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EP #20 | Ganel-Lyn Condie | You Are More Than Enough

Today's episode will help remind you that you are more than enough! Ganel-Lyn Condie is an incredible author and speaker who shares real, raw stories of life. She talks about her sisters suicide at age 40. She shares how each one of us is important and plays an important role. You'll be able to relate to her neighbor having incredible patience with her children in an unusual way. Ganel-Lyn is an author of several books. She speaks all over, and can be found uplifting those who follow her....


EP #19 | Emily Ames | Mothering With All My Heart

Henry was born and doing well, and ready to meet his three older siblings. While Emily, Henry's mom, and he were waiting for the other kids to come, nurses suddenly rushed in and told Emily that Henry had to be taken to the NICU right away and the doctor was on the phone to explain Henry had congenital heart defect that needed to be repaired ASAP. The next several weeks would become a whirlwind of being transported to a children's hospital, surgery, and recovery with ups and downs. Through...


EP #18 Holly Anderson | Learning to Raise Children with Special Needs

Holly Anderson is a mom of 4 kids. She is trying her best to serve and help other parents who have kids with autism. She has created a great space online to help families and parents. Her first child was born with a cleft pallet, lip and clubbed feet. He had weekly casts on his feet, surgeries. Second child is allergic to gluten. They found out when he was 1 year old, but no doctors could figure out the problem. Holly had a dream where she was told that he was allergic to gluten. She woke up...


EP #17 Carly Peterson | Self Love & Mothering children with Depression & Anxiety

Carly talks about how she is walking through life always struggled with weight and health. She eventually took over to her life, and learned how to not only become healthy, but also take time for herself each day emotionally and physically. Over the past few years Carly has learned the ins and outs of mothering a depressed child who has attempted suicide several times. She's learned about standing up for her child's rights, and how she's helped her to heal. Carly talks about how she is...


EP #16 Evelyn Nelson | Life Lessons from Terminal Cancer

Evelyn is sharing her journey with breast cancer. It's been about 18 months since she was first diagnosed, and it's been quite the process. Things started off just great, and a few days after her first chemo treatment, things took a sudden turn. Evelyn became septic, and then went into a coma. She went into cardiac arrest, and had a near death experience she shares in the Podcast. After several weeks in a coma, even talks about the journey to learn to walk, talk, and other basics again. Soon...


EP #15: Hilary Weeks | Focus on Being Positive

"When we focus on our positive thoughts, and dismiss the negative and don't give them any attention ... when a positive thought comes to your mind, build on it, expand on it." Hilary Weeks is a Christen singing who shares beautiful messages through her gift of singing. She shares her story of starting out as a new singer, and learning to cope with fear of performing, and being in front of auditoriums full of people ready to watch her. Hilary also shares her insights on staying positive, and...


EP #14: Julie Bristow | Accepting & Embracing Mental Health Challenges

"I think letting your guard down and asking for help is one of the bravest things you can do. Humility = bravery in my mind. Some of the most courageous and brave acts is that ability to push away pride in order to show emotion, ask for help, let their guard down and just know we don't have to bottle up our feeling and pretend that we're okay if we don't feel okay." Julie was a happy, life loving, happy high schooler. One day at the beginning of her Senior year felt the effects of depression...


EP #13 | Love Your Life | Learning to Love Your Reflection

What do you see when you look in the mirror? What do you say? On this episode of our Love Your Life Series we are going to talk about learning to love your reflection. I'm going to give you ways you can see the good in your reflection. We will talk about the importance of of seeing the good. What do you see in your reflection? How does it help or hinder you as you go about your day? You can see the good, and learn to focus on the good and gain confidence in your life.


EP #12 | Chanelle Neilson | Feel Good Where You Are

When Chanelle was 10 years years old she stated to feel conscious of the way she looked, and didn't feel comfortable in her own skin. Throughout high school and college she and friends would go in extreme diets to try to stay thin and lose weight. After getting married and having kids Chanelle really learned how to find balance with food and use it properly. She talks about her journey to find a healthy life, and how we can find that in our paths too. Make sure to follow Chanelle's podcast...


EP #11 | Emily Chipman | Living in the Moments of Motherhood

Emily never imagined that she'd become a swimming suit designer - but life takes us places we don't always expect. Emily talks about how life is always throwing "new hards" at us. Once we conquer one thing, another thing will surely follow. As Emily worked her way into swimming suit designs she stumbled, made mistakes and pushed onward. She learned from those hard times, and while she admits that things are a different hard now then they were back when she first started, she loves what she's...


