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Episode 149: Want big changes, make big changes!

When you want to make big changes we must choose to change how we view things and what you view important. We so often view the external appearance as more important because we get an immediate reaction or response. This response will only Be emotional. Either from yourself or others. You will feel proud and pleased for disappointed. Others will agree or disagree. Regardless of those none of those require real work, real change and aren’t long last. The real work is internal. It will require...


Episode 148: Little can become much with God

There are sometimes I consider myself or my skills or what’s in my possession, not enough for God to use or multiply. These thoughts limit how God can use us. We must always remember God can multiple the small to the great and go beyond the laws of man and physics. God knows no bounds and we can’t put our bounds on God.


Episode 147: Resign or Fight!

Many of us hit roadblocks internally, maybe this was something we were told about ourselves. This could've been told to us by life, family, past relationships, past failure and even ourselves. God is Greater. When we hear these negative thoughts, or come to these internal roadblocks, we have a choice to make. Resign and give truth to those thoughts or go against them and test them so we know for a fact. God doen't want us to resign, he wants us to fight for the truth. When we give into...


Episode 146: External/Internal God

Do we truly believe God can work through us to change our situation? It seems as though we look for an external solution or fix more than an internal fix(God working directly through us) I found this will impact how God can work as well as our development as a parent, spouse, christian and worker.


Episode 145: Remove the old to have peace with the new

A lot of times we want to be where God wants us to be and get all he wants for us but we wont remove old habits, toxic people, relationships, or any other thing that would take our peace of energy. God wants us to have an abundant life but we must remove the things in the promised land he has for us before we settle or we won't have any peace


Episode 144: Excuses

We often make excuse because we over commit and do things we dont want to do that arent needs. These become small loses but big habits. We make excuse when we dont want to do what we need to do. We are excuse for some people around us letting them quit.


Episode 143: Trade Fear of the unknown for Faith in the known

God hasn’t given us the spirit of fear but if power love and a sound mind. Who and what gave us fear Past relationships Parents Grandparents Siblings Mentors Any kinds of hurt Fear keeps you from Being free and who God made you to be. Like all other feelings fear is a feeling that becomes a choice to follow or read through Fear keeps us from recognizing the truth Fear keeps us from growth We must understand that fear is just like any other emotion, not connected to fact but experience or...


Episode 142: Bad choices, bill me later!

Galatians 6:7 We can’t expect things to just go away. They won’t. God helps those who want his help and want to change. We want things to change and improve but we don’t want to face our mistakes and the pain we caused. We won’t to move on as though it never occurred. It all becomes baggage that we must face to be free. “The truth” Relationships-we make mistakes and keep going, we don’t stop evaluate and fix and make right. work-we don’t do our best. We get there late, leave earlier, don’t...


Episode 141: When in doubt Binge your gift!

We find a way to become busy when we feel discomfort. We try and change things on the outside the fix things internally. We need to come to God who is focused more about who we are than how we feel.


Episode 140: You are Qualified

God won’t give you a task you are incapable of carrying out. We allow the potential perception of others the keep us from obedience to God. The task is not about you, “me”. Fear of how others will perceive us keeps us from obedience to God. God will use what you have and what you are. In order be who God’s wants us to be sometimes we have to be what others think don’t want us to be.


Episode 139: Wait on the Lord

We have to stop finding a way around waiting on God and find why we must wait.


Episode 138: Grace for Relationships IV: By faith or By feelings

What are feelings-Feelings are indicators of our reactions. They cannot reveal who someone else is they can only tell you about your self. Feelings are temporary and only reveal a trith about you. I used to believe I would feel Good all the time when I believed in Christ. Don’t chase feelings Don’t try a replicate a feeling because it felt good. That will then become a habit of trying to feeling good all the time. That’s unrealistic. Don’t run from feelings Don’t run from uncomfortable...


Episode 137: Look to God

Sometimes it might be tempting to begin to imitate someone to gain what they have to conquor something, but God has ready groomed you for what you need and you already have it.


Episode 24: Relationship Grace part III- Communication

Communication is easy but communicating on purpose takes work. On this episode we wilm be discussing: * Why we communicate * What we communicate * How we comunicate * When we comminicate


Episode 23: Trust God

For many of us trusting God is hard, because that means giving up control and a say and in how things can go. However when we become great a trusting God, that gives God more to bless in our lives. We must know, God know best, is best and is never changing.


Episode 22: Grace for Boundaries

We have all sorts of boundaries in our lives. Some Temporary, some perminant. Whatever the case, we have to determine the trigges of the boundaries, the source of the boundaries and what we should do if anything. Boundaries for: 1. Growth in relationships 1. protection 1. setting expectaitons in relationships


Episode 21-b: Don't Quit!

Sometimes it so easy to find a reason to quit, but finding a reason to continue takes work. Reasons to quit come in different forms and we must quickly identify these and recognize they are for something bigger.


Episode 21: Relationship Grace-Part I: relationships

Many of us don't realize how big of a part relationship in the past play a part in where we are. We also don't understand how big the relationships of the present will place a part as to where we will go. Three things to remember about relationships: 1. Our relationships should each serve a purpose 2. Relationships need cultivation and we should not rely on organic growth. 3. We must be able to identify unhealthy relationships before the impact us and our other relationships. Need daily...


Episode 20-b: Friends for times of advirsity

Will those around you hold you accountable to your words and what you say you believe? Is it important that they even do? Do you keep the around simply for comfort?


Episode 20: What about adversity

When you face adversity did you know the person it revealed? If the person you saw you didn't like, will you have the courage to face it? Will you have the boldness to challenge it?