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The Conversation with Abby & Luis." Description: Broadcast live The San Diego Union-Tribune, Abby and Luis bring you the stories that will get you talking each day. Good conversation. News you can use.

The Conversation with Abby & Luis." Description: Broadcast live The San Diego Union-Tribune, Abby and Luis bring you the stories that will get you talking each day. Good conversation. News you can use.
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The Conversation with Abby & Luis." Description: Broadcast live The San Diego Union-Tribune, Abby and Luis bring you the stories that will get you talking each day. Good conversation. News you can use.






50 years of San Diego Comic-Con

From humble beginnings with just a few hundred people gathering to celebrate comics to more than 100,000 fans from all over the world nerding out together. Comic-Con International has been an annual pop culture paradise for 50 years and it starts again in San Diego this week. To mark the occasion, we join forces with San Diego News Fix — a daily news podcast at the Union-Tribune — for a special episode that will play on both podcasts. First up, reporters Phil Molnar and Charlie Clark discuss...


A Comic-Con expert shares news, survival tips and 'Game of Thrones' speculation for 2019

San Diego Comic-Con is back for its 50th anniversary in America's Finest City. Kerry Dixon, editor of the San Diego Comic-Con Unofficial Blog, joined us again to talk about what's new at this year's Comic-Con and how to survive the 4-day conference.


No, Native Americans don't seek reparations but a formal apology from California is a start

On June 18, California Gov. Gavin Newsom offered an official apology to the state's Native Americans whose ancestors endured violence and wrongdoing by the state. An official with one tribe in San Diego County, the Jamul Indian Village of California, said the apology is long overdue but it's a step in the right direction. And no, she says, Native Americans are not seeking reparations.


What exactly is June gloom and what causes it? A weather expert explains.

What is June gloom? And what causes it, anyway? For this episode of The Conversation we talk to a NOAA meteorologist who explains why we have overcast weather in June. And a few San Diegans tell us what it's really like to live in this weather.


Rep. Scott Peters on impeachment, climate change and San Diego issues

Rep. Scott Peters is a Democrat representing the 52nd District in the House of Representatives: a district that covers downtown San Diego and part of North San Diego County including La Jolla, Carmel Valley. A former San Diego City Council member and its first City Council president, he was first elected to Congress in 2012 and briefly considered running for mayor in 2020.


Pardeep Singh Kaleka shares lessons learned in confronting hate and healing communities

Pardeep Singh Kaleka is the author of “The Gift of Our Wounds" and helped found the organization Serve 2 Unite, which bring together young people from different religious and cultural backgrounds. His father was among the victims killed at the 2012 Sikh temple shooting in Oak Creek, Wisconsin.


What Wesley Lowery and The Washington Post have learned about fatal police shootings in America

The 2014 fatal police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, marked a pivotal moment in police race relations in America and for Washington Post reporter Wesley Lowery. Five years since, Lowery has made fatal police shootings a central focus of his work as a national correspondent for the newspaper to the point where he's published a book on the subject matter and has won a Pulitzer Prize for his contribution to The Washington Post's "Fatal Force" project, a database of all fatal...


Érica Alfaro tells the story behind her viral farmland graduation photo with her parents

A photo of San Diego State University graduate Érica Alfaro standing with her parents in a strawberry field where they worked as she pursued her education has gone viral. On this episode, she tells her story of being a young mother fighting for a degree, the message she hoped the photo would send and why she dedicated her new master's degree to her parents.


A conversation with a crisis phone line operator

Have you ever wondered who answers on the other end of the line of a crisis phone line? In this episode, we talk to one veteran counselor who gives us a behind-the-scenes look at one phone number in San Diego County that, for some, can make a difference between life and death.


Here's how facial recognition technology is used and why San Francisco banned it

Dave Maass, a researcher for the San Francisco-based Electronic Frontier Foundation, explains why the city passed the first major ban on facial recognition technology and what's next in the surveillance debate.


