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325- Rethinking Wedding Traditions

When it comes to wedding traditions, can you have your wedding cake and eat it too? Of course you can. Now grab your cake bib and let’s get eating. Just as it takes people to start traditions, it takes people to end them. You are those people. You are tradition trailblazers, pioneers of new, non-hokey wedding customs! Historically the world of weddings is choc a block with old-timey superstitious from yesteryear. When we delve deeper into their beginnings, it’s puzzling to see why we have...


324- Bridechilla Q&A- Bridal Party Dramas

I am delighted to welcome a special co-host to join me to answer you Bridechilla wedding planning questions, Bridechilla Directory member, wedding planner and podcaster, Cindy Savage from, an Aisle Less Travelled. We talk the values of the metric system, sewing and of course answer your wedding planning questions which this episode are all based on bridal party drama and managing expectations. Get The Bridechilla Guides The Bridechilla Survival Guide and The Bridechilla Field Guide and...


323 - Bridechilla Invitation Etiquette

Etiquette is a tricky subject that in Bridechilla land is an evolving subject. In this episode of Bridechilla, I invite invitation designer Tifany Wunschl, the owner and lead designer of Gourmet Invitations to share her insights on all of the etiquette surrounding invitations and gifting, the ‘proper way’ to say things and avoid tricky situations, possible misinformation and making sure you give all the right info to get you and your guests to the church…or casino on time (promise that...


322- The F*ck it Bucket Part 2- Vendor Edition

The fuck it bucket is back, this time I asked our Bridechilla Directory members to share what they recommend their clients to put in the fuck it bucket. This episode is a great follow up to the original and will give you lots more to think about when it comes to what is important to you! Get The Bridechilla Guides The Bridechilla Survival Guide and The Bridechilla Field Guide and the best combo since tequila and bad decisions. Order your copies NOW! Join the Bridechilla Community on...


321- Adulting With Money with Dan Hinz

We continue our Bridechilla money series. This episode I am joined by Dan Hinz. Dan is a financial coach and helps engaged couples and newlyweds chill out when it comes to money. He teaches them to focus on honest communication and what’s actually important to each of them. We talk about counselling and getting on the same page and working as a team when it comes to creating your new money story as a couple. A worthy listen for all...even if you think you've got all this financial stuff in...


320- Lessons from the Royal Wedding for Bridechillas

This week, the world is in a tizz as Prince Harry is about to marry his American sweetheart Meghan Markle. I am joined by our very own Meghan, from OFD consulting who is a HUGE fan of all things royal (and throughout this episode puts up with my nonchalance and royal shade!). We talk about the history of royal weddings and why (and how) they influence the wedding industry and beyond. What’s particularly interesting about this celebration is that it’s the first to really push the envelope...


319: Non-traditional Invitation Wording and Stationery Design

Designer Kasey Kyprianou from Revelry and Heart joins me on the Bridechilla Podcast to talk about invitation etiquette and the design process- how stationery can tell your guests so much about your wedding (even before text is added). We talk about working with a designer vs DIY your stationery. Kasey shares her top invitation etiquette, big no-nos and obvious things that are often forgotten. We also go through the most common mistakes that couples make with wording and ways to ditch the...


317- A Short Engagement- Getting Hitched in a Hurry!

Why are we always being told that it takes 12- 24 months to plan a wedding? What if you want to get hitched in the next 6 months? When Author Karley Kiker announced that after getting engaged in March and was to be married by July (four months later) she realised that there were precious few guides to help her out, so she 'winged it' and after planning her own wedding in a hurry, she wrote a book, 'hitched in a Hurry' and created a website to help couples plan shorter engagements,...


317- Bridechilla Wedding Planning Q&A

It’s Bridechilla Q&A- a longer episode because there is just so damn much to cover. Some rather excellent voice messages from Bridechillas about body image and disability, Bridechilla Becky is after self-catering wedding advice (for 70 people) and Bridechilla Katie has just watched a documentary on Netflix ‘The True Cost’ that looks at manufacturing and fast fashion, which has changed her perspective on what she is buying (and where she is buying it from) for her wedding. Get The...


316- Keep Calm and Marry On with Leah Weinberg

Planner, Leah Weinberg from Color Pop Events shares her tips for keeping calm and focused while planning. With a little forward thinking, some quality time together, and a sprinkle of wedding planner fairy dust, the planning process can be more fun than not. Leah is a former attorney and she means business! The Bridechilla Guides are here! The Bridechilla Survival Guide and The Bridechilla Field Guide and the best combo since tequila and bad decisions. Order your copies NOW! Join the...


