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The Misteree Project presents The TmP Times. It's a fictional narrative podcast told over five weeks. Entertaining and engaging, this is the first in a series of podcasts coming soon from The Misteree Project and TmP Life.

The Misteree Project presents The TmP Times. It's a fictional narrative podcast told over five weeks. Entertaining and engaging, this is the first in a series of podcasts coming soon from The Misteree Project and TmP Life.
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The Misteree Project presents The TmP Times. It's a fictional narrative podcast told over five weeks. Entertaining and engaging, this is the first in a series of podcasts coming soon from The Misteree Project and TmP Life.






Living UNmASTERED - Keep Going

This week's segment of Living UNm is a "prequel" to next week's awesome conversation. While I'm still working on the conversation for next week, I just wanted to give you a little word of encouragement... Keep Going. Enjoy. #StayUNmASTERED @TheUNmASTERED on social media platforms. Be sure to subscribe and comment!


Living UNmASTERED - Finances (Part 2)

Last week I was able to catch up with my good friend Angie (Sincerely Angie Podcast) and we discussed a topic that millions of people are talking about...Finances. This week, we conclude our conversation on money and how it matters in today's world. From credit scores to cash vs. credit debates, this segment has the answers you need. Enjoy. #StayUNmASTERED #KeepGoing @TheUNmASTERED @JustBeing_Angie Be sure to rate and comment!


Living UNmASTERED - Finances (Part 1)

In this awesome segment of Living UNm, I am joined by the super awesome Angie (@JustBeing_Angie) from The Sincerely Angie Podcast. We got to chop it up about finances. Join in on this conversation as she spreads knowledge on how to save, how to spend and how to start the path to financial freedom. #KeepGoing #StayUNmASTERED Be sure to check out The Sincerely Angie Podcast on all platforms, including this one. Also check out her website at...


Living UNmASTERED - Birthdays and Convos From A Coffeehouse (Part 3)

Today is a special day. Not only is it my born day, but you get a special 2 part episode today! Part 1 - Birthdays Part 2 - Convos From A Coffeehouse (Pt. 3) You're welcome. :-) #KeepGoing #StayUNmASTERED @TheUNmASTERED on all social media. Show support by liking and commenting!


Living UNmASTERED - Convos From A Coffeehouse (Part 2)

In continuing the conversation with my friend Ayanna (yesayanna_), she asked me a question that I had to ponder for a minute..what controls you? To elaborate, what makes you get up in the morning and want to do something about today? By the end of this segment, you'll be asking yourself, what drives me? Enjoy Convos From A Coffeehouse, brought to you by Living UNmASTERED. #KeepGoing #StayUNmASTERED Help us grow Radio UNmASTERED by spreading the word and support us on...


Living UNmASTERED - Convos From A Coffeehouse

Living UNmASTERED is back with Season 3! This time we will focus more on interviews and just normal conversations...this being one of the first of a 3 part series titled Convos from A Coffeehouse. This conversation was recorded in a coffeehouse with my good friend Ayanna (@YesAyanna_). It's an honest and real conversation that anyone can relate to. Enjoy. #StayUNmASTERED #KeepGoing


The Misteree Sessions - Chapter 5

Chapter 5 of The Misteree Sessions is one for the ages...all ages in fact. With some old school, new school and in-between school slow jams thrown in there, this one is jam packed and ready to get you in your feelings, whether good or bad. #SlowJams #StayUNmASTERED Be sure to check out this episode along with our other amazing playlist, Late Nights With CoCo, on


The Misteree Sessions - Chapter 4

So of course we had to extend this chapter of The Misteree Sessions. Joining me is CoCo as we both take you through some of our favorite slow jams of the 80s and 90s. Enjoy this sensual mix with a glass of wine and a significant other... #StayUNmASTERED


Late Nights With CoCo - Vol. 3

This extended version of LNWCC is a jazz-influenced playlist full of great music. Join CoCo and special guest Misteree Jones as they play their favorites, starting off with a pumped up mix followed by a slowed down mix. Enjoy. #StayUNmASTERED Be sure to Rate and Comment!


