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Entertainment and pop culture discussions, reviews and history from a multicultural point of view! Features the Say Something Nice Podcast (film, TV, music) and The C-Dubb Show (pop culture, TV, music & more)

Entertainment and pop culture discussions, reviews and history from a multicultural point of view! Features the Say Something Nice Podcast (film, TV, music) and The C-Dubb Show (pop culture, TV, music & more)
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Atlanta, GA


Entertainment and pop culture discussions, reviews and history from a multicultural point of view! Features the Say Something Nice Podcast (film, TV, music) and The C-Dubb Show (pop culture, TV, music & more)








SSNPod #253.75 | It’s Shake ‘n Bake, an’ I Helped! | #saysomethingextra

We go random for a second and discuss old 70's TV commercials, why Margot Robbie's "Birds of Prey" will probably not be R-rated like she currently says, ABC passing on "The Greatest American Hero," and more. WHERE TO FIND US: Come join our new Facebook group: You can subscribe to the Say Something Nice Podcast at the following services: #iTunes: #GooglePlay: #Stitcher: Check out the...


The C-Dubb Show #124 | The Black Mama/”Dear White People” Season 2 Review Episode | #TheCDubbShow

We are celebrating our mamas!!! The crew discusses what they appreciate about their Mothers. Then, Dubb's mother and grandmother join the cast! Finally, the cast gives a full spoilerific for Season 2 of the Netflix series "Dear White People." SHOW NOTES: • 00:05:30 Black Mama Appreciation • 00:12:30 C-Dubb’s Mama & Grandmother • 00:22:20 "Dear White People" Season 2 Spoilerific Review WHERE TO FIND OUR CAST: Find Carolyn online at: Twitter: Instagram:...


SSNPod #253.5 | Can Bill Cosby Buy NBC from Jail? (feat. @simplytria) | #saysomethingextra

While recording the "Infinity War" review shows, we discussed the "Scandal" series finale, what we're watching on TV, and, finally, "America's Dad" being convicted of sexual assault and why it's important to remember that Bill Cosby is not Cliff Huxtable.


SSNPod TV Reviews | “Atlanta” – S2E11: “Crabs in a Barrel” / Childish Gambino – “This is America” | #ssnptv

We discuss touring Europe, paying for private school, lawyering up, emergency passport renewals, how we learn, how to TSA properly at Hartsfield-Jackson, and more. But before all of that, we discuss Donald Glover's alter-ego, Childish Gambino, and breaking the Internet with the pointed commentary of "This is America." WHERE TO FIND US: Come join our Facebook group: You can subscribe to the Say Something Nice Podcast at the following services: #iTunes:...


The C-Dubb Show #125 | C-Dubb25: Yesterday, Today, Forever (feat. @tREBLEFREE & @musicdivac) | #CDubb25 #TheCDubbShow

It's the 25th episode of The C-Dubb Show!!! We celebrate by first commemorating the television special that birthed Dubb's obsession with black pop culture and shot Michael Jackson into the pop stratosphere. We touch on Donald Glover's appearance on Saturday Night Live along with Childish Gambino's amazing video "This Is America." Then, we cover the issues all the listeners want to hear: Kanye West, Bill Cosby and R. Kelly. SHOW NOTES: • 00:08:30 Motown 25 • 00:28:00 #IfSlaveryWasAChoice...


SSNPod TV Reviews | “Atlanta” – S2E10: “FUBU” | #ssnptv

We discuss wearing your wealth, green school bus seats, Mr. Popo, rectangle pizza, bullying, Nas 1996 vs. Nas 2018, your mama clipping coupons, and more.


SSNPod #253 | The “Avengers: Infinity War” Spoilerific Review Show (feat. @simplytria) | #sayhowyoufeel

Y'all know what it is. Returning guest LaTria joins the SSN Crew as we do a scene-by-scene full-spoiler breakdown of "Avengers: Infinity War" - every character, every Infinity Stone, every moment, every fight, every surprise, and every reference. Again, this is the SPOILER podcast, so don't click unless you've seen the movie. Otherwise, you'll hate us about a minute in. WHERE TO FIND OUR GUEST: Find LaTria online at: Twitter: Instagram:...


SSNPod #252 | The “Avengers: Infinity War” Non-Spoiler Review Show (feat. @simplytria) | #sayhowyoufeel

After ten years of anticipation, "Avengers: Infinity War" descended upon us like the long, dark shadow of Thanos as he bounced from planet to planet collecting Infinity Stones like coins in "Super Mario Bros." In this episode, the SSN Crew and special guest LaTria give their initial non-spoiler reviews of "Infinity War," their three favorite characters in the film, and just how ratchet the theater experiences got. WHERE TO FIND OUR GUEST: Find LaTria online at: Twitter:...


