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Lessons Learned While Healing from Trauma

Have you ever said to yourself, "if I only knew then what I know now?" It's quite likely you are nodding your head in agreement, as that old saying is timeless. For better or worse, it's one of those things that gets passed down from generation to generation. It comes in especially handy when you're giving advice to a child about what you've experienced and what they can learn from your mistakes. Of course, we all know we've heard that and didn't listen right?..but I digress. Anyway, we...


Adverse Childhood Experiences and Living an Authentic Life, with Leslie Peters, RN.

Our guest on this episode of the podcast is Leslie Peters, RN. Leslie is a registered nurse, who left a career she loved, to step out of her comfort zone and start following her intuition and her heart, by sharing her story as a speaker, self-love strategist and accountability partner in self-care. Leslie Peters is a woman who has spent a lifetime asking, listening and learning from others. The only person she never listened to was herself; she grew up, married and raised men with...


Releasing Shame and Recovering Repressed Memories through Writing, with Elisabeth Corey, MSW

Elisabeth Corey, MSW, and founder of joins me on the podcast as a return guest to discuss how writing and journaling can be an incredibly beneficial modality of healing. I first had the opportunity to chat with Elisabeth back in episode 38 as we discussed working with our inner parts to help heal trauma. Inner Parts work is a specialty of Elisabeth and continues to be a focus in her work with private clients and in her group sessions, webinars, and other resources created...


Life with DID and Giving Your Alters a Voice, with Kelli Gettel

Our returning guest for this week, Kelli Gettel, originally shared some of her story in episode 80, Life with Autism, CPTSD, DID, and Narcolepsy. If you haven't checked out that episode, you'll want to add it to a playlist on your favorite podcasting app and check out more of her story. During our chat today, Kelli gives us an update on how her healing work is coming along, including: Kelli lives in the central Pennsylvania area, with her husband and 3 children, including a 4 yr old who...


Strategies for Recognizing and Responding to Your Inner Critic

Everybody has one, and it follows you around, constantly causing you to second guess your decisions. It creates an element of self-doubt, perpetuates anxious feelings, and generally make your life miserable if you allow it that kind of power. What is it...Your Inner Critic. In this episode, Joanne and I are talking about the importance of not only recognizing it, but also responding to your inner critic This is such an important topic because it affects so many aspects of daily life, from...


How Childhood Trauma Affects Your Relationships & Boundaries, with Vennie Kocsis

I'm honored to welcome back returning guest, Vennie Kocsis, as we continue our conversation on how childhood trauma manifests itself in your life, both physically and emotionally. In particular, we're discussing the effects on dating and romantic relationships. We had originally intended to dive into more areas, beyond relationships alone, during this episode but as often happens, there is so much to cover that we thought it best to focus our time on this important part of survivor life....


The Physiology of Childhood Trauma, how Abuse Affects our Mental and Physical Health, with Vennie Kocsis

My returning guest for this episode is my good friend, fellow survivor, and advocate for survivors of childhood trauma, Vennie Kocsis. Vennie Kocsis is an author, poet, artist, and survivor of Sam Fife’s Move of God cult. My creativity is the therapy by which I have survived the memories of abuse I suffered in my childhood. There are many caves where memories hideout, and I intend to travel them all in this lifetime. I understand the journey through trauma recovery, and I am here to share...


Preventing Burnout in Trauma Recovery

Recovering from childhood sexual abuse, narcissistic above, emotional neglect, bullying, or any type of childhood trauma is not something you can rush through. It's a long process, full of ups and downs, struggles and triumphs, and virtually every emotion you can imagine. One of the things I struggled with during intense times of healing was the concern of doing too much, too fast, and overextending myself without doing proper self-care. I was all in on my healing, which is not a bad thing...


Solace in Chaos, how a Survivor of Childhood Trauma found his Peace and his Passion

Our guest on this episode of the podcast discovered that his place of peace, of inspiration, of solace, was in the kitchen working as a chef. Spencer Gorman-Prow is the author of Solace in Chaos, a Chef's Memoir, which can be purchased on Amazon, both in paperback and in Kindle form. An Executive Chef's memoir of how he was able to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds of child sexual abuse and tragedy and forgive himself in order to achieve success. Chef Spencer relates his journey to...


Mental Health Megacast - Talking about Personal Struggles & Advocacy with others.

Welcome back to the Mental Health Megacast, a semi-regular round table discussion with 3 mental health advocates, podcasters, and survivors of circumstances we’d rather forget, who are trying to find our way through life and make a difference. To that end, the Megacast is the combined collaborative brain powers (more or less) of Wes from and Mike from, and myself. I encourage you to check out and follow them online and through your favorite podcasting...


