episode we talk about: Taking a birth...


Decluttering Beauty Supplies with McKenzie Guymon from Girl Loves Glam -- PCP 059

HOW do you pick what to get rid of in your beauty supply? There are so many options and it can actually affect your health. Let's talk about why you'll end-up loving the end result! Today's guest is McKenzie Guymon from Girl Loves Glam -- she is a lisenced cosmetologist and a down to earth beauty blogger (check out her album cover series!!!). She has a course to better everyday hair called Hairapy and have learned a TON about quick beauty with her -- you can also find her on...


Picking Your Pregnancy Healthcare Provider — PCP 058

What should you consider when picking an OB or midwife for your pregnancy. What are all the factors that might be problematic as you head towards your delivery? Picking Your OB: This episode was inspired by: Picking a Provider Big thanks to our sponsor The Online Prenatal Class for Couples. This class starts in the third trimester and has ton of information to get you prepared for your delivery. Be sure to use the code mentioned in the episode! Items Mentioned about picking an OB: Find...


Dating When Going Out Isn't an Option — PCP 057

What to do to improve your relationships when you can't go out... what can you do when you're stuck at home, be it with a pandemic, a sick child, new babies and more! Big thanks to our sponsor Family Routines. I have a whole section on date night in there. ALL about how to get into a routine of date night, which is SO important for a couples! In this episode: Eight Dates by The Gottmans Loom Journals (apparently they were bought by Promptly) 5 Love Languages to show your spouse you...


Pain Management Options in Labor — PCP 056

Making the best choice for yourself for pain management in labor is something a lot of women consider before heading to the hospital. Today I'm going to lay out your four basic options and the pro's con's to consider of each. This episode is inspired by my page on pain management in labor. I know it's something a lot of women have questions on, and I have a lot of resources about pain mangement (but all the best stuff is in here). This episode is sponsored by The Online Prenatal Class...


Fall Check-In — PCP 055

It's fall. The kids are back to "school" I'm trying to figure out what my life looks like as we slowly move out of quarantine... Also, how I managing being an over-functioner. I wonder if you guys are on the same page as me? Mentioned in the episode: Brené Brown Podcast on over functioning. Diamond Painting Producer: Drew Erickson


Organizing Your Finances with Nicole Rule from Greatest Worth

Organizing your finances is a really important step towards gaining wealth and having a vision for what you want to use your money on. I'm excited to have a guest that can give us all some good ideas on what to do! Organizing Your Finances This week's guest is Nicole Rule from The Greastest Worth Website & Podcast. Her tagline is "make a life you love, start with your money." Money is just the start for a great life! You can also find her on Instagram. She is part of the Abundant Life...


Breastfeeding Problems with Katie Clark from The Breastfeeding Mama

Breastfeeding is amazing, but I want to be honest that there can be issues and how you troubleshoot them both before delivery and after. Today's guest is Katie Clark from The Breastfeeding Mama and Clarks Condensed (you can also find her as The Breastfeeding Mama on Tiktok and Instagram). She has both paid "On Demand" Breastfeeding classes, and if you're wanting to check her out first -- be sure to grab her free course! This episode is inspired by my post on breastfeeding not working...


Sending Kids to College with Drew Erickson Mr Pulling Curls - PCP 052

Figuring out how to send kids to college is tough for both parents and kids. What will it feel like when they live in their own place and you live without them? Today's guest is my husband and podcast producer, Drew Erickson. This post was inspired a bit by my College Dorm checklist. Big thanks to our sponsor, Family Routines. Being in a routine helps your kids get into routines so they can succeed as adults. Also, be sure to check out practical parenting In this episode we...


Pulling Curls Podcast Season Two Introduction -- PCP 051

Today’s an into to why I am who I am touching on why I became a mom, a nurse, how I got organized, and become a blogger/podcaster. In this episode I am talking all about how I got to where we are here at season 2. Can’t wait to see you through the rest of the episode! Other links that might interest you: MoreAbout Me!MySeason 1 Intro Episode Nursing school(the school that shall not be named)Mycleaning scheduleBlogging for Income Producer: Drew Erickson


Working at Home with Jamie Lieberman from Hashtag Legal — PCP 050

Working from home brings a whole lot of positives and negatives. Today we are going to untangle how we navigate it both during quarantine and otherwise! Today's guest is Jamie Lieberman from Hashtag Legal. She runs her own that provides legal services for businesses ranging from multi-million dollar corporations to small startups. You can find them on Instagram @hashtag_legal and on YouTube. I will have to say that Jamie really boils down the nitty gritty law stuff (especially as a...