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Ep 177: Trumpocchio (16 Aug 18)

In today's episode of the boy who would be president, we have a long discussion about the implications of Trump's decision to revoke the security clearance of former CIA Director John Brennan for being an outspoken Trump critic and, Trump admitted, for his role in the Russia election hack investigation. Among other points, we talk about the how this affects the impeachment debate. This is a 8-minute excerpt of the entire 68-minute podcast. To hear the entire episode, become a subscriber...


Ep 116: Omarosa, railroading Keith Ellison, and Disney's gay-for-pay controversy (14 Aug 18)

Today's big topic is Omarosa and her impact on the Mueller probe. And while Cliff and I spend a good deal of time talking about just that, we also discussed the sexual assault accusations against Keith Ellison, and whether some on the left aren't jumping a little too quickly to judgment before even seeing or hearing the evidence against Ellison. Then we segue into a new controversy involved Disney's first openly-gay character, and whether it's okay for Disney to have hired a -- wait for it...


Ep 114: Sarah Huckabee Snowflake (3 Aug 18)

CNN's Jim Acosta had an incredible back and forth with White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders this week, in which Acosta tried to get Sanders to say that she doesn't agree with Trump that the media is "the enemy of the people." Sanders not only refused, but then read a long list of grievances she has with the media, most of which -- such as the preposterous claim that "the media" called for her to be strangled -- were outright lies. There's a reason Sarah Huckabee Sanders gets...


Ep 113: The warning sirens have gone off (1 Aug 18)

Trump calls on Attorney General Sessions Jeff Sessions to fire Mueller, and Trump holds an insane rally in Florida that looked more appropriate for 1934 than 2018. Cliff and I look at both of those stories, and more generally discuss whether America will ever recover from the damage Trump is doing. This is a 6-minute snippet of the entire 63-minute podcast. To hear the entire episode, become a subscriber here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/20463912


Ep 112: White House protest leader Adam Parkhomenko talks about his anti-Trump events (26 Jul 18)

Adam Parkhomenko, the coordinator of the never-ending nights of anti-Trump protests taking place at the White House in the days following Trump's disastrous Helsinki Summit with Vladimir Putin, joins us to talk about the ongoing disruptions taking place at the White House. The daily (nightly) protests are already in Day 11, and show no signs of letting up. Adam talks to us about how they started, and where they're heading. Adam was also a top campaign aide for Hillary Clinton's...


Ep 111: Guest Ady Barkan on why he has hope even in this dark hour - snippet (23 Jul 18)

Attorney and activist Ady Barkan was diagnosed two years ago with ALS, at the age of 31. Ady has channeled his illness into some remarkable activism on health care, but also on progressive issues across the board, from tax reform to helping elect progressive candidates across the country. Ady famously confronted conservative GOP Senator Jeff Flake about his vote on Trump's tax bill on an airplane last year, in a video that quickly went viral and, for a lot of us, was our first introduction...


Ep 110: Donald Trump Jr. is not not an idiot - excerpt (19 Jul 18)

Today is a lot about Russia, and the ongoing aftermath of Trump's disastrous appeasement summit with Russian president Vladimir Putin in Helsinki. John starts the show talking about the wonderful anti-Trump protests he's been attending at the White House all week. Then we discuss Trump's "grammatical error," the NRA being infiltrated by a Russian spy, Trump's disdain for Montenegro (and how criticizing Montenegro is actually a secret Putin talking point), some new polling showing around...


Ep 109: Yeah, Trump is still a traitor (18 Jul 18)

Donald Trump tried to explain away his treasonous behavior in Helsinki this week by claiming that he misspoke and used the wrong word during his press conference with Russian President Putin. Trump claims that had he not used that one wrong word, his entire performance with Putin would’ve been A-OK. That’s obviously BS. In today’s quick comment, I walk you through my thoughts on Trump’s absurd grammatical epiphany, and why he's still a traitor.


Ep 108: Trump committed treason in Helsinki - excerpt (16 Jul 18)

Our president is a traitor owned by a foreign power. That's the conclusion that even skeptics are finally reaching, following Trump's horrific press conference with Russian leader Vladimir Putin today in Helsinki. In today's episode, Cliff and I react to Trump's obvious treason, talk about the reaction across the country from Democrats and Republicans, and then discuss options for moving forward in the unprecedented situation in which our president is now clearly working for our enemy....


Ep 107: Mueller Russia Indictment Bombshell - excerpt (13 Jul 18)

Special Counsel Robert Mueller comes down with 12 more indictments against Russian intelligence officers who tried to hack the American presidential election. The indictments come down only 3 days before Donald Trump meets with Russian president Vladimir Putin. In today's episode, Cliff and I summarize the indictments and tell you why they're very serious, including Robert Mueller including a suggestion that when Trump asked Russia to hack Hillary's emails, Russia appears to have responded...


