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ASWF Aftermath: Going for Gold preview

Join Michael Carnahan, "Bad" Brad Hicks, "the infamous one" Double J, and The Commissioner Joey Britt as they give you all the information you need to know before the show. This Saturday Night the ASWF Hall Of Famer Johnny Harper takes on "The Face Of Brilliance" Mike Anthony. Also new ASWF champion Seth Sabor is now scheduled for his first title defense this Saturday. Vic Vicious and insane Andrew will also do battle in a grudge match. And don't forget the Gauntlent For The Gold where...


ASWF Aftermath: "Against The World" Recap Show

Join us tonight as we bring on Travis Desmond who does the IndyPowerRankings. He will talk about how the Rankings work. And discuss Lethal Injection's nomination for Tag Team of The Week. We will also have Kaid Allen and CT Jordan on to see if we can clear the air on what went wrong in their tag team match. Also we will discuss the current situation with Mike Anthony calling out the Hall of Fame is the ASWF. We discuss the tag match that took place between Vic Vicious and Seth Sabor vs Ray...


ASWF Against the World

Join Michael Carnahan and Bad Brad as they bring you all the action from the Valiant Arena in Tuckerman Arkansas tonight on the card we will have a TLC match for the ASWF tag team championship between the most dangerous team in the mid south Full Throtle and Lethal Injection, also tonight former ASWF champion Mike Anthony will call out Action Jackson two weeks after Jackson cost Anthony the ASWF Championship don't be on the outside looking in be here as ASWF ANd Ring Revolution Radio...


ASWF: Eve Of Destruction Podcast 1-23-2015

Join Bad Brad for the 30 minutes as he breaks down what's going to possibly happen at "Against The World" on January 24th, 2015 in the Valiant Arena. The golden ticket winner Sexy Rex has his eyes set on something for sure. The TLC match between Full Throttle and Lethal Injection. Uncle Filthy and Deadly Dale will be wondering the building. BOSS will be in the building. Mike Anthony plans on calling out Action Jackson. X-Kaliber has his eyes set on retaining his international championship....


ASWF Aftermath: Against The World Preview Show

Join Michael Carnahan and "The Infamous One" Double J as they give you all the latest information you need to know before heading to the Valiant Arena in Tuckerman Arkansas this Saturday for Against The World. Already announced this Saturday will be the TLC match for the ASWF Tag Team Championship between Lethal Injection and The Most Dangerous Team In The Mid South Full Throttle. Who will be able to walk away with the the win and the gold? And how will Brad Mercurys' knee hold up in one of...


ASWF Aftermath: New Years Evil Wrap Up

New Years Evil has come in with a BANG. We not only have one but TWO new champions inside of the ASWF as X-Kaliber captured the International Championship and Seth Saber survived the Fatal Four Way matchup and captured the richest prize in the game, the ASWF Championship,. Also we will recap a very physical bull rope match between Vic Vicious and "The Outlaw" T.J. Wells. At the end of the night one of these combatants was carried out of the arena and will be out for a extended period of time...


ASWF and Ring Revolution Radio Present: "New Years Evil"

Join Michael Carnahan and "Bad" Brad Hicks as they bring you all of the action from the Valiant Arena located at 201 Hwy 367 N in Tuckerman, Arkansas. On the card tonight is the clash that has been almost 6 months in the making as VIc Vicious takes on "The Outlaw" T.J. Wells in a Bull Rope Match. Also on the card tonight ASWF International Champion "Hot Rod" John Ellison will be putting the title on the line. And NEW ASWF Tag Team Champions Full Throttle will make their first defense of...


ASWF Aftermath: New Years Evil Pre Show

We are only four short days away from the ASWF kicking the door wide open on 2015 with New Years Evil. And this is the show before the show join Michael Carnahan, "Bad" Brad, "The Infamous One" Double J, and The Commisioner Joey Britt as they give you all the insight and knowledge you need to know before the lights come up and the fists start flying. This week we will be previewing the collasal encouter that will be the Bull Rope match between "The Outlaw" T.J. Wells and Vic Vicious. All...


ASWF Aftermath: Season Beatings Recap

Seasons Beatings has come and gone but the ASWF is likely to never be the same again. We have big news to recap concerning the interim commisioner of the ASWF now having the interim part of his title removed. Also we will recap what was a physical submission matchup for the ASWF Internation Championship between "Hot Rod" John Ellsion and the champion "Action Jackson" John Allen. Also the Battle Royal to decide who would hold the golden ticket came down to the wire and showed us that ANYTHING...


ASWF Seasons Beatings

Join Michael Carnahan and "Bad Brad Hicks as they bring you all the action from the Valiant Arena in Tuckerman, Arkansas. Tonights card features the HIGHLY anticipated Fatal 4 Way match for the ASWF Championship. The Current Champion only has a 1 in 4 chance of walking out with the title. Making this truely his toughest test to date as the champion. He will be defending agains Ray Ray, Insane Andrew, And the man who says its "ALL ABOUT ME" Seth Saber. Who will walk out of this war with the...


