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A Second Look At The Underdogs In Your Music Collection

A Second Look At The Underdogs In Your Music Collection
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A Second Look At The Underdogs In Your Music Collection




Extended Play: Scott Weiland - December 2015

In this episode of extended play we discuss the death of ex-Stone Temple Pilots/Velvet Revolver frontman Scott Weiland, the potential significance of Adele’s impressive record sales for the music industry, and the future plans of The Second Spin podcast.


Episode 17: Trans by Neil Young

After signing a highly lucrative deal with Geffen Records, Neil Young delivered his most puzzling album to date: the electronic infused Trans. Armed with a Sennheiser vocoder VSM201 and a desire to respond to current musical trends, Young assembled a collection of tunes that were inspired by his inability to communicate with his disabled son, alienating many long term fans in the process while gaining few new ones. In this episode, we discuss the album’s recording history and its critical...


Episode 16: Other Voices and Full Circle by The Doors

To celebrate the vinyl re-issue and the official CD release of The Doors' Other Voices and Full Circle - the two Doors albums recorded shortly after their front-man Jim Morrison's death - we decided to revisit an era in the band's history that is less controversial than it is forgotten. For better or worse, The Doors soldiered on without Morrison, only to be met with critical and fan indifference. In this episode, we discuss the album's recording sessions and critical reception while...


Extended Play: Slayer – October 2015

In this episode of extended play, John will briefly look at the new Slayer album, Repentless, while the general discussion will revolve around the status of aging rockers. The next album up for review will also be announced.


Announcement: Glitch on the Diabolus in Musica Episode

The missing Final Thoughts on our "Diabolus in Musica" episode have now been restored. Please re-stream or re-download the episode to hear the complete episode.


Episode 15: Diabolus in Musica by Slayer

To celebrate the release of the first new Slayer album in 6 years, we decided to revisit their most controversial album, Diabolus In Musica, which was released in mid-1998, right before the nu-metal explosion. Accused of bandwagon jumping by loyal fans, Diabolus In Musica was viewed as the sound of an older band desperately trying to conform with current trends. In this episode, we will discuss the fairness of this judgement, the critical and commercial reception of Diabolus In Musica...


Extended Play: More Blaze Bayley! - September 2015

In this episode of extended play, we celebrate our first year anniversary and briefly discuss Blaze Bayley's solo career. The next album up for review will also be announced.

Episode 14: "The Blaze Bayley Era" by Iron Maiden

To coincide with the release of the new Iron Maiden double album, Book of Souls, we decided to revisit the Blaze Bayley era of Iron Maiden, which was a brief period in the band’s storied career that only produced two albums. As a result of poor record sales and declining fan interest, Maiden were forced to dump Bayley in 1999 and reunite with Bruce Dickinson to restore faith in the Maiden brand. In this episode we will discuss both The X Factor and Virtual XI, their critical and commercial...


Extended Play: Led Zeppelin – August 2015

In this episode, we continue our discussion of Led Zeppelin’s swansong, In Through The Out Door, this time focusing on the songs that didn’t make the final version but found their way onto their 1982 compilation album - Coda. The recent Zeppelin reissues of In Through The Our Door, Presence and Coda will also be discussed.


Episode 13: In Through the Out Door by Led Zeppelin

To coincide with the upcoming release of the deluxe edition of Led Zeppelin’s In Through The Out Door, we decided to revisit the album that marked the end of their career, and which remains the most divisive album of the legendary rock group’s discography. Dogged by break-up rumours and declining record sales, In Through The Out Door was the band’s tentative response to a changing musical landscape. In this episode, we discuss the album’s production and its critical and commercial...

Extended Play: Queen’s Innuendo Revisited – July 2015

In this episode, we review Queen’s final studio album with the original line-up, Innuendo, but with a twist: Luke tries to convince John that Innuendo is a better album than he originally thought. Each track will be played and evaluated briefly, and hopefully the result is a trip down memory lane that persuades a stubborn mind!


Episode 12: Hot Space by Queen

After the phenomenal success of Another One Bites The Dust, Queen ventured further into dance-funk-pop territory, much to the distress of many of their loyal fans who adored their now classic pomp rock sound. Caught between a rock and a hard place, Hot Space is the sound of band moving forward, for better or worse. In this episode we will discuss the album’s production history, its promotion and its critical and commercial reception. Each song will also be reviewed.

Extended Play - No New Music After Age 33?/Sol Invictus Review - June 2015

In this episode, we broadly discuss the findings of a study that suggests people generally stop listening to new music after the age of 33. The new Faith No More album, Sol Invictus, will also be reviewed.

Episode 11 - Album Of The Year by Faith No More

To coincide with the release of Faith No More’s reunion album, Sol Invictus, we decided to revisit their original swansong, Album Of The Year, which came out in 1997 during the great decline period for alternative rock. As a direct consequence, Faith No More found themselves stranded in no man’s land, caught between the old alternative sound and the emerging nu-metal movement which they helped influence. In this episode we will discuss the album’s songs, its critical and commercial...

Extended Play – Record Store Day/Smashing Pumpkins – May 2015

We discuss the significance of Record Store Day and the status of physical media in an increasingly digital world. The Smashing Pumpkins' latest album, Monuments To An Elegy, will also be reviewed.


Episode 10 - Adore by The Smashing Pumpkins

In this episode, we revisit the album that killed the Pumpkins’ commercial momentum and critically assess its merits and shortcomings.


Extended Play – The Prodigy – April 2015

In this episode, we discuss the video for Prodigy’s ‘Hot Ride’, which was later rejected by Howlett, in addition to the new Prodigy album, The Day Is My Enemy. It’s their first album of new material since the release of Invaders Must Die in 2009, and it’s receiving their best reviews since Fat Of The Land. The album scheduled for the next podcast will also be announced.


Episode 9 - Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned by The Prodigy

To coincide with the release of the new Prodigy, this episode focuses on their 4th album, Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned, which was their long awaited follow up to the runaway success of Fat Of The Land. Unfortunately, it failed to generate as much interest in the marketplace, inevitably weakening the Prodigy brand. We look at the album’s extended production history, the numerous delays, and it’s commercial and critical reception.


Extended Play – Madonna – March 2015

In this episode; we answer your comments and corrections. Also, writer/poet James Jackson returns to give his own unique assessment on Madonna's American Life.


Episode 8 - American Life by Madonna

In this episode we look at Madonna's 2003 album American Life, which divided fans and critics at its time of release and remains her least regarded album to date. We will discuss the album's production history, its lyrical ambition, its controversial video and its commercial and critical reception. Each song will also be critically assessed.