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ChordCast #27: Robert Stevenson (A Silent Film)

Joelle & Chris are delighted to have Robert Stevenson of the band, A Silent Film, on this episode of the ChordCast. The trio discuss everything from the roots of A Silent Film, the All Good Things Tour, and even some Star Wars & Disney discussion as well!


Chordcast 26: How To Make A Living As A Creator - An Interview With Peter Hollens

We can't thank Peter enough for taking the time to speak with Joelle about how creators can make money in a time when it seems impossible. Guess what? IT'S NOT. Enjoy this insightful and wisdom-packed interview with a man who is walking the walk. Listen to his music here -> and if you love it, support him on Patreon -> Follow us on Twitter! @PeterHollens @xjoellemae @thecurseofchris @ianthebeard @TheChordcast If...


Chordcast #25: Music March Madness Part 2 or Joelle Feels All Alone

Greetings fellow Chordians! In Music March Madness Part 2, we select the final winner of FOUR music brackets full of our favorite songs. The winner will, I have no doubt, shock you if you know the players here. Ian still can't believe what happened. You can help us out on Patreon at - we just want to get the cost of the doing the show covered. Follow us on Twitter: @xjoellemae @thecurseofchris @ianthebeard @thechordcast Thanks for listening!


Chordcast #24: Music March Madness Part 1

Greetings, friends! In today's show, we play part 1 of Music March Madness, a tournament in which all three of us have a bracket of 16 of our favorite songs. Listen as we struggle through deciding who makes it to #1! There are twists and turns, shocking picks, and in the end... well, just listen to find out. You can help support the show by heading to - right now we just want to cover the cost of basic operation. Follow us on Twitter: @thechordcast...


Chordcast #23: Listening to music naked is super risky

Happy March! This month we bring you THREE episodes of The Chordcast... because there are five Thursdays. After this episode we will dive in to Music March Madness! Today we have a more organized opening segment, currently called "The News" because we're not creative at all. Then it's a fun Taste Test, a couple of show reviews (Chris with A Silent Film and Joelle with Silverstein), a Torture Tracks where Joelle does not suck, and then our recommendations for your listening pleasure this...


Chordcast #22: DON BROCO

Good day, dear listener! In episode 22, we have a really in depth and great Taste Test, we review DON BROCO's new album Technology, Ian just does OK at Torture Tracks again and also uses his kid's sock as a pop filter like a freak. We review and discuss music by: DON BROCO, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, The Smiths, Enter Shikari, Twilight Sad, Future of Forestry, Silverstein, Every Time I Die, Final Fantasy 7's soundtrack, Mike Shinoda, Of Mice and Men, and more! Follow us on Twitter...


Chordcast #21: The Perfect Album

Hey there! In episode 21, we talk about a LOT of music, including a Taste Test that only Ian likes, a discussion on what each of us considers a perfect "10/10" album, and a shocking Torture Tracks with Joelle as our victim. We review and discuss music by: Sir Sly, Showbread, Def Leppard, Coleman Hell, Faith No More, Eric Whitacre, Banks and Steelz, Deaf Havana, Frank Sinatra, Manchester Orchestra, Silverstein, Starset, Palisades, First Aid Kit, and more! Follow us on Twitter and visit...


Chordcast #20: The Predator and the Prey

Hey there! In episode 20, we dive into the recent sexual assault allegations in the music industry. The dust has settled a bit, and what of it? What do we do moving forward as musicians and fans? In addition, we review and discuss music by: Tchaikovsky, Young Guns, Breaking Benjamin, Selena Gomez, Andrew McMahon and the Wilderness, From Ashes to New, Kate Tempest, He is Legend, '68, Story of the Year, Don Broco and more! Follow us on Twitter or visit @TheChordcast...


Chordcast #19: Chris is cautiously optimistic

It's the first episode of 2018! Moving forward you can expect a new show on the first and third Thursday of each month. Today we talk about what we're listening to, what we're looking forward to in 2018, we rock the Taste Test, and Ian sucks at the new segment. Music and bands discussed are: Future of Forestry, Imagine Dragons, the soundtracks for Fellowship of the Ring and Rogue One, Halsey, Royal Blood, Chevelle, Pop Evil, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Mates of State, Deepfield, Talkdemonic, The...


Chordcast #18: The Pristigious Award Ceremony Episode

Merry Christmas!!! In this episode, we go over our favorite Christmas songs, give out our yearly awards for best/worse albums along with favorite songs, most disappointing albums and much more! Will Joelle beat Chris in the new game segment?! There are just TOO many artists mentioned to name them all - head over to twitter to get the full list. Get Listening! Follow us on Twitter: @thechordcast, @ianthebeard, @xjoellemae, @thecurseofchris.


Chordast #17: Give Us A Name For The New Segment

In this weeks episode, we catch up with Chris and introduce a new segment/game! Artists mentioned in this episode are: LIGHTS, Greta Van Fleet, Novelists, Palisades, Pinback, I The Mighty, Owen Pallet, Owl City, Frank Sinatra, Taylor Swift, Young Guns, Mastodon, Elitist, Fire from the Gods, Bring Me The Horizon, Oh Wonder. Get Listening! Follow us on Twitter: @thechordcast, @ianthebeard, @xjoellemae, @thecurseofchris.


Chordcast #14: The Shadow of the Day

Joelle & Chris reflect on the unfortunate passing of Linkin Park front man, Chester Bennington, for whom this episode is dedicated to, and also make an announcement about the future of The Chordcast.


Chordcast #13: Assumption Records

Chris interviews Patrick & Noelle, owners of Assumption Records located in Rivesville, West Virginia!


Chordcast #12: Warptacular

Joelle went to Warped Tour (again), and she discusses her adventure with Chris on the latest episode of The Chordcast!


Chordcast #11: The Pepperoni Bagels

Joelle & Chris are joined by listener of the show, Greg, to discuss whether or not the music industry is over-saturated with artists, as well as the impact of social media on music! Also, stay through the credits to hear a little bit of bonus content!


Chordcast #10: Punch Us In The Face, Chester!

In the first double-digit episode of The Chordcast, Joelle & Chris take a deep dive into some controversial comments made by Linkin Park singer, Chester Bennington, and discuss whether or not bands can truly “sell out.” Joelle also takes one for the team and reacts live to the new track by Muse!


Chordcast #9: The Plague Interview

Joelle & Chris are joined by David & Orrin from The Plague to discuss their band, upcoming album, their self-described “future punk” genre, some of their influences, what it’s like to be in the music industry, and much more!


Chordcast #7: Negative Two

On this rant-filled episode of The Chordcast, Joelle & Chris give their thoughts on the new album by Starset, Vessels, and discuss queuing for concerts as well as ticket prices!


Chordcast #6: The Rump Shaker Strikes Back

Joelle & Chris are reunited at last for the final episode of 2016! Erik Blythe joins us this time for a discussion on holiday music (featuring one of his famous rants). The trio also reveal their 2016 awards. What was the best album of the year? Or the most disappointing? Find this out and more on the latest edition of The ChordCast!


Chordcast #8: Maple Syrup

The Chordcast makes its triumphant return in an episode full of “bests!” Joelle describes her “best day ever,” she & Chris introduce a new segment called The Taste Test (aka “the best segment ever”), and they tease the next episode of the podcast (aka “the best interview ever”)! Plus, there’s a special guest appearance!