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What does the Bible have to say on a variety of topics. You might be surprised!


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What does the Bible have to say on a variety of topics. You might be surprised!






#102 Does God Speak To You?

Do you want to hear from God? Do you want him to speak to you? If He does, will He speak to you in a dream? A Vision? A sign? Can God speak to us today? If so, how? Find out what the Bible has to say about this topic now! Download Episode – 102 […]


#101 Quick Answers To Common Questions Part Three

On episode 101 we continue our look at common questions. Today we take a look at what the Bible actually says about 1) Cross-dressing – is it okay for a man or woman to dress as the opposite sex? 2) Is it wrong to make money and have wealth? 3) Can’t I just go out […]


#100 Quick Answers To Common Questions Part Two

On episode 100 we take a look back at some funny audio clips from past episodes including the very first episode. We also take a look at 3 topics – 1) Smoking 2) Vegetarian VS. Meat Eater 3) Music. Find out what the Bible says! Download Episode


#99 Quick Answers To Common Questions

On this episode we take a look at 5 topics – 1) Tatoos & Piercings, 2) Abortion 3) Gambling/Lottery 4) Living Together VS. Marriage 5) Drinking Wine/Alcohol. What does the Bible say about each of these topics? Everyone has an opinion but what does God say about these issues in the Bible.


#98 Jehovah Witnesses – What Does The Bible Say?

You have heard of the Jehovah Witnesses but what do they actually believe? Do they follow the Bible? Are they Christian? Follow along with us as we examine closely what the Jehovah Witnesses believe, you may be in for a shock. Download Episode S H O W N O T E S Download Show […]


#97 Why Stand?

What does it mean to stand as a Christian in this world today? Find out what the Biblical admonition for Christians to stand is all about. Are you standing? If you find yourself sitting idle, tune in to today’s podcast and see what the Bible says about “Why Stand?”. Download Episode S H O W […]


#96 How To Be Happy

Are you really happy? Today more than ever we see many people miserable, grumpy and unhappy. Is that you? Someone you know? Did you know that you too can be happy? Find out how you can be happy as Pastor Strobel brings us 7 steps to happiness from the Bible. DOWNLOAD PASTOR STROBEL’S NOTES


#95 Why Does God Make Such A Big Deal About The Jews?

Have you ever wondered where the Jewish people came from? Does the Bible really say that they are God’s chosen people? What about today though, aren’t Christians today God’s chosen people? What does the Bible say? Join us today as Matthew Sutton missionary to the people of the Arctic presents this study from the Bible. […]

#94 Final Fight Bible Radio

Looking for a good Bible Believing, Gospel Preaching radio station, one that plays Christ honoring music, and is on the air twenty-four hours a day? It is here! Final Fight Bible Radio! Listen as we talk to Pastor Matt Crane and find out how you too can listen to, and take part in Final Fight […]


#93 Why Sound Doctrine?

What is doctrine? Do we need it? Does focusing on doctrine divide Christians? What does the Bible say about doctrine? Find out from the Bible what doctrine is and why the Bible places such an emphasis on sound doctrine. Right-Click To Download SHOW NOTES WHY SOUND DOCTRINE? 1Ti 4:1-2 2Ti 4:1-4 I am introducing this […]


#92 How To Have Peace

Are you anxious about the future? Worried about where your life is going? Lacking real peace and contentment in your life? Find out in today’s episode how you can have lasting peace in your life, a real peace that passes all understanding! Right-Click To Download SHOW NOTES Pastor Strobel’s YouTube Page Pastor Steve’s YouTube Page […]


#91 What Is Truth?

Two thousand years ago Pontius Pilate asked Jesus Christ, “What Is Truth?”. Would you be able to answer this question, to tell someone not only what truth is, but where it can be found? Can you know the truth? Is truth relative? Can absolute truth be found? Where? Find out the answers to these questions […]


#90 Why Does God Allow Evil To Exist In The World?

You may have heard the question posed this way, if God exists then why does he allow evil in the world? If he is God couldn’t he stop it? Couldn’t he stop the wars, suffering, murder, and disease from happening? Why would he create a world with evil in it? Follow along with us in […]


#89 A Day To Look Forward To

With the world experiencing the Covid-19 Virus there is much fear and anxiety. Will things ever be the same? Are these the end times? What should we do as Christians? What should we do if we are not Christians? How can you say there is a day to look forward to when things are this […]


#88 Wisdom Is The Principal Thing

Have you ever desired to have more wisdom than you have now? How could having not only more wisdom but also the right kind of wisdom affect your life? Would you be more happy? Content? Successful? Find out the answers to these questions and more as Pastor Scott Strobel from First Bible Baptist Church in […]


#87 The Importance Of A Salvation Testimony

Everyone who is saved (that’s a term used in the Bible often!) has a salvation testimony. A salvation testimony is an accounting of the circumstances leading up to you receiving Jesus Christ as your personal saviour. Are you placing the same emphasis on your testimony that the Bible does? Find out how you can use […]


#86 New Hope Trio

This is a special edition of “That’s In The Bible?”. If you are like us you are probably always on the lookout for Christ honoring music to add to your playlist. Listen today as we interview a Bible Believing Gospel Trio from a local church (Bible Baptist Fellowship) in central New York State. Discover how […]


#85 Lord Really? Love Not?

Love not? Isn’t God all love? Aren’t we as Christians supposed to love all and love everyone and everything? Is there any passage in the Bible that tells us NOT to love something? Join us today as Pastor Steven Baer brings us this timely study from the Bible. Right-Click To Download SHOW NOTES LOVE NOT […]


#84 The Leaders Of This People Cause Them To Err

Pastor Strobel brings a Bible study that takes a close look at leadership. Leadership could mean the responsibilities of being a Pastor, or it could be as the spiritual leader of your household, the leader on your job, or the Christian leader/example at your place of work or at the school you attend. How are […]


#83 God Or Goo? Part Three – On Purpose Or By Accident?

Geneticist Dr. Joel Brown (PhD Cornell University) brings us the capstone to his three part series looking at evolution and the Bible. Part One (Episode #80) “God or Goo? A Biblical and Scientific Investigation of Our Past” and Part Two (Episode 82) “God or Goo? Created or Evolved?”, lay the foundation to what is presented […]