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Helping Businesses Stand Out, Survive, Succeed & Grow.

Helping Businesses Stand Out, Survive, Succeed & Grow.
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Helping Businesses Stand Out, Survive, Succeed & Grow.








Ep 16 - Learn 3 Things People do That Can Hurt Their Business!

This is Episode 16 of Stand Out & Grow - Shut the Front door! People make mistakes when they are delivering there message to other people or future customers and sometimes those mistakes are harmful to a business. I am going to walk through 3 most common mistakes people make when trying to grow their business that sometimes they are not aware they are doing. Some might call it being passionate and some just might be stepping over the line of just being obnoxious. Tune Into this episode so...


Ep 15 - Are you Looking to Lease an Office? Do you know what a Tenant Advisor does?

This is Episode 15 of Stand Out & Grow - Bang! My guest today is a Tenant Advisor who works with Business Owners and Chief Operations Officers to advocate for them when you search for office space. He works with all kinds of businesses for a variety of needed spaces. The Cool thing about a Tenant Advisor is there is no additional cost on your end. Hear about how working with a Tenant Advisors protects you and any undue expenses you might incur in the long run. Please join me in welcoming...


EP 14 - It's A New Year and Time to Set Smart Goals

This is Episode 14 of Stand Out & Grow - Hello! What are your plans for your success in 2020? Are you going to set goals for yourself or your team? Have you ever set goals for your self or your business? Did you know that you can't achieve success without having a roadmap in place. That is what setting goals does, it creates a roadmap for you to stay focus and follow so you can achieve success with your business or personal brand or your personal self-development. Tune Into this episode...


Ep 13 - Are You Listening to Your Body? Did You Know It Can Mean Life or Death?

This is Episode 13 of Stand Out & Grow - Bang! My guest today is a National Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coach and Functional Medicine Health Practitioner whose mission it is to help exhausted, stressed women regain their energy, stamina, and vitality. She believes that "No one knows their body better than YOU do and if you know that something is not right, then you need to work on finding out what that is and why that is. " Hear her amazing personal story that leads her to her...


Ep 12 - Start Growing Your Business Revenue Today!

This is Episode 12 of Stand Out & Grow - Boom! Do you know what a CRM is? A CRM is a Customer Relationship Management program. If you have a CRM in place did you know you could increase your revenue just by adding this tool to your sales process? A CRM when used correctly is one of the most powerful tools available to any business who is trying to grow their revenue! Tune Into this episode so you can learn about how a CRM can help your business Stand Out and Grow. Find all notes at...


Ep 11 - Looking to Start a Podcast and Not Sure How to Do It?

This is Episode 11 of Stand Out & Grow - Bang! If you are looking into doing your own podcast and you don't have the funds to hire an editor or know of anyone who can mix your content then you will want to tune into this podcast. My guest is a 15-year veteran with more than 75 professional and consumer audio technology products under his belt, he discovered lots of pain in creating a professional podcast… despite being a giant audio nerd! Please join me in welcoming Dan Radin CEO of Auxbus...


Ep 10 - Who Is Your Target Audience for Your Business?

This is Episode 10 of Stand Out & Grow - Boom! Knowing who your target customer is one of the most important and vital information you should know as a business owner. You should be able to describe them in detail and can create an avatar that is just like your idea customer. This alone will help you save hundreds and thousands of dollars in your marketing and advertising Tune Into this episode so you can learn about how to pinpoint who your target audience is so you can Stand Out and Grow...


Ep 9 - Is Your Business Protected from a Death or Huge Loss?

This is Episode 9 of Stand Out & Grow - GotYa! Today I want to introduce you to someone who helps people and Business owners protect their assets. Our loved ones are often the reason we work so hard. So it is extremely important that You make sure that your loved ones are cared for if something happens to you and preserve the resources you have for their benefit. Please join me in welcoming Gifford Collins CEO of Collins Law Firm. Tune Into this episode so you can learn about protecting...


Ep 8 - Selling to Vito To Get More Sales

This is Episode 8 of Stand Out & Grow - BooYa! Who do you Sell too? do you Sell to the Executive Assistant? Do you Sell to the Middle Manage? Who is the most likely person to buy your product, goods or services? Selling to Vito teaches you to sell to the C level Players within an organization so you can close more business. Tune Into this episode so you can learn about Selling to Vito and how it can help you stand out and grow your business. Find all notes at Please...


Ep 7 - Interview with Corri Depp Sr Marketing Specialist at ValPak

You are going to learn about Direct Mail Marketing and what are the Pro and Cons of Direct Mail. I want you to understand how to buy it and what to expect for your advertising investment. You will hear from someone who has been in this industry for more than 8 years. Please join me in welcoming Senior Marketing Specialist Corri Depp with Valpak. Tune into this episode to learn more. Find all notes at Please take a moment and review us so more people can find our...


Ep 6 - Your Unique Selling Propositions or USP Why This is Important to Have!

This is Episode 6 of Stand Out & Grow. We are all in a very competitive space so we have to do things and put things in place for our company that helps us STAND OUT. What makes you different from your competitors? what unique benefits do you bring to the table? Tune Into this episode so you can learn about what a USP is Unique Selling Proposition and how it can help you stand out and grow your business. Find all notes at Thank You to everyone for your wonderful...


Ep 5 - Interview with Melissa Hartman about Network Marketing

Ever Wonder about Network Marketing? Find out how you can make over 6 figures, create the life you want and work the schedule that fits your needs. If you find your self in a situation where you don't think you can start a new business, that's OK there are so many business opportunities for you to explore outside of starting a new business. Tune into this week's Episode of Stand Out & Grow to learn more! Find the notes of this podcast on Please take a moment and...


Ep 4 - What is the Problem You Are Trying to Solve?

You have a great idea for a business and now you want to know? How do you actually know if people will buy into your business model, product, solution or service? How do you know if you actually have something that will solve a problem that there is a need for it? How do you know if this Great Idea will work? You also want to know how do you start making money off this great idea for your business solution or product or service? Tune into this week’s episode of Stand Out & Grow to Learn...


Ep 3 - Why You Need a Business Coach?

Dave Molenda CEO of Positive Polarity explains why having a business coach helps keep you accountable to your own business plan, business success and business growth. Business owners don't have anyone to report to or to hold themselves accountable for the goals they put in place. Having a business coach changes how successful you will be because you will have someone who pushes you and challenges you to be the best you can be. Tune in and learn more about why you need a Business Coach to...


Ep 2 - Got a Business Idea - Now What?

You have a great idea for a business and now you want to know what do you do next? How do you get that business idea off the ground and into action so you can start making money off this great idea for a business solution? Find all notes for this episode at Please take a moment and review us so more people can find our podcast. Thanks in advance. Kat Remember You Got This!


Ep 1 - How I Haphazardly Became an Entrepreneur

Welcome to my first Episode of Stand Out & Grow! I want to help your Business Stand Out, Survive, Succeed & Grow. Building your business is really hard and knowing what marketing or advertising tools you need to help you become successful is extremely confusing. After 30 years of working with thousands of businesses, I am here to help you make good business decisions. I want to help you understand the programs that are available to you so you can Stand Out, Survive, Succeed & Grow. So let's...