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Ep 133: The latest elections polls, and Trump calls for violence against journalists (19 Oct 18)

In today's show, we have a huge election update that starts about 40 minutes into the show -- in which we talk about a lot of polls and races -- but first we talk about Trump's outrageous comments last night in which openly-endorsed violence against journalists, and we segue from that topic to a larger discussion of international power politics. We've made this entire episode free, to give folks a sample of our podcast. You can hear the rest of our episodes, and support our work, by...


BONUS: How record fundraising & the health care issue are helping Dems in the midterms (18 Oct 18)

This excerpt deals with the overwhelming advantage Democrats have in fundraising heading in to the midterm congressional elections in three weeks, and why it matters. We conclude with a discussion of how the health care debate is successfully motivating voters to support Democrats. This is a 9-minute excerpt of the hour and 22 minute episode. You can hear the entire episode, and support the UnPresidented Podcast, by becoming a subscriber over at Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/posts/22109594


Ep 132: Tiny Trump (16 Oct 18)

In today's episode, we spend a good deal of time with a number of midterm election updates, but we also delve into: Trump's growing public feud with Stormy Daniels; Trump lying about his financial ties to Saudi Arabia; Mitch McConnell's new effort to use the failed tax cuts to gut Social Security and Medicare. And on the election front, we talk about a number of new polls, several specific House races, the great fundraising news for Dems, and finally some possibly concerning news about the...


Ep 131: Kanye & GOP victimhood, lots of election updates, and poor Melania (12 Oct 18)

Most of today's episode is an election update, but we also venture into Kanye West's bizarre Oval Office meeting with Trump yesterday (and rather than talk about Kanye's mental status, we focus on what the meeting says about the Republican party in America today). We then segue into a number of election updates from around the country. And finally, we finish with a discussion of whether Melania Trump truly is the most bullied person in the world, as she claims. (Spoiler alert: Yeah, no.)...


Ep 130: I'm a proud Soros-American (9 Oct 18)

On the heels of the Kavanaugh debacle, Cliff and I decided it was time for an upbeat episode, and the latest elections polls gave us just the fodder we needed. Democrats are doing EXTREMELY well in the latest polling, and the Kavanaugh bounce, as it were, is looking more and more like a bust. Democrats are still on track to taking back the House, assuming all goes well in the next four weeks. So turn that frown upside down and listen to our latest episode -- you'll be glad you did. This is a...


Ep 129: Kavanaugh & the future of democracy in America (1 Oct 18)

This week, the FBI is doing a further background check on Brett Kavanaugh, but serious questions remain as to how much the White House has tied the FBI's hands. In today's episode, we discuss where the Kavanaugh nomination stands, then branch into a larger discussion on the future of our democracy, and end with an election update and a new blockbuster story about Trump-defender Devin Nunes. This is a 11-minute excerpt of the one-hour 68-minute episode. To hear the entire show, and support...


Ep 128: Digby on Kavanaugh (28 Sep 18)

One of our favorite writers Heather "Digby" Parton, of the blog Hullabaloo, joins us for a long discussion of the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. (The episode was recorded just before Jeff Flake's bombshell announcement.) We talk about Kavanaugh clearly having committed perjury, his lack of the the appropriate judicial temperament, how good a job the Dems actually did during the hearing (not so well, we all agree), and the effect this entire affair will have on women...


Ep 128: How the GOP will gut your health insurance if they win in November (25 Sep 18)

In today's episode, Cliff and I discuss the latest on the growing Kavanaugh imbroglio, Rod Rosenstein's future, how Obamacare has ended up being a losing issue for the Republicans, and a look at the latest electoral math (it's good). This is a 14-minute excerpt of the 83 minute episode. To hear the entire show, and support our work, become a patron at Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/posts/21639564


Ep 127: Rosie O'Donnell on Trump, Kavanaugh, Mueller, growing up gay, and the election (20 Sep 18)

Cliff and I had a great conversation this morning with Rosie O'Donnell about a whole slew of subjects, including the origins of her long-running feud with Donald Trump ("he's a carnival barker"), Russia ("I knew from day one he cheated"), Brett Kavanaugh ("We’ve already been through this fight to get the right to decide what happens to our bodies, this is not Gilead and he is not the king"), Robert Mueller (“I love him, I look at him and think there’s Captain America, he’s going to save...


UNLOCKED: Rick Wilson says Trump is a traitor

GOP political consultant Rick Wilson joins us in today's premium episode for a long talk about Donald Trump and the danger he poses to the Republican party and the long-term survival of the republic. Among the interview highlights.... Rick on Michael Cohen's FBI raid: "It couldn't happen to a nicer douchebag… this guy is so eminently punchable." Rick on the 2018 elections: "Democratic voters will crawl over broken glass to vote against Donald Trump's friends.” Rick on what GOP Senators will,...


