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351- Wedding Decor and Design Shortcuts

Creating DIY details that don't cost the bank and are memorable can be challenging but this episode's guest, Marie Kubin from Rent My Wedding shares her tips on creating Pinterest-worthy weddings possible on any budget. We talk about how to create atmosphere with lighting, finding the best wedding rentals and how to DIY without it taking over your life. Get The Bridechilla Guides The Bridechilla Survival Guide, The Bridechilla Field Guide and The Maidchilla Manual are the best trio since...


350-How to be a Rock n Roll Bride with Kat Williams

Do you consider yourself to be a Rock n Roll Bride? Or would you like to be a Rock n Roll Bride? Then this episode of the Bridechilla podcast is for you. Kat Williams, author and creator of the Rock n Roll Bride blog, joins the podcast to discuss her new book, what it means to plan an alternative wedding and how the wedding industry is being reshaped by Rock n Roll Brides. Get The Bridechilla Guides! The Bridechilla Survival Guide, The Bridechilla Field Guide and The Maidchilla Manual are...


349- B/S Skincare Myths Busted

A value-packed episode of Bridechilla, no matter what your skin-type, gender, and budget, you will learn more how we can look after our skin and we will bust some of the biggest bullshit skin care myths that we are fed each day! This episode's guest is Sarah Brown who is the founder of Pai Skincare, she's an entrepreneur, mum and sensitive-skinned soul who had a vision and a fire in her belly to right some of the wrongs of the skincare industry. Get The Bridechilla Guides The Bridechilla...


348- Top tips for making a wedding Speech or Toast

If you are planning to make a speech at your wedding, hire an MC (or ask a friend or family member to host)or you just want to become more confident at public speaking and making presentations at work, this episode of Bridechilla is wonderful for you! Aleisha chats to her friend Julia Zemiro and MC Samantha Savoia. I know you'll find value and laughs in this episode and feel like jumping up on stage with a microphone by the end! Get The Bridechilla Guides The Bridechilla Survival Guide,...


347-How to Be a Madichilla

Working with your Bridal Party and Bridesmaids in particular, should be fun. They're good friends that you have asked to join you to celebrate your wedding day and perhaps also in pre-wedding activities. Being a bridesmaid, a Maidchilla, has evolved over recent years with a lot of extra tasks and commitments being added to the to-do list (and added financial obligations). In this episode of Bridechilla, I share my best tips for smooth Bridal Party communication, so you can get on with having...


346-4 Toxic relationship killers and how to avoid them

The last thing you want to think about when you’re engaged is your marriage going south. Unfortunately, statistics around divorce are frightening with about half of all couples relationships, not going the distance. In this episode of Bridechilla, I am joined by co-creator of The Marriage Mindset Masterclass, Kristen Rocco. We share strategies and tools to help you grow in your relationship, habits to break and ways to improve communication, so you can thrive (especially during potential...


345- Bridechilla Best Money Saving Tips Part 2

In Part 2 of Bridechilla Best money Saving Tips, Aleisha shares some of the Bridechilla Communities most successful ways to think laterally when it comes to getting bargains and using their budget in the most productive and best way possible (and your guests will never notice the difference). You don’t have to spend loads of money to have the wedding of your dreams. So tune in to hear some creative and practical ideas for saving money while planning your wedding. Get The Bridechilla...


344-Bridechilla Best Money Saving Tips Part 1

Are you ready for some money saving tips? Wedding planning can be expensive. It’s easy to burn through your budget and overspend without even realizing it. But the Bridechilla podcast is here to help. On this episode, Aleisha shares money-saving tips from here on extensive experience as well as from you, the listeners. You don’t have to spend loads of money to have the wedding of your dreams. So tune in to hear some creative and practical ideas for saving money while planning your...


343- How to feel more comfortable in front of the camera

Wedding Photographer Cavin Elizabeth returns to the Bridechilla Podcast to share her best tips for being comfortable in front of the camera on your wedding day. How to make sure that you are posed in the most flattering angles for their bodies and become more at ease in front of the camera! Get The Bridechilla Guides The Bridechilla Survival Guide and The Bridechilla Field Guide and the best combo since tequila and bad decisions. Order your copies NOW! Join the Bridechilla Community on...


342- Wedding Planning Q&A with Aleisha

This week’s Bridechilla is a special episode of wedding planning Q&A with you, the listeners. Bridechilla is all about community. Even through the medium of a podcast, we are able to come together to support, encourage, and learn from one another. Sometimes it’s nice to just hand the show over to you and let you ask those pressing wedding planning questions that you want answered. And I promise to do my best to answer them. Get The Bridechilla Guides The Bridechilla Survival Guide and The...


