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Ep. 122: Cyber Security Pro Opines on How We Can Secure Critical Infrastructure

As cyber threats continue to get more sophisticated around the globe, Senior Managing Director and Head of Cyber Security for the Americas at FTI Consulting, Ms. Jordan Rae Kelly appears on Episode #122 of TF7 Radio to talk about what the U.S. needs to do to secure critical infrastructure and protect our citizens privacy. Ms. Kelly also spoke about election security, what she learned from her experiences with the 2016 elections, and what we need to do to make sure the 2020 elections are...


Ep. 121: What Went Down With The Iowa Caucus App

CNBC Cyber Security Reporter Kate Fazzini appears on Episode #121 of Task Force 7 Radio to break down what actually went down with the mobile app used at the recent Iowa DNC Caucus, review the recent Senate Report on Election Security, and unpack what actually happened in the Jeff Bezos cell phone hack. All this and much, much more on Episode #121 of Task Force 7 Radio.


Encore: The Cyber Security Talent Crisis: Where Are the Women?

With our special guest, Dr. Magda Chelly, we are going to define the problem with attracting women into the Cyber Security space and discuss what we need to do moving forward to solve this problem which is driving the Cyber Security Talent Crisis across the globe.


Ep. 120: How To Get More Women Into STEM Careers

Author and National Security Expert Tyler Cohen Wood appears on Episode #120 of Task Force 7 Radio to talk about her efforts in getting more women into STEM related jobs and getting girls interested in STEM careers early on in their lives. Tyler also spoke about why she thinks people are still falling for phishing scams, what are some of the biggest Cyber Security challenges businesses are facing today, and what people can do to enhance their own personal cyber security at home.


Encore: Ep. 34: Why You Should Automate Your Incident Response Operation

In the first segment of the show, Host George Rettas provides analysis on last week's announcement by the FBI recommending that all Americans reboot their office and home routers to mitigate a nation state threat from the Russian Government.


Ep. 119: How Open Source Intelligence Plays Into Red Team Exercises

Max Deighton, the North America Lead for Context and Henry Prince, Senior Security Consultant for Context both join Episode #119 of Task Force 7 Radio to talk about the importance and value of conducting Red Team exercises. The duo unpacks what red teaming really means, what are the rules of engagement when bringing an adversarial mindset to a problem, and how open source intelligence can be used to conduct successful exercises.


Ep. 118: What Does The Next Generation CISO Look Like?

Dr. George Antoniou, Associate Professor of Cyber Security Management at Lynn University joins Episode #118 of Task Force 7 Radio to talk about what the next generation CISO looks like. Dr. Antoniou unpacks the changing role of the CISO, what the CISO position might look like in 20 years, and what is driving all the recent changes to the position.


Ep. 117: What Boards Should Be Asking Their CISO's

Partner and Shareholder of Greenberg Traurig, Paul Ferrillo joins Episode #117 of Task Force 7 Radio to talk about what Board Members should be asking their CISO's, how they should prepare themselves for these discussions, and how often and for how long should these briefings last.


Ep. 116: Measuring Cyber Security Risk in Financial Terms

The CEO and Co-Founder of Verodin, Chris Key appears on Episode #116 of Task Force 7 Radio to about the use of instrumentation, the quantification of Cyber Risk in financial terms, and why organization's investment in technology controls are only performing at 25%.


Ep. 115: 2019 - Reviewing The Year In Cyber Security

The Chief Executive Officer, Josh Lefkowitz and Chief Strategy Officer, Chris Camacho of Flashpoint join Episode #115 of Task Force 7 Radio to recap some of the most talked about Cyber Security Topics of 2019. From Ransomeware, to the Insider Threat, to Cyber Security Fusion Center models, the duo unpacks the most interesting topics of the year.


Ep. 114: The Road to Becoming a CISO

Many people in the Cyber Security profession aspire to be the Chief Information Security Executive of their organization some day. Listen to the Chief Information Security Officer of Ciena, Andy Bonillo describe his journey from humble beginnings to becoming a CISO on Episode #114 of Task Force 7 Radio.


Encore: Ep. 27: Getting Security Right At The Design Phase

Dr. Gary McGraw, renowned American Computer Scientist and Vice President of Security Technology at Synopsys talks about his efforts around the Building Security in Maturity Model (BSIMM) project


Ep. 113: Application Security is National Security

Application Security expert Samir Sherif joins Episode #113 of Task Force 7 Radio to talk about the importance of Application Security and role quality Development Security Operations plays in the National Security of the United States.


Ep. 112: They Must Live, We Must Die

The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of BlackOps Partners Corporation, Casey Fleming appears on this week's episode of Task Force 7 Radio to talk about China, what kind of threat they pose to the United States, and their competitive economic strategy of "they must live, we must die" as a world power.


Ep. 111: Is China An Enemy or A Competitor?

Is China an enemy or a competitor to the United States? Former Director of the NSA and the former Commander of U.S. Cyber Command, Admiral Michael Rogers weighs in on this topic and much more on Episode #111 of TF7 Radio!


Ep. 110: How CISO's Should Communicate with Their Boards

Frank Kim, CEO of ThinkSec, taps into his experience as a CISO Advisory Consultant to talk about how CISO's measure the success of their programs and how security leaders communicate their posture to Boards and Executive Leadership Committees. He also talks about how CISO's build their business cases to reflect their cyber security strategies.


Encore: Ep. 85: Former NSA Officer on the Dangers of Information Ops

Former NSA TAO Officer, and the Chief of Outreach at the Army Cyber Institute at West Point, Dr. Michael Klipstein appears on this week's episode of Task Force 7 Radio to discuss why Information Operations are so easy to conduct by Nation States and how they have become so dangerous to the National Security of the United States.


Ep. 109: What Was Different About Quantum Dawn This Year

CNBC Cyber Security Reporter Kate Fazzini speaks with TF7 Radio Host George Rettas about this year's annual financial sector war games, what type of attacks the financial sector drilled on, and what was different about this year's Quantum Dawn exercise than in previous years.


Ep. 108: What's Really Happening in the Cyber Job Market

The Managing Director of the Digital Security and Risk Search Practice at Quantum Search Partners, Mr. Stephen Spagnuolo appears on Episode #108 of Task Force 7 Radio to give you the inside scoop on what is really going on with the Cyber Security job market.


Ep. 107: Is Zero Trust An Effective Approach to Security?

Former FBI Agent and current Chief Information Security Officer of Cyxtera, Leo Taddeo appears on Episode #107 of Task Force 7 Radio to talk about how the Cyber Threat has changed over the years, why it's getting harder for enterprises to manage Cyber Risks, and why organizations can't depend on the government to protect them from Cyber Threats.