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121 - The Real In Real Estate With Amanda McMillan

Today on Wealthy Wellthy Wise I interview Amanda McMillan. Amanda is in the top 1 percent in the field of real estate. I’ve known Amanda for years and always held her in the highest regard as one of the best real estate professionals in the industry. Last year she sold over 50 million dollars in real estate. She’s a mom, a wife, and even an equestrian. Amanda consistently ranks among the top 50 agents in Chicago and has been in the top 1 percent of Chicago Realtors for closed volume and...


120 - Challenge Conventional Wealth Planning With Rebecca Walser

Today on Wealthy Wellthy Wise I interview Rebecca Walser. Rebecca is recognized as a top 100 financial adviser in the US. Not only a Certified Financial Planner® and an experienced wealth strategist, but also a Tax Attorney. She is uniquely qualified to assess, structure and implement the best income maximization, wealth maximization, tax mitigation/minimization and optimal legacy strategies for her clients. In this episode Rebecca and I cover a variety of topics surrounding unconventional...


119 - Student Loan Planning 101 With Travis Hornsby

Today on Wealthy Wellthy Wise I interview Travis Hornsby. Travis is an expert on Student Loans. Since a good percentage of my listeners and clients have student loan debt -- Travis helps educate and consult people on how to best structure their debt to meet their current financial situations as well as long-term financial goals. In this episode, Travis shares the common pitfalls and simple loopholes that can save thousands of dollars in student loan interest. He gives us real world examples...


Best Of 2018: Sexy is a Mindset

To close the year I'm sharing my personal favorite interviews, these conversations left me with pages of notes and contemplations for ways to improve my own life. The fourth episode in this series is "Sexpert" Susan Bratton, she is the author of over 20 best selling books is known as the "Dear Abbey of hot sex" and her manatra is couples who play in bed together stay together. This conversation was a blast, she's full of passion especially as she emphasizes how important good sex is for the...


Best Of 2018: Identifying Your Brand of Charisma

To close the year I'm sharing my personal favorite interviews, these conversations left me with pages of notes and contemplations for ways to improve my own life. The third episode in this series is Vanessa Van Edwards, whose mission is to crack the code of human behavior. She's been featured on NPR, The Wall Street Journal, The Today Show, USA Today, CNN, Fast Company, Forbes the list goes on.. Vanessa's latest book Captivate is a national best seller and shares the secrets of how to...


Best Of 2018: Going Within and Finding Silence

To close the year I'm sharing my personal favorite interviews, these conversations left me with pages of notes and contemplations for ways to improve my own life. The second episode in this series is in loving memory of Robert Rabbin, the author of a beautifully written collection of books, my favorite being The 5 Principles of Authentic Living: How to Live an Authentic Life in 10 Words. I featured Robert in my cancer series as a source of inspiration, he shares his story of how he was given...


Best Of 2018: The Story Of The Peaceful Warrior

To close the year I'm sharing my personal favorite interviews, these conversations left me with pages of notes and contemplations for ways to improve my own life. My first favorite is Dan Millman, the author of my all time favorite book, Way of the Peaceful Warrior. Which was made into a major motion picture and is based upon incidents that happened during his life. This conversation is full of golden nuggets for living a meaningful, joyful life. Dan shares some of the inspiration behind...


118 - The Science Of Relationships With John Howard

Krisstina welcomes to the podcast John Howard. John is a couples therapist and he's focused on what he calls the new science of relationships. As a relationship therapist and educator with over 15 years of experience helping people have awesome relationships. He is dedicated to helping spread love in the world by helping people have stronger, healthier relationships. In this episode John and Krisstina dive deep into the inner workings of intimacy and connection. John shares a little bit of...


117 - The Unconventional Route to Rich with Daniel Ameduri

Krisstina welcomes to the podcast self-made millionaire, financial writer, and co-founder of Future Money Trends, Daniel Ameduri. Holding a very specific view of finance, Daniel is an advocate for financial independence and believes that it is an attainable and worthwhile endeavor. He equates financial independence to the freedom to live the life you want to live. Daniel is constantly searching for future financial trends and is currently researching and investing in the fields of...


116 - The Addiction You Feel Good About with Connie Zack

Krisstina welcomes Connie Zack, co-founder and co-CEO of Sunlighten, Inc., a company specializing in infrared saunas. Sunlighten infrared saunas utilize the latest infrared technology to promote natural detoxification and overall general health. Sunlighten products have been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show, the Dr. Oz Show and Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof Radio Show. Additionally, Connie has been featured in countless other publications on wellness, sauna, and overall health. Sunlighten’s...


