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26 - "Bionic Bitch" feat. Jenny Bee

Jenny Bee returns for another bullshitting session. We talk about racism. We talk about addiction. We talk about how much weight we've both lost since having surgery, and how our lives have dramatically changed. But most of all, it's just a good, old-fashioned Jenny and Jay mess around. Sponsored by Comprehensive Cranium Care ( and Digital Effex ( Special thanks to


25 - "Bagetti"

For the 25th episode of The Lighter Side, I decided to take on my most difficult subject yet. She has gone from 4 lbs, 8 oz to 43 lbs in almost 6 years, and refuses to listen to anything I say to her. Of all the transformations I’ve had on this show, this one is the most brutal. Because it feels like it happened over night, and I’ve seen the whole thing first hand. Please join me and my daughter as we discuss such topics as why JoJo Siwa is trash, who sings the better lullabies at night,...


24 - "Douggles"

15 or so years ago, Doug Orleski and I sang and danced for a living. We haven't really spoken since, and 2 wives, four kids, 5 or 6 careers, and about 150 lbs has gone by. Now, Doug is a successful graphic designer and the owner and operator of RVA Coffee Stain, a custom art company, where he creates unique and charming prints, MANY of which have to do with food. (subconscious much?) Doug is fresh off of a 55 lb weight loss, and we talk about everything from how he dramatically changed...


23 - "Assels"

It’s not every day you get to talk to a self-indentified “basic bitch”, who covets Pumpkin Spice Lattes by day, and is the head of a Burlesque Troupe by night. Skylar Hansford is full of these contradictions, and that’s what makes her so completely bad ass. She’s the mother of a 2 year old, a pinup girl, a former addict, a survivor of abuse, and a diehard fan of Law and Order SVU. Join us as we talk about her post-baby weight loss, her affinity for baristas, and how she has worked...


22 - "Lamb Shank"

Joe Arcabascio returns to the podcast after his thrilling performance in Episode 2. We talk about what it’s like to be on maintenance, intermittent fasting, stealing porn from video stores, and, of course, Taylor Swift. Sponsored by Comprehensive Cranium Care ( and Digital Effex ( Follow the show’s instagram at


21- "Whoop Whoop"

When the conversation starts with, " I was raised in the circus", you know it's going to be good. Stacy Earl's experience living a circus did not end when the big top came down. As a recovering addict, her journey has been wrought with adversity, instability, and, thankfully, recovery. Oh, and she lost a bunch of weight too. Now almost 4 years sober, Stacy talks candidly about her past, and optimistically about her future. Sponsored by Comprehensive Cranium Care ( and...


20 - "Chalk and Cheese"

Liv Walde is, simply put, a true warrior. When chaos and tragedy struck at a young age, Liv turned to something she felt she could control. Her body. Unlike most of the stories I’ve had on the podcast, Liv didn’t overeat for comfort. Instead, she began a years long battle with anorexia. When she was 14 years old, Liv weighed 77 lbs. She was told she would not make it to 16. Today, she is a happy, healthy, intelligent 20 year old. Fully recovered, and working to become an advocate for...


13-"Balls" (Bariatric Interlude)

I sit down with Nicole Perkins, badass mother of two who is rocking a lapband like it's her job. When she's not trying to keep her teenaged sons from walking around flapping in the breeze, Nicole is running 5Ks and maintaining a 100+ lb weight loss. Sponsored by C3- Comprehensive Cranium Care and DigitalEffex Music by Jared Mancuso and Remember Jones


12- Bariatric Bonanza Part 2: Bariatricker

Jay sits down with 3 Bariatric Patients who have had wildly different experiences: 2 Sleeves and a Bypass. Melinda Graham Rich, Jen Clemens, and Kerry Sweeney-Stein join Jay to discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly of Weight Loss Surgery. Such topics as excess gas, NSAIDS, and eating all of your son's popcorn. feat.Dr. Kashif Anwar Music by Jared Mancuso Sponsored by C3-Comprehensive Cranium Care-


A quick update

Just a short post-op update from Jay.


Bariatric Bonanza Part 1: Pre-Op

Jenny Bee and I are both getting bariatric surgery next week. We talk about the downs and downs of the pre-op liquid diet and field questions about the worst two weeks of our lives for your general entertainment. The next time you listen to this podcast, our stomachs will be 80-90 percent smaller. Thank you for all of your support and please tune in for the coming weeks to learn everything you ever wanted to know and more about bariatric surgery. Brought to you by C3-Comprehensive...


"You've Come a Long Way, Kid"

I sit down with two powerful, inspirational women who have overcome tremendous hurdles and come out the other side stronger, wiser, and leaner. Julie Brandon and Kim Smith didn't just lose weight. They lost toxic relationships. We discuss how divorce can affect one's waistline. Music by Jared Mancuso and Val Emmich Brought to you by C3- Comprehensive Cranium Care -


"Go Slow"

Anthony D'Amato, my dear friend and former eating partner. shed 215 lbs in one year. Then the hard part started. Listen to his incredibly inspiring story and learn how he came to be known as Remember Jones, a tour de force musician with a stage show unlike any other. Check out music and tour dates at Sponsored by C3- Comprehensive Cranium Care


"Sit on a Cactus"

I sit down with Anne-Mieke Bovelett, a nerd, chef, and owner and operator of She has lost over 75 lbs. Or kilos. One of those. We talk about Holland, dreadlocks, and how food almost literally talks to her. Check out Anne-Mieke's Instagram at for her astonishing before and after pictures as well as her amazing recipes. Sponsored by C3 Comprehensive Cranium Care. Go to to Own Your Dome. Music by Jared Mancuso and...


"Egotistical Ass"

Jenny Bee stops by and turns the tables on me. If you have ever wondered who this "with Jay" character is, we get way into it this week. Brought to you buy C3 (Comprehensive Cranium Care) Music by Jared Mancuso Reach Jay at Follow me on instagram @thelightersidepocast


"I don't even like sports"

I sit down with Michael Buckley, a Certified Personal Trainer, unapologetic WWE fan, and my best friend. We discuss exercise, adderall, and unintentionally inappropriate high school productions of The King and I. Visit and enter the promo code given in the episode for 20% online personal training packages with Buckley Body Solutions. Follow us on instagram @lightersidepodcast and @therealbuckley Music by and...


"There's like...luggage"

I sat down with Joanne Pollicella, a badass chick who has lost 130 lbs and is a total Crossfit beast. We talk about Macy's, McDonald's, and WODS. Follow me on instagram: Call the hotline at 908 396 7791 email me at Music by Jared Mancuso


"I ate a bagel..."

I sit down with Joe Arcabascio, a father of 2 who dropped 155 lbs. We talk about roller coasters, fat brain, and changing 2XL shirts to 3XL shirts. Check out our website at Call our hotline at 908-396-7791 Music by Jared Mancuso and Remember Jones.


"Black People Love Jesus"

My good friend Jenny Bee sits down with me to talk bariatric surgery, being on top, and Jesus. Jenny has a fancy pants job and has rapidly ascended in her career despite suffering from Hidradenitis Suppurativa, a rare and shitty Auto Immune Disorder. Don't forget to call the hotline: 908 396 7791 OR email me at


In Which a Secret is Revealed

Jay tells some truths. Call our hotline at (908) 396-7791 to leave a message. Music by Jared Mancuso