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An Episode Eleven Years in the Making (Avengers: Endgame) : RORF #2

Darryl and Phil review Avengers: Endgame, the Marvel movie eleven years in the making. We discuss all the highly anticipated plot points in this surprisingly this love letter to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After a quick spoiler-free discussion, we talk about the main cast and how their stories resolve. We then look into the future of the MCU, given what we know, about upcoming movies and Disney+. How much satisfaction and joy could two people get coming from watching the movie? Listen...


The Marvelous Captain (Captain Marvel + 2018 Movie Catch-up) - RORF #1

New Show. New Schedule. New naming scheme. Welcome to the first episode of Season 5 of Running on Rooftops! We are catching up to all* the Marvel and DC movies we missed since we last recorded, as well as review the newest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain Marvel. New Schedule Similar to our plans for last season, we are aiming for 2 episodes a month. The goal is to release one movie-related episode a month. When we started Running on Rooftops in 2015, the landscape of...


Infinite Podcast (Avengers: Infinity War) - UROR #13

Phil sprints through the biggest movie in the world, Avengers: Infinity War. He shares all his initial reactions in part one of our coverage of the movie. He also asks the question we are all wondering, What is up with Thanos and bubbles? Phil also predicts what will happen in the next two Marvel movies, Ant-Man & the Wasp, and Captain Marvel, as well as predicting what will happen in the next Avengers movie. Let us know what you all think of the movie. Ratings Avengers: Infinity...


80 Years of Superman Action - UROR #12 (Action Comics #1000)

Darryl and Phil discuss the monumental 1000th issue of Action Comics. We discuss the issue 80 years in the making by going over our favorite stories and covers in this momentous anthology issue. We also talk about the differences between the digital and print issues as well the future of Superman under famed Marvel creator Brian Michael Bendis. References Variant CoversBrian Michael Bendis Joins DC Comics Subscribe on Android Subscribe on iTunes


Private Questions (Spoiler Free Jessica Jones Season 2 Review)- UROR #11

Jessica Jones is back! Darryl gives his spoiler-free thoughts on Jessica Jones Season 2. This season has a fairly slow beginning. Jessica is dealing with the aftermath of killing Killgrave, and it's known by the public that she's the one that's responsible for it. This is largely thanks to Trish, who is using her talk show to highlight powered heroes and starting to investigate the people who gave Jessica powers. Also investigating is Malcolm, who is now sober, and is working closely with...


Wakanda Forever! - UROR #10 (Black Panther)

We are joined by Maxine and Mark Moore for a rousing discussion on Black Panther. We give our spoiler-free impressions of the latest Marvel Studios film, which continues their streak of great superhero movies. We then have a long conversation about the characters, the influence of the movie on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the cultural impact this movie will have. Where does Samuel L. Jackson fit in this movie? Is the last Infinity Stone is tied into the Vibranium mound? How many...


Agents of Space - UROR #9 (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 5)

We review the first half of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 5. The Agents are in Space, and they have a whole nother group of issues they have to fix. We review our overall impressions of this half of the season, discuss time travel, theorize how this season ties into Avengers: Infinity War, and speculate on the show's future. While they are dealing with a futuristic dystopia, it's still the quality show we've learned to love over 4 seasons. Ratings Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season...


Floats like a Pilot, Stings like a Finale - UROR #8 (Black Lightning)

Black Lightning Phil and Darryl are back together, and charged up for the newest show from the CW! We review Black Lightning, a comic book superhero from DC Comics that doesn't take place in the Arrow universe. Unexpectedly, this show really benefits from this. How could this be? Listen and find out! The next podcast episode will be the week of Feb. 5. Enjoy the next 2 weeks! Ratings Black Lightning - S1.E1 The Resurrection References IMBDGeek History Lesson on Black Lightning ...


Know Your Family - UROR #7 (Marvel's Runaways Season 1)

Welcome to 2018! Phil is back on track and ready for action with a review of Runaways Season 1. He then goes to his best movies, TV shows, and comics of 2017. There were some microphone issues this week, but we should be back to normal when we review the new theCW superhero show: Black Lightning! Ratings Marvel's Runaways Season 1 References *Snikt!* One Last Time (Logan) TAROR #22 What A Wondrous Podcast! (Wonder Woman) TAROR #33Well.. Some of it was Real (Legion Season 1) TAROR #27So...


