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Amos Smith - Be Still and Listen

Click here and Enter for a chance to win a copy of Amos Smith’s latest book, Be Still and Listen “Augustine said that people try to fill that God-shaped hole in the brothel, in the bar, with their spouse, but nothing really satisfies, gives a deep sense of fulfillment and purpose, like a direct experience of God’s presence. ”—Amos Smith Episode 58 of Spirituality for Ordinary People features an interview Amos Smith. Amos writes at his website about Recovering Christianity’s Mystic Roots...


Rachel Schmoyer | Reading Hard Parts of the Bible - a Bible Study on Malachi 1:1-5

“It was amazing to me that in this hard part of scriputre, there were things we could immediately apply.”—Rachel Schmoyer Episode 57 of Spirituality for Ordinary People features Rachel Schmoyer. Rachel has a website called “Read the Hard Parts” which focusses on looking at some of the most difficult passages in Scripture and looks to discover what truth we might glean. Rather than the usual interview format, Rachel and I do an essentially unplanned Bible Study on Malachi 1:1-5: 1 The...


Alicia Brummeler | Everywhere God

“When I look beyond my own circumstances and catch these other glimmers of how God is moving and acting in the world and in other peoples’ lives, then I realize He is here with me…”—Alicia Brummeler Episode 56 of Spirituality for Ordinary People features an interview with Alicia Brummeler. In it, we focus on her book, Everywhere God: Exploring the Ordinary Places. We discuss encountering God in when spiritually adrift, having or not having tangible experiences of God, encountering God in...


John van Sloten | Metallica, Your Job, and God’s Presence Everywhere

“There’s something about naming God’s goodness in a thing that softens your heart toward it.”—John van Sloten. Episode 55 of Spirituality for Ordinary People features an interview with John van Sloten. In it, we focus on three areas: 1) God’s presence in popular culture 2) Our jobs as parables for understanding God The interview is a deep dive into understanding the revelation of God. How is God speaking / or revealing himself. Key Learnings There is always an opportunity to learn...


Rich Lewis | What to do in the Silence - The Centering Prayer Episode

“God isn’t just some outside force looking at me or some infinite force that created the universe but God is actually in me…and I can take these inner nudges and actions into my daily life.”—Rich Lewis How can you actually get closer to God in such a way that you are really experiencing God’s presence on a regular basis? Episode 54 of Spirituality for Ordinary People features an interview Rich Lewis. In it, we focus very specifically on the practice of centering prayer. We go over what...


Paul Angone | Spiritual Questions to Ask in Your Twenties

“Silence is radical…Getting away from technology, getting away from everything, is radical.”—Paul Angone Twenty-somethings and thirty-somethings continue to long for something more or have a sense that life or the world is not as it should be. How can we do better self-examination, especially when failure, disappointment, tragedy, or struggle is close? Episode 53 of Spirituality for Ordinary People features an interview with Paul Angone, author of 101 Secrets For Your Twenties and 101...


Dan Stanford | Losing the Cape: The Power of Ordinary in a World of Superheroes

“You don’t have to have an ‘S’ on your chest if you have a savior in your heart.”—Dan Stanford North American culture is saturated with the superhero motif. Why is that, and what hopes and needs is the pop culture superhero tapping into? Why do we flock to superhero stories, and what does it mean to embrace ordinary-ness as a better way to life? Episode 52 of Spirituality for Ordinary people features an interview with Dan Stanford, author, and pastor of The Well Church in Kenosha, WI....


J. R. Briggs | The Power of Questions for the Spiritual Life

”Good questions can change the trajectory of peoples’ futures.”—J.R. Briggs People are asking deep and difficult questions in their lives and there is an inclination in our culture to fixate on easy or quick-fix answers. What does it look like to sit with questions, ask better questions, and how can a focus on questions help us in our walk with Christ? Episode 51 of Spirituality for Ordinary people features an interview with J.R. Briggs, author, pastor, and founder of Kairos...