EP #10 | Alissa Parker | Finding Connection with My New Angel

Emilie went to her first grade class that morning at Sandy Hook Elementary like every other day. Alissa had some time while Emilie was at school, and one of her other daughter was at preschool, so she was running some errands. During her shopping trip, she got a phone call that one of the schools in the district had had a shooting. She decided to go pick up her preschooler, while there she heard that you could go pick up your kids at the fire station that was right by the school. As she...


Episode #9 | Life Lessons from Brain Surgery | Love Your Life Series

When my fourth child was born, all seemed perfect. We were adjusting well, and everyone loved him. When he was 9 days old one thing led to another, and we were in the hospital learning that the CT scan showed that he had a blood clot in his brain that was 1/4 the size of his brain, and would require brain surgery. My little baby Jack's brain surgery changed my life. I learned a couple amazing lessons as we struggled through the 8 days in the hospital, and the months of doctors...


Episode #8 | Jamie Hutchings | Embracing Depression & Anxiety

Jamie remembers the moment the doctors told her she had cancer. She was 9 years old. Her cancer was a very rare type of a child. She had to travel from her home in Nevada to California to be treated. Once she started her chemotherapy, she had to live in a "bubble room" for 3 months. After months of treatments, sickness and living in a hospital, she was finally able to come home. As she grew up, she starting having survivors guilt and became very depressed and even suicidal. Each of the 3...


Learning what brings true self love | Rosie Card | Episode #7

At 16 Rosie Card's life took a very unexpected turn when she decided to move to NYC to become a model. It was never anything she anticipated or sought after. With 2 years of her 3 year contract complete, at the age of 18 she decided she didn't want to model. She was no long legally a child, and realized the pressure that was going to be on her to model in ways she didn't want to. She left NYC and moved back to Utah where she started college. Several years later, another unexpected turn...


Breaking Bosom Boundaries | Courtney Killpack (Episode #6)

We are Breaking Bosom Boundaries & learning on Conquer the World today with Bra Fittings by Court. Become one of her Bosom Friends - and you'll not only learn about bra sizing, and proper fit, but about loving yourself, gaining self confidence in a time when our society is so focused on weight and body image. Courtney has a passion for helping women learn to feel the best in whatever stage or life they are in. She has learned that helping women actually be in the proper size bra, can...


Learning to Love Your Life Series #1 | Kara Murri (TIAE Episode #5)

Learning to love your life and yourselves can be such a huge challenge in all of our lives. Today I introduce you to a series that we'll have once a month on the Podcast. Today, learn to love your life by: Seeing the good that you are doing. Serving in small and simple ways. Showing love to those around you. Forgiving yourself or forgiving other people. As you take a few minutes each day to reflect and write down what you did, and what you were able to accomplish you will see the good in...


Learning to Live a Hopeful Life | April Moody (TIAE Episode #4)

April Moody is one of those people that everyone loves to be around. She is so great at seeing the good in everyone and every situation she is in. If you ever need to be uplifted or told how great you are, April is there for you! April shares her story of finding out that her 3rd son was going to have challenges. As her pregnancy continued she felt like there were more and more things being added to her sweet little boys plate. She tells how she prepared her older boys, and how her life...


Loving Yourself in Every Season of Life | Lisa Danielson: (TIAE Episode #3)

Lisa Danielson, aka Veggie Lisa, knows how hard it can be to love yourself. As a mom of 4 kids, and gaining and losing, and gaining during and after pregnancies (and even weighing over 200 lbs at delivery with one) she decided it was time to change. Lisa has an incredible story of how she became a vegetarian at 8 years old, and how she thought she was doing great. Until she figured out how to eat, how to move her body and how to make sure she was fueling her body. Lisa tells about how she...


Overcoming Grief through Service & Joy | Katharine LeCheminant: (TIAE Episode #2)

Katharine LeCheminant is a dear friend who shares her experience of overcoming grief through service & joy after her younger brother drowned in the next door neighbors swimming pool. She talks about being joyful despite our circumstances and how her parents have been able to find joy in service within the community. Katharine wanted to be able to help others find joy and peace in their hard circumstances when she got older and ended up working in a children's hospital as a grief counselor....


Welcome & Introduction (TIAE #1): Today I am Enough Podcast

Welcome to the Today I am Enough Podcast! I am so excited to share this welcome & introduction with you so you can know more what to expect. We are all more connected and alike than we realize. As you learn this, and hear stories of other people you will realize that we can learn so much from each other. Our stories may be completely different, but we can still find something that may touch us in an unexpected way. While we take opportunities to learn from each other, we will better be...