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Meet a natural storyteller who makes differences ~ Episode 019

One circumstance of being an entrepreneur is how the daily essential functions of what we do so closely connect with our natural behaviors. No matter where you are in your career life, I think you’ll enjoy this episode as I introduce Rachel to herself and she gravitas toward learning about herself from a stranger. As the host I am always rewarded by the giggles of confirmation from such wonderful people… Another fun conversation of nuggets of why, we do what we do… Meet my guest – Rachel,...


One of Hollywood’s Famed Villains, Confirms “The Why” ~ Episode 018

During my speaking engagements and on this podcast I often mention that “Every One Has A Story”, as is the title from the first chapter of my book, The Why You Do... Well, I could have listened to my guest Patrick Kilpatrick for hours... what an interesting professional who is the best-of-the-best; he has worked with the absolute who's who of Hollywood, and his stories are endless. There were so many questions I intended to ask, but while introducing him to his natural behaviors my challenge...


The professional speaker, going for the gold – Episode 017

Have you ever considered how the various experiences and early passions have contributed toward molding us for whom we've become? This episode is an excellent example of reviewing a person's career to learn how even some of our most primitive occurrences assist us with the development of how we've evolved... that is, when all of the behavioral traits are allowed to be in alignment. Another fun conversation of nuggets of why, we do what we do... Meet my guest - Jeff, Raleigh, NC ~


A passionate woman designed for connecting relationships – Episode 016

We all have a story and here is a really nice woman who has the role as mother, wife and the burning desire to get her business launched... she is easily described as a passionate entrepreneur. She has the natural behavior, which aligns with her ambition for being the "Connection Guru" (the name of her business) a person who helps others with a greater value of connectivity. I hope you enjoy this fun conversation as she learns... Why She Does What She Does... My guest Shana, Charlotte, NC ~


When professionals strive for perfection their behavior blends with excellence – Episode 015

My prefect storm is having the key people who perform professional services such as dental, family practice doctor, therapeutic massage, physical therapy complete a behavioral survey to learn of their natural behaviors for predictable results. After a few chiropractic sessions and witnessing how he assisted my wife with her alignment and pain issues, I knew that Dr. Joe has the perfect behavior and the skill set to be my guy… I hope you enjoy this episode 015 with Dr. Joe, Charlotte, NC ~


My Other Brother Daryl with special guest John Voldstad – Episode 014

For many of us we simply enjoyed the weekly humor of The Bob Newhart Show and the participation of each character. This episode is with my new friend John Voldstad, who was the other brother Daryl for eight seasons of the famed Bob Newhart TV series. But John wasn’t just the Other Brother Daryl; he’s enjoyed a healthy acting career on many movie sets packed with amazing scripts and meeting dozens of Hollywood royalty. I hope you enjoy this interesting interview with John as he describes his...


Sometimes you meet the nicest people in airports – Episode 013

A few weeks ago while returning from New York I met the nicest young lady at the JFK Airport. While I was expecting a long two and half hours of waiting, a delightful conversation effortlessly breezed by and stole my expected boredom. If I remember right my contribution was more listening than talking, but I’ve learned the significance of having selective dialog, by allowing someone to express their feelings can be an appreciated experience. She was returning from a romantic rendezvous with...


Being bullied, how it didn’t prevent her success – Episode 012

For obvious reasons I am unaware of the stories that historically my guests have experienced until we chat about their behavior. And not all the time… but frequently as I introduce their natural gifting and behavioral identity they share how they over came adversity by having these traits. During this episode Lisa opens up of how even with her relationship profile, she found inter strength to overcome the excruciating pain of being bullied. Not only has she put these sorrowful memories...


Your Sound Behavior Minute – Airline Companion – Episode 011

On one of my last flights I sat next to a guy who was living the American dream. Hi this is “Don Crosby with your Sound Behavior Minute”. After what seemed like hours of listening to Jackson talk about his family, business, cars, travel and amazing lifestyle… he asked me… so… sir what do you do for a living? I said, thank you for asking, I help people by introducing them… to themselves and to their loved ones… He was so fascinated that it took him only minutes to complete my assessment… then...


