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Phileena Heuertz | Contemplation, Action, and Knowing God

"I knew all this stuff about God but I was lacking in terms of how much I knew God in my personhood, in my lived experience..."—Phileena Heuertz Episode 68 of Spirituality for Ordinary People features an interview with Phileena Heuertz. Phileena has spent her life in social justice work among the world’s poor. A member of the New Friar movement, for nearly 20 years she and her husband Chris served with Word Made Flesh in more than 70 countries building community among victims of human...


J. Dana Trent | For Sabbath's Sake

"It's that one day a week that shapes the remaining six..."—J. Dana Trent Episode 67 of Spirituality for Ordinary People features an interview with J. Dana Trent. J. Dana Trent is a graduate of Duke Divinity School and professor of World Religions and Critical Thinking at Wake Tech Community College. An ordained Baptist minister and former hospital chaplain, her work has appeared on Time.com, and in Religion News Service, Sojourners, Religion Dispatches, and The Christian Century. Key...


Manuel Luz | From False Self to True Praise

"Beauty is a form of truth that God uses to display His glory. Imagination allows us to tap into that again - to see God through beauty."—Manuel Luz Episode 66 of Spirituality for Ordinary People features an interview with Manuel Luz. An aerospace engineer by day jazz/pop musician by night, Manuel Luz was called to be a worship pastor 18 years ago. He continues playing gigs, has combined engineering and music in surprising ways (inventing a new musical instrument), and serves at Oak Hills...


Taking a Break for November

Matt Brough explains why there won't be any new episodes of Spirituality for Ordinary People coming out in November. He needs a bit of a buffer time as he adjusts to his new role working as the Program Coordinator for the New Worshipping Communities Initiative (Cyclical PCC) for his denomination. The role is half-time, and he will be staying on as pastor of Prairie Presbyterian Church on a half-time basis as well. Listen in as he explains the approach to starting new Churches and how it is...


Imagination, Story, and Hope

In Episode 65 of the Spirituality for Ordinary Podcast we revisit two old interviews with children's authors S.D. Smith and Laura Alary who speak about the importance of imagination, ritual, story, and how we need to inspire hope. Matt Brough also shares a bit about his own fiction writing for children, and reads from Laura Alary's new children's Bible, titled Read, Wonder, Listen. Links Matt Brough's Del Ryder Fantasy Adventure Series S.D. Smith and his Green Ember Series Read, Wonder,...


Darryl Dash | Building Habits for Spiritual Growth

"Habits can be a tool, a means to an end, or they can become a distraction if we're not careful because they're not the point—God is the point—they're only there to help us pursue God."—Darryl Dash Episode 64 of Spirituality for Ordinary People features an interview with Darryl Dash. Darryl is a pastor and church planter in Toronto with over 25 years of ministry experience, and author of How to Grow: Applying the Gospel to All of Life. He serves as pastor of Liberty Grace Church and also...


Grant Vissers | Calling and Character

"It's not depth, it's not breadth, it's not knowledge... it's can you be consistent in your time spent with Jesus?"—Grant Vissers Episode 63 of Spirituality for Ordinary People features an interview with Grant Vissers. Grant is a pastor at St. Paul's Leaksdale Church, a writer, blogger, and host of the Young Church Leaders Podcast. Key Learnings When trying to figure out a calling, a vocation, or a next step, listen to the people around you, but make sure that the ones you are listening...


Michelle Van Loon | Born to Wander

"There is a part of discipleship that always leaves us in motion, even if we've lived in the same place our entire lives"—Michelle Van Loon Episode 62 of Spirituality for Ordinary People features an interview with Michelle Van Loon. Since coming to faith in Christ at the tail end of the Jesus Movement, Michelle’s Jewish heritage, spiritual hunger, and storyteller's sensibilities have shaped her faith journey and informed her writing. She is the author of five books and a regular contributor...


Ross Lockhart | Beyond Snakes and Shamrocks

"The Celtic Christian tradition is not what I would call 'I need a hug theology.' It's deeply grounded in the revelation of Father, Son, and Spirit..."—Ross Lockhart Episode 61 of Spirituality for Ordinary People features an interview with Dr. Ross Lockhart. Ross is Associate Professor and Director of the Centre for Missional Leadership at St. Andrew’s Hall. Ross serves as the Presbyterian Director of Denominational Formation at Vancouver School of Theology as well as an Adjunct Professor...


Jonathan Merritt | The Fading of Spiritual Language

"Only about 13% of Christians 'speak God' about once a week... that's shocking! Because we say we love God, we say we love faith, but we don't talk about faith..."—Jonathan Merritt Episode 60 of Spirituality for Ordinary People features an interview with Jonathan Merritt. Jonathan Merritt is an award-winning writer on religion, culture, and politics. He currently serves as a contributing writer for The Atlantic and contributing editor for The Week. Jonathan has published more than 3500...


