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Salty Dog Blues N Roots is a weekly 2 hour podcast/radio broadcast featuring the best Australian and world blues, roots and alternate country - since April 2005. Produced by Salty Dog in Melbourne, Australia and broadcast on syndication.

Salty Dog Blues N Roots is a weekly 2 hour podcast/radio broadcast featuring the best Australian and world blues, roots and alternate country - since April 2005. Produced by Salty Dog in Melbourne, Australia and broadcast on syndication.
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Salty Dog Blues N Roots is a weekly 2 hour podcast/radio broadcast featuring the best Australian and world blues, roots and alternate country - since April 2005. Produced by Salty Dog in Melbourne, Australia and broadcast on syndication.






ADAPTOR Blues N Roots - Salty Dog (December 2018)

Salty Dog's ADAPTOR Podcast, December 2018 Visit: Natural selection, yep you can adapt to all that's good in blues in roots. This time around we track with Doug Demming, Samantha Martin, Malcolm Holcombe, Spin Doctors, Paul Oscher, Duke Robillard, GG Davies, Tex Perkins, Liza Ohlback, Larkin Poe, Doyle Bramhall, Stormcellar, Warren Zevon, Paul Butterfield, Layla Zoe, Kelly Auty, Chip Taylor, Yolanda Ingley, Linda Ronstadt, Rolling Stones, Cedric Burnside, Katie Knipp, David...


JITTER Blues N Roots - Salty Dog (November 2018)

Salty Dog's JITTER Podcast, November 2018 Visit: Don't get the jitters, get on the plan with the Dawg. 24 great tracks to calm your need for all that good tone! Tracks from Nathan Bertta, Raphel Saadig, RJ Mischo, John Hiatt, Kurt Vile, Paul Oscher, Chris Whitley, Liza Ohlback, Robert Connely Farr, Mountain Grey, John Mellencamp, Harrison Kennedy, Tony Joe White, Chris Wilson, Jackson Four, Buddy Miller, Simon Kinny-Lewis, Kim Wilson, 8 Ball Aitken, Peter Case, Katie Knipp,...


ETCH Blues N Roots - Salty Dog (November 2018)

Salty Dog's ETCH Podcast, November 2018 Visit: Some of these tunes will etch into your inner mind where the blues takes hold... yeah, whatever Salty! Anyway, damn fine tracks from Oscar Wilson, Chip Taylor, Son Volt, Layla Zoe, Nathan Beretta, Paul Butterfield, Malford Milligan, Storyville, Courtney Barnett, Aaron Pollock, Tanya Lee Davies, Yolanda Ingley II, Richard Thompson, John Hiatt, Joe Beard, River City Aces, Endless Boogie, Watermelon Slim, Black Sorrows, Bob...


CANS Blues N Roots - Salty Dog (October 2018)

Salty Dog's CANS Podcast, October 2018 Visit: Grab something you like, settle back with your CANS of choice and dig the ride tone hounds. Yep, tracks from Spin Doctors, Colin James, Teskey Brothers, Tony Joe White, GG Davies, Katie Knipp, Johnny Lang, Vanja Sky, Ben Leece, Sara Storer, Kristne Lee Morris, Johnny Dyer, Layla Zoe, Andy Baylor, Broderick Smith, Fred Eaglesmith, Uncle Tupeo, Bruce Katz, Bob Dylan, Damon Fowler, Jethro Tull, Walker Katz N Robson, Jon Cleary....


CHANCE Blues N Roots - Salty Dog (October 2018)

Salty Dog's CHANCE Podcast, October 2018 Visit: Come take a chance on the Dawg! This time around we roll the dice, shoot the crap; yep two hours of mighty good stuff. I ain't lyin'! Tracks from Rachelle Coba, Steve Earle, Stormcellar, Troy Cassar-Daley, Andy Baylor, Damon Fowler, William Clarke, Layla Zoe, Tony Joe White, Steve Connolly, Swamp Stompers, Neil Young, Jeffery Foucault, Fred Smith, Fiona Boyes, Chris Wilson, Larkin Poe, Mipso, Jen Cloher, Ray Bonneville, Rive...


SENDER Blues N Roots - Salty Dog (October 2018)

Salty Dog's SENDER Podcast, October 2018 Visit: We deliver, we transit, we transport... yep the Dawg is the blues SENDER. This time around so many great new tracks and some from the vault! I'm diggin it tone hounds, and so will you. Tracks from Layla Zoe, The Gourds, Andy Baylor, Larkin Poe, Kristen Lee Morris, King Biscuit Boy, Five Eight, Broderick Smith, Fred Eaglesmith, Eric Bibb, Malcolm Holcombe, Buddy Knox, Roy Buchanan, Doug Deming, Johnny Sansome, Detonics, Lindsay...


