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GPE015 – Secrets on how to travel better with purpose, passion and positivity!

An enlightening chat with the host of the amazing Thoughtful Travel Podcast. This episode is with the host of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast! Tune in as Amanda and I talk travel from every angle. We look into cultivating the right mindset for travel, budget travel tips, slow travel vs fast travel, solo travel, travelling in unusual ways, travel stories and much more! In this interestingly adventurous conversation we dive into Amanda’s experience podcasting, talk about some weird and...


GPE014 – Creativity, art & following your passion!

An inspiring chat about following your passion with Australian artist, Danielle Weber! In this fresh episode, we gain unique insights into the life of a painter. I speak to Australian artist Danielle Weber and she shares her secrets on gathering inspiration, her creative process, art, passion and doing what you love. We speak about doing what you love and building a life around that. We also discuss some of the challenges we face as creatives and how to push past that and become a better,...


GPE0013 – A Buddhist monk shares his secrets to happiness

Join me as I chat with Buddhist Monk, Kelsang Dornying about life, mindfulness, Buddhism, happiness and cultivating a more peaceful state of being. I’m also inviting you to take part in a very special GUIDED MEDITATION with Kelsang Dornying and I at the very end of the podcast (1:08:27). Here are some ways I believe this specific episode can help you: Gain some actionable tips on living a happier more mindful life Get a unique insight into Buddhism and the positive states of mind it...


GPE012 – Travel advice & philosophy you can’t afford to miss!

Hosts of The World Wanderers podcast talk travel + transitioning to a nomadic lifestyle If you’re travelling anytime soon, this is the episode for you! Join me as I talk with the extremely well-travelled hosts of The World Wanderers Podcast. We speak about their journey, travel tips and tricks (including how to budget abroad, how to pack, the right mindset for travel, travel philosophy and much much more!). We had a chat about world travel and discussed their journey, their mindset,...


GPE011 – The ‘ESSENCE’ of health with Dr Craig Hassed!

A Mindfulness Expert’s guide to stress management and a healthier life! In this short but super sweet episode I speak with Dr Craig Hassed who literally wrote the book on mindfulness. We discuss personal development through stress management and how to live a healthy, happy life. We talk about the inner workings of stress and the toll it takes on the human body. We also discuss how to stay fresh, young and healthier by applying certain mindfulness techniques to our busy lives. So, if you...


GPE010 – An adventurous deep dive with freediving record holder Adam Stern

In this exciting episode, Adam Stern, the national freediving record holder of Australia shares the world of freediving with us. We talk adventure, lifestyle, how freediving works, what could go wrong, the ocean, the underwater world and much more! Adam shares a few of his favourite dive locations and shares his motivations for diving and his story of how it all began for him. This is an episode that’s filled with passion and purpose and for anyone looking for a new adventurous activity to...


GPE009 – How you can do more good in the world & become a better human!

In this super sweet episode I chat with Michael Dello-lacovo, a PhD candidate in space science who specialises in asteroids, the former CEO of Effective Altruism Australia and host of the Morality is Hard podcast. We talk about some of the problems in today's world and how we, as everyday people, can help make a difference. We speak about what Effective Altruism is, a little about effective charities and positive initiatives around the world and how to get involved. We also talk space, the...


GPE008 – Find out your life purpose, while also exploring your inner creativity!

Creativity chats w/ International Creative Life Coach Chloe Boreham! In this unique episode, I talk creativity with international creative life coach Chloe Boreham and discuss her life strategies for self improvement, motivation, organisation and well-being. Feel free to eaves drop and you may even discover your life’s purpose! We talk about how to find your life’s purpose, what to look out on your journey that can really push you forward. We talk creativity, creative expression, different...


GPE007 – Yoga Guru TED talker, Abria Joseph on removing negative self-talk, and dreaming it real!

Discover strategies on how to dream it real, and kill self-inflicted negativity. Get ready to explore the power of dreaming it real and find out exactly how it can change your experience in life. My good friend Abria Joseph and I talk about motivation, inspiration, having dreams and taking action. We also discuss the benefits of yoga, well-being and positivity. Through this discussion you’ll find out strategies, tips, tricks and a few techniques on how to eliminate negative self-talk and...


GPE006 – Getting motivated, planning your future & tips to live a life of growth and awesomeness

In this super chilled ep, Josh Carrell and I discuss creative inspiration. We talk about ways to push yourself through procrastination and how to start motivating yourself and the people around you to do more and be more. We divulge a few personal growth tips and tricks, about sharing and goal setting. We also talk […]


GPE005 – (Minisode!) Short, Sweet Bluesy Hang Drum + Guitar Jam with the talented Sebby Guerrera

Thought I’d break up the episodes with this super short snippet from one of my recent jams with the very talented Sebastian Guerrera. It’s a strange combination of the handpan and Sebby’s 1957 Gibson Les Paul, and I think it kind of works! Let me know what you think and if you have any feedback […]


GPE004 – Stepping outside your comfort zone and being open to opportunities

It’s travel adventure story time with the legend, Papa D In this super sweet ep you’ll meet a good friend of mine, Papa D. Join us as we share some of our interesting travel experiences and talk about some of the mischief we’ve gotten into around the world. This is a fairly relaxed, chilled out, […]


GPE003 – Adventure, action and good vibes with Adventureman Dan

We deep dive into extreme cliff diving with travel adventure content maker, Adventureman Dan. It’s adventure time with Adventureman Dan! Dan lives an amazing life of adventure and in this special episode, I catch up with the man himself to find out exactly what makes him tick. Have you ever wondered what the life […]


GPE002 – How to become a kinder, happy person today

This episode touches on creating good vibes and making a positive change in your life, and in the life of others through kindness. This episode features a chat with the very lovely Eden Violet. We explore kindness and talk about how to make a positive change in your life and become a happier person. We […]


GPE001 – Those personal growth through experience chats!

Let’s talk personal development, the importance of moderation and good times! In this laid-back episode, I have an exciting conversation with Jay Pietro, the Creative Director of Evolve Digital Media. We touch on some interesting insights to do with personal growth through experiences, passion, creativity, adventure and travel. We also explore Jay’s love for cinematography […]


GPE000 – So What’s “The Good People Effect”?

Welcome to The Good People Effect 🙂 This is a short introductory episode that will give you a little background on who I am, why I started the show and what The Good People Effect is all about. Please check it out as it’s a great warm up to the show. Enjoy!