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006: Richard Wadsworth - CEO Sonoro Energy

Richard Wadsworth is the CEO of Sonoro Energy, a Toronto Venture Exchange oil and gas publicly traded company (TSXV:SNV) focused on oil and gas exploration and production in South East Asia. Richard has 25 years of international oil and gas experience and plans to pursue the significant growth opportunity. In this episode, Richard explains the significance of drilling in Southeast Asia and the ideal payout for these shallow focused reservoirs. Learn about the program risks and their...


005: Andrew Skafel - CEO Edgewater Wireless

Andrew Skafel is the CEO of Edgewater Wireless which is revolutionizing WiFi infrastructure with their patented WiFi3 technology and next generation access points. Andrew’s broad strategic perspective comes from his work with both multinational equipment vendors and a number of start-up network operators. In this episode, Andrew discusses the features and benefits of the world's first 6 band wifi router. He will also talk about engineering challenges, the non-core patent with Apple,...


004: Andre Itwaru - CEO First Global Data Corp

Andre Itwaru is the CEO of First Global Data Crop which is a FinTech company specializing in mobile and cross-border payments. He has 20 years of experience in the financial services, technology and telecommunications industries including successful tenures at Sprint Canada, AT&T Canada Corp. and AT&T Solutions. In this episode, Andre talks about the rapid success of his grossly underrated corporation and their exciting plans for expansion. He also shares information around the first...


003: Dan Blondal - CEO Nano One Materials Corp

Dan Blondal is the CEO of Nano One Materials Corp which is a Vancouver-based technology company with a scalable industrial process for producing low-cost high-performance energy storage materials for batteries and a wide range of advanced nanostructured composite materials. Dan has 26 years of experience as a professional engineer, managing high growth technology in a career that has spanned materials handling, medical devices, industrial printing, nuclear fusion and materials...


002: Allen Wilson - CEO Jericho Oil Corp

Allen Wilson is the CEO of Jericho Oil Corp whose objective is to drive long-term shareholder value through the growth of oil and gas production, cash flow and reserves. Allen has been a successful investor, fundraiser and business development strategist for the past 20 years, working with emerging micro-cap companies across multiple industries. In this episode, Allen talks about why it’s important to deliver good value to shareholders, have a massive amount of land, and produce 1,000+...


001: James Anderson: CEO NuLegacy Gold

James Anderson is the CEO of NuLegacy Gold which is an advanced stage exploration company focused on developing its district-scale Carlin-type oxidized Iceberg gold deposit. James spent 19 years as an investment advisor for various small Canadian brokerage firms including First Canada Capital Partners, Research Capital Corp, and Majendie Securities Ltd. He brings his unique knowledge of the mining exploration business and experience in the corporate finance world. In this episode, James...