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Founder selling, learning from mistakes – Tukan Das

Final Five What is your favorite sales or leadership book? The hard thing about hard things by Ben Horowitz Do you have someone that you follow/read for sales/leadership ideas? John Barrows, Reid Hoffman, Ben Horowitz Are you available 24/7? Do you have strict personal time boundaries? No strict boundaries What is your favorite tool used for sales? What one piece of advice do you have for all the founders/CEOs/VP Sales out there? You can not change the cards you're dealt, just...


Implementing Videos to Build a Relationship – Brad Smith

Final Five What is your favorite sales or leadership book? Fanatical Prospecting by Jeb Blount -- Sell or be sold by Grant Cardone Do you have someone that you follow/read for sales/leadership ideas? Dan Martell Are you available 24/7? Do you have strict personal time boundaries? He has strict time boundaries What is your favorite tool used for sales? Zapier, Mailer Lite, Many Chat What one piece of advice do you have for all the founders/CEOs/VP Sales out there? Turn on video, face it...


Outsourcing your SDR – Mike Coscina

Final Five What is your favorite sales or leadership book? Sales Management Simplified by Mike Weinberg Do you have someone that you follow/read for sales/leadership ideas? Sales Hackers, Open View Venture Partners, Jack Kosakowski Are you available 24/7? Do you have strict personal time boundaries? The weekends are his. He using them for himself and to learn. What is your favorite tool used for sales? LeadIQ What one piece of advice do you have for all the founders/CEOs/VP Sales out there?...


How do you invest your time as a sales leader with Tibor Shanto

Final Five What is your favorite sales or leadership book? The 10 Day MBA by Steven Silbiger Do you have someone that you follow/read for sales/leadership ideas? Andy Paul, Matthew Dixon, Brent Adamson Are you available 24/7? Do you have strict personal time boundaries? Not available, the evening and the weekend he is working on disconnecting. Doesn't think sales managers should be available either. What is your favorite tool used for sales? Salesforce What one piece of advice do you have...


Making SDR more efficient with Seth List

Podcast Show Notes A big problem he has come across while advising other startups has been that the founder does not have a sales background and will read a sales book and try to implement the ideas without fully understanding the sales process itself. The kind of first hire you should have for sales really depends on the type of personality the CEO and founder has. Are they wanting a gunslinging cowboy or someone that is more thoughtful of the process and methodical. So the fit with the...


How to get more sales from conferences with Pia Heilmann

Podcast Show Notes Think of trade shows and events as revenue drivers. It is a place to start building brand equity rather than closing immediate deals. Also, use the time to have the sales people meet their prospects in the pipeline face to face to build the rapport further. Small, better targeted events can be a lot better for bringing in potential business (as opposed to the larger events). She has found that these types of events bring in much higher ROI. As a sales person its great to...


How to measure your SDR and Sales – Jonah Mandel

Podcast Show Notes Time to first contact is very important and you should build a system in place to enable you to get to the lead within the first 5 minutes before the client does. If you catch the prospect that quick, it allows you to have to conversation with them and set the standard for when they go speak with the competition. Where as if you speak to them after they spoke with your competitors, you have to explain how you compare against them. When expanding the team, empower the...


Ready for Business Development or Just Sales?

Show Notes First question you should be asking in a startup environment; When are you ready for a business development vs just sales? To answer that you need to answer other questions; do you have a sales process? Usually sales and business development will be done by the same person in the earlier stages. Are your partners respected and well thought of in their domain? If yes, you need to look at how to influence them in your methodology to enable them to sell your product. When working...


Taking Pricing off the Website

Show Notes When starting with your first salesperson you need to set the mechanisms in place to track the data points before you start selling. Then begin to build your outbound script or story. To approach outbound prospects, it is important to use all forms of communication you can. From LinkedIn to emails. They allowed Gmail signups as some major companies have restrictions against signing up for cloud technologies. They put a low entry point to get access to their product by only asking...


From Individual Contributor to Sales Leader

Show Notes His sales team is more of a consultative sales team. He has a technical product that requires a lot of different people to be involved on the team. He finds though that if you show up to a meeting with a lot of people the prospect can feel that they are just paying for your large overhead while at the same time if you do not have the right people to answer all the questions you may miss an opportunity. As such he hires very knowledgeable pre-sales engineers and will try to limit...