341- Navigating Family Drama with Meghan Ely

In this episode of Bridechilla, Meghan Ely, owner of OFD consulting joins the Bridechilla podcast to discuss navigating family drama. During this conversation, Meghan helps to analyze the upcoming royal wedding. She also highlights some wedding-planning lessons that can be learned from the Royal Family and the similarities with our own weddings. Get The Bridechilla Guides The Bridechilla Survival Guide and The Bridechilla Field Guide and the best combo since tequila and bad decisions....


340- Chilla Wedding Etiquette with Cheryl Seidel

Considering proper wedding etiquette is an essential part of planning your wedding experience. You want to be careful to treat your wedding party and guests like you want to be treated. Yet there are so many examples, particularly on the internet, of people who have thrown all etiquette rules out the window. With that in mind, it is time for Bridechilla to revisit a previous conversation about etiquette with guest Cheryl Seidel. Get The Bridechilla Guides The Bridechilla Survival Guide and...


339- Smashing Wedding Planning Stress

For me, sometimes I’m not even conscious of being stressed until my body starts to send warning signs like grinding my teeth at night, struggling to catch my breath and having a huge desire to drive to the country and find a field to scream into. Regardless of whether you’re trying to lose weight, gain weight, stay the same weight or simply not lose your mind, stress plays a massive role in how you look and feel. In this week’s episode of the Bridechilla Podcast, Gemma Clark, a clinical...


338- Bridechilla Alcohol Wedding Planning Q&A

When it comes to alcohol and weddings, there are lots of decision to be made. If you are self-catering (or can provide your own alcohol) how much do you buy? What if your guests aren't big drinkers? What if you don't like wine? Can you return alcohol that isn't used? I am joined by the lady with all of the answers in this Bridechilla wedding alcohol Q&A episode, Jacki Strum, founder of, first wine & spirits registry for the modern couple. Get The Bridechilla Guides The...


337- Working with Wedding Donors aka your parents

Planning a wedding is a bit like participating in an election. Some people self-fund their campaigns and go it alone, while others have well-endowed donors who generously contribute to their cause. Wedding Donors contribute financially to the wedding budget. This episode shares tips to working out money logistics whilst maintaining control and chill. Get The Bridechilla Guides The Bridechilla Survival Guide and The Bridechilla Field Guide and the best combo since tequila and bad decisions....


336- How to Avoid Getting Caught Up in the Downward Spiral of Details

I’m excited welcome Kristy Rice of Momental Designs, a boutique stationery company that specializes in hand-painted invitations. By the time couples get to work with Kristy, they are drowning in wedding day details, general plans, timelines and Pinterest boards. They can’t even find the f*ck it bucket if they tried. It's easy to get caught up on the little details but in this episode Kristy shares her tips for how to make sure that doesn’t happen. Get The Bridechilla Guides The Bridechilla...


335- Bridechilla Wedding Planning Q&A

How many vendors should you contact initially, what happens when you think your Grandfather's girlfriend is a B!tch and you've rather not invite her and what do you do when you find out your groomsman's fiance is a homophobic racist? They are just some of the wedding planning questions that we tackle on Bridechilla this week. Rich and I share our insights, ask the 'magic 8 ball' and attempt to solve some of your most challenging wedding planning conundrums on the Bridechilla Podcast. Get...


334- Wedding Hacks Revisited

A reboot of two classic Bridechilla Podcast episodes (154+155) where I asked The Bridechilla Community to share their best wedding planning hacks, tips, and shortcuts. I was amazed at your ingenuity, money saving ideas and open-mindedness when it came to this request. As well as including some of your best tips, in this episode I share with you some fabulous suggestions about using the shared economy…renting and hiring dresses and suits, using a ‘fake’ cake and repurposing bridesmaids...


333-All-Inclusive Wedding Packages- Are They for Me?

You may never again encounter a project that involves as many details as your wedding. Attendants, family, guests, vendors – there are layers upon layers of people needing direction and answers, not to mention all of the decisions you have to make! If you feel like the process is simply too much for a Bridechilla to handle, you should seriously consider listening to this episode of the Bridechilla Podcast and booking an all-inclusive wedding package. I am joined by Paulette Alkire, a...


332- Choosing the 'right' wedding vendors

As a lover of all things wedding and a fierce cheerleader for marriage equality, Brittny Drye, Founder and Editor in Chief of Love Inc decided to marry her two passions and create a resource where all couples—gay, straight and lesbian—can be equally represented. In this episode of Bridechilla, Brittny shares her best tips for finding vendors that you click with, that will turn your 'dreams' into reality and will share your ethos of weddings and marriage. Get The Bridechilla Guides The...