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Winning Our Children Back to Islam by Dr. Jeffrey Lang

Is Islam really the fastest growing religion? If so, then where are the Muslims and why are our Mosques sitting empty on a daily basis (besides the role call, obligated Jum’uah crowd)? There is a phenomenon happening in the Western Muslim communities and beyond that we are either ignorant to or just plain ignoring. We are standing on the edge of a very serious crisis and this is a crisis of Faith. We are losing people from Islam faster than we are able to sustain them and the truth is being...


Jadu ki Duniya | Dr.Murtaza bin Baksh – Urdu Audio Lecture Series

The Evil Eye, Black Magic and Jinn: Its Reality, Symptoms and Cure. Many times we think that the afflictions that we face can be easily explained away with Medical Science or mere paranoia, but it is not always that simple. We may be running to people who we think to be professionals, but most of the time what we suffer from is spiritual illness. By no means is this a shunning of medicine, but a call for us to delve deeper into the unseen, to connect with Allah and His Message. For your...


The Purpose of Life in an Hour and a Half

This hour and half will be the best that you could invest for the betterment of your intellect and faith. This does not just speak about the purpose of life itself; it speaks about the purpose of Islam, the purpose of the Quran and the Purpose of our desire to seek the truth and redemption. This is a beautiful guide for sincere seekers of Truth! Shaikh Hamza Yusuf on his Sandala blog wrote eloquently about this lecture and what it should mean for a Muslim. He writes: “After listening to...