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Episode 27 - Five Ways to Optimize Your Finances in the Middle of the Year

Have you checked up on your personal finances lately? In this episode of the Retire Right Podcast, Larry Heller provides an in-depth look at the five financial areas to check at the mid-year mark. From making adjustments after a salary increase, to making the most of the new tax law, Larry covers everything you need to know to ensure your finances are working for you. Listen now as Larry gives you complete financial advice to help you stay on track for 2018 and beyond. Heller Wealth...


Episode 26 - Why Baby Boomers Need to Consider Life Care Management —with Guest, Dan Goldberg

In this episode, Larry Heller speaks with Dan Goldberg to discuss what life care managers are and why you should consider hiring one. Dan Goldberg is the president and managing director of IKOR of the North Shore Long Island, a life care management company for seniors and individuals with disabilities. With our aging population, it’s more important than ever to consider how you will get the best care for our loved ones when they have special needs or medical issues. Tune in as Larry and...


Charity Spotlight: Chillin’ With Adam: The Adam Gaynes Foundation

In this episode, Larry meets with David Gaynes, co-president of Chillin’ With Adam: The Adam Gaynes Foundation. David and his wife created this non-profit organization in honor of their 11-year-old son, Adam, who passed away after his lifelong battle with a brain tumor. Inspired by Adam’s courage and spirit, Chillin’ With Adam funds projects and programs at hospitals and schools to help make life easier for children and their families who are impacted by brain tumors, cancer, or blood...


Episode 24 - An Introduction to Friendship Force International—With Guest, Ivan Ziegler

In this episode, you’ll meet one of Larry’s clients, Ivan Ziegler, the Long Island Chapter President of Friendship Force International. Friendship Force International is a non-profit cultural organization that focuses on promoting understanding, cultural education, and citizen diplomacy through homestay journeys and personal friendships. By bringing together people from different cultures and backgrounds, the organization hopes to create mutual respect and even lifelong friendships. Tune...


Episode 23 - What Will You Do with Your Home During Retirement?

Today, Larry Heller and Matt Halloran discuss housing and financial strategies for retirees. Since your house is a significant asset, it’s important to consider what you’d like to do with your home once you retire. Will you stay in your home for a period of time or move right away? Will you convert your home equity line to a traditional mortgage? Which financing options are suitable for retirees who will carry a mortgage? These are only a few of the questions that Larry answers in this...


Episode 22 - The Dangers of Investing in Only One Stock

Are you investing solely in one stock? In today’s podcast, Matt Halloran and Larry Heller discuss why some people invest in only one stock and why that singular approach to investing is risky. Listen in as Larry highlights examples of historically successful companies whose stocks have taken a nosedive. If you’ve ever heard that it’s beneficial to diversify your portfolio, but you’re unsure of why and how to do it, this episode is for you. Tune in as Larry walks you through strategies...


Episode 21 - Divorce: What happens to Your Retirement Accounts?

On today’s podcast, Larry Heller brings on a guest to discuss the financial considerations that go along with divorcing later on in life. Who better to discuss this topic with than Gayle Rosenblum, an award-winning matrimonial and family law attorney of Rubin and Rosenblum, PLLC. In this episode, Gayle and Larry explore the special challenges that older adults face when they’re going through a divorce. Gayle explains how retirement accounts and assets, like a shared business, can be...


Episode 20 - Strategies To Minimize Income Taxes On Investments

Do you want to put more money in your pocket after taxes? When planning for retirement it is not only wise to include an investment strategy, it is also good to implement strategies to minimize income taxes on that investment strategy. It is time to take a look at what your taxes are and how they affect your investments. Learn more in this episode as I take you through some strategies on how to minimize taxes on your investments.


Episode 18 - Estate Planning Fundamentals and Estate Planning After the Recent Tax Law Changes

Do you know the fundamental pieces to estate planning? It is critical for everyone to understand what documents are needed, the importance of the documents, techniques needed for estate planning, and how estate planning has been impacted by the recent tax law changes. Learn more in this episode as I interview a very special guest, Michael Nolan, a Trust and Estate Planning Attorney with offices in Melville and New York City.