Grace Ji-Sun Kim | Healing Our Broken Humanity

"Fearing one another, hating one another, not welcoming one another... We have to somehow overcome and see what Christ has done when Jesus walked on earth. He didn't build walls, he broke them down..."—Grace Ji-Sun Kim Episode 59 of Spirituality for Ordinary People features an interview with Dr. Grace Ji-Sun Kim. Grace is Associate Professor of Theology at Earlham School of Religion and is the author of over 15 books. Her latest include... Healing Our Broken Humanity, co-written with Graham...


Amos Smith - Be Still and Listen

Click here and Enter for a chance to win a copy of Amos Smith's latest book, Be Still and Listen "Augustine said that people try to fill that God-shaped hole in the brothel, in the bar, with their spouse, but nothing really satisfies, gives a deep sense of fulfillment and purpose, like a direct experience of God's presence. "—Amos Smith Episode 58 of Spirituality for Ordinary People features an interview Amos Smith. Amos writes at his website about Recovering Christianity's Mystic Roots...


Rachel Schmoyer | Reading Hard Parts of the Bible - a Bible Study on Malachi 1:1-5

"It was amazing to me that in this hard part of scriputre, there were things we could immediately apply."—Rachel Schmoyer Episode 57 of Spirituality for Ordinary People features Rachel Schmoyer. Rachel has a website called "Read the Hard Parts" which focusses on looking at some of the most difficult passages in Scripture and looks to discover what truth we might glean. Rather than the usual interview format, Rachel and I do an essentially unplanned Bible Study on Malachi 1:1-5: 1 The...


Alicia Brummeler | Everywhere God

"When I look beyond my own circumstances and catch these other glimmers of how God is moving and acting in the world and in other peoples' lives, then I realize He is here with me..."—Alicia Brummeler Episode 56 of Spirituality for Ordinary People features an interview with Alicia Brummeler. In it, we focus on her book, Everywhere God: Exploring the Ordinary Places. We discuss encountering God in when spiritually adrift, having or not having tangible experiences of God, encountering God in...


John van Sloten | Metallica, Your Job, and God's Presence Everywhere

"There's something about naming God's goodness in a thing that softens your heart toward it."—John van Sloten. Episode 55 of Spirituality for Ordinary People features an interview with John van Sloten. In it, we focus on three areas: 1) God's presence in popular culture 2) Our jobs as parables for understanding God The interview is a deep dive into understanding the revelation of God. How is God speaking / or revealing himself. Key Learnings There is always an opportunity to learn about...


Rich Lewis | What to do in the Silence - The Centering Prayer Episode

"God isn't just some outside force looking at me or some infinite force that created the universe but God is actually in me...and I can take these inner nudges and actions into my daily life."—Rich Lewis How can you actually get closer to God in such a way that you are really experiencing God's presence on a regular basis? Episode 54 of Spirituality for Ordinary People features an interview Rich Lewis. In it, we focus very specifically on the practice of centering prayer. We go over what...


Paul Angone | Spiritual Questions to Ask in Your Twenties

"Silence is radical...Getting away from technology, getting away from everything, is radical."—Paul Angone Twenty-somethings and thirty-somethings continue to long for something more or have a sense that life or the world is not as it should be. How can we do better self-examination, especially when failure, disappointment, tragedy, or struggle is close? Episode 53 of Spirituality for Ordinary People features an interview with Paul Angone, author of 101 Secrets For Your Twenties and 101...


Dan Stanford | Losing the Cape: The Power of Ordinary in a World of Superheroes

"You don't have to have an 'S' on your chest if you have a savior in your heart."—Dan Stanford North American culture is saturated with the superhero motif. Why is that, and what hopes and needs is the pop culture superhero tapping into? Why do we flock to superhero stories, and what does it mean to embrace ordinary-ness as a better way to life? Episode 52 of Spirituality for Ordinary people features an interview with Dan Stanford, author, and pastor of The Well Church in Kenosha, WI....


J. R. Briggs | The Power of Questions for the Spiritual Life

"Good questions can change the trajectory of peoples' futures."—J.R. Briggs People are asking deep and difficult questions in their lives and there is an inclination in our culture to fixate on easy or quick-fix answers. What does it look like to sit with questions, ask better questions, and how can a focus on questions help us in our walk with Christ? Episode 51 of Spirituality for Ordinary people features an interview with J.R. Briggs, author, pastor, and founder of Kairos Partnerships....


Matthew Brough | Episode 50 - The One Year Anniversary

Episode 50 celebrates the one year anniversary of the Spirituality for Ordinary People Podcast. Ashley Boychuk joins our host, Matthew Brough, and she interviews him.