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Fall 2018: Session 41 (Realizing You ARE Exceptional with Andrew Martinez)

Kickin’ it in #TheFirstGenLounge with New York native, Andrew Martinez, who is a Ph.D. student at the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education, research associate at the Penn Center for Minority Serving Institutions, and formerly the Assistant Dean of Students at Cornell University. An empowering conversation where we talk about things that include being raised in a low-ses household, making meaning of new experiences, falling in love with higher education and research,...


Fall 2018: Session 40 (Poverty to Prosperity with Chris Wallace)

Kickin’ it in #thefirstgenlounge with Chris Wallace, a Fayetteville, North Carolina native, inspirational speaker, and lifelong public servant. A graduate of North Carolina A&T State University and The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and holding a certificate from Duke University, Chris has served a role in Communications with the NFL's Carolina Panthers and been a part of a myriad of service organizations, including the YMCA, the Black Child Development Institute, the National...


Fall 2018: Session 39 (Unsilencing and Undaunting with Dr. Eve Hudson)

I'm kickin' it in #thefirstgenlounge solo dolo today. I thought I'd take the time to be transparent with you all about a snag I had recently--lacking confidence, silencing myself, and having to remind myself that I am enough. Connect with Dr. Eve- www.instagram.com/evehudsonphd www.facebook.com/evehudsonphd Don’t Forget to Join the Family via The First-Gen Connect: http://eepurl.com/dKovpM Track by The Boy: https://youtu.be/_CWl6ybtHyE


Fall 2018: Session 38 (Giving Yourself Credit with Donald A. Coleman, Jr.)

Kickin' it in #thefirstgenlounge with Donald A. Coleman, Jr. who is a native of Georgia, Higher Education Professional at Kennesaw State University, and graduate of both Georgia State University and Loyola University-Chicago. He's one that you can find leading with laughter and #BankheadBouncingAllOverTheWorld. An empowering about being intentional about your choices, expanding your horizons through travel, and living your best life by being present. Connect with Donald-...


Fall 2018: Session 37 (A Season of Hope with Kenisha Alexander)

Kickin' it in #thefirstgenlounge with Kenisha N. Brown-Alexander who is a native Louisville, Kentucky, graduate of the University of Louisville and Nova Southeastern University, Founder of the nonprofit Season of Hope, and Sports Consultant. An encouraging conversation about healing in times of great loss, passion versus purpose, and recognizing your strength. Connect with Kenisha- https://www.seasonofhopeinc.org https://www.instagram.com/kenishanichelle/ Connect with Me (Dr. Eve):...


Fall 2018: Session 36 (Leveling Up Your Life with Annetta Thomas-Paige)

Kickin' it in #thefirstgenlounge with Annetta Thomas-Paige who is a native of Baltimore, Maryland, Mental Health Therapist, Nationally Certified Counselor, and Licensed Certified Counselor. An encouraging conversation about helping others grow, taking care of yourself, and living authentically.


Fall 2018: Session 35 (No Growth in the Comfort Zone with Zach Jacobs)

Kickin' it in #thefirstgenlounge with Zach Jacobs who is a native of Stauton, VA and a graduating senior at Virginia Tech studying Agribusiness Management with a minor in National Security and Foreign Affairs. An energizing conversation about having a strong work ethic, staying grounded with faith and family, and being patient in transition.


Fall 2018: Session 34 (Building Your Own Table with Shawntel Okonkwo)

Kickin' in #thefirstgenlounge with Shawntel Okonkwo who is a PhD Candidate in Molecular Biology and Gene Regulation at UCLA. She is also the Founder and creative director of wokeSTEM, a creative and afro-futuristic organization that intersects social justice and STEM, while uniquely centering people of color. An empowering conversation about taking adversity head on, fearlessly pursuing goals, being WOKE, and creating your own opportunities. Connect with Shawntel:...


Fall 2018: Session 33 (Putting Yourself Out There with Gino Cordone)

Kickin' it in #thefirstgenlounge with Gino Cordone who is Mechanical Engineer, Musician, and Entrepreneur from Connecticut. An honest conversation about making strategic decisions, taking chances on yourself, learning from failure, and being grateful. Connect with Gino- https://www.instagram.com/ginocordone/ https://www.instagram.com/pleasantpodcasts/ https://pleasantpodcasts.com Connect with Me (Dr. Eve): www.facebook.com/evehudsonphd www.instagram.com/evehudsonphd...


Fall 2018: Session 32 (Setting Your Own Tone with Nia Newsome)

Kickin' it in #thefirstgenlounge with Nia Newsome who is Pan-Afrikan, Author, Poet, Blogger, and Childcare Provider. A motivating conversation about stepping up and being a leader, challenging yourself, and setting the tone for your life. Connect with Nia- www.Instagram.com/afatherslove Connect with Dr. Eve- www.Instagram.com/EveHudsonPhD www.LinkedIn.com/In/EveHudsonPhD www.evehudsonphd.com


Fall 2018: Session 31 (Embracing and Empowering Yourself with Ivy Felicia)

Kickin' it in #thefirstgenlounge with Ivy Felicia who is a motivational speaker, a body image expert, a certified holistic wellness coach with over 5 years of acclaimed service. An empowering conversation about facing barriers as a first-gen, making meaning of one's experiences, fat acceptance and body diversity. Connect with Ivy- MeMyBodyAndLove.com Instagram.com/IAmIvyFelicia Twitter.com/IAmIvyFelicia Connect with Dr. Eve- www.Instagram.com/EveHudsonPhD www.LinkedIn.com/In/EveHudsonPhD...


