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The Power of Relationship Marketing

Would you rather focus on having a one-time customer or a customer for life? I’ll take the customer for life, please! But what does it take to get a customer for life? In today’s podcast episode, I’m talking all about how relationship marketing ties into this concept. Listen in for: What relationship marketing isMy favorite analogy for relationship marketingThe value of playing the long-gameThe best industry to look to as an example of relationship marketing If you love the show, please...


Why You Should Invest in Social Media

Six years ago, I got side-eyed when I told my corporate leadership class that I wanted to work in social media as a career. That was just six years ago! Today, in 2018, there still are some lingering questions to the value that participating on social media can bring to your business. That’s why today, I’m talking all about why social media is important for your business. In this podcast episode, I share: The importance of having authority onlineHow social media contributes to the buying...


How to Use Voice Technology in Your Marketing with Dr. Teri Fisher

Isn’t it interesting how we use voice technology in our everyday lives? Just the other day, I asked Siri how to spell something. I also use her to set timers, reminders, and for some absolutely silly stuff as well. With the ease of simply asking our tech devices to do something, is there a way use this technology as a marketing tool? In this episode, I dive in with the leading voice technology expert Dr. Teri Fisher. We chat about: What voice technology isHow businesses can use voice...


How to Prepare Your Social Media for the Holidays

For most businesses, this last quarter of the year -- Q4 -- is the busiest time of year. Whether you sell physical products, digital products, services, or something else, most of us are pick up steam this time of year. Mostly because people are happy to spend money, they’ve set aside money all year to spend during this time. And some people are even looking to the new year as a fresh start. I know for my business, this time of year has historically been the busiest, most profitable time of...


How to Attract Clients Using Facebook and Instagram Ads with Dayhanna Acosta

Our businesses thrive on clients. The survival and success of our ventures are built on establishing, maintaining, and growing a customer base that loves what you do, buys from you, and shares your offerings with a friend. In today’s episode, I sat down with Dayhanna Acosta, a client attraction specialist, to talk about how to attract the right people to your business using Facebook and Instagram ads. In this episode, we discuss: Dayhanna’s powerful story of chasing her fearsHow to tackle...


How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Podcast

You Need Listeners… And I hear you loud and clear! If you’re anything like the other 500,000+ active podcasts that exists out there, you’re always looking for new and active listeners. Well, I want to give you some guidance on how to do that in today’s episode. Listen in for: How to optimize your social media profilesMy tips for how to consistently share new episodesThe best way to give your audience a sample of your podcastHow to find new listeners … and more! Download the free Roadmap:...


The Importance of Building a Lasting Brand with Rachel Schenck

Your brand is so much more than a logo. In today’s podcast episode, I sat down with Rachel Schenck to talk about the importance of building a brand that lasts. Listen in for: Tips for branding your social media profilesWhat makes a good logoThe types of files you need to get from your designerHow to see if your ideal company name is taken Quotes from this episode: If you want a brand that can stand the test of time, make sure you have enough information.Your brand should look like you...


Taking a Look at the Instagram Algorithm: 7 Tips for Success

Are you having trouble being seen on Instagram? Could it be an issue with the algorithm? Today, I’m talking all about what I think the Instagram algorithm wants. Listen in for: The most important strategy to apply to the algorithmHow to hack the Instagram algorithmWhy Instagram Stories helpsWhat’s the deal with hashtags … and more! Savvy Social Framework: Sign up for this free 7-day video training course that teaches you how to get more growth, visibility, and engagement on social...


Managing Multiple Instagram Accounts with Taylor Morrison

If you’re anything like me, you have tons of ideas all the time. You’re probably running a business or have a side project (or two) that you manage. And if you’re anything like me, you want to do #allthethings. I’m excited to talk to today’s guest because she is doing it all. She essentially has three separate brands that she run on Instagram. Being that I run 4 Instagram accounts myself (not even counting client accounts) I was interested to chat with Taylor Morrison about how she does it...


What I Learned At Podcast Movement 2018

Today I’m chatting about the world’s largest gathering of podcasters: Podcast Movement! Listen in as I share: How I won a free ticket to the conferenceWhat to do to encourage podcast subscriptionsThe best (low cost) way to advertise on podcastsWhich apps are the most popular for podcast listening And more! I’m also diving deep into all the feelings I had after such an amazing conference. If you’re looking to go next year, here’s the link: Check out Adriana’s...


