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04/10/18 - Backstage at Wembley

In a special edition of the PROGRESS Podcast, Callum Leslie takes you behind the scenes of the first ever PROGRESS show at Wembley Arena—the biggest independent wrestling show in England in 30 years. In it you'll hear the atmosphere of the day, some behind the scenes insight, and chats with Jim Smallman, Matt Riddle, RJ Singh, Aussie Open, Rickey Shane Page, Mark Haskins, Matt Richards, David Starr, Maverick Mayhew, Jordynne Grace, and others. There's also a special announcement about the...


20/09/2018 - The Road to Wembley, part one

Join Callum and J for the first part of a two-week rundown of the Road the Wembley. This is a card with eight main events, so it couldn't fit in just one show. On part one, J and Callum preview the Tag Team Title Thunderbastard, the threeway for the women's championship, and the brutal blood feuds between Mark Andrews and Eddie Dennis, and Jimmy Havoc and Paul Robinson.


13/09/2018 - The making of Freedom's Road

In a special PROGRESS podcast, Callum and J are joined by Al Ronald and Debbie Attwell to talk about the second season of Freedom's Road and the whole journey of the project. From those first tapings to the high-concept melodrama, hear all about how the show came together.


30/08/2018 - The big strong boi is headed to Wembley, and a beast returns

After a huge Chapter show where the landscape shifted dramatically heading into Wembley, the PROGRESS podcast is here to guide you. Callum Leslie and The Lady J bring you exclusive comments from Tyler Bate and CCKampf, as well as for the first time the recorded audio of Paul Robinson's shocking explanation for attacking Jimmy Havoc in the main event.


23/08/2018 - the end of Havoc & Ospreay, and the House of Couture goes to war

Ahead of a blockbuster return to Camden on Monday, The Lady J and Callum Leslie are back to talk about the major issues coming to a head. Jimmy Havoc and Will Ospreay will bring their historic PROGRESS rivalry to an end in a violent 2 out of 3 falls match, but how will Paul Robinson handle being in the middle? Meanwhile, the GYV try to get back on track before Wembley, and the House of Couture are going to war against four fired up opponents.


Chapters 66 & 67 New Orleans review

The PROGRESS podcast returns to your regularly scheduled programming with a look back at the pair of Chapter shows in New Orleans. Callum is joined by social media tsar Adam Libonatti-Roche to discuss all the big talking points. New number one contenders, entrenched champions, and big momentum heading into Super Strong Style 16—it's all covered.


Show Day Diaries: Behind the scenes with Jon Briley

On a very special episode of the PROGRESS podcast, Callum Leslie takes you behind the scenes more than ever before. At PROGRESS Chapter 65, Callum shadowed PROGRESS owner Jon Briley to document his day. What exactly does the cyborg do on show day? How does the decision making process between the three owners work? And what is Jon Briley's coffee order? All these questions are answered in this revealing and candid look at a show day.


PROGRESS Pioneers Series: Mark Andrews

As the comedown from New Orleans begins, it's time for another historical PROGRESS podcast. For this episode of the Pioneers series, Callum is once again joined by The Lady J—but this time, it's to examine one of HIS favourites: Mark Andrews. Often called "the original PROGRESS Guy" Mark is the only Triple Crown champion in PROGRESS history, and is a wrestler who truly exemplifies the PROGRESS punk rock spirit. Matches discussed: Chapter 4, vs. Will Ospreay Chapter 10, vs. Paul Robinson...


Chapter 66 & 67 New Orleans preview

Callum is joined by Al Ronald and the returning Adam Libonatti-Roche to preview the first ever PROGRESS chapter shows outside of the U.K. With two chapters in New Orleans over two days, PROGRESS has assembled one of the most stacked rosters ever. Titles are on the line, a Thunderbastard will be crowned, and a whole host of international stars will debut.


Chapter 65: Have Some Faith In The Sound review

Callum is once again joined by Al Ronald, this time with jingles, to discuss PROGRESS Chapter 65. The conclusion of the world title match changed the PROGRESS landscape moving forward, but there were two other title matches on the card. Not only that, but the final NPS semifinalist was determined, and two rivals put their feud to rest in a brutal No DQ match. This was a packed show, and we're here to break it all down for you heading into New Orleans.