Ep 126: Kavanaugh in flames (17 Sep 18)

Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court is in flames. Only days before the scheduled Senate vote, a law professor from California, Christine Blasey Ford, came forward to accuse Kavanaugh of attempting to rape her in high school. The Senate is in confusion and Republicans are in disarray, unclear how to move forward, especially with the November midterm elections only six weeks away. In today's episode, Cliff and I walk you through Judge Kavanaugh's MeToo moment, why Dr. Ford's...


Ep 125: The Rude Pundit on Manafort, Kavanaugh, the hurricane, and Trump (14 Sept 18)

Lee Papa, aka "the Rude Pundit," talks to us about the breaking Manafort plea deal and what it means for Trump, the latest sexual assault bombshell in the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination, Trump's inhuman comments about the nearly 3,000 hurricane deaths in Puerto Rico, and Trump's weird claim that he helped dig through the rubble at the WTC on 9/11 (he didn't). This a 23-minute excerpt of the 1 hour 19 minute episode. Hear the entire episode, and support our podcast, on Patreon:...


UNLOCKED: Malcolm Nance says "Russia owns Trump"

Former intelligence officer, and national security expert, Malcolm Nance talks about his new book, "The Plot to Destroy Democracy," and his shocking claim that both Donald Trump and Jared Kushner have already been compromised by foreign intelligence services. Malcolm tells us that Trump "has been involved with Russian operatives with regards to this election since 2012... he is a witting asset"; that Putin became "the leader of the global conservative movement" by "coopt[ing] all of Europe...


Ep 124: Impeaching Kavanaugh (12 Sep 18)

With the Senate preparing to vote on Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court, Cliff and I discuss what the Republicans would do if the Democrats stole a Supreme Court seat and then nominated a judge who perjured himself: They'd impeach him. In today's episode, Cliff and I talk Kavanaugh, the increasing good signs for Democrats in the November elections, and a short discussion about fascism. This a 7-minute segment of the hour-long episode. Listen to the entire show, and support our...


Ep 123: Guest Bill Scher on "Infomercial Socialism" (6 Sep 18)

Liberal writer Bill Scher joins us to talk about his blistering review of the new book by the socialist podcasters at Chapo Trap House, and a larger discussion about how the far-left has adopted the messaging and tactics of the far-right. We also talk about the anonymous NYT oped, and the Democrats kick-ass performance at the Kavanaugh hearings. This a 12-minute excerpt of the 1 hour 15 minute episode. Hear the entire episode, and support our podcast, on Patreon:...


Ep 122: Crooks & Liars' Karoli Kuns on impeachment, Kavanaugh, Kyl, and the Woodward book (4 Sep 18)

Karoli Kuns, the managing editor of Crook & Liars, joins us to talk about Bob Woodard's damning new book about Trump, the Kavanaugh Supreme court nomination, Jon Kyl being appointed to McCain's seat and what that means for the repeal of the ACA, Steve Bannon and the New Yorker, and the wisdom of talking impeachment before the election. This is an 8-minute snippet of the 1 hour and 17 minute podcast. You can hear the rest, and support our podcast, on Patreon:...


Ep 121: Chapo and the wisdom of venereal disease (30 Aug 18)

Today's episode is about lies, and how demagogues on the right and left use them to rewrite history and influence the masses. We start with a discussion of how self-proclaimed "socialist" podcast Chapo Trap House lied about the history of the liberal blogosphere (and John by name) in its new book, and then segue to Donald Trump's latest bogus attacks on Google and the recent death threat to the Boston Globe. This is a 15-minute excerpt of an hour and 12 minute episode. You can hear the...


Ep 120: Molly Jong-Fast on Trump (a succubus) & Greenwald (mentally ill or compromised?) 28 Aug 18

Author Molly Jong-Fast (the daughter of Erica "Fear of Flying" Jong) talks to us about Donald Trump ("he's a succubus"), Glenn Greenwald's latest defense of Russia's attack on our elections ("is he mentally ill or is he compromised by Russia?"), the MeToo movement (she thinks Franken needed to go), the women of Fox News ("Tomi Lahren is white trash"), the midterm elections, and growing up Jong. Cliff and I also talk about John McCain, and Chapo's new book presenting their socialist dream of...


Ep 119: Paris Dennard is burning (23 Aug 18)

Sycophantic Trump supporter, Paris Dennard, was fired from Arizona State University four years ago after multiple female coworkers accused him of some pretty egregious sexual harassment, some of which Dennard has admitted to. CNN has now suspended Dennard as a paid contributor, pending their own investigation, while there's no word from The Hill and NPR, where Dennard is also a contributor. In today's episode, we talk about Paris' delicious downfall, and then do a recap of the fall-out from...


118: "Trump's crazy-ass deplorable Nazi fascist base" (21 Aug 18)

We discuss Michael Cohen's plea deal, and we dig deeper into Trump's growing mania over the past few weeks -- certainly caused by the Manafort and Cohen trials, and the Mueller investigation -- and how it might affect the election this fall. Find out why I'm starting to get more bullish on Democrats taking back the Senate too. This is a 6-minute excerpt of the 68-minute episode. You can hear the entire episode on our Patreon page here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/20901665