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Corbyn says ‘free broadband’, we say ‘bad idea’. PLUS Royal Parks traffic ban and England for Euro 2020

Labour have pledged to make broadband free for all by renationalising BT Openreach if they win the General Election. The idea has been labelled a “fantasy plan” by The Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, Nicky Morgan. We spoke to the Evening Standard’s Consumer Business Editor Jonathan Prynn who explains why this plan would harm us all. London is home to eight wonderful Royal parks which create 5,000 acres of green space in one of the busiest cities in the world. Now...


Tories dump immigration cap; The RMT plan ANOTHER strike; & The Science Museum reveal 500 years of medicine

The Conservatives have dumped Theresa May’s 100,000 goal for net immigration. Home Secretary Priti Patel says the new plan will bring overall immigration down but give skilled workers preference under a points-based system and expert recommendations. Evening Standard associate editor Julian Glover joins The Leader podcast to explain why this is ‘impossible’. The RMT have announced another 24-hour strike, this time on the Victoria line - one of London’s busiest - on the 27th and 28th...


Trump impeachment hearings, Tory election ‘groundhoggery’, and Greta Thunberg sails again

In today’s episode: Loyal, dependable and now… independent, thanks to having the Conservative whip removed after voting against the government – Tory bastion David Gauke has announced he’s running as an independent in his previously safe Tory stronghold of South West Hertfordshire. The 2019 election campaign so far is the kind satirists live for. So today’s Leader podcast speaks to Evening Standard cartoonist Christian Adams takes us through the skill of satire – and why Boris Johnson and...


Labour cyber attack, the ‘Russian interference’ report and Hillary Clinton weighs in – our election roundup. Plus why HS2 announcement is a good thing.

In today’s episode: Jeremy Corbyn has confirmed a ‘very serious’ cyber attack on the Labour Party, meanwhile the PM is under pressure to release a report about alleged Russian interference in British politics – and even Hillary Clinton has weighed in. The Evening Standard’s deputy political editor Nicholas Cecil joins the podcast to discuss the latest dramas from the campaign trail as we head toward the 2019 General Election A draft report into HS2’s been leaked – and says it should go...


Britain’s not in recession – but government is not off the hook; RMT boss should resign instead of striking; remembrance day 2019

Today the Office for National Statistics says GDP grew by 0.3 percent in the third quarter of the year. But that’s still the lowest since 2010 – and there are plenty of reasons for concern about what comes next. Our political editor Joe Murphy joins us to tell us more. Next month, RMT union members will hold strike action on South Western Railway services into Waterloo for 27 days. They says it’s about safety. But a video of one its bosses Steve Hedley making allegedly anti-semitic remarks...


TFL delays Crossrail AGAIN, costing London billions

Today Transport for London announced that Crossrail will not open until 2021. The line should have opened last December. TFL have admitted that the final cost of the project could be £18.5 billion. The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has was said to be “deeply frustrated” We speak to Joanna Bourke from the business desk about the many businesses banking on Crossrail that are understandably angry, and how much this delay will cost them. We also spoke to City Hall editor Ross Lydall about the...


Sajid Javid announces Conservatives spending plan – but where will the money come from?

Sajid Javid’s turning on the money tap, but where is he getting the cash? Associate editor Julian Glover explains why the Chancellor’s plans announced on Thursday will mean higher taxes in the long-run. Londoner editor Ayesha Hazarika explores the options for disillusioned Labour voters. Deputy Leader Tom Watson has resigned and former Labour MP Ian Austin has said voters should choose Johnson over Corybn – but will some switch to the Liberal Democrats instead? We spoke to a shell-shocked...


General Election 2019: Boris bids to calm Conservative nerves after election launch day gaffes

The election campaigns have barely started and Boris Johnson is already having to deal with trouble in the conservatives. Our editorial explains, it’s a bad start for Boris. Political editor Joe Murphy joins The Leader podcast to discuss what we should expect next from our Prime Minister. Also, retail giant Marks and Spencer’s is in crisis again, with profits plunging by 17 percent. Business news editor Alex Lawson explains why – and what it means for the British high street. For...


General Election 2019: Make your vote count; plus how Netflix, Apple and Disney are diversifying London’s TV

Not enough people are registering to vote for the upcoming UK General Election, which means marginal seats could be swung. We sit down with our home affairs editor Martin Bentham to discuss the importance of voting on December 12th – and how to register well in advance. School children are protesting against pollution in London by installing aeroplane-style breathing masks at their bus-stop. Selma star David Oyelowo tells the Evening Standard today that he believes Netflix is having a...


New Speaker of the House: what will John Bercow’s replacement need to succeed?

As a new speaker is installed to the House of Commons, we sit down with Ayesha Hazarika to talk about the important role they could play in one of the most turbulent times in UK politics. Mikhail Gorbachev is warning the world that he believes tensions between Russia and the West put u in “colossal danger” – why we think world leaders should listen And we talk to our digital arts editor Jessie Thompson about the women dominating major categories at this year’s Evening Standard Theatre...


