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07 - Cadzand Weekend

The good thing about living in Belgium is that it only takes about an hour in the car to cross a border. A few weekends ago, we did just that and drove to Cadzand, The Netherlands. This coastal town, a stones throw away from the crowded Belgian coast, is a hidden gem and offers great options. In Tim's minute, we'll share the amazing story of a couple of bankrobbers, being caught after they


06 - Knock knock

Knock knock. -Who's there? The podcaster. -What podcaster? The podcaster that went silent for about a year! So I'm back. Broadcasting from a new and renovated home, and a revised podcast studio. It took a few days weeks months longer than I expected to record another episode, to say the least. In this new episode, I'm sharing some of my thoughts from the car, on my morning commute. It feels


01 - Canadian immigration lawyer Mark Holthe

This feels like a first day of school, it really does. While I have been podcasting in Flemish for many years, and even tried a short-lived podcast in English a few years ago, I am super excited to (re)start my podcasting adventures in English today. This show aims to be my personal podcast with a distinct Canadian flavour. And who am I, you might ask? I am Lode Roels, a Belgian-Canadian


02 - The Slowly Becoming Canadian Podcast

We will, in this show, be interviewing fellow Canadian podcasters now and then. One show in particular I really like is a podcast called 'Slowly Becoming Canadian', by Souhaël Bouallagui. This Frenchman immigrated to Nova Scotia years ago and is now - in his own words - doing his best to blend in. His quest to understand Canada and become one of us/them (use what is applicable), is documented


03 - BikeCast - A podcast on my bike

I spend about 1 hour every day on a bicycle, commuting to and from work. To be fair, I'll admit I am only doing a part of the total distance by bike. The rest is by commuter train. Recently, I combined this daily bike ride with recording my podcast. Hence, this BikeCast, the first ever podcast recorded on a bike. Ok well, maybe not the first in the entire world, but at least for my own podcast.


04 - Adam Rozenhart of The Expats Podcast

After my 'podcast from the bike' experience last time, I'm back in the cozy comfort of my studio this week, chatting with Adam Rozenhart. Adam is the host of The Expats podcast, an amazing show in which Canadians all over the world are sharing their stories about living in another country. I talked to him over Skype, from his home in gorgeous Edmonton, AB. We discussed his love for podcasting


05 - Canada Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)

I barely made it to the studio on time for this bi-weekly episode. Busy days at work in combination with March Break at the school of my kids kept me away from the microphone. But here we are again! In this episode Mark Holthe, immigration lawyer and expert, explains the new entry rules for visitors to Canada. Citizens of a certain number of countries will need Electronic Travel


00 - Podcast relaunch!

Here's some news! After two years of silence, I am starting to podcast in English again. Starting January 3, 2017, I will be launching 'The Canada Case Podcast', a personal podcast of me, a Belgian-Canadian journalist. I am living in Europe with my wife and two daughters. The podcast shares stories about the little things in life, with a distinct Canadian flavour, and about living abroad and