ASWF Aftermath: Seasons Beatings Is Here!

After all the exciting action took place in the Valiant Arena last Saturday to benefit Hayley Evans Ozier. We prepare now to move forward towards Season's Beatings. Highlighted with a Fatal 4 Way match for the ASWF Championship. Austin Lane suffering an injury announced that Ray Ray would step up to take his place and battle for the title. It's going to be interesting for sure. Hot Rod took his rightful place back as the #1 contender for the International Championship. And Rockin Rickey...


ASWF Clotheslines Against Cancer 2: Benefit for Haley Evans Ozier

Tonight Join Michael Carnahan and "Bad" Brad Hicks as they bring you all the action from the Valiant Arena in Tuckerman, Arkansas all for the cause of raising money for Mrs. Haley Evans Ozier! After his MANY attempts trying to get out of going through a table will "Bad" Brad finally be driven through a table at the hands of "The Outlaw" T.J. Wells and Commisioner Joey? Also we will have an update tonight on the condition of the "Human Highlight Reel" Austin Lane. Join us at 7 P.M. CST for a...


ASWF Aftermath: Clotheslines Against Cancer 2 Preview Show For Haley Marie Ozier

As we prepare for battle in the Valiant Arena to help Mrs. Haley Marie Ozier the crew will be discussing what went down last Saturday. As well as what's to come in the ASWF Clotheslines Against Cancer 2 show. We will surely get in the #NOTGONNAHAPPEN as Michael Carnahan fell victim to an attack after the Outlaw TJ Wells gave Bad Brad a Christmas Present. We will be giving an update on Austin Lane's injury last Saturday. It's definitely going to get interesting for sure.


ASWF: Lizard Lick Live

Bobby Brantley joins the guys in the Valiant Arena as we cover all the action live!


ASWF Aftermath: Night Of Stars Preview

Dec 6th 2014, it all takes place at the Valiant Arena. Former Lizard Lick Towing and current Bad Dog Nation TV Star Bobby Brantley will be at the Valiant Arena. Along with Mr. Brantley will be Swamp'd star David McCall. And if that's not enough your Guest Host for the evening will be none other than Memphis Legend "Double B" Brandon Baxter. It promises to be a heck of a show for sure. Coming off the heels of a highly heated and action packed Thanksgiving Throwdown there won't be much we...


ASWF Aftermath: Surprise Surprise

We are four days away from Thanksgiving Throwdown in the ASWF. Tonight Double J has promised to reveal his surprise. Will he do so?? Hot Rod looks to tap out the competition as he defends his International Title. Can the streak continue? And the fatal fourway collides again possibly? Austin Lane, Insane Andrew, Seth Sabor and the ASWF Champion Mike Anthony cross paths again. Will Mike Anthony survive another night in the Valiant Arena with "The Golden Ticket" looming about... And with so...


ASWF Aftermath: A Brotherhood Dismantled

Inside the ASWF the former friendship of Idol Bane and Deadly Dale has officially been dismantled. What once was a brotherhood signed in the blood of LSD has become no more. And in just a few short moments began feud that will last forever. Idol Bane came out to the ring and layed out the reasons as to his turning his back on Deadly Dale at Halloween Havok. It was definitely a moment that will echo throughout the halls of the Valiant Arena for ages. Seperated by miles and phone lines we...


ASWF Saturday Night

Join Michael Carnahan and "Bad"Brad Hicks as they bring you all of the action from the best wrestling promotion in the midsouth the All Star Wrestling Federation. Two weeks after ASWF Halloween Havok and the Valianat Arena and the ASWF is still feeling the reprecussions of the event. Will we finally get the answers as to why Idol Bane turned his back on Deadly Dale ruining their friendship. Also in the same matchup Vic Vicious and T.J. Wells beat eachother to a pulp but it still didnt solve...


ASWF Aftermath: Inside The Spiders Web

Join Michael Carnahan and Double J as they bring on special guest "Spyder" the acting comissioner of the ASWF. They also will break down what they think is going to happen at the Valiant Arena in Tuckerman, Arkansas in a few short days. This is definietly going to be an interesting show as who knows what the current commish has in store. Will Deadly Dale get his answers towards Idol Bane and the betrayl that followed the House of Horrors Match. Austin Lane vowed to hunt down Mike Anthony...


American Idiots Election Eve Special

Tonight join Michael Carnahan, Brad Hicks, and Sean Castleberry as they break down all of the highly contested political races across the country. Tonight we will have Rep. Tom Cottons' communication director on to go over their strategy for victory tomorrow night! Also we will look at the potential for a Republican majority in the senate and break down what that means for America moving into the next two years and beyond. Its the return of the American Idiots only on Talk Radio 49