Common Prospecting Mistakes with Mark Hunter

Show Notes To begin any prospecting, you have to ask yourself two questions; 1) What is the outcome I can help the prospects receive and 2) Who is the right type of customer that this would appeal to. If you do not demonstrate (quickly) how and why the customer should pay attention to you, there is little reason for them to listen to you. You have to match the sales cycle to the buy cycle, then start your prospecting before that time. In one phone call you can exchange more information than...


Biggest mistakes a company makes when structuring the team – Jeff Manning

Leaders always need to keep their fingers on the pulse of the people. If you have a people centered leadership style (not a product or financial) you are ahead of the game and know how to get the best of team. Give responsibility to the top sales people by having them lead a special project. When looking to join a new company, make sure to meet with all the leadership and board members that have an influence. Make sure they are reasonable, have a realistic understanding of the situation and...


To succeed plan for the end – Gary Johnson

In a new hire he is looking for a natural sense of curiosity and the basic understanding of how a business operates. For Gary, if you come to an interview and have no questions for the manager, it is not going to be a good fit. A common problem with pipeline forecasting is over qualification of the prospect. Either to company is not a fit or the person speaking with you is not a fit. Momentum is either started or ends at the discovery stage. You need to identify the business reason (the...


Problems in a sales pipeline – Benjamin Dennehy

Most sales problems come down to one thing… Prospecting. This causes you to have smaller funnel which then makes you discount and make concessions you do not want to make. If you have long sales cycles, qualifying becomes more important as you could waste a lot of time until you find out they are not going to purchase. People are afraid of picking up the phone because you have been raised to not talk to strangers or to always be able to have an answer for someone of authority. For those that...


Outbound prospecting Eric Nadeau

His team is working mostly (about 95%) outbound. His outbound leads have a 10 day cadence of 5 emails and 5-6 calls to try to get the conversation going. He is using outreach to manage these cadences. It takes them about 150 calls before having a good conversation with a potential client. Eric believes that each salesperson has their own style and they should play to their strengths. When thinking about scalability, he says that as long as they are hitting their targets, it is okay and if...


Solve for customer value not volume – John Sherer

Show Notes John was the first sales person at the company. They launched the product on product hunt without actually having a product. In his first 6 months he spent his time calling the leads and selling the vision. This allowed him insight to see what was required to purchase as far as features went. He calls this stage not sales but customer development. John found a way to make targets that the whole company can feel. By preselling a feature in development and setting a deadline for...


Using the DISC personality profile to hire sales – Kirk Tharp

SHOW NOTES The average tenure for a VP sales is about 19 months. What is important to prolong that is for the VP to be adaptive to the future steps of the organization. Kirk implemented something he learned from another sales leader, put time every morning to look at what is needed long term vs where things are currently standing. Kirk finds that generally a new VP sales will bring with him people he or she has worked with before that they trust to get the job done. For the current employees...


Should you hire sales with experience? – JR Butler

Show Notes Starting his career in EMC as a reseller and grew into sales from there. After noticing his clients ordering less and having less activity, he spoke with them and got a demo of a new product they were using (Turbonomic) and he was so impressed that within 2 months he was knocking on their door to come sell for them. The biggest lesson he learned from moving to a leadership role from a individual contributor is that what made him successful (as an individual contributor) may not be...


Difference between a good and great salesperson – Gwen Wiscount

Show Notes: Startup Sales teams problems generally come down to three things; Platforms - Processes - People They either don't have the tools required or they have but are not using them properly. There is a fundamental way in which sales should be conducted. Having the right people for the right positions. When having these three things in line, you should have great performance from the sales team. Having the right people for the sales position is key. Making sure they have the right...


How to bring in $6 Million in new business – Kory Wagner

SHOW NOTES In charge of the business development and channel startup sales team, he grew the team from 5 BDR’s to 15 and channel sales from 1 to 2. Focused on segmenting the market to ensure his BDR’s were approaching the right leads and also put together the right process to target these leads. This means finding the right amount of touch points (14-16 for outbound) and how often in order to obtain the attention of the lead. Using webinars and white papers to help educate the market as he...