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Interviews with STEM and tech professionals from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds. From Facebook, Braintree, IBM, Toyota, Stanford, UIUC, Johns Hopkins, the Gates Institute, and more.

Interviews with STEM and tech professionals from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds. From Facebook, Braintree, IBM, Toyota, Stanford, UIUC, Johns Hopkins, the Gates Institute, and more.
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Interviews with STEM and tech professionals from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds. From Facebook, Braintree, IBM, Toyota, Stanford, UIUC, Johns Hopkins, the Gates Institute, and more.




34: Storytelling with Intel Drone Light Shows - Interview with Madeleine Ong, Project Manager at Intel

Madeleine Ong is a project manager at Intel. She is the light show services lead working on the drone light show team. She plans and executes all drone light shows, including the one for the recent Winter Olympics in South Korea this past February. Drone light shows are a new form storytelling and entertainment, where drones effectively act as flying pixels in the nighttime sky. STEM Diversity Podcast Subscribe on Apple...


33: Leveraging VR in Neuroscience Research - Interview with Robin Mazumder, PhD Candidate in Cognitive Neuroscience at University of Waterloo

Robin Mazumder is a PhD candidate in cognitive neuroscience at University of Waterloo. He studies how urban design influences the psychology of individuals living in cities. In particular, he leverages immersive virtual reality to simulate cityscapes. Robin is also actively engaged in various urban design programs and organizations throughout the world, frequently traveling, and presenting at conferences. STEM Diversity Podcast Subscribe on Apple Podcasts | Overcast | Google Play...


32: Creating Android apps for building contractors - Interview with Ayantu Regassa - Android Developer at McMaster-Carr

Ayantu Regassa is an Android Developer at McMaster-Carr. She studied mechanical engineering in college at MIT, but was given the opportunity to learn software development on the job and took it. She explains how being a software developer is much more than just writing code. It involves working with many different people in different roles. Ayantu was born in Ethiopia and moved to the United States at the age of 8. She talks about growing up in a strict family and how that influenced her...


31: Helping Customers Discover Products through Marketing - Interview with Maurice Cherry, Content Marketer at Fog Creek Software

Maurice Cherry is Content Marketer at Fog Creek Software, based in New York City. Maurice is based out of Atlanta, since much of the workforce is remote. Fog Creek makes software to help the lives of software developers. Other companies spun out of Fog Creek, including Trello and Stack Overflow. Also FogBugz, now Manuscript, came out of Fog Creek. They recently released a new product called Glitch, a flexible tool to create software, even for not especially technical users. As Content...


29: Researching and Conserving Animal Wildlife - Interview with Dr. Kirsten Thomas, Associate Veterinarian at Toledo Zoo and Aquarium Department of Animal Health and Nutrition

Dr. Kirsten Thomas is Associate Veterinarian at Toledo Zoo and Aquarium Department of Animal Health and Nutrition. Along with her colleagues, she takes care of the animals at the zoo on a daily basis. She also does research in the animals, especially in the areas of animal conservation. She collaborates with counterparts who do research outside zoo captivity, in order to better understand animals overall. Dr. Thomas grew up liking animals, and had some experience with medicine in college....


28: Communicating Science through Journalism - Interview with Dr. Bethany Brookshire, Science Education Writer at Society for Science and the Public

Dr. Bethany Brookshire is a science education writer, writing for Science News and Science News for Students. These are publications from the nonprofit, Society for Science and the Public. She’s previously blogged for Scientific American too. Bethany talks about her science writing, and how it is used by teachers as an extra classroom resource and read by students. Bethany talks about the lack of diversity in sources when it comes to science journalism. She talks about some recent...


26: Innovating Ideas through Big Thinking - Interview with Kishau Rogers, Serial Tech Entrepreneur

Kishau Rogers is a serial tech entrepreneur based out of Richmond, Virginia. She’s started a number of companies, including Websmith Studio, a software development firm offering custom solutions for customers. She’s also started Time Study, a company that creates tools to help businesses more efficiently handle time reporting. She started bigThinking, an initiative to help people thinking more broadly and generate better ideas with regard to building scalable business solution. bigThinking...


25: Advancing Chemistry Research and Science Education - Interview with Dr. Raychelle Burks, Assistant Professor at St. Edwards University Department of Chemistry

Dr. Raychelle Burks is Assistant Professor at St. Edwards University Department of Chemistry. Dr. Burks is an analytical chemist. She does research in color sensors, fluorescence sensors, chemiluminescence sensors, and in general, systems to find chemicals. This work has a wide array of applications, such as field tests in natural disaster scenarios. Dr. Burks is an active science communicator. She’s the manager of the DIY Science Zone at GeekGirlCon. She writes for Chemistry World in the...


24: Communicating Care with Patients and Communicating Brain Science Online - Interview with Dr. Ginger Campbell, Palliative Medicine Physician at Birmingham VAMC and Host of Brain Science Podcast

Dr. Ginger Campbell is Palliative Medicine Physician at Birmingham VA Medical Center. She previously spent over 20 years as an emergency medicine physician. She also hosts the Brain Science Podcast, which has been running for over 10 years. Palliative care is the newest speciality in medicine. Palliative comes from a Greek word which means “to shield”. So the basic idea of palliative care is to protect patients and their families from suffering. It can be from pain, including...