315- Keeping The Love Alive

I am stoked to welcome Shawn and Erica Miller from Young Hip and Married back on the Bridechilla podcast to share more valuable advice and inspiration for keeping your relationship healthy and moving in the right direction. We talk about the concept of love given without attachment, realizing that a successful relationship is all about giving and taking and that weathering the seasons of life and working together is all part of the deal and something we should all prepare for. Put the...


314- Outrageous Wedding related opinions

Inspired by a very popular thread in the Bridechilla Facebook community, today’s episode features some of the most bizarre and hilarious opinions that have been shared with our fellow Bridechillas from family and friends during their wedding planning process. I’m guessing most of the people whose quotes are featured are from mother or mothers-in-law's! Either way, l will guarantee you that hearing other people’s stories of opinions, will help you expel some frustration and relief that your...


312- Bridechilla Wedding Planning Q&A

It’s been awhile since we did a Bridechilla Q&A episode and I have a lot to cover today. Wedding stress and pressure can happen in lots of different ways and we all cope and manage it individually. Today’s episode, I share voice messages from Bridechilla’s those who are in the last months of wedding planning. I know that whatever stage you may be at you will find value and connect with their stories and hopefully look at the ways that you’re managing stress, expectations and pressure and...


311- The Adventures and Discoveries of a Feminist Bride

The wedding industry is still fairly blinkered when it comes to the topic of feminism, with so many patriarchal attachments and ye olde traditions attached to the world wedding…so can you still be a feminist and get hitched? My guest today says 'It's possible to rage against the machine while wearing a white wedding dress!'. I'm joined by returning Bridechilla guest Katrina Majkut aka 'The Feminist Bride' and author of the new book, 'The Adventures and Discoveries of a Feminist Bride What...


310- Finding your Wedding Photographer when you have Endless Options

Searching for a wedding photographer can become overwhelming very quickly. With endless options of places to search and people to discover, you might be wondering where to start. In this episode of bridechilla Cavin Elizabeth Urquhart, from Cavin Elizabeth Photography shares her tips and insights into navigating the seemingly endless list of photographers and honing in to find the right photographer for you. The Bridechilla Guides are here! The Bridechilla Survival Guide and The...


309: In sickness and in Health with Carly Findlay

Recently I invited the Bridechilla community to share how health (their own, their partner or family and friend's health) have factored into wedding planning decisions. We had a wonderful response that really showed to me how little we talk about these issues in relation to weddings and the strength and support of The Bridechilla Community. This episode's guest is writer, appearance activist and Bridechilla Graduate, Carly Findlay. She challenges people's thinking about what it's like to...


308- Equally Wed with Kirsten Palladino

A well overdue episode of the Bridechilla Podcast celebrating marriage equality and diversity of our community. I’m joined by Kirsten Palladino from, a fantastic hub for modern LGBTQ weddings and equality-minded wedding pros. There has been a lot of progress in the industry especially recently with marriage equality passing in Australia (!). In this episode, we share the advantages of working with vendors who are pro-marriage equality and how that can progress the industry....


307-Using Pinterest effectively to design your wedding

If you are suffering from Pinterest and inspiration overwhelm, then this episode of The Bridechilla podcast might help you find clarity and ways to focus on using Pinterest to your advantage. Honing in on colors, textures and aesthetic details are can help you develop your own vision for your wedding. I am joined by designer Michelle Edgemont who shares her easy to follow technique to pin like crazy and then really focus on what you actually want, not just pinning thousands of images that...


252- Bridechilla Brittany- 'No haircuts for you!'

Bridechilla Brittany (who is also the founder of the fabulous Bridal accessories rental company Happily Ever Borrowed) is getting hitched and has graciously agreed to share her wedding planning journey over the next 12 months. In this episode we hear all about Brittany and Ben’s proposal story, how she (like me) juggles a full time job and her side hustle AND wedding planning. We also talk about parental expectations… Brittany shares a hilarious story about her Mums deep interest in her...


306: Little Wedding Details That Make a Big Difference

Sometimes it’s the little details that make a big difference especially when you are focusing on planning a big event like a wedding. In this episode of the Bridechilla Podcast, I’m joined by wedding coordinator and planner Erica Greenwold Reisen from Folie à Deux Events who shares some of the most essential smaller details that are often forgotten or left to the last minute that will make your wedding plans run smoother. The Bridechilla Guides are here! The Bridechilla Survival Guide...