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Ep 6. Non-Attachment for Personal Freedom. Zen Buddhism and Stoicism.

Today, we talk about the idea of non-attachment and how it can be a useful tool for dealing with problems and achieving personal freedom. We discuss how Zen Buddhism views the idea of non-attachment and also discuss the book 'Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind' by Shunryu Suzuki. We also briefly look at Stoicism and the book 'The Obstacle is the Way' by Ryan Holiday where he looks at some of Marcus Aurelius' ideas.


Ep 5. Make better decisions and clarify thoughts with simple 'filters'.

Sometimes it can be impossible to understand and evaluate all of the ins and outs of a certain situation. Therefore, it can be useful to have a way to simplify your decision making. For example, if you are being asked to vote about a very complicated issue, you can apply what I call a 'filter'. This will help you clarify your thoughts and come to a desision more easily. We also take a look at how these 'filters' can help with making business decions when evaluating whether a certain project...


Ep 4. Perfectionism and just getting things done.

In this episode we will talk about perfectionism. It's sometimes difficult to get started with something because we want everything to be perfect, and we end up not doing anything at all. Other times we end up just redoing everything endlessly because we are not happy with something. So how do we overcome this? I suggest that firstly you decide what is 'good enough'. Then you commit to gradually improving as you go along. This is similar to 'The Minimum Viable Product' where you make a rough...


Ep 3. Self Hypnosis for Personal Freedom.

In this episode we discuss what self hypnosis is and why it is useful for building more and more personal freedom. Essentially self hypnosis differs from meditation in that it tends to be concerned with fixing certain specific issues. It's kind of a way to access your subconcious and then make suggestions through the repetition of affirmations or by using visualisation techniques. Then over time you may find that how you react to problems or situations will change in accordance with what you...


Ep 2. Freedom in long term travel. The camper van life.

In this episode we discuss how long term travel can be a freeing experience. Not only is it great because you are physically free to roam about the place, but you also get some headspace and start feeling mentally free as well. In the second half we discuss why I feel camper vanning or motorhoming (van life) is a great way to start long term travelling. We then discuss the various pros and cons of building your own camper and that of buying a traditional motorhome. We then discus how to...


Ep. 1. The Freedom Word Podcast Introduction.

In this the very first episode, I introduce exactly what I want this podcast to be. Essentially we will be focus on the ways we can achieve personal freedom. Whether that is financial freedom or mental freedom. I break down the various aspects of personal freedom and discuss why I think they are so important to look at. I also introduce myself a little bit and discuss where I'm personally at in my personal freedom journey. It's pretty short but I'm just getting used to the whole...