Summer 2018: Session 30 (Going for What You Want with Brandy Varnado)

Session 30: #UpliftingFirstGens on #ThePUPodcast with #California native Brandy Varnado who is a author, teacher, and entrepreneur. An insightful conversation about self-care, finding support in your network, navigating the workforce and entrepreneurship. Connect with Dr. Eve- www.Instagram.com/EveHudsonPhD www.LinkedIn.com/In/EveHudsonPhD www.evehudsonphd.com


Summer 2018: Session 29 (Plus Size Magic with Ellise Smith)

Session 29: #UpliftingFirstGens on #ThePUPodcast with Detroit native Ellise Smith who is a current #PhD Scholar and Creator of Fatness Fiction. A fun and real conversation about pushing through the struggle, education as elevation, and being fat. Connect with Ellise- www.fatnessfiction.com www.trapscholar.com Connect with Dr. Eve- www.Instagram.com/EveHudsonPhD www.LinkedIn.com/In/EveHudsonPhD www.evehudsonphd.com Track Produced by The Boy: https://www.beatstars.com/theboy


Summer 2018: Session 28 (Bringing Light to Darkness with T-Kea Blackman)

Session 28: #UpliftingFirstGens on #ThePUPodcast with T-Kea Blackman who is mental health advocate, speaker, writer, and podcast host. A raw conversation about lifelong challenges with mental health, attempting suicide, and the necessity of seeking support. Notice: In the event that this episode creates emotional distress, discontinue listening immediately. If this show should trigger a need for mental health support, contact your mental health professional as soon as possible. If you do not...


Summer 2018: Session 27 (Make No Excuses with Ravenne Aponte)

Session 27: #UpliftingFirstGens on #ThePUPodcast with #Miami native Ravenne Aponte who is a Registered Nurse currently working in a Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Unit. A joyful conversation about strategizing to achieve your goals, being resourceful, and seeing the world. Connect with Ravenne- www.instagram.com/r.noiree Connect with Dr. Eve- www.Instagram.com/EveHudsonPhD www.LinkedIn.com/In/EveHudsonPhD www.evehudsonphd.com


Summer 2018: Session 26 (You Betta Recognize with Tyrone King, Jr.)

Session 26: #UpliftingliftFirstGens on #ThePUPodcast with Atlanta native Tyrone King, Jr. who is a multi-talented entrepreneur. An inspiring conversation about realizing your full potential, pushing yourself, and navigating entrepreneurship. Connect with Tyrone- tyronekingjr.com instagram.com/tyronekingjr twitter.com/tyronekingjr facebook.com/tyronekingjr Grab your copy of Dr. Eve’s book 1865 at www.evehudsonphd.com/1865 use the code PODCAST for 10 percent off.


Summer 2018: Session 25 (Purpose in Everything with Aleidra R. Allen)

Session 25: #UpliftingliftFirstGens on #ThePUPodcast with Aleidra R. Allen who is a social change advocate and entrepreneur. An encouraging conversation about going against the grain, taking the leap, and changing the world around you. Connect with Aleidra: www.piemovement.com https://www.instagram.com/piemovement/ https://www.facebook.com/PIEMovement https://twitter.com/piemovement https://www.instagram.com/klassy_lei/ https://www.facebook.com/people/Aleidra-Allen/1199610050...


Summer 2018: Session 24 (Getting to Financial and Professional Freedom with Ja'Net Adams)

Session 24: #UpliftingliftFirstGens on #ThePUPodcast with Ja'Net Adams who is an international speaker, author, and CEO of EMACK Consulting. An enlightening conversation about beginning with the end in mind, committing to one's success, and being financially free. Connect with Ja'Net- https://www.facebook.com/DreamGirlSpeaker/ https://www.instagram.com/janetadamsspeak/ https://twitter.com/JaNetAdamsSpeak https://www.youtube.com/user/JaNetAdamsSpeaker www.DebtSucksUniversity.com Connect with...


Summer 2018: Session 23 (I Am Authentically Me with Marquis Taylor)

Session 23: #UpliftingliftFirstGens on #ThePUPodcast with Marquis Taylor, Academic Advisor and Program Coordinator in the College of Science and Engineering at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, and Creator of the blog "I Am Authentically Me." An empowering conversation about developing identity, affirming oneself, and committing to being your most authentic self. Connect with Dr. Eve- www.Instagram.com/EveHudsonPhD www.LinkedIn.com/In/EveHudsonPhD www.evehudsonphd.com


Summer 2018: Session 22 (Love is H.O.M.E. with Dr. Tamara Glover)

Session 22: #UpliftingliftFirstGens on #ThePUPodcast withy Dr. Tamara Glover who is an Assistant Professor of Social Work at Arkansas State University and Mrs. Arkansas United States 2018. An inspiring conversation about stepping into your light, giving back by serving others, and trusting God's will for your life. Connect with Dr. Glover- https://www.instagram.com/dr_tamaraglover/ Connect with Dr. Eve- www.Instagram.com/EveHudsonPhD www.LinkedIn.com/In/EveHudsonPhD www.evehudsonphd.com