Cannabis laws: why London Mayor Sadiq Khan agrees we need a new public debate

Sadiq Khan called for a rethink on cannabis laws and policing today, to cut violent street crime. This follows a report showing that 63 per cent of Londoners think the Class B drug should be legalised for recreational and medicinal use for adults. So with opinions changing, David Cohen our investigations editor tells us why this conversation is so important. A report by the coroner on the inquests into the London Bridge attack came out today, we discuss how we can learn from these attacks...


The Labour party languish in the General Election polls – does Jeremy Corbyn have what it takes to beat Boris Johnson?

It’s the 31st of October and we haven’t left the EU. But Boris Johnson is not ‘dead in a ditch’. In fact despite Brexit delays the Conservative government are still far ahead in the General Election polls – a scary Halloween prospect for Jeremy Corbyn. Can the Labour Party make up enough ground before December the 12th to win? Our political editor Joe Murphy’s been going through the figures from the Evening Standard’s own poll and joins The Leader podcast from his Westminster...


Election 2019: Brexit, anger and... Donald Trump?

At the start of the year we predicted that we’d end 2019 by heading to the polls. And that’s exactly what’s going to happen on December 12th. A “culture war, already simmering here in the UK, could explode in this election” says today’s Leader. We speak to associate editor Julian Glover about what this election will really be about. The Londoner editor Ayesha Hazarika talks about today’s Prime Minister’s questions, and why politics has become 'incredibly toxic' And Deputy Political Editor...


Grenfell tower fire disaster: will there now be justice for victims?

The report into the Grenfell Tower fire has taken two years to prepare, and will be published in full tomorrow. The report will be dominated by one key finding: The London Fire Brigade’s lack of preparation and poor advice cost lives. Investigations Editor David Cohen has spent the last two years speaking with survivors and victims’ families, and speaks to The Leader about their reactions to the report’s findings. City Hall editor Ross Lydall and Courts reporter Tristan Kirk also join...


Why a Christmas election could backfire for Boris

Has Boris Johnson done the right thing by trying to hold a December general election? In today’s episode assistant editor Julian Glover and Londoner editor Ayesha Hazarika sit down to explain what this means across parliament and the UK, as well as for those who have supported (in huge numbers) the People’s Vote Campaign – and who were only just marching and rallying a week ago. For information regarding your data privacy, visit


Environment: Prince Charles says business should do more; six months of London ULEZ charge; Rugby semi final 2019

Prince Charles has made a call in the Evening Standard for big businesses to put “trillions” of pounds into environmental projects, and we think he’s right. The Standard’s Jonathan Prynn breaks down what this really means. The Ultra-Low Emission Zone – or ULEZ – charge is six months old. And one driver owes 13 thousand pounds – we’ve got more on that and five other things we’ve learned about the scheme. We’re excited for tomorrow’s match between England and New Zealand, we speak to our...


Essex lorry deaths: how can we stop it happening again?

The death of 39 Chinese migrants found in the back of a lorry in Essex is a tragedy of massive proportions. And if the international community doesn’t act in response to our changing world, it may happen again. We ask Home Affairs editor Martin Bentham what must be done to avoid the loss of more innocent lives. The British Red Cross announced today that they will no longer be providing first-air care at public events due to the costs. We think they should change their mind, raise the money...


London is unhappy – what can we do about it? And behind the scenes at the new Tutankhamun exhibition.

If life in London is getting you down then you aren’t alone, according to data published today by the Office of National Statistics. The study shows that Londoners are some of the most unhappy people in the country… although we are slowly getting happier. Jonathan Prynn our business editor joins us in the studio to discuss the research in more detail. Tutankhamun is visiting London for the first time in more than a decade, in an exhibit at the Saatchi Gallery. The Evening Standard thinks...


Will anyone topple King Boris Johnson? Plus, new Star Wars trailer: the force is strong with the Rise of Skywalker

In today's episode: Boris Johnson has done a lot of manoeuvring to get his hands on the PM crown, he is determined for it to stay that way too. Our associate editor Julian Glover explains how politics has always been about the exercise of power, and why Boris is going nowhere if he can help it. A new report from the Office for National Statistics shows that UK borrowing is increasing because of Brexit. This is storing up for trouble for the future of our finances. We believe that the UK...


Boris Johnson’s Brexit detour as John Bercow says NO to meaningful vote

After ‘Super Saturday’ in which Parliament voted to hold on a Brexit vote until legislation had been passed, and thousands marched on Westminster to demand a People’s Vote, Boris Johnson has been forced to take something of a detour from his planned roadmap. In today’s episode of The Leader, Ayesha Hazarika describes the view from the stage at the People’s Vote protest and discusses how the Letwin Amendment will change things for the Prime Minister and the Brexit process. After last...