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Taking Charge Podcast: Ending The Self Help Hustle and Heartbreak


Real principles, real examples and actionable steps to help you access and harness your remarkable power and manifest a life second to none.


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Real principles, real examples and actionable steps to help you access and harness your remarkable power and manifest a life second to none.






The Last Laugh: Vision to Victory with Dennis Franks

Most people have great visions, but only a few drive them to victory. What do these people have in common? Is it magic or something anyone can learn & apply? Join Mark and Dennis as they share how even in the current crisis, you can move your vision to victory. You can draw out that inborn greatness and become a victor.


Quarantined? Battle or Bliss? With Bethany Williams and Vince Nelson

Mark J interviews Bethany Williams and Vince Nelson, best selling authors, public speakers and successful couples coaches about how to overcome fear, heartache and find personal harmony, even during a global pandemic.


Mark J: Overcoming Obstacles

How many times have you heard people say,” in everything give thanks”? It sounds easier said than done, but once you start applying this principle, genuinely, life will never be the same. In today’s episode, we concentrate on Gideon’s story and the lessons we can learn abou how to overcome obstacles in life.


The Ambassador of Joy with Barry Shore

In this episode Mark interviews Barry Shore, The Ambassador of Joy. Barry shares his journey to entrepreneurship, how an accident changed his life and teaches valuable lessons about kindness and joy.


Building Networks Builds Wealth with Tom and Adrian Chenault

Today on the show we are joined by Tom and Adrian Chenault. Tom is a prolific network marketer and his son, Adrian, is the brain behind the Contact Mapping app. They explain how the application works and Tom shares some valuable tips that make him a great network marketer.


Greatness Within With Dawn Anderson

In this episode Dawn Anderson shares her inspiring story of self-discovery and success. A single mother of eight children, Dawn went from struggling network marketer to successful business woman, author, speaker and coach. She explains how by working on herself, she grew her business to a level where she was able to work from home for fewer hours and still make all the money she wants.


Come Back Strong with Lori King

Menopause is a scary phase of life for many women. Contrary to popular belief, it's much more than just hot flashes and night sweats. These women face a daily onslaught of challenging symptoms including insomnia, lack of focus, anxiety, weight gain and more. For them, menopause is truly a difficult place to be. In this episode best-selling author, Lori King, shares her inspiring story of recovery and triumph. Her body was thrust into surgical menopause following the removal of some cysts, fibroids and masses she discovered, bringing with it the worst-case scenario of depression, anxiety, and insomnia. Sometimes the storms that blow into our lives aren’t there to disrupt us; they come to steer us. For Lori, the menopause storm steered her into the great, successful person she is today.


The Go-Giver – with Bob Burg

Bob Burg shares how a subtle shift in focus is not only a more uplifting and fulfilling way of conducting business but the most financially profitable way, as well. For 30 years, he's helped companies, sales leaders, and their teams to more effectively communicate their value, sell at higher prices with less resistance, and grow their businesses based on Endless Referrals


Finding Fulfillment Begins In The Mind

Women sometimes have trouble finding their voice or worth in our new world. These 3 Master Key Experience Graduates have no trouble finding their voices and enjoy a deep understanding of their worth. All are very different, but extremely successful people in their separate fields of endeavor. Listen as they share openly and honestly why they've moved past our everyday world of negativity and dysfunction to lead happy, healthy fully-evolved lives.


Mark J: It’s Not Politicians, It’s Us… THINK!

In this episode, Mark is in rare form as he shares his unique and insightful perspective on where the real problem lies in this country! Our political system is more focused on sound bites and viral media clips and less on actually solving the issues they're supposed to be debating about! As voters, we’re allowing politicians to talk about the issues without checking to see if they really solved the issue. We are letting our chosen side of the aisle leave us divided.


John Novello: Don’t Die With Your Heart’s Music Unplayed

Many of us experience a nagging feeling that there's more to our current life, that we have more to offer. Yet we don’t know how to answer this “music of our heart.” In this insightful episode Mark talks with John Novello, a musician who had achieved success, but realized he wasn't playing his own melody. John shares how he learned to shift his mind, follow his bliss... and catapult himself to #1 on the jazz music charts.


Jason Houser: The Feelings Manifesto

Jason Houser reveals the piece most people are missing about goal chasing, the Law of Substitution, and the power of emotions to tap into the greatest power any human can ever have. If you are a big goal setter or love affirmations, be sure to listen to this episode!


Marlo Andersen: Finding The Perfect Career

We talk with the lovely Marlo Andersen about the work involved in finding and living your authentic purpose. Marlo shares insights into her work as a healer, learning how to find and work with your calling, and how to continue to evolve to be a better version of yourself. This episode is perfect for you if you feel “stuck” or disillusioned with your life. Marlo shares inspiration and strategies to help you get “unstuck”.


Mike Boggs: Failing Student to Master Teacher & Millionaire

Mike Boggs relates his rags-to-riches story using the principles in the Master Key Experience. Mike shares how he persisted to his success through detachment, focus, and controlling your emotions even when life doesn’t go the way you planned. If your life hasn’t gone the way you planned, listen in for tips on how to get your life back on the path this moment!


Richard Bliss Brooke: Vision to Manifestation

We talk with Richard Bliss Brooke about the power you have to transform a vision into reality. Whether that vision is for a yellow Volkswagen Beetle, a million dollars, the next partner for your network, or the love of your life, Richard and Mark share the principles, strategies, and techniques of manifesting your dreams without relying on a pile of self-help books or over priced courses.


Ending the Self Help Hustle and Heartbreak

Mark introduces the goals and objectives of this (literal) mind-changing podcast. He shares why and how this podcast can help you break out of the self-help hustle and the 7 Laws of the Mind that will help you transform (not just change) your reality into something bigger than you ever dreamed.