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EP199: How To Not Fuck Up Your Kids

In my many years of parenting, 10 to be exact, for the most part I have been confident in my ways. I have found mistakes along the way and have corrected them. I found myself to be too strict in my eating which made me open my eyes to the eating disorder I had, Orthorexia. I found that my little was following my ways of eating and putting herself down at the age of 6. That’s when I put a halt to it and got on the path to self- development. 4 years later and ALOT learned I can say...


EP198: 6 Ways I Screwed Up To Have a Happy Life

Hey everyone! In today’s show I share with you 6 ways that I have made mistakes but in the end, gave me a happy life. Through mistakes and screw ups, we learn and grow. It takes experience to REALLY get to know yourself, and O BOY do I have experience. Today’s show only lists 6 but there have been so many more. I feel that my mistakes made me who I am today: Relaxed Willing to try new things that are scary Focused on my health in a non- body dysmorphia kinda...


EP197: Who or What is Running Your Life

Welcome back to another episode! It’s episode 197! Whoa! Today is a very real episode for me. I had another plan but plans don’t always work out. I’m sure you know that feeling. I had to dig into my intuition and ask her why I wasn’t feeling the plan I was so excited about days before. Things change and that’s ok! Go with the flow and find you happy. I realized that self-development wasn’t being talked about enough, this is 1 part of my creativity and I needed to release it...


EP196: Electro-Who? Electrolytes and Your Lymphatic System

Hey all! Today's Sponsor is Erin's Faces! I absolutely love her products! Fair Trade Certified by Fair Trade USA. Rec'ed by The Organic Bunny. Tinted lip balms are one of my favorite things because you get credit for wearing a lip color but you don't need a mirror to put it on and you get a pretty sheer wash of color. Most lip balms use petrochemicals like Mineral Oil or Petroleum to hydrate lips - it is no Bueno for your mouth since you'll ingest about a tube of lipstick's worth over...


EP195- The Importance of Your Viseral Fat and WTF Is In Your Bottled Water Besides Water?

Hello, my wonderful peeps! I hope your weekend was amazing and full of excitement! This episode is sponsored by Bella's Merry Yogis ! Bella's Merry Yogis is Fun Kids Yoga with a twist! Kidding Around Yoga is SOOOO not your traditional yoga class! Bella Blair is trained in “Kidding Around Yoga tm.” Kidding Around Yoga is a style of Yoga that was created by Haris Lender from Florida, a former educator and yoga professional. KAY encompasses the 5 branches of Yoga in a clear engaging...


Ep194: Vitamin B12 & How Acid Affects Your Body

Hey all, welcome back to the show! In this episode: It's a short but sweet episode, time to learn a little!


EP193: Eat The Friggin Cupcake & More On Alkalinity

Hey all! Thanks so much for being here with me! In today's eppy you will learn:


Why Your Body Is LIke A Dirty Pool

Hellllo! So happy to have you back here with me! I had a lot of fun on today's eppy talking about a few different things. Today you will learn about: Enjoy!


The Show Returns After a 6 Month Break

Hey ya'll! Welcome back to the show! I am so happy to be back! In this eppy I share what the heck I have been up to (sooooo many things) I cover: Ok so not too much for the return of the show but I share some powerful shit that hopefully, you will learn from xoxo, laurenjean


EP071: 5 Things That Help Me To Chill The F Out in Life (Lessons learned from self-discovery)

Today's show I share with you where I am in life. I took a 2-week hiatus and there is a reason why but you must listen to find out why. In today's show, I share with you the 5 things that help me to chill the F out in life.


EP070: Biohacking Your Way to Better Health with Arvin

Today I spoke with Extraordinary Human Living founder, Arvin Khamseh What you can expect hear us talk about: sleep, melatonin, his fun glasses, blue lights, energy vampires and MORE! Arvin Khamseh is an Oxford-trained geek and graduate of the National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents. He is a contributor to publications: Thrive Global, American Student Dental Association (ASDA), Medium and Better Humans. Arvin’s expert advice has been featured on top named Inc...


EP069: Intuition, Patterns and Numbers with Intuitive, Melissa Badine

In this talk, I got to speak with Melissa Badine, Intuitive Coach & psychic medium. I follow Melissa on social media, specifically Facebook and I am a part of her group, Find and Follow Your Soul's Purpose and am obsessed with watching her LIVE. Melissa is a coffee addicted mother of two how happens to speak to spirit. She started her own business at the age of 17 and grew from a Registered massage therapist to a certified medium, through trusting her intuition and has found her passion...


EP068: Intuitive Dreaming ... using your nighttime dreams for healing, creativity, and intuitio

I have always been fascinated when I could remember a dream but I never knew the power a dream's meaning could have over me, let alone a deep healing. Dreams are a rich resource that we can tap for guidance, insight, and inspiration. Learn how to remember and record dreams and how to specifically ask them for guidance for healing. -Laurel Clark Almost 2 years ago I interviewed Dr. Laurel Clark on the topic of Dream Interpretation and Journaling (find her episode here, on the old site or...


How My Outlook on Health Has Changed From 16 Years Ago

I had a calling to record this episode after hearing a podcast this morning while at work. It occurred to me that I have never done an episode like this before and it was time. I share about how I got into personal training, which started my beliefs in fitness and nutrition. I talk about my first experience with "nutrition" and what that looked like to me. I speak on how my body image changed after my daughter was born and what type of diet lifestyle I lived for way too long. I then...


EP067: Numerology - The Blueprint of Your Soul

Numerology is NOT about predicting your future. You should already be aware of your future and there is no need from me or anyone else to tell it to you because you already signed a Soul agreement with your Soul to be here at this time. I trust you have already your agreement. There are 2 parts for your Soul Agreement: 1- Your parents, your culture, and religion which means your environment and the type of experience you agreed on 2- Your Soul Purpose which is the same as Blueprint...


Minisode- Change is Intuitivly Inside All Of Us, So Why Are We So Damn Paralyzed By It?

Today I decided to record a bonus episode, a minisode I'll call it. I used to do more of these episodes in the way beginning of my podcasting journey but I got way too busy to continue and had to stop. Lately, I've been doing things much more intuitively and this episode was speaking to me, literally speaking to me in my head. I had the words on the tip of my tongue with enough time to jump on the mic and record before I had to run out the door to my hair appointment. Today's show is...


EP066: The Art of Healing with Bernie Siegel, MD

I am so proud to announce my guest today, Bernie Siegel. Medical doctor gone woo-woo! This is truly one of my favorite shows that I will listen to over and over myself because I was totally sucked in by his book, The Art of Healing. Bernie Siegel, MD is retired from general and pediatric surgical practice since 1989 and has since dedicated himself to humanizing the medical establishment's approach to patients and empowering patients to induce their own healing. What really got me in the...


EP065: What If You Could Be Busting With Energy All The Time?

Hey Guys! Today I talk about something I know we can all relate to, inner energy. This is the energy lives deep within us and can either rise sky high when times are great OR can take a dive and dig you into a deep dark hole of depression when something goes wrong. This energy comes not from food or sleep but from the power of our souls. You can choose to be open or closed in your heart. Listen on for the goodness in this show. I share an example and in this episode, I am deep in...


EP064: Can We Really Use Our Minds To Create Our Reality and Float Therapy

Ok, so this today I share with you, my summer adventures and realizations as well as talking mindfulness and manifestation.