Living UNmASTERED - Circle

In this season finale of Living UNmASTERED, I ask the question, how strong is your circle of friends? We are only as successful as the company we keep, so are your friends helping you get to the next level? #KeepGoing #StayUNmASTERED Social Media: @TheUNmASTERED Support us on Patreon by becoming a Creative.


The Misteree Sessions - Chapter 3

Chapter 3 is all about the newer artists making waves in this love game. The mood: Heartbreak. Enjoy. @TheUNmASTERED


Living UNmASTERED - Energies

I strongly believe in the energies that surround us. Whether it is positive or negative, how it's presented to the world is determined by how it is cultivated. #KeepGoing #StayUNmASTERED Follow us on social media: @TheUNmASTERED *The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale can be found on most streaming apps and YouTube*


Living UNmASTERED - J.A. Medcalf

Today's segment of Living UNm is an interview with J.A. Medcalf, the Artrepreneur. Residing in Chicago, he is definitely making moves with his amazing artistry and dope paintings. But that is only a part of his dopeness. Be sure to check out this interview, as well as his website #StayUNmASTERED #KeepGoing


Living UNmASTERED - No

How many times have you psyched yourself out of something? We've done it to ourselves often. Telling yourself no without knowing the outcome can be damaging to your mental. Learn what I mean with this segment of Living UNm. #KeepGoing #StayUNmASTERED FB, IG & Twitter: @TheUNmASTERED Support us on Patreon. Help us become one of the top podcast networks in the nation!


Late Nights With CoCo - Vol. 2

This second installment of Late Nights With CoCo is packed with some super-chilled hip-hop vibes. So sit back and enjoy this great playlist of music specially curated by CoCo to wind down for the evening. #StayUNmASTERED #RUNTellDat IG, FB & Twitter: @TheUNmASTERED Become a Creator for UNm on our Patreon Page.


Living UNmASTERED - Strategic

We often make decisions based on how we feel emotionally instead of strategically. Those decisions can tend to come away at the seams because of that, revealing some things about you that you didn't realize. I suffer from irrational thinking sometimes and...well, take a listen for more... #KeepGoing #StayUNmASTERED Support us at our Patreon page by becoming a Creator and by helping grow The Radio UNmASTERED Network. Go to to show your support. FB, IG &...


The Misteree Sessions - Chapter 2

Chapter 2 of The Misteree Sessions includes much more of the same slow jams and slow grind music you love to listen to. So sit back and get yourself in the mood with this sultry playlist of Old School and New School R&B music. #KeepGoing #StayUNmASTERED


Living UNmASTERED - Pie

While going through some of my old books and journals, I found a poem that I decided to share. It's called Pass On The Pie. It speaks about negativity. Take a listen and enjoy this inspiring episode. #KeepGoing #StayUNmASTERED Show your support for our Radio UNmASTERED Network by becoming a Creator on our Patreon page. IG, FB & Twitter: @TheUNmASTERED Be sure to Rate and Comment!


Living UNmASTERED - Optimism

As long as you keep your head to the optimistic... Those words resonated with me for the past few days. Often times you see people not having any type of optimism. It's hard to remain positive during times of struggle. This one is for those people. Enjoy. #KeepGoing #StayUNmASTERED We want to grow and get better. Help us achieve that by creating with us. Go to to see what we mean. FB, IG & Twitter: @TheUNmASTERED Be sure to Rate and Comment!


Living UNmASTERED - The Perfection

This week Connii takes the helm of hosting this segment of Living UNmASTERED. Today she talks about the idea of perfection and waiting until the "right time" to follow your dream. Perfection makes procrastination. Walk with her while she talks about this and other things. #StayUNmASTERED #KeepGoing Follow us on IG, FB & Twitter: @TheUNmASTERED Email us at Be sure to Rate and Comment!