SSNPod TV Reviews | “Atlanta” – S2E9: “North of the Border” | #ssnptv

We discuss the inevitable showdown between Paper Boi and Earn coming to a head, footprints on the ceiling, racist white hip-hop heads, bullies, and LaFace Records inspired sleepwear.


SSNPod #251 | The “Avengers: Infinity War” Pre-Game Show (feat. @TVMovieMistress) | #saysomethingreal

In only a few days, ten years' worth of successful planning and execution by Kevin Feige and his motley Marvel Studios crew will com to a head with the release of "Avengers: Infinity War," bringing together the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy in an epic battle against Thanos, the biggest threat in the universe. The SSN Crew is joined by Moji of TV Movie Mistress to recount the origin story of Marvel Studios, our favorite (and least favorite) Marvel movies, and the question on...


SSNPod TV Reviews | “Atlanta” – S2E7: “Woods” | #ssnptv

We discuss stuntin' for the 'Gram (recurring theme this year), arranged celebrity relationships, deer guts, box cutters, and how the universe conspired to try and stop Paper Boi from keeping it real.


SSNPod #250.6 | From Beychella to Meagan Good | #saysomethingextra

Beyoncé gave us an amazing HBCU homecoming at Coachella. Mara Brock & Salim Akil gave us an incredible "Black Lightning" season finale. And Meagan Good might b giving us something one of us doesn't want very soon.


The C-Dubb Show #124 | An Ode To Lovita Alize Jenkins-Robinson | #TheCDubbShow

It's been a while, but the crew is over their Bay Area hangover and back to discuss how one internet meme said so much about the complex ways that Black women are shown in media and what it says about our community. We also discuss Janelle Monae's PYNK slayage and the Beychella takeover. They do all of this while B. Willis shops for her HBeyCU line jacket! SHOW NOTES: • 00:08:50 Meme Check-In ≺ 00:21:05 Lovita/Cardi B/Tiffany Haddish ≺ 00:41:45 invasion Of Privacy ≺ 01:11:55 Janelle Monae...


SSNPod TV Reviews | “Atlanta” – S2E7: “Champagne Papi” | #ssnptv

We discuss Instagram selfies with Drake, Puma slides, magic gummies, booties, terrible people named Brandon, and how none of us in this primitive simulation are real.


SSNPod #250.5 | DCEU, Where are You? / Bucky’s Hair is Laid Like Wakandan Jojoba Oil | #saysomethingextra

We try to figure out exactly which DC films Warner Bros. is actually still working on, possible "Shazam!" movie secrets*, why David Thewlis' mustache was the real villain of "Wonder Woman," a Kristen Wiig appreciation section, and we stan over the latest Wakanda-heavy "Avengers: Infinity War" TV trailers. * the "Shazam!" speculation/discussion probably constitutes spoilers WHERE TO FIND US: Come join our Facebook group: You can subscribe to the Say Something...


SSNPod TV Reviews | “Atlanta” – S2E6: “Teddy Perkins” | #ssnptv

We discuss Michael Jackson's dad, Marvin Gaye's dad, Tiger Woods' dad, Serena Williams' dad, Emilio Estevez's dad from "The Breakfast Club," and a Wonder named Steveland. Oh, and a live Googling of "Sammy Sosa hat".


SSNPod TV Reviews | “Atlanta” – S2E5: “Barbershop” | #ssnptv

We discuss the most important relationship in every Black man's life: the one with his barber, and how hard you'll fight for it.


The C-Dubb Show #123 | Live From the Bay Area!!! | #TheCDubbShowLive

We are LIVE FROM THE BAY AREA!!! C-Dubb, B Willis, Courtney, and Caleb meet for the first time and the show is full of shenanigans! There is popcorn, strawberries, wine and plenty of tea! They discuss whether the world needs Red Lobster & Waffles, mourn the end of Craigslist Personals, question why video girls aren’t part of the #MeToo conversation, and take apart all the white male rage that has been dominating the news. SHOW NOTES: • 00:04:50 Meme Check-In ◦ RIP Rita Owens ◦ Red Lobster...


SSNPod TV Reviews | “Atlanta” – S2E4: “Helen” | #ssnptv

We discuss Van and Earn being the first Black people we know to actually do Helen things in Helen, why Ali hates mascots, Love & Ping-Pong, and a good old #LetsArgue / #WhosRight session about how Earn treats Van verses how Van treats Earn.


The C-Dubb Show #122 | Wakanda Particular Ish is That? | #TheCDubbShow

It's the last show before the crew meets in the Bay Area for the first time! Are they nervous?? MAYBE! But for now, they manage to dissect "Wakanda Particular Ish is That?" They use a clip from the Say Something Nice Podcast to perfectly say how they feel about from a long list of trending items, including O.J. Simpson criticizing Colin Kaepernick, shade from "The Queens Court," Rhianna costing Snapchat $1 billion, Beyoncé On The Run 2 tickets, Tiffany "New York" Pollard receiving her own...


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