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Find your identity in God!

When we find our identity in people or things, as they change we change. However, if we find our identity in God we will experience structure and experience


Watch your Mouth!

I beleive that many of us under estimate the power of the tongue, speech and both what and how we say things. James in the bible makes it plan about the power of the tongue. I believe there are to sides of this spectrum we start on, either we speak too much or don't speak up when neccessary but whatever the case it takes God and patience to meet in the middle of both.


You're good where you're at!

As a kid, I always wanted to drive and then when I got to drive, I realize it was more responsibility than fun. I wanted to own my own car, then I found I had to pay for that insurance tags and maintenance. I wanted to be married and soon found how much work it is. So often we are looking forward to the next step in our lives not basking in the simplicities of where we are nor gaining as much as we can spiritually, relationally, emotionally or intellectually as a person without the stresses...


For real? Forgiveness?

There has been many of times in the past and still now I withhold forgiveness from others. This happens for me on a few fronts. For starters, I still don’t truly understand forgiveness which really means, I could understand God more. It also means I allow my emotions to take the lead when pain is inflicted upon me. Yes, forgiveness is a process and there is no range or date for each level, because healing will be needed, but we need to insure we are making movements forward and know...


I’m okay being a quitter, are you?

Many of times we equate quitting to laziness or weakness. You either quit because you can't or quit because you won't . What if you thought of quitting as growth? sometimes quitting can broaden vision and remove comfort.


All Things work Together

Many of times we have a vision or plan for our lives, finances, careers and relationships. They then become derailed by life. Our first instinct is the blame Satan for what he has done rather than look to God for what he is asking us to glean from the situation. Take a different approach to derailment in life and attachment to your stations. Look at them as an opportunity to grow closer to God. Romans 8:28 All things work together for good to them that love God and all called according to...


Don't let yesterday ruin today

So often I find myself allowing the pain or mistakes of yesterday to take up my attention today. I begin to beat myself up and feel I am unworthy (which i am). However, grace allows us to forgive ourselves and others. It frees us to take the next step toward God and who he wants us to be.


God qualifies the called!

Sometimes God will give us a task that we may not beleive we can handle. Thats okay. God will supply all we need to accomplish what he has set out. We just need to take the first step.


I'm Entitled

Life shows me on a day to day basis there are some areas I still feel entitled. When I act entitled I cannot grow. We shouldn't think of ourselves to high to go through or be hurt.


Grace for Voids

As we go through life, we are caused pain and voids by the mistakes and short comings of man. We cannot go back to fix those, are even have the person who caused those voids to fix them. What we can do is go to God the father and ask him for give us the heart to forgive and grace for growth. They voids created are to create a reason for us to seek God.


Be Present

Being present is very important in life and our relationships. If we are having a problem being present, we should check out understanding of it. This allows us to see what he relationship needs and what we need to do.


What's this prayer thing about?

Many of us pray from a place of selfishness. I thought prayer was based on how long you prayed, what you said, I soon found prayer is a 2 way conversation with God that must be held continiously.


Don’t chase the haters!

We shouldn't view haters as a indicater of us doing something wrong but something wrong in them. Haters teach us about ourselves and others about us. Haters are valueable.


Who's in your posse?

Many times we thinks that clicks, gangs and posse are only in high schools but they never leave. They marture into people into our work force and in all of life. Who we have around us will determine who we become and where we go. Mark 2 : 1-12


Don't forget the “why” during the “what”!

Often time we set goals and have expectations and these can impact our relationshops if we lose sight of why we ae doing it. It is the "why" we do that motivates the "What" we do. We cannot lose sight of that.


Life's hard, expect it!

Life is hard. I believe sometimes we expect it to be easy and when it isn't we get upset and mishandle things. We have to understand that life is hard and that believing in God doen't provde short cuts but hope.


Own your own convictions

Many of us have our own convications and thats okay. However it becomes problematic when we make our conviction the standard and require those around us to take on our own convictions as their own.


His grace is greater than your regrets

Is regret good? What do we regret ? What does God say about regret? How to get passed regret? What happens if we don’t move passed regret? There's grace for regret but that doesn’t exempt you from working out of the spot you got you self in. God will guide but the work is how we learn. Regret-Examine the regret. Insight-What could you have done differently? *Grace- Accept God’s grace for it Seek God for a plan out of it And move Grace is the way out that we don’t deserve, it’s however not a...


Faith ain’t lazy

I used to believe that faith was believing whatever you wanted and expecting it to just happen and not planning or caring how it happened. My hope was greater than my faith. I would hope things would Happen not having done the work. See faith is believing God will do what he said he would do, not what you want done. All of God’s promises have a clause: Give and it shall be given Ask and you shall receive Seek ye first the kingdom of God and then all these things will be added unto you. Faith...


Want big changes, make big changes!

When you want to make big changes we must choose to change how we view things and what you view important. We so often view the external appearance as more important because we get an immediate reaction or response. This response will only Be emotional. Either from yourself or others. You will feel proud and pleased for disappointed. Others will agree or disagree. Regardless of those none of those require real work, real change and aren’t long last. The real work is internal. It will require...