Families are Important - UROR #6 (Marvel's Runaways)

Merry Christmas! In honor of the holiday where friends and family come together, Darryl reviews Marvel's Runaways, Hulu's new teen drama in which a group of teens finds out their parents are horrible supervillains. He covers his overall thoughts on the show, and the interesting adaptation choices Marvel chose to add. This show focuses on a group of former childhood friends that drifted apart after one of their group died, Alex, one of the teens, tries to get the group back together when...


ROR #100 (Smallville Retrospective)

Running on Rooftops Episode 100! We are going to take a look at the Tv show that influenced most of the shows that cover, as well as the show that is referenced almost every podcast episode: Smallville. 0:07:15 - Bad 0:18:11 - Good 00:26:33 - Take-Aways 00:32:12 - Thanks to everyone for 100 episodes! Thanks to everyone that is subscribed to the show! Even if this your first episode, I hope you say for another 100. Also Thanks to everyone who has been on the show in the last 99...


Podcast On The Run (The Gifted, theCW) - UROR #4

Phil delivers a stripped down version of the podcast this week, as he ranks the last two weeks of DC shows on theCW. Then he gives his impression on the first few episodes of The Gifted. Sorry for all the technical difficulties, but stay subscribed for our 100th episode next week. Question of the Week Legends Subscribe on Android Subscribe on iTunes


theCW Returns! (Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash, Supergirl) - UROR #3

The Fall 2017 season kicked off on theCW last week and Darryl is here to give his opinion on who came back the best. Darryl ranks the 4 returning shows (not counting Riverdale) Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash, Supergirl. Ratings References Subscribe on Android Subscribe on iTunes


Gifted at Sprinting (The Gifted) UROR #2

Darryl is running solo this episode as he reviews the new Marvel TV Show "The Gifted" The Strucker Family What surprised me the most I'm not hating the kids. Lauren is a good elder sibling, Andy was not the worst. It's also nice that the family isn't completely dysfunctional. The parents were a little less interesting. The mom is a bit stereotypical, but the Dad's dynamic as a former part of the mutant-hunting division, now trying to save his mutant kids has potential. Mutant...


The UNCANNY Season (Marvel's Inhumans, Gotham) - UROR #1

Welcome to Season 4! Welcome to Season 4 of Running on Rooftops. If this is your first episode, Darryl and Phil are two guys that enjoy comic books and the media they are adapted to. We will be here every week to rate and review comic book tv shows and movies. There's a lot of new events ahead that we will cover this year, like Gifted, the Justice League movie and the CW four-way crossover "Crisis on Earth X". We are a spoiler-filled podcast, meaning we like to discuss the source...


Two Years in the Making (The Defenders First Look) - TAROR #38

Darryl and guest host Joe take a first look take our first look at Netflix mini series: The Defenders. This is the series we've been waiting for since this podcast started, and it does not disappoint. We give our spoiler free impressions on the first three episodes of The Defenders, then we discuss the four main characters and villains in Spoiler Space. How satisfying were the fights? Which characters worked surprisingly well together? Listen and find out! This episode was recorded the...


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Da-da-Da Here Comes The (Spider-Man: Homecoming) - TAROR #37

Spider-Man: Homecoming Darryl and Phil review Spider-Man: Homecoming, the joint release from Marvel and Sony. We reflect on the past few iterations of Spider-Man movies, talk about a basketful of Easter eggs, and gush about Tom Holland and Micheal Keaton. Spider-Man is finally in the Marvel Cinematic Universe everyone. Let's Celebrate! This episode is also our final episode in our Totally Awesome season. Thanks for sticking with us for another season. There may be a few episodes here or...


Raise Your Hand if you are a Zombie! (iZombie Finale) - TAROR #36

Phil Sprints through the season 3 finale of iZombie. Was it bigger? Badder? Zombier? Listen to find out. Time Codes Ratings Finale Season 3 References


Shades of Smallville (Gotham Season 3) - TAROR #35

Gotham Season 3 Review Let's get started by talking about the season three finale of Gotham, Heavy Dirty Soul. Not sure if it's a reference to something but things got pretty heavy, things got pretty dirty and weren't terribly soulful. This finale was pretty effective in wrapping up all the various plots from this past season. We had all of Al Tetch's blood coming into fruition in the whole virus plot. All of Nygma's as well as the Penguin's various plots came to an end. Finally, we have...