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BROWNIESwithj Pod- with Josh Basili on Current Events, Comedy, and Life

BROWNIESwithj Pod- with Josh Basili on Current Events, Comedy, and Life
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BROWNIESwithj Pod- with Josh Basili on Current Events, Comedy, and Life




The BROWNIESwithj Episode #15: Cincuenta CoachHellNAH

The BROWNIESwithj Podcast #15 Cincuenta J details his time at Coachella aka COACHellNAH, also j messes around with the TRUE meaning of Life, The BIG Wang Theory, Donald Trump getting fired before the election/impeachment?, the status of Lebron James groin, the "media" hiding the truth, BOOTY BALLIN rebounding technique, and racist white lady costume designer Heather Patton blaming her racism on the al al alcohol... and much MORE on #TheBROWNIESwithj POD. VIDEO: Cincuenta-sode...


The BROWNIESwithj Episode #14: Drop tha g, Pass tha j with Special Guests Jeremy Wayman and Justin Counley of the "Actin like we Know" Podcast

The BROWNIESwithj Episode 14: Josh Basili hangs out with an old buddy from high school as he visits Seattle. Josh Basili talks with the homies from the "Actin Like We Know" Podcast and discusses Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and his sexual misconduct and rape allegations, Weinstein raping and scott free?, the legal injustice system, the one time Wayman's house was taken over by a homeless squatter, the best flavored POPCORN, Josh's kissing MILF Erica Rose of ABC's The Bachelor,...


The BROWNIESwithj Podcast #13 9/11 AND Jesus Birthday

The BROWNIESwithj Podcast Episode 13 Josh Basili talks 9/11 and how he thought it was a movie, Jesus REAL birthday, Ken GRIFFEY Jr baseball Nintendo 64, catastrophes and wars on september 11, #CLINTONBODYCOUNT, Epstein suicide cover up, David vs Goliath story, DECEMBER 25th scam, and what is SPAM???


The BROWNIESwithj Podcast #12 J's Dirty Dozen

The BROWNIESwithj Podcast Episode 12 j is on the road in Seattle this week surviving God's firework show of lightning thunder and rain display in the 206/425/360 area codes. Josh also gives the Sunday round up of NFL scores and reactions, Antonio Brown orchestrating a trade from the Steelers to Raiders then getting released and signed by the Patriots, Russell Wilson handicapping himself and his team and much more on this episode of #BROWNIESwithj


The BROWNIESwithj Podcast #11 Pringles White Bread and French Fries

BROWNIESwithj Episode 11 Josh Basili reminisces his time at the Riviera Country club in Malibu and shares stories on his encounters with Mark Walhberg, Adam Sandler, and Larry David. J also shares with you the diet that will turn you BLIND, TWD recap, CTE and banning full contact, "insta-models/life coaches" bullshit, Ariana Grande suing Forever 21 for mannequin look-alike, and Popeyes getting robbed for running out of chicken sandwiches.


The BROWNIESwithj Podcast #10 (X) Happy #NONlaborday

The BROWNIESwithj Episode X (10) with j Josh Basili Happy #NONlaborday, detailing the 9-5 work day routine, Flint Michigan still NO clean drinking water, Lakers talk, processed and sugary food scam, hurricane dorian happenings, watch out for conmen, Donald Trump's favorite Bible verse, Steve Buscemi in Delirious, Floyd Money Mayweather vs Connor McGregor and Manny Pacquiao sham fights, Thomas Jefferson creating a new race, white supremacists thinking POC are commodities, casting out hate...


The BROWNIESwithj Podcast #9 Messiah and Mary Jane time

BROWNIESwithj Podcast #9 Messiah and Mary Jane time j preaches and teaches about the Lord's Day "Sabbath," Flat Earthers vs Round Earthers?, the fake moon landing, ugly baby facebook syndrome, Lance Armstrong vs Neil Armstrong bigger fraud?, Failed getting tickets to Lakers game 7 in 2010, the biebs on a hoverboard at celeb church, and GUEST DIKEMBE finger-wag MUTOMBO.


The BROWNIESwithj Podcast #8 Pedro Martinez' First Puff

BROWNIESwithj Episode 8 "The Ocho" showcases former pitcher Pedro Martinez while having some #BROWNIESwithj. Josh Basili and Pedro puff puff pass and talk about Tinder bios, Bob Marley murdered by a CIA operative, BEAT-BOXING and rap Freestyling, lying ass nurses gone wild, police brutality, pathological narcissists, the Seattle Meth and homeless community, and the time J almost beat up Ryan Sheckler and so much more on this EP of BROWNIESwithj The Pod.

The BROWNIESwithj Podcast #7 Parents Just Don't Understand

The BROWNIEswithj Episode 7: This Podcast j describes how sometimes parents just don't understand like the Fresh Prince Big Willie once said. J also gets into issues of being bored while working out at the gym, people telling others what to do (STFU), Dodgers and Lakers winning the rings this year (?), Ariana grande licking donuts and putting them back, and NCAA and the Privatization of Prisons are the NEW slavery.


The BROWNIESwithj Podcast #6 Adios Mothasuckas

BROWNIESwithj episode 6 of the Podcast. Josh Basili details in depth about his fake "ex" relationship with Roxanne from TLC, as well as keeping an eye out for frienamies and backstabbers. J dives deep into wisdom, comedy, forgiveness, and moving on from PTSD.


The BROWNIESwithj Podcast #5 Cinco De Smoko (Mota)

The BROWNIESwithj Podcast Episode 5 of the podcast Josh Basili goes solo to take on the cliffs of Armaggedon, Equal Rights, and pro Cannabis 420.


The BROWNIESwithj Podcast Episode #4 Skid Row Jesus Homeless Man (PT 2)

The BROWNIESwithJ Episode 4 in this episode Josh Basili sits down and talks with Skidrow Jesus Jordan Burkott about living homeless on the streets, getting arrested and jailed in Seattle, and Andrew Luck retiring early.


The BROWNIESwithj Podcast Episode 3: The Lost Files with Slater C #NotDevito

The BROWNIESwithj Episode 3: Josh Basili interviews Kevin Cordova @NotDevito on the #BROWNIESwithj pod. In this episode J and Kevin go on a wild adventure of stories of Kev doing K2, the government profiting off weed and sending people to jail for marijuana, Trolling fools on Twitter, philosophy, perspective, stunting, jokes and so much more.


The BROWNIESwithj Podcast Episode 2: Skidrow Jesus Homeless Man story

The BROWIESwithj Episode 2 Josh Basili interviews "Skidrow Jesus" Jordan Burkott. In this episode J and Skidrow Jesus talk about what its like to live in the streets as a homeless man. They also discuss Kanye West saying black people chose slavery, Cannabis a Drug debate, the Lakers and so much more on this episode of BROWNIESwithj


The BROWNIESwithj Podcast Episode #1 REAL TALK with j

The BROWNIESwithj Episode 1 of Brownieswithj Josh Basili drops TRUTH knowledge on his listeners on the scam of Big Pharma, Alcohol poisoning, Racism, Equal Rights, Free Medicare, Free College Tuition, Canceled Debt, and more!!!!! Sit back light up a j and LISTEN to some #Brownieswithj