Episode 13 - Does Your Advisor Do This? Strategies to Optimize After a Tax Return

While it’s valuable to build wealth, it’s also equally important to keep your money. Taxes are one of the key things that we should account for in doing so. The more you can save on taxes, the more money you can potentially earn. It’s important for your financial advisor to look at all strategies available to help optimize tax and ensure you’re keeping most of your money intact. Learn more about tax optimization in this podcast:


Episode 11 – The Social Security Conundrum – Part 3 of 4 Innovative Ways to Coordinate Benefits with Your Spouse

Maybe you’re planning to apply for Social Security today, a year from now, or 10 years from now. Will you and your spouse know how to maximize its potential benefits? There’s a lot to know, but Larry spells it all out in his latest podcast. Listen in as Larry explains innovative ways that you can coordinate Social Security benefits with your spouse:


Episode 9 - The Social Security Conundrum – Part I

In this podcast, Larry shares insight on the Social Security benefits to help clear up the misunderstandings people commonly have. This four-part series will help you understand the ins and outs of Social Security, including eligibility, when to collect, and what to collect. Learn more about Social Security in this podcast with Larry Heller, as he discusses the first part of the four-part series:


Episode 8 - How Much Can I Spend In Retirement? – 4 Questions

In this podcast, Larry Heller shares the biggest question people ask when nearing retirement: “How much money can I spend?” Most people don’t even know the amount they spend currently, and in order to determine what they can spend in retirement, they need to know their current expenses. Here are 4 questions that need to be answered to determine what you can spend in retirement:


Episode 7 - The 7 Biggest Concerns Clients Have When Preparing for Retirement

Larry shares more about the concerns clients have when preparing for retirement. Over the years, financial professionals have met with hundreds of clients, and for the most part, they have similar concerns. In fact, there are seven concerns that stand out from the rest, as they are the main points people looking to retire are most worried about. Learn more about the seven biggest concerns clients have when preparing for retirement in this podcast:


Episode 6 - Fourth Pillar of the Complete Financial House – Progress

Larry shares more on the Fourth Pillar of the Complete Financial House – Progress. A financial planner will help you set a strategy and game plan towards your goal, although sometimes it’s hard to stay on track with plans we’ve put in place. Having a planner who is fully dedicated to the plan is recommended. We also want to keep looking at the plan regularly and have short-term goals we can meet outside of the long-term plan. This way, we can see our progress and be sure that we are going...


Episode 5 - 4 Pillars of Your Complete Financial House – Pillar 3: Tactics

When it comes to retirement, you must put several strategies in place that are quite different compared to when you were working. Here we have planning tactics that can be a benefit to everyone preparing to build a complete financial house. All of these tactics are intertwined. One of the best things you can do to implement these strategies is to work with an expert such as a wealth advisor to really specialize and focus on this. Some experts focus on only one of these tactics, but it’s...


Episode 4 - 4 Pillars of Your Complete Financial House - Strategy

Larry Heller of Heller Wealth Management introduces the Second Pillar - Strategy of your Complete Financial House. This pillar involves creating a plan and different strategies to accomplish your financial goals! Learn more about the second pillar, “Strategy,” in this podcast:


Episode 3 - 4 Pillars of Your Complete Financial House - Mindset

“Mindset” is the first of the Four Pillars of Your Complete Financial House. It is a very important pillar, as it is the foundation of your complete financial house. Mindset can be broken down into three categories: Vision, Purpose, and Discipline. Without identifying your vision & purpose, and practicing discipline, it is difficult to truly understand how financial goals will be met. Learn more about pillar #1, Mindset, in this podcast:


Episode 2 - 4 Pillars of Your Complete Financial House

The concept of retirement has changed a lot in recent years. Traditionally, it was about retiring at age 65, buying a few things, then enjoying the remaining years of your life. Now people have a chance to live 30 to 35 years into retirement. People can choose early retirement, pursue a different career, start working part time, and so much more. In this episode, Larry provides an overview of the Four Pillars of Your Complete Financial House, to help you get stated on planning your...


Episode 1 - Get to Know Larry Heller, Heller Wealth Mgmt

Larry Heller initially wanted to be an accountant in college. He obtained his CPA and started working for a “big 8” accounting firm. After three and a half years, he realized he wanted to do something else. Accounting was more or less helping people after the fact, so he decided he wanted to do something in the planning phase instead. When he was in college, his father passed away and he was left with his mother who was a homemaker. He also had a younger sister. Concerns about their future...