Your Sound Behavior Minute – Feel Flawed – Episode 010

Last week I was talking with George, and he is not doing well because he feels flawed. Naturally his behavior is very strong and comes across harsh and hurting the very people he loves. Even his own parents don’t understand him… now he is almost to the point of a nerves breakdown, and he is asking why? Have you ever wondered why you seem to self-destruct your relationships? Hi this is Don Crosby with your Sound Behavior Minute. We are living during a time when people are more stretched than...


A snap shot regarding college life from a goal driven Michigan State University student – Episode 009

This interview has a special place in my heart because this episode is with my nephew Jacob, the younger of my brother’s two boys. We started introducing the ProScan assessments to my nephews before they were 10 years of age and here he is already 24-where have the years gone… my father, his grandfather would be so proud of them both. Listening to Jacob reminded me of some of the dynamics and choices of living off campus during my day. In preparation for our interview I printed off a...


Once a Marine always a Marine… – Episode 008

This profound interview with one of my best friends captures a man’s passion from an early age to break the generational pain of being raised by an abusive father… to himself becoming an amazing father, an accomplishment as a young man he couldn’t conceive possible. His excruciating childhood prepared him to become a marine; the combination of his god-gifted behavior and early abuse crafted his training excellence as an accomplished leader. Then fast forward his life to when his wife walked...


Your Sound Behavior Minute – A married couple of 35 years – Episode 007

A few weeks ago I was meeting with a couple who have been married for 35 years and the wife confessed that she feels their relationship is empty! Have you ever wondered why it seems that your spouse fails to understand you…? Hi this is Don Crosby with your Sound Behavior Minute. And, whether you’ve been married for 35 years or you just said I DO…the issues of miss communications in your relationship are seriously predictable. What came from my conversation with Becky and Bob was...


The value of connecting your behavior with your passion – Episode 006

When a person understands their passion the importance is receiving the peace of mind to implement the ability to live in the freedom of purpose. This episode is a conversation confirming a professional woman’s natural behaviors… We didn’t discuss stress or troublesome areas, however when someone is distributing life’s pressures with optimism and receiving many of their needs high satisfaction is frequently the outcome… and in this case… the end result. I hope you enjoy my episode with...


How knowledge provides predictable outcome – Episode 005

Relationships are naturally complicated which suggest the importance of have aspiring students of behavior, but remember even apprentices need the right tools. Since the beginning of time when man first started crafting lifestyle conveniences, the chisel and hammer came before the wheel… Naturally we understand that many daily activities require the proper tools… It’s hard to replace a flat tire without a wrench and jack. You shouldn’t try tightening a screw with a hammer. Nor attempt to...


A professional woman balancing her personal and career responsibilities – Episode 004

The other day I was privileged as the guest speaker for a group of young professionals from the fields of accounting, law and investment banking. My only regret was that there wasn’t enough time for specifics and the seating was so casual that it was difficult room to facilitate. One of those participants asked me some great questions, which prompted her to become our guest for this episode. Meet Jamie from Charlotte, NC Thank you for your interest in our Sound Behavior Podcast. Hopefully,...


A one-on-one interview becomes broadcasted on Sound Behavior – Episode 003

From the corporate team environment to sound behavior podcast here is a discussion with a woman who is balancing her personal and professional lives. I hope you enjoy my conversation of introducing Jessica to herself. Thank you for your interest in our Sound Behavior Podcast. Hopefully, you’ll be an important participant of our journey by listening via RSS feed or sharing with your friends, family and maybe even becoming a guest. Here is episode 03 - Jessica, from Huston, TX.


A preparation from a corporate team session becomes a podcast – Episode 002

When Sound Behavior was syndicated as a weekly radio show it didn’t take us long to have a list of guests supporting amazing content for several months in advance. But now, that Sound Behavior has changed the broadcasting venue from radio to podcast, finding guests has to be an intentional effort of talking to people. Thank you for your interest in our Sound Behavior Podcast. Hopefully, you’ll be an important participant of our journey by listening via RSS feed or sharing with your...


The Launch of Sound Behavior – Episode 001

Sound Behavior is back on the air broadcasting as a 30-minute podcast replacing our weekly one-hour radio show. As the production and design components were being checked off my list the only missing ingredient of launching the new project was guest interviews. Then while on a consulting project in Tallulah, Louisiana one of the women attendees one of my morning classes mentioned I needed to connect with her son Ben in Nashville, TN... and when I mentioned the start of my podcast… she said...