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101 - Applying Hyperbarics in the Real World with Joe Dituri

Joe Dituri was with the U.S. Navy active duty for over 28 years and served as a special operations saturation diver. He has been in 2,000 ft. below the ocean surface while serving in the U.S. Navy and has a master’s degree in Astronautical Engineering. Currently, Joe is working on his dissertation for his PhD in Biomedical Engineering and is looking at new methodologies and therapies using hyperbaric chambers as medicine. In addition, Joe is also a fellow at The Explorers Club as well as a...


100 - Creating Your Own Money Magic with Krisstina & Dr. Parsley

In this special edition episode of WealthyWellthy, Krisstina and her partner, Dr. Kirk Parsley, do a recap of the WealthyWellthy live event that was recently held at Krisstina’s house. They talk about the magic of making money, the magic of life, the magic of getting back to what really matters, the magic of love, the magic of conversation, the magic of whitespace, and just pure magic. Krisstina and Dr. Parsley share some of the magic that happened at the live event as well as their...


099 Vanessa Van Edwards - Identifying Your Brand of Charisma

Vanessa Van Edwards is a best-selling author of the book, Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with People, and she is the lead investigator at her human behavior research lab, the Science of People. She speaks and writes about cracking the code of human behavior for better relationships, more success, and a better life. She and her work have been featured on NPR, The Wall Street Journal, The Today Show, USA Today, CNN, Fast Company, and Forbes. In addition, she is a monthly columnist for...


098 Mike Wolf - Letting Go of Material Wealth

Mike wolf has earned the moniker of “The homeless millionaire.” Ironically, he made his wealth in real estate. On this episode, Krisstina talks with Mike about how he began his lifestyle, the dangers of valuing material things, and how much money is “enough”. For full show notes visit:


097 Barbara Weltman - Navigating Taxes

Barbara Weltman shares some of her “big ideas for small business” on this episode of The Wealthy Wellthy Life. Author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Starting a Home-Based Business, J.K. Lasser’s Small Business Taxes, and The Rational Guide to Building Small Business Credit, Barbara tells Krisstina what small businesses must know about the new tax codes, about tax deductions, and about common – and costly -- record-keeping mistakes that small businesses make. For full show notes visit:...


096 Willy Ogorzaly - The Ins and Outs of Cryptocurrency

As the market for cryptocurrency explodes, it can be hard to navigate the ins and outs of this growing industry. Willy Ogorzaly wants to change that. His company, Bitfract, makes it easier to invest and exchange cryptocurrency. In this episode, Willy talks with Krisstina about cryptocurrency's evolution as well as its investment risks and rewards. They also debunk many of the myths surrounding cryptocurrency. Finally, Willy shows Krisstina how to use Bitfract to exchange and invest...


095 Brooke Kalanick - Discovering Alternative Approaches to Hormone Therapy

As a doctor of alternative and functional medicine, Dr. Kalanick always knew she wanted to pursue science and medicine. She studied pre-med and applied to pharmacy school. She soon began suffering from headaches, felt very fatigued, and couldn’t work out. As her mom was diabetic she thought she might be as well. The accurate diagnosis turned out to be Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). Once she began managing her illness she decided she no longer wanted to help people feel better by giving...


094 Helen Hunt and Harville Hendrix - The Science Behind Love and Relationships

Helen Hunt and Harville Hendrix are relationship experts who have been married for 30 years, but their relationship wasn’t always smooth sailing and it took and still takes work and understanding to make it a success. One day while in the middle of an argument, Helen said something to Harville that led them to a breakthrough in their relationship and eventually to create three steps that they say are integral to a healthy and great relationship. With this process, Helen and Harville have...


093 Meriflor Toneatto - Helping Women Feel Empowered About Money

Meriflor Toneatto is the author of Money Manifestations and Miracles - A Guide to Transforming Women’s Relationships with Money. Her passion is to help women transform their relationship with money and tear down the emotional blocks, cultural stigmas, and long held negative beliefs about money so women can feel empowered to take control and shape their financial futures for themselves. In this conversation, Krisstina discusses with Meriflor why women have a tendency to self-sabotage, what...