115 - It’s Never Too Late with Karen Briscoe

Krisstina welcomes entrepreneur, realtor, podcaster, and author, Karen Briscoe. Karen is Principal of the Huckaby Briscoe Conroy Group (HBC), one of the most successful real estate firms in Virginia. Perhaps most impressive of all her accomplishments is the fact that she started her real estate career late in life, after her children went away to college. Her motivation and drive coupled with a positive mindset have proven to be vital to Karen’s success. Karen believes that achieving...


114 - Move the Needle with Allison Maslan

Krisstina welcomes entrepreneur, business mentor, and best-selling author of the book Blast Off, Allison Maslan. Few people know how to create a successful business better than Allison. Over the course of her thirty-five-year career, she built ten companies, became an expert in scaling those businesses, and turned that into a successful mentorship and consulting company, Maslan International. With clients ranging from Ben & Jerry’s to Allstate, Maslan International has helped businesses...


113 - What’s Eating You with Glenn Livingston

Krisstina welcomes bestselling author and Ph.D., Glenn Livingston. Disillusioned by what traditional psychology had been doing to address binge eating and other food-related addictions, Glenn began researching the nature of binge eating. Having personally struggled with obesity and binge eating, Glenn took a passionate approach to finding treatments to alleviate this issue within himself and, eventually, his patients. His book, Never Binge Again, provides insights into this epidemic, as well...


112 - Follow Your Heart, Find Your Mind with Amber Sears

Krisstina welcomes to the podcast international entrepreneur, business coach, and Pilates and yoga instructor, Amber Sears. After living out a career-centric lifestyle in San Francisco for eight years, Amber decided to make a radical move to Costa Rica, seeking more balance in her life. From there, she started a wellness center, began living the lifestyle of her dreams, and started running retreats focused on helping others achieve life-changing experiences. Amber recently got married to...


111 - Health is the True Wealth with Dr. Mitch Fleisher

Krisstina welcomes to the podcast Dr. Mitch Fleisher, a medical doctor and homeopath with over forty years’ experience who fundamentally believes that our body is its best healer. He is a double board-certified family physician who specializes in a myriad of natural healing therapies and anti-aging and regenerative medicine. For the past thirty years, Dr. Fleisher has focused on practicing the art and science of integrative medicine with the goal of increasing his patients’ quality of...


110 - Living Naturally with Katie Wells

Krisstina welcomes author, blogger, podcaster, journalist, researcher, and entrepreneur, Katie Wells. Known to her fans as Wellness Mama, Katie is the founder of a health and wellness company of the same name. She’s made it her mission to help other families live more natural lives through practical tips, real food recipes, natural remedies, and much more. Katie was named one of the 100 most influential people in health and wellness and is considered a pioneer with her progressive,...


109 - Sexy is a Mindset with Susan Bratton

Krisstina welcomes to the podcast award-winning speaker, author, and serial entrepreneur, Susan Bratton. Considered the “Dear Abby” of hot sex, Susan advocates for those who desire a more passionate relationship. As a self-described “sexpert,” Susan teaches lovemaking techniques, bedroom communication skills, and sexual health and longevity concepts through her company, Personal Life Media. After all, Susan’s personal mantra is “couples who play in bed together, stay together.” In this...


108 - All Gold, No Bull with Nik Hawks and Lee Selman

Krisstina and Dr. Kirk Parsley team up to interview Nik Hawks and Lee Selman, founders of the healthy dessert company, Paleo Treats. Nik and Lee are the definition of a power couple; Nik is a former Navy SEAL and Lee is an entrepreneurial mastermind. They founded their company with a distinct mission—make the world a happier and healthier place. Utilizing a personal value system and a simple yet powerful mantra, Nik and Lee show what it truly takes to be successful partners in business and...


107 - Sugar-Free with Thom King

Krisstina welcomes to the podcast Thom King, founder of Steviva brands and CEO of Icon Foods. In addition to his impressive business acumen, Thom is a philanthropist, self-confessed serial entrepreneur, and author of the book Guy Gone Keto. Thom has built his company around one simple principle: do the right thing. This mantra has been consistently present in all of Thom’s ventures throughout his career. His mission is to help make the world a healthier place through educating the masses on...


106 - Fighting Your Way to Achieve Your Dreams with Tait Fletcher

Earlier in his career, Tait Fletcher was a professional MMA fighter and became a well-known champion. He championed and medaled in hundreds of tournaments, including the Mundials, Pan-Am Games, Grapplers Quest, and many more. Eventually, nearing the end of his MMA career, Tait pursued his life-long dream of being a professional stuntman and stunt coordinator in films. He has also acted in roles next to Arnold Schwarzenegger, Denzel Washington, and Mark Wahlberg, as well as playing Lester in...