How to Juggle Social Media for Your Side Business w/ Katrina Garnes

Today’s episode is all about time! If you’re looking for key tips for how to juggle managing social media for your side business without burning out, this podcast is for you. Listen in for: Katrina’s backstory and how she runs her businessThe 4 keys to juggling your full-time job and your side businessHow to streamline your social media scheduling … and more! /// About Katrina Garnes Katrina Garnes is an ambitious millennial who’s spent the past 8 years learning, educating, and executing...


Where to Start with Facebook ads for Small Businesses feat. Meg Brunson

Today I’m chatting with Meg all about Facebook ads. You’ll want to take notes because every part of this interview is powerful. Listen in as we talk about how to get started with Facebook ads, when boost a post, the power of video view ads, and so much more. Quotes The best way to ensure that you’re going to spend more money on the platform is for you to get what you want out of your ads. - Meg I encourage everybody to take the Facebook blueprint courses… that will give you the basic...


Why I Use Canva to Create Social Media Images

This is episode 9 of the Savvy Social Podcast and today we’re talking all about Canva, my secret to creating social media images for myself and my clients. Why are visuals so important? Well, check this out. According to, a person who hears a piece of information will remember just 10% of it three days later, while someone who sees that same information in a picture will recall 65% of it. Learn about Canva’s founder here: Find some Canva...


How to Optimize Your Website for Social Media with Samantha Mabe

Today’s guest is Samantha Mabe and we’re talking all about how to optimize your website for social media. In this episode, we chat about the importance of building a website that’s actionable, how to encourage people to follow you on social using your website, and the value of deepening your online connections with in real life ones. Connect with Samantha: Website: Podcast: Instagram:...


The Foundation to Creating FOMO on Social Media

FOMO (the fear of missing out) is real! Listen in to today’s podcast to learn how you can use FOMO to create an actionable campaign on social media. Access the Savvy Social Framework: Connect with Andréa more: Free Facebook Group: Instagram: Twitter: Find more episodes of the Savvy Social Podcast on the website: Music by Alexey...


How to Get Started on Youtube with Jessica Freeman

Welcome to episode #6 of the Savvy Social Podcast! Today’s guest is Jessica Freeman of Jessica Freeman is the owner of Jess Creatives, and is an award-winning graphic and web designer. Jess Creatives exists to help service-based business owners save time, stress less and shine online with a professional, consistent visual presence that increases their brand value and streamlines aspects of their business, so they can experience more freedom and fulfillment. I’m so excited...


From Freelance Social Media Manager to Full-Time Fiction Author - An Interview with Brent Jones, Author of Go Home, Afton

Today’s episode features our very first interview here on the podcast and it’s with my husband Brent Jones! Listen in because we’re talking about how Brent used to work with me in the social media business, why he decided to transition out, the importance of taking breaks from social media, and so much more. Connect with Brent Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:...


How to Manage Social Media (without it taking over your life)

Do you find yourself spending way too much time on social media without making much progress? Are you endlessly scrolling and without focusing on the reason you joined Facebook, Instagram, etc in the first place? Today’s episode teaches you: How to repurpose contentThe importance of staying organizeThe idea of decision fatigueWhat to do when you go on vacationAnd more!...


How to Deal with Customer Complaints or Negativity Online

Did you get a customer complaint or a negative comment on your social media account? Before you delete it, you need to listen to this episode to understand how to navigate this sensitive situation. Today’s show covers: How to know if you should delete a negative commentHow quickly you should respond to a customer complaint onlineWhat to do if it’s your faultWhat to do even if it’s NOT your faultHow to prepare for future complaints or negative commentsAnd more! Join the waitlist for the...


5 Ways to Boost Your Social Media Buzz

Are you posting diligently to social media but not getting anything in response? Is no one commenting, liking, and sharing your social media posts? What you may be missing is a little social buzz! One of the challenges I often see with my student and clients is that there aren’t enough people engaging with their content online. And you may be experiencing something similar. You’re diligently posting and creating content, but no one is liking, commenting, sharing or engaging with your social...