22: Supporting Production Software Systems at Scale - Interview with Jeffrey Smith, Manager of Production Operations at Centro

Jeffrey Smith is Manager of Production Operations at Centro, a media services company that helps brands and ad agencies execute their digital advertising strategies. These companies have broad advertising campaigns, and they come to Centro to get help with the digital parts. Centro provides web-based tools with standardized workflows in an industry which has in the past been very disorganized and analog. Centro also has a demand side platform (DSP), allowing advertisers to bid on digital...


19: Connecting Math and Science to Students with Black Panther and other Modern-day Relevant Experiences - Interview with Shareef Jackson, Founder of Math Looks Good and Co-host of Spawn on Me Podcast

Shareef Jackson is the founder of the math and physics tutoring service Math Looks Good and a co-host on the Spawn on Me podcast. He is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Shareef started the Math Looks Good tutoring service while working at a corporate job. He’s since left the corporate world and done this full time. He works with high school students. For some students, he has developed a custom curriculum for them. Shareef uses plain English and modern examples. He says he used a Black...


18: Protecting Enterprise Security for Startups - Interview with Kathy Wang, Director of Security at GitLab

Kathy explains her role as Director of Security at the startup, GitLab. She’s responsible for securing the company, which involves setting guidelines on how to store customer data and other sensitive data within the company infrastructure. She works with other teams in the organization to ensure that the product that is rolled out is as secure as possible. Kathy says that security teams at companies often do security research while discovering vulnerabilities. Kathy advises companies...


17: Interview with Dr. Ranjitha Kumar, Assistant Professor at University of Illinois Department of Computer Science

Ranjitha talks about a data-driven approach to digital design. She explains the research work her group does at the University of Illinois in the Department of Computer Science. The applications are very board, including mining user interactions in mobile apps and even the fashion vertical. Ranjitha talks about growing up in the Bay Area. Her parents encouraged her to have a broad education, influencing her to now have a interdisciplinary approach to her current work. Ranjitha previously...


16: Interview with Dr. Mark Gabriel Little, Executive Director at Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise

Mark talks about Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise, a business policy think tank in the business school of UNC Chapel Hill, where he serves as Executive Director. He shares how the institute, through its portfolio of centers, partners with businesses and local governments to work on projects benefting local communities in economic need. Mark also talks about Black Communities: A Conference for Collaboration. It is an upcoming conference connecting academic researchers an black...


15: Interview with Dr. Angela Tran Kingyens, Partner at Version One Ventures

Angela, Partner at Version One Ventures, explains venture capital. She explains the business of unicorns and how it is a high risk high reward type of investment. Angela talks about growing up in Toronto in an immigrant family. She did biomedical engineering in undergrad, and applied those engineering skills to finance in her PhD. Angela co-founded Insight Data Science, a program that equips PhD graduates with real-world data science skills, and places them in top tech...


14: Interview with Dr. Edmond Choi, Vice President of Model Development at BMO Capital Markets

Edmond talks about developing financial models using stochastic processes, similar to those used in physics. Does a lot of research and software implementation day to day. Edmond talks about growing up with math as a hobby, with a mathematician father. Following sports stats in baseball and basketball. Playing chess and card games like black jack and poker. Edmond always enjoyed applications of math, and chose a career in math finance. Edmond says it’s important for Asians to break free...


12: Interview with Sara Ramirez, Conservation Biologist

Sara talks about sea turtles in the Caribbean island of St. Kitts. She explains her research work in the sea turtles and the promotion work of protecting natural resources on the island through the St. Kitts Sea Turtle Monitoring Network (SKSTMN). Sara recalls having a lot of opportunities connecting with nature while growing up, and advocates for all people to do the same, to truly understand how our day-to-day human decisions impact the greater ecological...


11: Interview with Frankie Reed, Design Release Engineer at Toyota

Frankie talks about how his software skills, hardware skills, and project management knowledge come together in his role as Design Release Engineer. He shares about his time at the University of Michigan, where there were very few African American students, and even less in the engineering program. He talks about how it’s important for organizations like the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) to help build and maintain the pipeline of underrepresented folks in learning engineering...


10: Interview with Gabriel Valdivia, Lead Product Designer at Facebook

Gabriel explains how basic design principles carry over in different modes of human computer interaction, even in the new field of VR design, and how thinking in 3D is important for VR. Gabriel talks growing up in Cuba and Costa Rica, and how his persistence led him through different roles in his career, bringing him to VR design now. Gabriel organized the design-focused Vectors Conference earlier this year, where the attendees learned about how your identity and personal experiences...


9: Billimarie Lubiano Robinson, Front End Developer at Message Agency and Board Member at Coded by Kids

Billimarie talks about being a front end developer at Message Agency, a B Corp based in Philadelphia, serving nonprofits locally and nationally. She talks about how her early passion in art (she majored in creative writing and film in college) allowed her to explore digital tools, eventually becoming a professional web developer, and how that background still gives her a unique perspective in tech today. Billimarie is a teacher and board member at Coded by Kids, serving inner-city...