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An inside look into some of poker and gambling’s most interesting stories.

An inside look into some of poker and gambling’s most interesting stories.
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An inside look into some of poker and gambling’s most interesting stories.






8: SHIP IT: How a Weekend of Vegas Blackjack Saved FedEx

In this month's episode of True Gambling Stories, we take you to the blackjack tables. But this story has a twist. It’s about a global corporation and how a weekend at the blackjack tables in Las Vegas in the 1970s kept the whole operation afloat. There’s a bit of blackjack, big money, business – and a little bit of the sights and sounds of old Las Vegas. This week's guests include the Las Vegas Advisor's Anthony Curtis and business management professor Dr. Bob Collins. So put in the...


7: Betting It All on Red: A Six-Figure Roulette Wager

This month, True Gambling Stories follows the bouncing ball and turns to the roulette wheel. But this isn’t about a guy who just took a few hundred bucks out of his wallet and bet on his lucky number. This story involves a massive bet that most of us could never imagine. Six figures, one spin of the wheel. That’s it in a nutshell, but there’s so much more.


6: Betting Behind Bars – The Nevada State Prison Casino

Most people don't think of gambling in prison, but this is Nevada! In our sixth episode, **True Gambling Stories** offers the ins and outs of the history of the **Nevada State Prison Casino**. From sports betting to poker to craps, the prison allowed prisoners to wager and run the casino for 35 years. There are several other interesting notes about the prison that are included in this crazy tale. The episode's guests include **Sena Loyd**, co-author of the book "Nevada State Prison." She...


5: Dead Man’s Hand – The Shot in the Back That Killed Wild Bill Hickok

Summertime brings a special event for gamblers – the World Series of Poker. In honor of that event, this month’s episode of True Gambling Stories features one the world’s best-known poker tales. It’s the story of how one of the most famous American lawmen of the Old West met his ultimate demise at the card table. Dead Man's Hand has become synonymous with Wild Bill Hickok, and here's all the card-playing, gun-fighting history. Guests this week include: Jim McManus, author of "Positively...


4: Phar Lap – Huge Wins, Mysteries, & Assassins

The month of May brings big horse racing. The Triple Crown gets underway with the Kentucky Derby on May 5, and there will be plenty of action. In the spirit of the Sports of Kings, True Gambling Stories brings you a unique story from horse racing's past. Phar Lap was one of Australia's greatest champions, but was surrounded by mystery. That includes an interesting assassination attempt before the nation's biggest races, and then a mysterious death in California that shocked the sports...


3: Parlays & Paydays – A Small Bet Wins Big Cash

As the debate over sports betting plays out before the U.S. Supreme Court, this episode focuses on a sports bettor’s dream. After moving to Las Vegas, Boston's Tayla Polia overcame extremely long odds – turning one small bet into a gigantic score. How her win came about is quite a tale.


2: Holdem & Holdups – Gambling on Greenville (with guests Doyle Brunson & TJ Cloutier)

This week’s show focuses on an old Texas underground poker room that featured some of the best players in the game. While there may have been plenty of cash won, it wasn’t always easy to make it home with the winnings. Players traveled the state for action – dodging the law and crooks along the way. This episode also features some insight on the old days from poker legends Doyle Brunson and T.J. Cloutier. Sit back, relax, and take a trip into poker's past.


1: The Craps King – Stanley Fujitake

Our premier episode tells the story of Stanley Fujitake's astonishing craps roll at Las Vegas's California casino in 1989\. The Cal has always had a unique relationship with gamblers from Hawaii. Stanley was one of those islanders who frequented the downtown property – and its craps tables. His epic roll became a world record and inspired a club devoted to excellence at the dice tables. Learn the inside story of this amazing gambling story.