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Simplifying pregnancy, parenting home & family travel life.

Simplifying pregnancy, parenting home & family travel life.
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Simplifying pregnancy, parenting home & family travel life.




Medications Families Should Have On Hand -- PCP Episode 007

What types of medicine should families have in their medicine cabinet? So often friends call needing advice, and don't often have these super seven that everyone should stock to be prepared for small emergencies. Hilary has been a nurse since 1997 and has worked in several medical fields including, pediatrics, geriatrics, hospice and now labor and delivery (which she currently calls home). Please take the advice of your provider before the advice of information in this article). This post...


Bully-Proofing your kids with Niecy Westmoreland from Nerding.org — PCP Episode 006

Ever wondered how to raise resilient kids who are able to let teasing and mean comments "roll right off" them? Ever wish you sort of had that skill as an adult too (me too!)? Today, I'm having Niecy Westmoreland from Nerding.org on. She was actually my son's 3rd-grade teacher, she runs AMAZING after school and summer stem camps for kids (in the Phoenix area), you can also find Nerding on Instagram. Sidenote: If you're interested in starting or running similar camps, Neicy is going to be...


Things to Do Before Having a Baby with Katie Clark from Clarks Condensed — PCP Episode 005

Today we're untangling the MESS of things you need to do before you have the baby! We'll talk about important things to have, and do. As well as how to prepare your MIND for delivery! Excited to bring one of my best friends onto the podcast -- Katie Clark from Clarks Condensed! You can also find Katie on her pregnancy Instagram @BumpsandBaby. Katie and I also run a Facebook pregnancy group called Pregnancy Circle. Big thanks to our sponsor -- The Online Prenatal Class for Couples -- it will...


Kitchen Organization -- PCP Episode 004

Let's untangle kitchen organization today! I'm going to share the BEST way to set-up your kitchen, to give you a framework of putting stuff away. We're going to talk the mental game of organizing stuff in your brain before you start the actual process! This post was taken from a very popular post of mine, Kitchen Organization that has more info on how I created my zones. https://www.pullingcurls.com/organize-your-kitchen/ Big thanks to this show's sponsor, The Organized Home -- a GREAT way...


Children Spacing with Bonnie Wiscombe from Outnumbered -- PCP Episode 003

Let's talk the pro's & con's about having kids close & far apart. Today, my special guest is Bonnie Wiscombe -- a friend of mine, who I think is basically amazing. You can find Bonnie: Podcast: Outnumbered the PodcastBlog: Bonnie & Blithe Clothing boutique: http://novalie.CO (did I mention she also has 9 kids). Bonnie and I clearly have VERY different lives, so I thought it would be fun to have her on and compare close/far apart kids. :) You can find the post that inspired this podcast here:...


Best Tip for Family Travel - PCP Episode 002

Let's talk about my BEST tip for family travel. Is it what to pack, or what kind of transportation? I'll also share what goes on in my own head as I try to implement this rule. It's harder than it sounds Please visit this episode's sponsor - Family Routines -- let's automate your housewife life! Mentioned in this episode: The Dad with the Umbrella Stroller Disneyland Family Packages (includes my hotel reviews) Family Travel Tips Also if you're headed to Disneyland, don't miss my Disneyland...


Your Hospital Bag - PCP Episode 001

Let's talk about what to put in your hospital bag. Let this nurse of almost 20 years tell you if a three-piece-luggage is appropriate for your labor suite? I'm gonna share the three things your partner NEEDS to know where they are. AND, the good news is that these three things work no matter what you're coming to the hospital for. I'm also going to tell you the #1 thing to pack before you have a baby (hint: It's not a luggage set). This post was inspired by my original post on your hospital...


Podcast Introduction -- PCP000

Let's talk about why I'm starting this podcast, and what you can expect from this podcast in the future. Also, why the name Pulling Curls? Mentioned in this episode: About Hilary | Why "Pulling Curls" Show Producer: Drew Erickson | Photo Credit: Photography Hill