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The Future of Sales with Mark Fershteyn

Episode 57: Show Notes. On this episode of Startup Sales we have Mark Fershteyn joining us. Mark has been in sales for a long time, going from sales to management to Director of Sales and now he is the founder of a startup called Recapped. Having been in all of these positions, he knows and […]


Be Buyer Centric with Kevin Dixon

Episode 56: Show Notes. Today on Startup Sales we are so glad to welcome Kevin Dixon, the founder of Boxxstep! Kevin is someone with so much experience in the sales world and also a leader who remains an active seller with a committed buyer centric philosophy. He is here to explain his approach to sales, […]


Account Based Selling with Jeremy Levine

Episode 54: Show Notes. Welcome back to podcast everyone, today we are very lucky to be joined by Jeremy Levine, Senior Digital Adoption Consultant at WalkMe and part of the Sales Hacker 50! He is here to tell us about his work, explain account based selling and the best ways for building rapport with prospects. […]


Important Traits in a Sales Person with David Zeff

Episode 53: Show Notes. In this episode of Startup Sales, we welcome David Zeff. Early on in his career, David started his own sales company and later went on to help other early-stage start-ups grow and build their sales teams. Today, David serves as Head of Sales at Exceed Technology, a leading tech sales company […]


Reducing the Time to Close with Dylis Guyan

Episode 52: Show Notes. In this episode of Startup Sales, we welcome Dylis Guyan. Dylis is an International Sales and Marketing leader, coach and speaker and owner of her own company by the same name. She also serves as Course Director for the Chartered Institute for Marketing and lectures MBA students at Oxford University’s Saïd […]


Remote Sales Team with Michael Tuso

Episode 55: Show Notes. In this episode of Startup Sales, we welcome Michael Tuso. Michael is the Head of Business Development and Enablement at Chili Piper, which is a 100% remote company, including their entire sales team. In this episode, Michael shares his unique insights as a leader of a remote sales team. We hear […]


Be More Productive with Time Blocking with Armand Farrokh

Episode 51: Show Notes. In this episode of Startup Sales we welcome Armand Farrokh, Senior Manager of Sales Development at Carta. Armand is here to talk about his sales process and the ways in which you can tighten up your systems and routine for improved results and greater conversion rates. He unpacks what he sees […]


Mental Framing Mini Series Part 7 with John Ellis

Episode Mini 50: Show Notes. Welcome back to our mini-series with John Ellis. This is the last episode in this set and we hope you have found it useful. In this episode John will be unpacking the crucial importance of mental framing. He basically breaks down the subject into four main parts and expands on […]


Compensating & Onboarding New Sales Reps - Mini Series 6 of 7

Episode 49: Show Notes. We left off last time taking about the hiring process of AEs and BDRs and today we’ll be discussing onboarding and compensation. Now that you’ve found the right people, the next considerations include what to pay them and how to get them to ramp up. We give you some helpful guidelines […]


How to screen for good sales people - Mini Series 5 of 7

Episode 48: Show Notes. Recruiting and hiring sales talent is the next important topic in our mini series with John Ellis. These tasks are some of the most challenging, especially doing it at scale. Today we discuss your sales leader’s role in approaching prospective reps, the most important information for job postings, the red flags […]


Sales Management 102 - Mini Series 4 of 7

Episode 47: Show Notes. Today we are continuing our discussion from Part 3 about sales leadership and management. Specifically, we will be discussing how a company can attract the right sales leader, which leadership skills to be on the lookout for, and what kind of leadership is required at each stage. There is no such […]


Sales Management 101 - Mini Series 3 of 7

Episode 46: Show Notes. On this episode of our mini series with John Ellis, we are talking about sales leadership and management. We specifically unpack what these functions are responsible for, how to get started and what kind of leadership is required at each stage. It’s important not to look for someone with an impressive […]


Engagement with no resources - Mini Series 2 of 7

Episode 45: Show Notes. Today we’re going to be speaking about sales enablement and engagement! In particular, we are discussing how to approach these two functions when you have little to no resources, so this conversation is especially relevant to startups who often have to make do with the basics. We talk about the pros […]


How to sell when you have no clients - Mini Series 1 of 7

Episode 44: Show Notes. Welcome to the first in our Startup Sales mini series with John Ellis! After our conversation on the full edition of the podcast, we received some great feedback, tons of questions and we also realized how much we could all benefit from drilling down on some of the topics we mentioned […]


The Importance of Timing in the Sales Process with Drift

Episode 43: Show Notes. Today on the show we speak with Drift CRO, Josh Allen, and VP of Sales, Armen Zildjian. In this episode, we explore a range of important topics you’ll inevitably have to face as an early-stage company. Josh and Arman see a lot of companies hurting themselves by not paying close enough […]


A guide to outbound sales with Jason Bay

Episode 42: Show Notes Today on the show we welcome co-founder of Blissful Prospecting, Jason Bay. If you are an early-stage company wanting to start your outbound process, this is a terrific episode for you. Here we show you how to set up your outbound process in the most effective and human way, what tools […]


Mapping Out Your Sales Process with Brandon Bussey

Episode 41: Show Notes. On the show today we’re sitting down with Brandon Bussey, Sales Leader and Director of Sales Ops at Lucid. Brandon has a great deal of experience in high growth tech companies and he’s going to be sharing with us about mapping out your sales process, how to structure your team and […]


Competitive Strategy and Value Proposition with Michael Field

Episode 40: Show Notes On this episode of Startup Sales, we are joined by Michael Field who works with early stage startups and business owners to develop their competitive strategy and improve their brand and market position as well as growing out their sales team. Today we’re covering a number of interesting topics including competitive […]


Being Open Minded in Sales with Hilton Burke

Episode 39: Show Notes. On the show today we have Hilton Burke from IncrediBuild joining us to share his wealth of experience as a sales manager. He advises listeners on the composition of an effective sales team and on recognizing when a lead is ready to be handed over to a sales executive, and then […]


Managing a Sales Team in a Startup, with John Ellis

Episode 38 Show Notes Key Points From This Episode: Today we’re speaking with the Senior Director of Sales at Luma Health, John Ellis, about leadership techniques and managing an effective sales team, particularly in the early stages of a startup. John shares about the educational value of doing certain things the old school way, how […]