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Episode 32: The A3C Hip-Hop Festival Edition [2017]

Simone Amelia and Nate Wade are joined by The Bridge's producers Jurnan "Thorn" Ayerst, Steve "Espa" Petridis and Shaun "Tornado" Peffer (with special guest, Indigenous MC Sonboy) to talk about the crew's special visit to Atlanta for the 2017 A3C Hip-Hop Festival.


Episode 31: Rise And Fall

Simone Amelia and Nate Wade chop it up about: Tyrese's tirade against The Rock, Australian NBA player Aron Baynes dubbed 'well put-together' by a reporter who saw him in the showers, the sexual abuse allegations against Nelly, the fall of Harvey Weinstein, Indigenous model Samantha Harris calling out racism and more.


Episode 30: Guilty By Association

Simone Amelia and guest co-host DJ Leon Smith chop it up about: the late Hugh Hefner's legacy, Leon's former high school alumni (and Channel 9 reporter) Ben McCormack being charged with child pornography, Macklemore's NRL Grand Final performance, the leadership of NBA coach Gregg Popovich and more.


Episode 29: Crew Love

Simone Amelie and Nate Wade are joined by the show's producers 'Thorn' and 'Espa' to chop it up about: Their upcoming trip to Atlanta's A3C Festival with an Aboriginal artist, MC Little Sonny, the latest update on The-Game's cancelled Australian tour, Suge Knight hinting (again) that 2Pac might be alive, the ACT government introducing pill testing at music festivals, our new music picks, how Hip-Hop beats now lack originality and more.


Episode 27: A Whole New World

Simone Amelia and Nate Wade chop it up about: John Mayer 'shooting his shot' with Nicki Minaj, new details on The-Game's recently postponed Australian tour and other confirmed events, producers of the upcoming Aladdin live-action film adding a new white character, #AllEyezOnMe DVD giveaways and much more!


Episode 26: The Bare Essentials

Simone Amelia and guest host DJ Leon Smith chop it up about: our favourite famous Virgos, Simone's birthday strip club adventures, Pornhub views drastically dropping due to Mayweather and McGregor fight, former NRL star Matthew Johns' apology for offensive TV segment, Queensland's insanely racist place names and much more.


Episode 25: Stand For Something

Simone Amelia and Nate Wade chop it up about: both celebrating birthdays in Virgo season, the anticipated release of Girl's Trip in Australia, Mystikal's most recent rape charge and Simone's interaction with him during her radio days, the need for 'allies' in the ongoing fight for racial justice and equality, former NRL player Matthew Johns' TV show ridiculing Pacific Island footballer names and much more.


Episode 23: Renegades (Special Guest: Hau Latukefu)

Simone Amelia and Nate Wade welcome Triple J Hip Hop Show host and rapper Hau Latukefu, to chop it up about: Falling in love with Hip-Hop, being one of few faces of colour in the early days of the Australian indie scene with Koolism, winning the first ever ARIA Award for Best Urban Release in 2004, solo career, the power that comes with being at the helm of Triple J's Hip Hop Show, local artists he champions, the "accent" debate, why Chris Lilley's comedy is problematic and much more.


Episode 20: Knowledge Is Power (Special Guest: Jack Beetson)

Simone Amelia and Nate Wade welcome educator and activist Jack Beetson as a special guest to the show to discuss: His late cousin, sporting legend Arthur Beetson, the gentrification of Redfern, being the victim of police brutality at 14, his Literacy For Life Foundation and its inspiration from Cuba, the importance of language and having a spiritual connection to land, meeting Nelson Mandela, Australia's identity struggles and much more.


Episode 18: Politically Incorrect

Simone Amelia and Nate Wade chop it up about: Australian audiences becoming too 'politically correct', the evolution of stand-comedy for people of colour, Kylie & Kendall Jenner's cultural appropriation, Amber Rose and 21 Savage's romance, a 'Woman On Top' tribute to emerging Aboriginal actress Madeleine Madden and much more.


Episode 17: Dream Catchers

Simone Amelia and Nate Wade chop it up about: how Joe Budden has made Hip-Hop conversations more exciting, why certain artists shouldn't do interviews, how Simone almost starred on Love & Hip Hop, catching up on new releases, the return of 'Power', celebrating RZA's birthday and Wu Tang's legacy, the weirdest celebrity sex dreams you've ever had, how long men should "court" women for and much more!