4 Benefits of Working Through the Pain of Your Past

This podcast focuses on inspiring you to break free from the chains of your past and move forward to experience the world of healing, possibilities, and opportunity that comes with working through past trauma. We wanted to spend some time with you today explaining why this is so important. There are many who feel like they don’t want to let the past go and others that believe they just can't do it even if they did want too. Sometimes we find comfort in holding onto the past because its...


Arkhangel, the Story of Battling Schizophrenia along a Journey of Self-Discovery, - Ep. 124

Leo Zaccari is a history professor, writer, and author of the psychological thriller ARKHANGEL. He teaches history at Brookdale Community College and loves thrillers, sci-fi, fantasy, and the paranormal. My book is a psychological thriller about a girl learning who she is and it touches on themes of coping with mental illness, isolation, alienation, and schizophrenia. I really hope that this book will help young and old alike feel that they don't have to be alone and that they can identify...


Do Your Alters Agree with the Diagnosis of DID? Ep - 123

I cover the topic of DID regularly, both on this podcast and on Surviving My Past, and consider it an honor when a former guest is interested in coming back to continue our discussion. Rob Goldstein joins me regularly to discuss his experiences with DID, the things he's learned about himself, an continues to learn about his alters and the way they all interact with him in daily life. As Rob outlines on his site I’m a Certified Mental Health Rehabilitation Specialist...


Listen to the Cry of a Child, Barbara Joy Hansen Shares her Story and her Faith - Ep. 122

My guest on this episode of the podcast, Barbara Joy Hansen, shared her story on my blog previously and continues to find new ways to inspire, educate, and encourage survivors to embrace healing, release the toxic self-shame, and find hope through faith. Long before #MeToo & #ChurchToo, I lived with a silent scream for 40 years; having experienced sexual, emotional, verbal, psychological & spiritual abuse. I now choose to use my voice to help others with broken wings to break free from...


Guillain Barre Syndrome Recovery, One Year Later - Ep. 121

I originally shared my experience with GBS, in February 2018, in episode #58. That podcast took me quite a long time to record and the blog post even longer to write since it was right in the early stages of healing and I was still coming to terms with what happened. Still, I was compelled to write and speak my story as best I could, mainly because that's one of the ways I cope with things of this severe nature. You can check out that episode and detailed blog post, here. During the last...


Overcoming the Effects of Childhood Bullying, and Developing Resilience - Ep. 120

My guest, Melissa Wilson, is a survivor of bullying and is now a Certified Coach, working with clients who have experienced bullying, and other forms of abuse and childhood trauma to help them get unstuck and move forward toward their goals and dreams. She is also a podcast host of, "The Grass Gets Greener Podcast" where she talks with survivors, professionals, and everyday people who have a story to share and ways to help inspire you to not give up even in the wake of a traumatic past. I...


Introduction & Chat with new Podcast Co-host, Joanne Cipressi, Coach & Survivor - Ep. 119

Since I started this podcast a few years ago, it's been quite an interesting and exciting journey, to say the least. From the very first episode where I sat in front of my laptop, talking about being a survivor and the struggles of daily life, to now interviewing coaches, clinicians, and advocates every week; sharing their work and stories. I enjoy each and every episode and consider it a true honor to be a part of your day as you listen to the podcast. Podcasting has allowed me to take the...


You Don't Need to be a Supermom, You Just Need to be You, with Dr. Raquel Muller - Ep. 118

Licensed Psychologist turned Coach and Speaker helping moms bust the “supermom” myth and become more calm, effective, confident, and joyfully imperfect moms. Dr. Muller is not only a moms’ coach, but she also a mother. As a wife, mother of two, and professional therapist for 17 years I have also struggled with the conflicting and multiple demands of raising a family and being a loving and attentive partner, while also pursuing personal fulfillment through my career. In my work I use my...


Using Mindfulness and Emotional Regulation to Help with Anxiety, with Melanie Vann - Ep. 117

My guest today, Melanie Vann, shares her insight as a clinician, on the debilitating effects of anxiety that she experienced in her life and also saw in her son as he grew up. In addition, we also discuss the benefits of being fully present, learning emotional regulation, and equine therapy to help with taking control of anxiety so it no longer controls you. Melanie is the program director for Mental Health News Radio, and also a clinician and podcaster, as well as the founder and CEO of...


Homeless and Runaway Youth, it's More Complicated than You Think, with Marnie Grundman - Ep. 116

My guest on this episode of the podcast, Marnie Grundman, has made it her life's mission to advocate for runaway for children and youth, and raise awareness to the reality of what really goes into the decision to run and what life is truly like living on the streets. Marnie Grundman is the renowned author of MISSING: A True Story of a Childhood Lost, Which can be found on her website, A child who belonged to no one, missing at the tender age of 13, she experienced...