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A great podcast for people who enjoy unique perspectives, one-sided advice, and a welcoming community.

A great podcast for people who enjoy unique perspectives, one-sided advice, and a welcoming community.
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A great podcast for people who enjoy unique perspectives, one-sided advice, and a welcoming community.




Are We Becoming Something Else? Off The Deep End (#8)

Does the current state of the world worry you? It worries me. But I have a unique perspective that helps me see it all in a different light. I keep going back to the old precept of "that which is below is like that which is above, and that which is above is like that which is below". It makes me wonder if the things we're seeing in the world aren't in line with that observation. I read a scientific study years ago that part of the reason a woman goes into labor is that the child is...


What I Was Trying To Say. Off The Deep End (#7)

Um...Yeah...I went there. Please let me clarify. After listening to that previous episode, I realized I may have inadvertently made an argument for the supremacy of White culture. In fact, you'd have to pay pretty careful attention to the nuances to take it any other way. If you know me, you'll know that I would never make that argument, because it's counter to everything I believe. But I did a poor job of connecting two seemingly unconnected ideas (it's one of the hazards of thinking out...


Why I Don't Identify As White. Off The Deep End (#6)

Disclaimer: If you're easily offended, or don't fully understand my perspectives on these things, please skip this one. I have an idea I'm trying to work out. It goes something like this: culturally in the West, white represents purity and goodness while black represents deceit and evil. I've struggled for a long time with identifying as White because I don't like the way it feels - it doesn't feel true because I know my own heart, while a lot of people I know who identify as Black are far...


How to Dad. Boring Dad Lecture (#27)

Don't you mean, "How to BE a Dad?" Nope. That's different. I had to take a break for a little while because the family was wrestling with a chest/head cold and loads of other stuff. I really missed my podcasting! But I'm back with loads of new content! Stay tuned! At the end of this podcast, I talk about some of the fun things I have coming up, so stick around, share it around, that.


Steal The Key. Boring Dad Lecture (#26)

Integrating the masculine and feminine sides within oneself is critical. But how do you do that? There's an old fairy tale from the Brothers Grimm called Iron John. It's been a major story of my life and I've thought about it deeply for years. Recently I had a breakthrough and came to understand it in a whole new way.


Do You Know Your Father? Boring Dad Lecture (#1)

How well do you know your father? Do you know him at all? Fortunately, I know my father pretty well. Unfortunately, my children don't know me very well. I started this podcast with the simple idea of recording some of the things I wish I could have told my kids when they were growing up. Some of them I've already told them, some of them I haven't. I also miss having Airmen to mentor when I was still in the Air Force. So this is part of my solution. This is the first in the new series of...


Order vs. Chaos Part II - Boring Dad Lecture (#25)

Why do some people practice religions? Why is the world so nuts? What are we doing here? Have I ever been shy about tackling the really, really big subjects? Nope. And I'm doing it again here. This one gets pretty deep, so get ready.


Money vs. Currency. Boring Dad Lecture (#24)

Did you realize that money isn't currency, and that currency isn't money? No? Neither did I. And, my good friend, that may be why you're having "money" problems.


Live Life Like a Song. Boring Dad Lecture (#23)

Have you ever wondered if there's a right way or a wrong way to live life? Well, there's a right way, or you could say the better way. And I'm gonna talk about it.


Evolution or Intelligent Design? Off The Deep End With Sean (#6)

Which one is it? Who has the right answer? One? The other? Both? Both.


Why Get An Education? Boring Dad Lecture (#22)

With all the challenges in life, why bother getting a good education? These days there so much talk about student debt and finding jobs, and pressure for college, that it's easy to lose sight of the real point of getting an education. There's a misconception in our culture that getting the right education is the only way you can lead a good life. That's true to a point, but it misses the larger purpose of getting an education which simply to improve yourself. Sean talks about his own...


Order vs. Chaos - Boring Dad Lecture (#21)

Do you ever feel like life is too orderly? No? Neither do I. Too much chaos can be a bad thing. But so can too much order. Sean takes a deep dive into the nature of order and chaos and how they play a part in life. Each of these are opposite ends of a spectrum and both of them play vital roles in life and throughout the universe. Are you welcoming them into your life? How can you do that? Listen, and I'll tell you.


The Sex Talk - Boring Dad Lecture (#20)

So...the sex talk. Not one of your favorite subjects to hear about? Nor mine. Like everything else on this podcast, I tried to come at this from an objective point of view, and treat it with love and compassion. Admittedly, even though I really want this podcast to be inclusive of everyone, this is geared toward the fellas out there. That's because it's where my experience base is. Also, I wanted to share more about the heart of sexuality from a man's perspective rather than guess about...


Light, Gravity & Time - Off the Deep End With Sean (#5)

What would happen if light causes gravity? By far, my craziest idea so far. If it is, it could unlock a lot of different things. What would happen if light actually was the cause of gravity, and consequently the cause of time, and it all happened at the quantum level? I think that's what's going on. This podcast is a bit of a brain-bender where I take fringe-science, metaphysics, and mix it all together in a hard-to-swallow soup. I think you'll really like it.


Find Your True Religion - Boring Dad Lecture (#19)

Yes, once again, I'm going there. I'm taking on a hot-button issue. Be gentle and kind. Have you ever wondered about why religion is so ubiquitous? Every culture throughout history has had some sort of religion. Personally, I believe this is due to an evolutionary tendency we have toward looking for larger meaning in life beyond the mundane. I lay it out in the podcast, but I think our need for religion, or some religious practice, is as fundamental to humanity as our need for food and sex....


Guard Your Thoughts - Boring Dad Lecture (#18)

Thoughts become things. For real. What are you thinking about? This is one of my all-time favorite subjects to think about and talk about. It's really hard to overstate how important this is. These days, with so many things competing for our attention, it's more important than ever to guard our thoughts and make sure they are coming from a place of love.


Understanding Universal Balance - Boring Dad Lecture (#17)

Yeah, I'm doing it again...taking on a huge subject. But this one is really important to understand. It's so important to understand that life has its ups and downs - on all levels. Tides come and go, relationships have ups and downs, cycles of day and night affect our lives, and the seasons roll along. From the largest thing to the smallest, there are infinite rhythms and, if you pay attention, if you prepare, then you can be ready for them, and avoid being taking away on the tides of...


Understanding Truth - Off the Deep End With Sean (#4)

Of course, I'm going to tackle something as huge as understanding Truth! Would you expect anything less from your favorite podcaster?


How to Get Anything You Want - Boring Dad Lecture (#16)

No. This isn't a new spin on The Secret or some sort of blab-it-and-grab-it sermon. This is the real deal. These are real observations about how a universal principle works, and how you can put it to work in your life.