092 Janet Newman - Clearing Out the Toxins in Your Environment

Janet Newman, Ph.D, is the author of Living in the Chemical Age, where she dives deep to unearth and expose the many pervasive toxins that are prevalent throughout our environment, including the food we eat, the products we use to clean our homes and even the beds we sleep on and what you can do to decrease your exposure to these harmful chemicals. After facing different health challenges seven to eight years ago, Janet wanted to learn more about the ailments that were causing her and her...


091 Dr. Alan Hopkins - Why You Need to Get an Advanced Lipid Panel Test

Dr. Alan Hopkins has been practicing emergency medicine for the past 20 years. While working to save lives in the trauma center, he noticed that many more younger people were suffering from heart attacks and he wanted to begin focusing on preventative medicine in order to curtail these far too frequent incidents. In this conversation, Krisstina and Dr. Hopkins discuss why it’s important to get an advanced lipid test, Lipoprotein-A and why it’s important to know your risk factor, how...


090 Dom D’Agostino - Guidance to Metabolic Therapies

Dominic D’Agostino is a neuroscientist, molecular pharmacologist, and physiology researcher. He has maintained involvement in a vast array of professional, academic, and personal endeavors, attaining a high degree of achievement in each of his pursuits. In his capacity as a researcher, Dominic enjoys support from the Office of Naval Research (ONR), the Department of Defense (DoD), the Alzheimer’s Association, and other entities for investigations into oxygen toxicity, ketogenic diets,...


089 Karen Behnke - Rethinking The Beauty Industry Model

With 20 years of experience running two companies in the health and fitness space, Karen Behnke was horrified when she learned about the ingredients found in beauty products and the damaging effects they pose to people’s health and wellness. Knowing she could offer a better, more natural product, she got the idea for her third company, Juice Beauty, while she was pregnant in her early 40’s. Founded in 2005, Juice Beauty sells certified organic beauty, skincare, and makeup products and was...


088 Anthony Morrocco - Our Health Is Our Wealth

For over 40 years, Anthony Morrocco has carefully studied and practiced holistic hair care. His quest to find a naturally based treatment for hair and scalp problems began with his apprenticeship at world famous Kenneth’s, a posh New York salon, where his clients included Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Mrs. Vincent Astor, Mia Farrow, Lauren Bacall, Joan Rivers, Faye Dunaway, Liza Minelli, and numerous other celebrities. In this interview we get the background story and understand where his...


087 Dan Millman - How to Feel Good More of the Time

Dan Millman is a prolific best-selling author, speaker, and former world champion athlete. His mission is to teach people how to bring together the warrior and the peaceful side we each possess for a successful and fulfilling life. Dan has written 17 books in the last 30 years including, Way of the Peaceful Warrior, which was made into a major motion picture and is based upon incidents that happened during his life. Krisstina credits Way of the Peaceful Warrior for changing the...


086 Stacey Martino - How You Can Create an Unshakeable Love

Stacey Martino is a relationship coach, certified divorce preventionist, and a certified marriage educator. Together with her husband, Paul, they run and have helped over 10,000 families by empowering couples to create their unshakeable love and unleashed passion. Their relationship development methodology is all based upon the concept that one person is capable of transforming a relationship, it doesn’t take both partners in order to see positive results. In...


085 [Elsewhere] Krisstina on Healthcast Now

Original Show Notes: Krisstina Wise is known as a real estate genius, financial coach, and podcast host. She was always a go-getter, making sure she makes use of her time and money in the most efficient ways possible to not only accomplish her goals, but also make sure her successes lead to money and lots of it. She achieved what she set out to do, but at the cost of her own health. She has since embarked on the journey to learn more about how to keep her health in line with her goals as...


082 [Elsewhere] Krisstina on Pirate Life Radio

Original Show Notes: We welcome great Krisstina Wise this week in a fantastic chat, with the dynamic Lacie Mackey co-hosting. Krisstina is a real estate mogul and Millionaire Coach. She runs the #WealthyWellthyLife podcast & tells the story of averting her course from certain death to an opulent life of sustainability by incorporating a couple thought shifts and life hacks. This Pirate Life Radio sponsored by Strength Crate & Sauna Space. Original episode available here:...