ROLLER Blues N Roots - Salty Dog (September 2018)

Salty Dog's ROLLER Podcast, September 2018 Visit: The Dawg has been flat out with Blues Music Victoria Inc. this month tone hounds, spreading the good word about blues! But we've rolled out the ROLLER show just in time for a September release. And it's a corker... grab it for your dose of blues, roots and a shot of Americana! Yep! Tracks from Damon Fowler, Big Merino, Eric Lindell, Malcolm Holcombe, Neil Young, Greyhounds, Ben Harper, Charlie Mussellwhite, Mike Vernon,...


MERBAU Blues N Roots - Salty Dog (August 2018)

Salty Dog's MERBAU Podcast, August 2018 Visit: Merbau is as merbau does. It's a wooden deck of great tunes, you betcha! Tracks from Johnny Sansone, Matty T Wall, Too Slim, Milena Barrett, Amnesia Blues, John Hammond, Doug Deming, Brook Williams, JO Soars, Bo Ramsey, Lucinda Williams, Round Mountain Girls, Mae Trio, Bruce Robinson, Kara Grainger, John Clifton, Jon Cleary, Watermelon Slim, Fiona Boyes, Rev Sekou, Simon Kinny-Lewis, Chris Wilson, Johnny Winter, Lynwood Slim,...


BEARER Blues N Roots - Salty Dog (August 2018)

Salty Dog's BEARER Podcast, August 2018 Visit: Taking the weight, the BEARER show brings you a whole mess of good things tone hounds. Tracks from Big Merino, Fiona Boyes, Dr Ross, Gretchen Peters, Mike Vernon, Mojo Bluesmen, Ronnie Earl, Uncle Tupleo, Old 97's, Rev Sekou, Neil Young, Dave Graney, Matty T Wall, Wood Brothers, Bo Ramsey, Jimmy Rogers, Muddy Waters, David Phillips, Jimmy LaFave, Betty LaVette, Jordie Lane, Johnny Nichols, David Haerle, Eddie Boyd. -----------...


COMMON Blues N Roots - Salty Dog (July 2018)

Salty Dog's COMMON Podcast, July 2018 Visit: Celebrating the common this week, we tour through the central heartland of blues to the foothills of experimental, indie rock and back. Tracks from Greyhounds, David Haerle, Chris Wilson, William Clarke, Travis Bowlin, Matty T Wall, Samantha Fish, North Mississippi Allstars, Electro Blues Society, Greg Izor, Duster Bennett, Eddie Boyd, Beth Hart, Ben Mastwyk, Bombino, CAN, Chris Whitley, Freddie King, Linda Mizzi, Geoff Achison,...


SLICE Blues N Roots - Salty Dog (July 2018)

Salty Dog's SLICE Podcast, July 2018 Visit: We take the blues n roots cake and cut it into twenty-three juicy slices! There's one of em just for you tone hounds. You'll dig these cuts. Tracks from Keller Williams, Drew Young, Ben Harper, Charlie Musselwhite, Shemekia Copeland, Matty T Wall, Lloyd Spiegel, Blue Shaddy, Gov't Mule, Richard Thompson, Sarah Hook, Harrison Kennedy, Malcolm Holcombe, Shannon Bourne, Chris Smither, Electric Blues Collective, Rainer Ptacek, William...


PLUG Blues N Roots - Salty Dog (July 2018)

Salty Dog's PLUG Podcast, July 2018 Visit: Plug it in, turn it up!! You can make a lot of connection with the Dawg. Plug in to a swag of real good rootsy cuts. Yep, tracks from Roger Gutierrez, Ivan Marcio, Brian Templeton, Rory Gallagher, Greyhounds, Tess McKenna, Martin Simpson, Lloyd Spiegel, Hayes Carll, Homesick Hank, The Badloves, John Mayall, Jeffery Foucault, Erwin Helfer, Linda Mizzi, Lindi Ortega, John Renbourne, Greg Izor, Mark Pandolfi, Steve Earle, John Fogerty,...


TOGGLE Blues N Roots - Salty Dog (June 2018)

Salty Dog's TOGGLE Podcast, June 2018 Visit: Making the switch, one to two, on to off, up to down, blues to roots... yep this week we toggle through some great cuts. Tracks from Johnny Winter, Buddy Guy, Marcia Ball, Malcolm Holcombe, Giles Robson, Chris Corcoran, Paul Oscher, Lachy Doley, Dave Hole, Otis Redding, Black Crowes, Bob Corritore, Justin Yap, Mitch Woods, John Lee Hooker, Alexi Murdoch, Joe Henry, Wes Lee, The 44's, Derek Truck, Omar and the Howlers, Buddy N...