Ep 106: Guest Lauren Duca on youth, media, Supreme Court & Trump's gaslighting - Excerpt (11 Jul 18)

Activist and writer Lauren Duca, who singlehandedly put Teen Vogue on the political map, joins us for a discussion of the Supreme Court, the child-separation policy, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez' stunning primary victory, getting more young people engaged in politics, and how she put Tucker Carlson in his place.


Ep 105: The Jim Jordan college sex scandal - Excerpt (6 July 18)

GOP Rep. Jim Jordan, a far-right family-values Republicans who many believe will be the next Speaker of the US House (if the GOP wins the fall congressional elections), was accused this week by 5 former students of turning a blind eye to a widespread sexual abuse scandal at Ohio State, where Jordan worked as an assistant wrestling coach in the 80s and 90s. Victims say as many as 2,000 students may have been molested over a 20-year period by a sports doctor who worked alongside Jordan, Yet,...


Ep 104: Let's go kick their f'g asses (28 Jun 18)

Donald Trump is set to steal his second US Supreme Court seat from the Democrats, and we're mad as hell and taking no prisoners. That's the topic of today's (definitely not safe for work) podcast. Cliff and I discuss just how fucked we really are -- and make no mistake, we're seriously f'd. But we also spend a good deal of time talking about what we can do moving forward. In the end, we're going to win. It's going to take a lot of hard work, a good deal of time, and there will be major...


Ep 103: Guest Malcolm Nance warns Trump is "stoking civil war" (25 Jun 18)

National security expert Malcolm Nance joins us once more to talk about his newest book, "The Plot to Destroy Democracy: How Putin and His Spies Are Undermining America and Dismantling the West." The book focuses on how, since the election, Vladimir Putin is using Trump to implement his plan "to end democracy and the way of American life as we see it." In one of our longest, and most serious, podcasts to date, Malcolm walks us through just how corrupted Trump has become by Russia, how...


Ep 102: Womp womp, Trump staffers complain of DC dating blacklist - Excerpt (22 June 18)

While today's episode is mostly an update on Trump's horrific child-separation policy, and the fact that Trump immigration officials have lost the information that identifies who many of these kids belong to, I start the show with two stories about karma. The first: Trump administration officials report that they can't get dates in Washington, DC because everybody hates them. Next, I talk about soybean farmers in the Midwest, who were solid Trump voters, and who know are seeing their...


Ep 101: Donald Trump's Kiddie Concentration Camps (18 Jun 18)

Donald Trump's policy of taking immigrant children away from their parents and sending them to kiddie prison camps has enraged the public, and is even causing an outcry from Republicans in Congress, former GOP administration officials, and even Laura Bush. In today's episode, I explain what's really going on here, what the policy is now and was under Obama, what the law really says, why Trump is lying when he says he has no choice but to tear these families apart, and why I still have hope...


Ep 100: "Trump may be the most corrupt businessman in America" - Guest Paul Waldman(14 Jun 18)

Washington Post opinion columnist Paul Waldman joins us to discuss Trump corruption, North Korea, Canada trade, and the breaking New York Attorney General suit against the Trump empire. This is a 5-minute excerpt of the 66-minute episode. Premium patrons can listen to the entire episode, and support our podcast, here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/19453464


Ep 99: Peace in our time & Trump's disastrous North Korea summit - Excerpt(12 June 18)

The naysayers are wrong. Donald Trump got every concession he wanted in the summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un: A photo opp that guarantees him coverage in every paper in the world. Cliff and I dissect the summit, and explain why it's as bad as everyone is saying.


Ep 98: Guest Paul Begala says Mitch McConnell is guilty of "borderline treason" - Excerpt (7 Jun 18)

Democratic strategist Paul Begala, who played a key role in helping get President Clinton elected to the White House in 1992, has a free-ranging discussion with us about the Trump era and whether America can survive the unprecedented attacks on our norms and democracy itself. Paul talks in particular about Mitch McConnell, and how he singlehandedly sold our country out when we needed him most, at the onset of the Russia election hack. And he examines what Democrats (including himself) did...


Ep 97: How Democracies die, with guest Will Bunch - excerpt(4 Jun 18)

Writer Will Bunch joins us for a discussion of how Trump is following the playbook of a number of dying democracies around the world, from Europe to South America, and what we can do to stop him, including impeachment. This is an 8-minute excerpt of the 69-minute long episode. Premium patrons can listen to the entire episode, and support our podcast, here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/19249922