PROGRESS Pioneers Series: Zack Gibson

This is the first episode in the brand new PROGRESS Pioneers Series, a historical podcast series looking back at the performers who have made PROGRESS what it is today. In this podcast, Callum Leslie will be joined by a member of the wider PROGRESS to family to discuss the journey of their favourite PROGRESS original. On episode one, Callum is joined by the inimitable The Lady J of the Facelock Feministas podcast to discuss Liverpool's number one Zack Gibson. Matches discussed: Chapter 1,...


Chapter 65: Have Some Faith in the Sound Preview

After a month's break, PROGRESS returns to the Electric Ballroom on Sunday for Chapter 65! Callum Leslie is joined by camera wizard Al Ronald to break down the card with three huge title matches, returns, debuts, and grudge matches. It's a stacked card at the start of a packed schedule, with spots up for grabs in the big shows down the line—who will take the momentum?


The Photography Special with James Musselwhite & Rob Brazier

With no show to review or preview, it's the first special one-off episode of the PROGRESS Podcast. This week, Callum is joined by PROGRESS photographers Rob Brazier and James Musselwhite for an extended discussion. Photography and how PROGRESS is seen around the world has always been a big part of the company. Rob has been there since day one, while James joined a little bit later—but both have done incredible work. On the episode they discuss some of their favourite pictures, take your...


PROGRESS Podcast - Chapter 64 Review

Callum Leslie and Darren Rogers return to discuss the explosive events of Chapter 64. Eddie Dennis and Mark Andrews came oh so close to a confrontation, Flash Morgan Webster became the Thunderbastard, and we have new tag team champions—again. But what was up with that reaction at the end of the show?


PROGRESS Podcast - Chapter 63 Review

Callum and Darren are back to break down all the action from PROGRESS' return to Manchester, Chapter 63. Challenges were laid down, friendships continued to crumble, and finally—FINALLY—Manchester got a title change. It truly was a momentous occasion.


PROGRESS Podcast - Chapter 64 Preview

The PROGRESS podcast returns to preview Chapter 64, and PROGRESS' return to Camden. Callum is joined by Matt Richards and Rob Brazier to break down the huge Thunderbastard, the two title tilts, and the rest of that card as well. NOTE: The body of this podcast was recorded before the Eddie Dennis Thunderbastard situation was made public. An addendum to the Thunderbastard match discussion discusses this situation in as much up to the minute detail as we have, but this is a fluid match at the...


That Was PROGRESS - Chapter Three

Callum Leslie and Darren Rogers return to look back at PROGRESS Chapter Three: Fifty Shades of Pain! This show features a STRICTLY NO BLOOD NO HARDCORE MATCH...and you can guess how that goes. It's brutal. Lots of fun stuff on this show, setting up a big main event for the final show of 2012...


PROGRESS Podcast: Chapter 63 preview

PROGRESS is starting off 2018 with a bang, and after Chapter 62's MOTY candidate between WALTER and Timothy Thatcher the train rolls on to Manchester. There PROGRESS is staging what some are calling one of the most stacked cards they've ever put on. Callum Leslie and Darren Rogers break down the huge title matches, the twists and turns of the women's division, an intriguing singles clash between former NPS winners and so much more.


PROGRESS Podcast - Chapter 62: Fear No More, Come To Dust review

After a show that got the whole world talking, Callum is back with merch man Darren Rogers to discuss the first Ballroom show of the year. WALTER and Thatcher in their match delivered chops heard around the world, while the CCK and SPPT teams exploded. Eddie Dennis continues to make his presence felt to torment Mark Andrews, and the Natural Progress Series V kicked off!


That Was PROGRESS - Chapter Two: The March of PROGRESS

In a very special appearance, Callum is joined by PROGRESS co-owner Glen Joseph to look back at PROGRESS' second show Chapter Two. The show features debuts for the likes of Mark Andrews, Will Ospreay, and RJ Singh—and a seriously underrated main event.