STRUM Blues N Roots - Salty Dog (June 2018)

Salty Dog's STRUM Podcast, June 2018 Visit: Hit that chord Salty, STRUM that thing... This week we strum our way through a mountain of kool kit. Tracks from Dany Franchi, Justin Yap, Matt Woods, Patrick Sweany, Howlin Wolf, RJ Mischo, Johnny Winter, Mighty Mojo Prophets, Kristen Lee Morris, Corin Raymond, David Philips, Linda Mizzi, Dan Dinnen, Johnny Nichols, James Harman, Monster Ceilidh Band, Bayou Side, Otis Taylor, Rheostatics, Emily Jane White, Jen Cloher, Hound Dog...


VENEER Blues N Roots - Salty Dog (June 2018)

Salty Dog's VENEER Podcast, June 2018 Visit: Veneer - building up in layers. Yep, Dawg certified tracks loaded real nice! Tracks from Lurrie Bell, Wily Bo Walker, Mojo Bluesmen, Rodney Crowell, Linda Mizzi, Justin Yap, RJ Mischo, Kara Grainger, Kane Welch Kaplin, Patrick Sweany, Luke Winslow-King, Jed Rowe, Johnny Winter, Keith Richards, Fabulous Thunderbirds, John Primer, Kelly Willis, Roger Daltrey, Rhythm X Revival, Janiva Magness, Ewert And Two Dragons, Icecream Hands,...


DETACH Blues N Roots - Salty Dog (May 2018)

Salty Dog's DETACH Podcast, May 2018 Visit: Detached and unhinged. Take a trip inside the Dawg's blues and roots circus. Tracks this week from RJ Mischo, Jason Ricci, Sue Foley, Link Wray, Carolyn Wonderland, Paul Rishell N Annie Raines, 8 Ball Aitken, RL Burnside, Heartache State, Mudcrutch, Paul Kelly, David Phillips, Chris Smither, Cat Canteri, Frank Zappa, Nighthawks, Greg Izor, Jimmie Vaughan, Too Slim N The Taildraggers, Amanada Emblem Experiment, Lloyd Spiegel, Little...


FEEDBACK Blues N Roots - Salty Dog (May 2018)

Salty Dog's FEEDBACK Podcast, May 2018 Visit: Stand clear tone hounds, we got some real feedback coming your way. Two hours of something mighty fine that will circle back through your head! For sure. Tracks from Lloyd Spiegel, Reverend Raven, John Popper, Paul Oscher, Rick Estrin, Woodland Hunters, Larkin Poe, Kim Wilson, AJ Ghent, Chris Whitley, Pieta Brown, John Scofield, Amanda Shires, Delsinki, Big John Atkinson, Ana Popovic, Watermelon Slim, Wes Lee, Travis Winters,...


PEDAL Blues N Roots - Salty Dog (May 2018)

Salty Dog's PEDAL Podcast, May 2018 Visit: With the pedal flat to the floor, we head off down the blues n roots highways, and a few side roads as well tone hounds. Tracks from Ian Siegal, Tex Don Charlie, Nick Moss, Samantha Martin, Detonics, David Philips, Hamish Andersen, Round Mountain Girls, Jeff Tweedy, Johnny Cash, Chris O, Richard Thompson, Fred Smith, Ryan Cavanaugh, Clarence Gatemouth Brown, Joyann Parker, Tony Joe White, Dave Hole, Bob Dylan, Justin Johnson, Micke...


RUBY Blues N Roots - Salty Dog (April 2018)

Salty Dog's RUBY Podcast, April 2018 Visit: Continuing our journey through the gemstones this week. Sharp and clean, we cut the blues and roots angles real nice on the RUBY show. Tracks from Studebaker John, Abbie Gardner, Dan Israel, Werewolves Of Melbourne, Dave Hole, Nick Moss, Ry Cooder, Paul Thorn, William Crighton, Jeffery Foucault, Jim Cuddy, Jack Ladder, Muddy Waters, Ben Harper, Charlie Musselwhite, Guy Forsyth, Round Mountain Girls, Samantha Fish, Rhythm X Revival,...


OPAL Blues N Roots - Salty Dog (April 2018)

Salty Dog's OPAL Podcast, April 2018 Visit: Digging in the blues cave for a bunch of gems... yep this week the OPAL show. Great new releases from the land of Oz and a heap of roots for ya! Tracks from Kim Wilson, Dave Hole, Marcia Ball, Lloyd Spiegel, AJ Ghent, Jim Cuddy, Reverend Raven, Travis Winters, Slim Harpo, Linda Bull, John Martyn, Ry Cooder, Rhythm X Revival, Little Boys Blue, Samantha Fish, Bettye LaVette, LazyEye, Dan Israel, Big Bill Jackson, Collard Greens N...