San Diego Uber-Lyft drivers talk about life behind the wheel

Uber and Lyft drivers in eight U.S. cities, including San Diego and Los Angeles, participated in an organized strike on Wednesday in an effort to call attention to their working conditions and demand better pay and job security. To better understand what it's like to be a rideshare driver, we spoke to two San Diego drivers who spend a lot of time behind the wheel and have had their share of experiences with passengers and the companies themselves.


After the Poway synagogue shooting, a discussion on anti-Semitism in America and online

The synagogue shooting in Poway, California, left many to wrestle with an attack on a local Jewish congregation just sixth months after an even-worse shooting in Pittsburgh. So we talked to an expert about modern anti-Semitism, its historic roots and what can be done to educate young people when anti-Semitism is surging around the globe, especially online.


Padres organ player Bobby Cressey reveals his musical journey to Petco Park

If you've been to a Padres, Gulls or Sockers game, you may have already heard Bobby Cressey playing the organ. You may have also heard him in various gigs around Southern California playing all kinds of genres including ska, raggae and jazz. On this episode of The Conversation, we get to know the man behind the organ.


Damien Hobgood on the pro surfing life and his new documentary 'And Two If By Sea'

Twin brothers Damien and CJ Hobgood have ranked among the best surfers on Earth. They had highs and lows together and apart. We talked to Damien about what he learned from surfing, his favorite local spots and the new Hobgood documentary 'And Two If By Sea."


1987 Pulitzer Prize-winner Jonathan Freedman talks about the immigration debate then and now.

In 1987 Jonathan Freedman won a Pulitzer for writing about immigration across the U.S.-Mexico border. We sought him out for an episode of The Conversation, in a year when immigration is once again of the highest importance in national news and policy discussion. He’s never stopped following the issue and even has a new book out called “Solito, Solita” about youth refugees from Central America at the US.-Mexico border.


From the San Diego Arab Film Festival, a Yemeni director tells his story

The San Diego Arab Film Festival is in its 8th year and brings with it films from countries like Tunisia, Algeria, Syria and Jordan. We spoke with a filmmaker, Amr Gamal, who flew in on a special visa from Yemen to present his film, '10 Days Before the Wedding" on opening night.


The San Diego Zoo's giant pandas are returning to China. A zoo keeper tells their story.

Two giant pandas remain as part of the zoo’s 25-year conservation program which has been a loan agreement with China. The zoo says the return to their native country is honoring the terms of that loan and that San Diego Zoo Global staff are in discussion with their Chinese counterparts about the future of the program. We talk to a zookeeper, Dallas Dumont, who has worked with the pandas for years and knows them personally. The last day the public is expected to be able to see the giant...


Coffee isn't grown in the continental U.S., so how did this California farmer do it?

In 2017, The New York Times called Jay Ruskey the “father” of California’s coffee business. Why? Ruskey is responsible for growing and producing the first coffee beans in the continental U.S. And it's all happening in Santa Barbara County and soon in San Diego County. Ruskey spoke with The Conversation about what it took to earn that title and what it means for coffee lovers all around the world.


What opening day on San Diego Padres turf sounds like

The San Diego Padres opened their 2019 season with fanfare and a party atmosphere thanks in part to it adding former Dodger Manny Machado to the team. Abby and Luis headed to Petco Park where fans were eager to see the new team. So, what's it like to be in San Diego on opening day? Take a listen.


Writer, producer Josh Malmuth talks 'Abby's' premiere, 'New Girl' and growing up in San Diego

If you’ve seen New Girl on Fox or Superstore on NBC then you’ve seen the work of a San Diego native named Josh Malmuth. He’s a writer and producer who has created a new NBC comedy called “Abby’s” that is also set in San Diego. His previous work includes 'New Girl' and 'Superstore.' We talked to Malmuth about growing up in San Diego, what it's really like working in television and what to expect from 'Abby's.'