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Calculating Each Employees Fully Loaded Labor Rate

How do we know if a technician is worth the money they cost? How long do we wait before we track them? Ted Gravlin comes on the show and helps to explain the process of determining your fully loaded labor rate. Link to an online calculator to help you figure out your true labor burden. How much should I charge per hour?


Simplest Way To Find New Qualified Emplowees

We have all been frustrated with the amount of people who are looking for a job in the service industry. How can we target the ones who are unhappy with their current job? - Patrick Long with BizPAL talks about BizPAL and how the company came into being what it is today. - We discuss why someone would want to come work with IceBound, but the reasons they do not leave their current jobs. The average age of the techs in our industry is 46 years old. - Patrick explains the difference in...


11 MAR 18 Weekly Follow-up

● We went live with Service Titan. ○ We had a few hiccups, but they were addressed instantaneously and are smooth sailing now. ○ Any problems that we faced were taken care of by the team at Service Titan as soon as we reached out to them. Most of the issues had to do with us not understanding how the program worked. ● My family was able to meet Vice President Mike Pence on Saturday morning when he flew into Savannah to watch the St Patrick's day parade. ● I had several networking events...


Weekly Update March 4 2018 / Service Titan Meeting On Technician Tools

Brandon and the service technicians met with Service Titan about how to operate the program on their iPads The meeting went into detail showing the technicians ways it will help speed up their jobs, prevent customers from calling them in all hours of the night, and ways to help other technicians when they come back to the job later. One new feature that was explained a little more was the fact that financing can be offered on every service call. This will help with people who have a hard...


Weekly Business Update - Feb 28th, 2018

● We have finished filling out the paperwork for BizPAL ○ The program that Patrick has is supposed to help us recruit new team mates faster! ● I interviewed Craig Cody about the 2018 Tax law update, and he helped to clear up some questions I had on the new tax code. ● Had a meeting with the local Ronald McDonald House. ○ We are installing 15 ptac units in the home at no charge to the house for the labor. Trane is also donating 2 of the systems. ● Brandon and I went and looked at a system...


2018 Tax Code Update Benefits for Small Business Owners

Interview with Craig Cody What is important about the new tax update? Lowered the top rate on C corp to 29% from 30% Section 199 s corp 20% detuction on pass through income Michael asked “I’d be interested if you asked the CPA if / when there’s any benefit with the new tax code to switch from an S Corp to a C Corp. It’s my understanding that the tax rate would be lower as a C. We’re currently an S, but I’m not familiar enough with it”. Your children are able to work for you and then pay...


Weekly Business Update - February 16th

· Girl Scout Cookies are for sale! · The kids soccer tournament was canceled so we toured Savannah o The girl scouts were brutal! · Service titan conference calls o Integrated financing o Integrated payment collection system · Small Business Chamber breakfast o Go around and visit the people who attended the breakfast o Go to other people and tell them that you missed them…this gets your foot in the door! · Talk about stress o I started using a life coach o Stress and the uneasiness of...


Weekly Business Update - January 28th

* I have met with a business profit coach from UGA. * She was impressed with the things I’ve already implemented * She got me all the paperwork to set up the company’s first hire. E-verify * We signed papers to get started with Service Titan * We are in the process of getting everything set up with The New Flat Rate * We hired 2 service technicians & we are looking for 2 more techs. * One tech starts in 2 weeks * The green tech started last week. He is picking up on stuff really quick. *...


Customer Reward Programs - Steven Bostic

Steven Bostic tells all about his new mobile app that is used as a rewards based program for home service based businesses. Steven’s program was originally designed to work with nonprofit companies, but it works so well for home service businesses that they have redesigned the program to help us provide more value to the customer. If you would like more information on this program, reach out to myself on facebook on the Service Business Mastery Podcast group page, or click this link...


Hiring Technical Employees is Hard

Tersh and Brandon are going through resumes and talking about what they need in a technician and how to attract them.


Is a Partnership a Good Idea?

Brandon proposes and partnership and they work out more details about hiring and compensating employees.


Bonus - Flat Rate vs. T&M and Tool Expenses

In this Christmas bonus episode Tersh and Brandon talk through some of the decisions to be made in the new business


Growing Your Best Service Technician W/ Andy Holt

1. How did you first get into coaching and training? 2. Tell us a little about Outdoor University. a. Where it is located b. When the classes take place 3. Who is your idol? a. Inside the HVAC industry b. Outside the HVAC industry Clips from the actual Outdoor University. The best way we can get in touch with you in the future. ● Facebook- ● ● Andy’s Direct Line 706.888.2332 Mastery Questions ________________________________________ 1. What...


Service Software w/ Service Titan

This episode of Service Business Mastery podcast covers several great points dealing with a Customer Service Management Software called Service Titan. Listed below are some key points, and any additional questions you may have can be answered by going to ServiceTitan is a field management software for HVAC, plumbing, electric, and garage door services that helps companies streamline operations, support and train their techs and CSRs, and increase...


Field Metrics, Software and Performance Based Pay

Tersh interviews Bryan on Flat Rate, Metrics, Software and performance-based tech pay


Working w/ Residential Property Managers

An impromptu discussion about working with residential property management customers. How to gain customers and how to make the relationship work for your business.


Dispatcher Responsibilities and Tips

Dispatching is a really hard job that transcends description. In this episode, we talk about the job. Scheduling, phone answering and the actual dispatching of calls.


Introduction to Service Business Mastery

In this episode, Tersh introduces himself, and we go over some of the top things that will be covered in this podcast.