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By: Gerald Roberts






Single + Thriving w/ Leah Schuster

Discussing how to absolutely THRIVE during your SINGLE SEASON!


The New JCP: All Elite

The New JCP: All Elite by Chidi Tuke & Chris Mclean


EPISODE 10: In Our Bag: Unlearning Hustle And Grind Culture

Dinner with JAY Z or $100,000? Jk, don’t answer that.Join us for this week's episode where we remind y'all that it's OKAY to not ~always~ be in your bag. No, you don’t have to flip your stimulus check into an LLC, AND the truth is Jay Z probably don’t...


Goodbye, Jennie from the Block

Death is inevitable for us all, and learning that a friend of his from yesteryear passed away has Matty thinking about her and about the connections we make as humans. Time moves no matter what we do, but we can all make a better effort to seize the time we have to make our lives and connections deeper.


EP - 40 -The truth about Diabulimia

There is a stigma surrounding Eating Disorders and many common misconceptions. This week, I wanted to shine a light on Diabulimia. We're going to discuss what Diabulimia is, the warning signs and symptoms of Diabulimia, and the health consequences. “The single best way to fight stigma is with truths." -Dr. Bulik If you or a loved one suffer from an Eating Disorder, please know that you are not alone and reach out. Please check the show notes for a list of websites and resources.


He's Just Not That Into You

Find Your Tribe!!! Join Mericha with guest Andrew Bain for Girl Talk...Conversing about marriage, singleness, relationships, family, children, careers, and spirituality. This podcast broadcasts live from Glory 93.9FM Studios in Nassau, The Bahamas.



On this episode of “FanGirl Talk” Alexandra (@a_bruce_11) a fellow Fantom and I discussed episode 1X03 of Julie and the Phantoms! Check out our Instagrams @a_bruce_11 and @FanGirlTalkPodcast or my twitter @FanGirlPod. Talk to you lovelies soon! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.


EP20: BARBIE & KEN... B.S.

Do you remember playing with your Barbie and Ken dolls? You would play for hours....they had perfect, clothes, smile, home, car, etc.....but then you quickly realized life is not perfect. Have women been trained to be seen and not heard while men galavant through life doing and saying what they want and being praised for it? Are we living in a “double standard” box? Join us as we talk about the imperfect perfections of the “double standard” within our culture


Episode 53: Setting Up Healthy Habits

On this week of Raising Serotonin, we are talking habits and goals. I am in the process of reading Atomic Habits and it truly has opened my eyes to what my daily routine and habits could be doing to me mentally since I am pretty stuck in my ways now. I...


144: Nevada-Colorado State preview, Rough weekend for Pack, Boise’s choke job

Nevada baseball had a rough weekend (5:22). Nevada basketball also had a rough weekend (12:53). Pack hoops wraps up the regular season Friday vs Colorado State — three things to know, biggest concerns, and predictions (23:15). For slants, the Shoup brothers disagree on a fun Pack hoops hypothetical (38:37), debate if Fresno just did Nevada a favor by beating Boise (44:35), and ponder whether we should lower NCAA Tournament expectations (51:23).


Haley Joelle | Writing Original Music, Tik Tok, & "Emergency Contact"

Singer-songwriter Haley Joelle joins me on the podcast today to talk about her upcoming single "Emergency Contact" and all about her writing process. Many may recognize Haley from the incredible songs she posts on Tik Tok, like "Molly", "Outsiders", and so many more. Haley told me she has written over 600 songs to date--which is wild! She shares her writing process, what inspires her to write her music, and what's to come in the future! "Emergency Contact" comes out March 4th and is...


Faction Warfare Part 2

Justin Santos from the Get Cho podcast concludes our 2 part epic confrontation as we test our knowledge or lack there of in Sreten’s Faction Warfare game! Leave us a voicemail at 1-872-267-4199


The Price of Education

Education isn't free, but the cost of higher education in the United States is starting to cripple the economy. While Matty's loans have come and gone, he talks about the current status of student loan debt, and ways that perhaps we can help kids making the decisions about their futures.


10 | The Toxicity of Media

Welcome back, agents! Today's episode meant to focus on toxic characters, but it evolved into a much larger conversation surrounding how the media can influence our subconscious minds (AKA: the social learning theory). Since this mission is important, please sit back, relax, and enjoy our dissections. This includes media like Twilight, Fifty Shades of Grey, The Kissing Booth, and much more! This message will self-destruct in 53...


TSC Episode 12- A Conversation with Coach Beverly Iseghohi

In this episode of the Swim Culture Podcast, Coach Adrienne and Dr. Asherah talk with Coach Beverly Iseghohi about here experience as a triathlon coach and owner of Swim, Bike, Run 4 Life!


Spilling the Season 1 Tea

Today we are reflecting back on Season 1!! I am so grateful for all the support with this podcast, so take a listen to my final episode of the season where I talk about some of my favourite episodes, what I’ve learned from this journey & what is to come for season 2! ✨ Thank you to every guest for taking a chance on me and to all my listeners who take the time every week to support me! 💗 There will not be an episode next week as we are taking a much deserving week off! See you next season!...


TSC- Episode 11- Conversation with Miriam Lynch, CEO of Diversity In Aquatics

In this episode, Dr. Asherah and Coach Adrienne have an amazing discussion with Miriam Lynch, the CEO of Diversity In Aquatics, about her experiences in swimming abroad and in the United States. She explains her unique experience as a former competitive swimmer, HBCU graduate, educator, and professional woman!


The Talking Singles talk about who they are .. really

What makes someone who they are? Each person has an idea of their personality type/preference – if they are bubbly or reserved, sensitive or thick skinned.That everyone has unique personalities makes life more interesting (or, sometimes, more difficult).Psychologists who try to tease out the science of who we are define personality as individual differences in the way people tend to think, feel and behave. This week, the Talking singles reveal their personality traits , figure out what they...


I’d Rather Be Lonely Than Suffer a Violent Love

In this episode of the Boyfriend Proof Podcast, I sat down with one half of the “Sunflower Living” podcast- Abile! She shares her story about her past abusive relationship and valuable advice for anyone in a similar situation. Plus, we talk about dating older men, power dynamics, last straws, and deciding when to leave. Follow @boyfriendproofpodcast on Instagram & if you have a relationship story you want to share- DM me to be a guest on the next episode! If you want to stay anonymous and...


Episode 247 - Do Video Games Make People Violent? Also, Xbox Series X News

This week, we talk about another politician trying yet again to say that video games make people violent. We discuss the merits of that claim, and how easily it can be debunked. In addition, trouble continues to rise from Techland, as numerous allegations have hit leaders at the studio in the past week. We talk other Xbox news too, including Halo: Infinite news, Dragon Age 4 news, and the fate of Anthem 2.0 has been decided. Finally, we chat about Call of Duty, Apex Legends, and maybe even a...