Episode 16: It's All In The Name

Simone Amelia and Nate Wade chop it up about: a tribute to Mobb Deep's Prodigy (RIP), the New Zealand Music Awards splitting the "Urban" category into Best Hip Hop Artist and Best Soul/R&B Artist, actress Rachel Griffiths saying there is a "kind of apartheid" in Australia's film-going audiences, Asian-American band The Slants winning their Supreme Court battle to keep their trademark name, Pauline Hanson's divisive comments on autistic school-children, Yassmin Abdel-Magied's declaration...


Episode 15: To Thine Own Self, Be True

Simone Amelia and Nate Wade chop it up about: Hosting the Sydney premiere of All Eyez On Me, Refugee Week (including Australia agreeing to pay $70 million in a lawsuit filed on behalf of asylum seekers housed in detention on Manus Island), the Sydney Film Festival debuting 'I Am Not Your Negro' and being your 'authentic' self, Kevin Durant comparing Kyrie Irving to Allen Iverson, whether Conor McGregor has a chance against Floyd Mayweather, a 'Woman On Top' tribute to Kbora Ali and much more.


Episode 14: Role Modelz

Simone Amelia and Nate Wade chop it up about: a review of 'All Eyez On Me' (and 'The Bridge' hosting the Sydney premiere), the return of Ice Cube with 'Good Cop, Bad Cop', if artists have a responsibility to be role models, the debate surrounding safe drug injecting rooms in Australia, the potential remake of the classic film Juice, Donald Glover retiring the 'Childish Gambino' moniker, a 'Woman On Top' tribute to Mariam Veiszadeh and more.


Episode 12: Age Ain't Nothing But A Number

Simone Amelia and Nate Wade chop it up about: academic and literarary events in Australia needing more cultural diversity, Black Lives Matter winning the Sydney Peace Prize, if there's an age limit to becoming a stripper, the 'fake news' from Donald Trump's recent international trip, supporting NTER's Go Fund Me for his cancer diagnosis and a 'Woman On Top' tribute to Melbourne-born Rachel Muscat who runs Adidas' global talent relations.


Episode 11: Identity Crisis (Special Guest: Monty Pryor)

Simone and Nate welcome Monty Pryor to the show to discuss: his upcoming movie 'Wrong Kind Of Black', being a storyteller, his time as a DJ in the disco era when he was known as 'Black Superman', NRL player Greg Inglis getting treatment for depression and what that means for our Indigenous community, Chanel's high-priced boomerang, National Sorry Day, Australia's pitch to join the United Nations Human Rights Council and much more.


Episode 10: Reinventing The Wheel

For their 10th episode, Simone Amelia and Nate Wade chop it up about: The New York Times officially launching in Australia, SBS VICELAND totally screwing up a segment on the cultural divisions of Hip-Hop in Australia, why the rumours of Nicki Minaj and Nas dating caused an online uproar, why we need to beware of how conservative media is using the term "identity politics" and Nate coins the term "the illusion of inclusion", Lucy Gichuhi becoming Australia's first Black African member of...


Episode 9: Watch Your Mouf [Debut Live Episode]

In their first live episode in front of an audience at Redfern Community Centre, Simone Amelia and Nate Wade chop it up about: the YesJulz debacle and why non-Black people need to constantly be reminded the "n" word isn't for them, Indigenous NRL star Sam Thaiday's controversial remarks ("if it ain't white, it ain't right") on The Footy Show, the lack of incentive for talented rappers and R&B singers to stay in Australia and more.


Episode 8: Race In Retrograde

Simone Amelia and Nate Wade chop it up about: the difference between female and male Virgos, why Simone has to *finally* give up her Red Bull addiction, next week's first live podcast, the saturation of Kim Kardashian's non-retouched butt in the media and the general conversation of women getting cosmetic surgery, the insane backlash against Yassmin Abdel-Magied's ANZAC Day post, especially from reality star Lisa Oldfield, Keith Sweat's first Australian tour and the return of CBD, Nate's...


Episode 7: Getting Stronger

Simone Amelia and Nate Wade chop it up about: Simone doing the "ration challenge" for Refugee Week, Australia's recently released Five Year Mental Health Youth Report, the difference between the Hip-Hop and R&B music scenes in Australia and New Zealand, the mystery surrounding the death of Aaron Hernandez, a tribute to Katherine Keating and more!