Matthew Brough | Episode 50 - The One Year Anniversary

Episode 50 celebrates the one year anniversary of the Spirituality for Ordinary People Podcast. Ashley Boychuk joins our host, Matthew Brough, and she interviews him.


Lacey Buchanan | Through The Eyes of Hope

Episode 48 features an interview with Lacey Buchanan. Lacey and her family are truly amazing. Her oldest son, Christian, was born with a rare form of cleft lip and palate called Tessier cleft lip and palate, classifications 3, 4, 5. Christian is completely blind. He is medically complex, but rocking this thing called life! Christian and his mom, Lacey, are on a mission to spread hope to others, share truths about having a disability and raising a child with one, and showing the world how...


Lacy Clark Ellman | Pilgrimage at Home and Abroad

Episode 47 features an interview with Lacy Clark Ellman. She is a spiritual director, maker, and facilitator who speaks the language of pilgrimage and is always ready for the next adventure, having traveled to over twenty countries on four continents. Lacy provides resources, courses and guidance through her website, A Sacred Journey. Partway through the interview, Lacy shares her “rule of life for pilgrims,” or “Pilgrim Principles,” which was awesome! She goes through all seven...


Paul Sohn | Quarter-Life Calling

Episode 45 features an interview with Paul Sohn. Paul is a leadership coach, speaker, and author. Formerly employed by both a Fortune 50 company and a Top 100 Great Place to Work Company, he the founder and CEO of QARA, an organization committed to empowering twenty-somethings to discover their God-given identity and calling. Paul is the best-selling author of Quarter-Life Calling: Pursuing Your God-Given Purpose in Your Twenties. Some of What We Talk About


Jon Fuller | Are You Real?

Episode 44 features an interview with Jon Fuller. Jon is the host of the Are Your Real: Finding the Authentic You Podcast, one of the top podcasts in Religion and Spirituality. He is the author of D.I.Y. Remodel Your Life. Jon is also just a regular person—his main job is running a construction business. Jon explains why he started his podcast, and how it moved from a hobby to a close to full-time ministry, and how it is expanding. He is completely honest about his early walk with God,...


Jo Saxton & Stephanie O’Brien | The Dream of You

Episode 43 features and interview with Jo Saxton and Stephanie O’Brien. Jo and Steph are the leaders and voices of the LeadStories podcast, which focusses on telling leadership stories. They speak about leadership in the broadest senses: at church, in the workplace, at home. Jo Saxton is a Nigerian Londoner - A pastor, missional leader, speaker and leadership coach. She is board chair of 3DMovements, and on the advisory board for Today’s Christian Women. Jo is the author of 4 books,...


Rev. Tim Schenk | Lent Madness

You’ve heard of March Madness. Well, what about Lent Madness? The guest on episode 42 is the Rev. Tim Schenk, who started Lent Madness in 2010. In seeking a fun, engaging way for people to learn about the men and women comprising the Anglican Church’s Calendar of Saints, Tim came up with this unique Lenten devotion. Combining his love of sports with his passion for the lives of the saints, Lent Madness was born… This interview was a lot of fun. It is a reminder to not take ourselves too...


Karl Vaters | Following Jesus in the Small Church

Episode 41 features an interview with Karl Vaters. Karl writes and speaks about leadership in the small church, including his own blog, and a Christianity Today blog called Pivot. He is the author of a Small Church Essentials: Field-Tested Principles for Leading a Healthy Congregation of under 250 and The Grasshopper Myth: Big Churches, Small Churches and the Small Thinking that Divides Us and is the pastor of Cornerstone Christian Fellowship in Fountain Valley, California. SOME OF WHAT...


Cheryl Wunderlich | Finding Rest in the Everyday

Episode 40 features an interview with Cheryl Wunderlich, author of Sacred Rest: Finding the Sabbath in the Everyday. Here’s a bit from here bio… After years caught up in the whirlwind of family life, motherhood, work, and ministry, Cheryl couldn’t imagine allowing rest for herself—until cancer forced her to stop. In her crushing battle with exhaustion, she began to hear God’s still, small voice inviting her to hope, be restored, and to find deep soul-quenching rest in Him. God’s rest was...